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Healing the Body, Transforming Consciousness

Master Yap Soon-Yeong & Chok C. Hiew, Ph.D.

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Energy Medicine in CFQ Healing- Healing the Body, Transforming Consciousness
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 2002 by Yap Soon Yeong
 and Chok C. Hiew

Master Yap Soon-Yeong
I have been a provider of alternative, indigenous medicine for the past
twelve years. I do not use herbs, exotic remedies, nutrients, acupuncture,
suction cups, moxibustion, massage, bone-setting, laying on of hands,
chanting, prayer, finger-pointing, hand-shining, magnetic therapy,
peculiar instruments and equipment and shamanic practices. Someone
who comes to me for treatment simply lies down comfortably (often
falling asleep) for a half hour while I sit quietly at a distance of three feet
from their head. Then I teach that client and my students a kind of slow
dance-like exercise which, as contrasted with common exercises, does
not require any strength. Students also do a kind of moving meditation
while absorbed in their own vigorous dance.
Ever since I became a full time alternative energy practitioner in early
1989, I have treated, at my Energy Healing Center, 8000 people with
various illnesses and health problems. My work is becoming
increasingly more known. My friend of nine years, Dr. Chok Hiew, a
psychology professor at a Canadian University has taken an exceptional
interest in my healing. Chok, who has had a life-long interest in
meditation, eastern healing arts, and various states of consciousness
found it so promising that he learned my CFQ and has been promoting
this approach to healing and spiritual transformation at numerous
training workshops and conferences in the USA, Canada and South East
Asia. The participants in these groups are mostly therapists, health-care
professionals, and clinicians. Chok also authored two books about it:
“Energy Meditation: Healing the Body, Freeing the Spirit-In
Conversation with Master Yap Soon Yeong,” and, “ Tao of Healing:
The Incredible Golden Light.”
My system makes a break from Western medicine, Oriental medicine,
supplements and herbal remedies, Shamanism and Qigong. For the
Chinese community, there are medicinal halls or stores run by traditional
Chinese physicians that are stocked with imported and local herbs, roots,
insects, reptile and animal parts, and packaged ready-touse herbal
remedies. The ingredients are sometimes brewed in a clay pot of water
for several hours. The taste is frequently awful. It appears, however, that
the number of these medicinal halls is dwindling. Vitamins,
supplements, and herbal remedies became popular in the 1980’s and
90’s, often claimed to have been prepared from ancient secret formulae,
promising cure and prevention of all diseases. However, interest in these
seem to have faded in the last few years. Shamanism too has also been
very much an indigenous part of Asian culture. Consulting and seeking
divine intervention is commonplace. The ethnic Malay community may
seek help from “bomohs”or medicine men reputed to possess
supernatural powers and acknowledged as healers; the Chinese seek out
temple mediums who go into a trance and offer advice and remedies; the
Indians have their Hindu temples where advice on treating disease is
available. Shamans ranging from temple mediums (using Taoist beliefs),
monks (trained in Theravada Buddhism), Malay bomohs, Taoist
exorcists and religious consultants, to name a few, are all available.
Meditative systems of exercise called Qigong became popular in the
late 70’s and early 80’s where under the practitioner developed the
ability to cure diseases with supernatural powers acquired through such
practices. Many forms of Qigong issued from Taiwan and mainland
China. Between 1985 and 1995, large groups of people were seen
practicing energy exercise in the parks every morning and there was an
upsurge of claims of the Qigong masters. In the past three years or so
interest in Qigong had declined, probably because too much was
promised and too little delivered. The recent crackdowns in mainland
China contributed to the awareness of its ineffectiveness.
My system does not employ any of the above methods. I started my
energy healing without claiming any lineage from China and so my
worth as a healer was, at first, in question. However, my CFQ healing
system has steadily gained acceptance and is getting known far and wide.
In writing this book, I make no attempts to cite other books. The
healing strategies reported are all derived from the insights of
“instinctual knowledge” gained in meditative states of wisdom. Prior to
learning deep meditation for finding solutions to healing issues, I read
several hundred books in a hope for developing better skills. But, since
1993, I have found treating disease through meditation more effective so
that I have now become totally reliant on this method. Reading draws in
information that blocks me from picking up intuitive wisdom.
This book narrates an experiential account of my involvement with
CFQ, its development, training methods for promoting self-healing and
healing others, and discoveries related to treating untreatable and
incurable illnesses. I wish to present this book in a direct, clear, and
reader-friendly style. I have entrust Dr. Hiew with this task. The theme
of this book is to relax, be at peace, and allow your vast human
resilience spirit sort out your problems. The techniques presented here
are for you to care for yourself. You can learn to be self reliant in
overcoming all health problems. Our primordial human birthright is to
live a healthy and long life. This book is offered to help you learn how
to lay claim to that privilege.
A Case Example: The dying woman was gasping for breath with
jerky tremors down her legs. Her eyelids were wide opened, the eyes
dull and completely rolled up showing the whites. Her mouth was
gaping with a protruding, folded tongue that was dessicate. She had
been this way since lapsing into coma after a massive stroke several
days earlier. After being hospitalized for five days she was released and
the family made arrangements for the funeral. It was obvious that she
would be gone at any moment. I told the family that although no one
could do anything for her, I could give it a try. They agreed.

After a few minutes tapping and stroking down on her abdomen and
body, I went into a twenty-minute meditation. Nothing obvious
happened other than that her breathing appeared to deepen and her
kicking motions were reduced. I told the family that I would return in
two days if needed. Against all expectations, she continued to survive.
On my next visit, I noticed that her eyes were opened slightly, moving
normally and blinking frequently. Her tongue had receded and was
moist with normal saliva. Fluid had returned to her body, an important
sign of recovery in TCM (Traditional Oriental Medicine). Her body was
supple and she could breathe easily. There was a whitish membrane
over her eyes and tongue. Blisters were evident all over her mouth
(which took two weeks more to clear). She was coming out of her coma.

I continued with twice-weekly treatments. After seven weeks, I reduced
it to once a week. By the fifth session, even though she was unable to
talk or move, her expression showed recognition of visitors. She was
attentive and tears were evident during conversations. Ten sessions
later she could move her neck, sit up to watch TV and show visible
reactions. Her rigid limbs were gradually relaxing and moving.
Throughout this period she was fed with liquid food, without any medication.

By the twentieth session her consciousness, awareness and memory
seemed largely to have returned. Her expressions showed understanding
and she could respond to questions about what she liked and disliked.
She tried to speak by making sounds. She could move all four limbs
slowly, albeit with limited mobility. The amazing part was that her
paralyzed side did not lag very much behind in recovery except for some
visible wasting of muscles. She could by now be seated in a car and be driven around.

Perfect Peace equals
Perfect Boundlessness equals
Compassion-Relaxation-foy equals
Complete freedom and harmony equals
Emptiness of all that conflicts with your Perfection.
Equals the Ultimate Destiny
Ushering in CFQ
The need for treatment of diseases is obvious. Large numbers of people
with health problems are busily seeking remedies. There maybe an
equally large group suffering pain passively. These people are resigned to
the idea that nothing can help them. They have not benefited either from
mainstream medicine or the methods of alternative medicine tried, or
ready-to-use remedies and food supplements. For their sakes it is very
important to discern what went wrong.

The reality is that healing originates from a person’s own system.
Any external help, remedies, or medication can at best only enhance a
person’s bodily functions enabling them to overcome problems from
within. When a person develops an attitude of dependency on other
people or some remedy, that person limits the power of their body’s
natural wisdom. While all problems are real and need genuine attention,
many are intensified by the mind’s fabrications. Looking for people to fix
a problem seems natural. It is apparently justified in the sufferer’s hard
work making money to spend on their cure. They often can not forgive
themselves for failing to get even the most expensive treatment.
However, treatment itself sometimes gives rise to side effects that can
become life threatening.

For a person’s bodily system to function well and thus clear problems
or prevent problems the body must relax and settle down. This initiates
the stilling of the heart, which reduces emotional conflicts and
disturbances, slows down mental anxiety, and loosens the body. All this
activates the self-repair response. This is the self reliant procedure
needed. We simply cannot depend solely upon experts to bring about
desired changes. People must spend time each day to make the right
things happen. Without that their efforts are not good enough.

The development of medical science and health care services
approaches can be seen as natural efforts arising from our need to deal
with the problems of life. They are part of the “methods-of-the-world,”
health-seeking creations inspired by the “ fix it” mentality. Disease
remedies range from conventional, recognized medical approaches to
alternative medical approaches to less reputable approaches. Whatever
your choice, if it solves your problem and if you are not worried about
any future problems, there may be no need to introduce any new
possibilities into your life. If, however, you are interested in out-of-theworld
methods, CFQ training promises a true cure for a variety of
diseases including the eradication of the suffering brought by pain and
discomfort. Nature has given you a body that is energetically functional,
ordered to keeping you alive without any problems for your entire
lifespan. It is hardly in your best interests to tamper with this order by
being negative. A simple willingness to accept your problems will
reduce your pain and suffering by undermining the anxiety and anger that
often arise from negative thoughts and attitudes. Let go, let your body
relax, let your muscles loosen. Disease symptoms will dissipate and
healing can begin its course.

What about CFQ training? Sincerity, justice and honesty are required.
If anyone is not willing to examine the effects of their practice honestly
they waste their time trying the process. Benefits will only be temporary
as they convince themselves that the practice is not effective. The
“ undoing” feature of CFQ is the direct opposite of normal “ doing.”
Undoing can lack excitement and may even seem boring for beginners.
Such boredom, if observed without judgment and allowed to persist over
a period of time, reveals the deeper experiences of peace and joy.
Excitement arouses the body’s systems making a person feel happy and
satisfied but it also fabricates a craving and leaves behind a residue which
eventually leads to ill-health (a high price to pay).The person becomes
compelled by the craving to constantly look for excitement. The absence
of further excitement makes the person feel lost and depressed. Peace and
joy arise from stillness or not-doing. They are profound, lasting and healing.

During practice, the letting-go of negative traits and tendencies from
deep within arouses the mind. Attempts to fight the thoughts will make
them stronger and entangle you deeper. The right way, the way that is in
your best interest, is to detach yourself from the thoughts and allow them
to say whatever they like. In this way, destructive thoughts cannot pick a
fight with you. You loosen their power and grip on you, dissolving and
clearing them out. Proceed with your practice unconditionally. It is not
worth giving anything distracting power, not even your diseases, health
problems, or whether you get well or not. Getting well is natural. Don’t
think of it as impossible. Detach, let go. Just do your practice, everyday,
the same as you eat, work, bathe, sleep, read papers, or watch TV.

With an appreciation of letting-go and freedom from any intention to
fabricate or retain sensations, CFQ practice eventually leads to a state of
the “sensation of no sensations.” During such practice, you feel freedom,
boundlessness, looseness, weightlessness, peace, joyousness and a
of the body. The pleasant sensations continue throughout the rest of the
day. Normal physical activities become effortless. The mind becomes
clear, quiet and alert, and thinking becomes sharp. The spirit becomes
peaceful and centered so that hardly any incident can provoke an
emotional disturbance. In this way the body’s systems are brought
to optimum functioning. Where is pain and suffering then? The
question is irrelevant as diseases do not arise in this state.
Transformation and transcendence are set on course. 
One’s final destiny approaches.

Table of Contents
Early Intimations
Qigong and Energy Medicine
Roots of Disease
Chaoyi Fanhuan Qigong: CFQ
Dynamic Qigong Cleansing:
Meridian-Organ Exercise
Goal of CFQ Energy
Complementary Techniques:
Sit, Walk, Heal
The Heart Sutra: Prajna
Becoming A Healer
CFQ For Children
Psychological Disorders
Healthy Aging and
Healing Paralysis and Injuries
Cerebral Stroke: Treatment
and Prevention
Reviving Comatose Patients
Resilience To Overcome Cancer
Path of Healing & Recovery
Books on CFQ

Energy Medicine in CFQ Healing- Healing the Body, Transforming Consciousness
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