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- Winning Without Intimidation -

Bob Burg

From National Bestselling Author of The Go Giver
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 2011 by Bob Burg 

About the Author
A former television personality and top-producing salesperson, Bob Burg
speaks to corporations and organizations worldwide on topics at the core of The
Art of Persuasion. Addressing audiences ranging from sixty to sixteen thousand,
Bob has shared the platform with some of today’s top business leaders,
broadcast personalities, coaches, athletes and political leaders, including a
former U.S. president. Bob is also coauthor of the Wall Street Journal bestseller
The Go-Giver, Go-Givers Sell More, and It’s Not About You. His classic Endless
Referrals has sold more than two hundred thousand copies and is still used today
as a training manual in many corporations.

What if you could get what you want…when you want it…and from whom
you want it—including the difficult people you all too often come across?
Would that interest you?
Would that excite you?
Practically everyone would love to have that ability, wouldn’t they?
In studying some of the most successful men and women in history—
Benjamin Franklin, Harriet Beecher Stowe, Abraham Lincoln, Mother Teresa,
Mohandas Gandhi—we notice they share many common characteristics. Each of
these winners had a burning desire, coupled with great creativity, and a total,
unshakable belief in their mission or cause. One trait which stands above all the
rest is their ability to win people over to their way of thinking through the art of
positive persuasion.

According to Webster’s Dictionary, to win means to succeed or prevail in a
contest or effort; to triumph; to be victorious. To persuade is to cause someone
to do something, especially by reasoning, urging or inducement. Persuasion
means to prevail upon. When we persuade effectively, it results in others taking
action. When we persuade positively, it results in others taking positive action.
Persuasion does not mean manipulation.

In his book The Art of Talking So That People Will Listen, Dr. Paul W. Swets
writes, “Manipulation aims at control, not cooperation. It results in a win/lose
situation. It does not consider the good of the other party… In contrast to the
manipulator, the persuader seeks to enhance the self-esteem of the other party.
The result is that people respond better because they are treated as responsible,
self-directing individuals.”
Throughout the pages of this book, you will find skills, techniques and
attitudes of positive persuasion that, as you learn, internalize and apply them,
will make your life a whole lot easier, a whole lot less stressful, and a whole lot more fun.

(By the way, although I’ve been using the phrase “positive persuasion,” the
truth is that, as Dr. Swets has pointed out, persuasion by its very nature is
positive—so from here on in, I’ll simply use the term persuasion with the
assumption that we’re talking about something that is both positive and
Am I actually telling you that winning through persuasion is simply a skill?
That anyone can learn to be a winning communicator?
Yes, I am.
I know, that sounds like a bit of a stretch. It really isn’t. Persuasion skills are
not something most of us are born with. Like riding a bicycle, driving a car, or
fly-fishing, it is a skill you can learn. And it is not only a skill you can learn, it is
one you can master.

Mastering the art of persuasion. Now that’s exciting!
I’ve heard it said that success in most areas of life is based 10 percent on
technical skills and 90 percent on people skills. From my experience, those
figures ring absolutely true. In The Art of Persuasion, you’ll learn those people
skills necessary to ensure that you have all the advantages needed to put that 90
percent to work for you and for others, too; day in, day out in all areas of your
life and work.

I wish I could take credit for inventing these skills. I can’t. I’ve been very
fortunate not only to read and study the great masters of winning persuasion, but
to grow up with and learn by example from many of them as well. I’ve simply
taken what I’ve learned and applied and put it all into a simple, easy-to-use
resource. Anyone can learn these skills and apply and benefit from them for the
rest of their lives.

Here is one important key to knowing you are doing this right. If, in the
process of persuading a person to your side of an issue, they feel as good about it
as you do, then you have not bullied, coerced or manipulated. You see, genuine
winners are those people who can get what they want from others in such a way
that’s of genuine and lasting benefit to everyone involved—whether it’s better
seats at the theater or ball game, more cooperation at work and at home, the
accomplishment of your life-long dream or a variety of other advantages. I call
this winning without intimidation. Yes, you can indeed obtain satisfaction and be
loved while you’re doing it. That’s power; that’s influence.
There’s absolutely no reason to live or work as a person who’s constantly
picked on, emotionally put down, taken advantage of, or made to settle for less
in any way. And there’s certainly no reason to ever resort to bullying or
manipulating people to get what you really want, either.
What would your life be like if the benefits promised in the subtitle of this
book really were attainable, and if you truly could master them? They are—and you can.

I’m sure you’ve heard the phrase, “win/win.” Let’s do that for greater results
than anyone ever thought possible. Let’s create a world where everybody wins
through the art of persuasion.
Best of success,
Bob Burg

Table of Contents

Winning Without Intimidation
Learning the Art of Persuasion
Know You, Like You, Trust You
Make People Feel Good About Themselves
Everything is Negotiable
How to Deal With Difficult People
The Art of Persuasion in Action
What Sets You Apart From the Rest
Nuggets of Wisdom
Learned Along the Way
Beyond Business


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Previously published as Winning Without Intimidation by Executive Books, 1998.
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