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Sex Position Secrets For Better Bucking

Dr. Sadie Allison

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 2007 by Tickle Kitty, Inc 

About the Author
When you need answers about lovemaking, look to Dr. Sadie Allison, founder
and CEO of Tickle Kitty, Inc., and
Dr. Sadie is a leading authority on human sexuality today, and author of the
award-winning bestsellers Tickle His Pickle, TOYGASMS! and Tickle Your
Fancy. She appears frequently on TV and radio, including E! Entertainment
Television, Talk Sex with Sue Johanson, Dr. Drew’s Loveline and the Bob &
Tom Show. She is a sought-after speaker, and is often quoted in national
magazines, such as Cosmopolitan, Redbook and Men’s Health.
She’s a Licensed Doctor of Human Sexuality, having earned her degree in
2005 from the Institute for Advanced Study of Human Sexuality. She’s also a
member of the American Association
ofSexEducators,Counselors&Therapists(AASECT). Her Tickle Kitty brand of
sex-help books, sensual pleasure kits and sex lubricants enable her to assist more
individuals and couples find greater joys in sexual pleasure.
Dr. Sadie was born, raised, and still resides in San Francisco, California,
where she’s raising her beautiful daughter.

Ride ’Em Cowgirl!
“Everyone should read Dr. Sadie’s books—they’re life-changing.”
—Barbara Leigh, PLAYBOY
“Dr. Sadie Allison combines sex education with erotic temptation so everyone
can learn and enjoy. She’s one of the great emerging sexologists of the 21st century.”
—Dr. Ted McIlvenna, President, The Institute for Advanced Study of Human Sexuality
“Dr. Sadie Allison’s writings have been a great resource for Cosmopolitan
magazine throughout the world . . . her books have inspired me.”
—Eleni Solomou, Senior Editor & Columnist
“Dr. Sadie’s sassy book gives you greater confidence to release your sexpot
within and create new passions that thrill.”
—Dr. Ava Cadell, Founder of Loveology University®

Table of Contents
Title Page
Copyright Page
Chapter 1 - Your Passion Cocktail
Let’s Get Physical
Scoring Sex Etiquette Points
Cowgirls Only! - How To Score Etiquette Points With Him
Cowboys Only! - Etiquette Points Count Toward Fabulous Prizes!
Cowgirls & Cowboys! - Brighten Your Passion Picture
Chapter 2 - Supergasms
Cowgirls Only! - Are You Pre-Orgasmic?
It’s Okay To Get In Touch With Yourself
Cowgirls Only! - The Male Orgasm Menu
Cowboys Only! - The Art Of The Female Orgasm
Come…Meet The Clitoris
The Female Orgasmic Combo Platter
Supersize Your HE-gasms!
Cowgirls & Cowboys! - Strengthen Your Orgasm Muscle!
Chapter 3 - The Art of Penetration
Cowboys Only!
Wetness: The Lube of Love
Treat Her To An Exotic Labial Massage
Making Your Grand Entrance
Get Your Pump On
Secrets To Being Her Sexiest Pleasure Partner
Whisper. Moan. Or Wake The Neighborhood!
Cork Poppers Anonymous
Chapter 4 - The Art Of Being Penetrated
Cowgirls Only!
Wetness: The Lube Of Love
You’ve Got To Hand It To Yourself
Make His Entrance A Grand One
Get Your Pump On
Secrets To Being His Sexiest Pleasure Partner
Why Silence Is Not Golden
Chapter 5 - Missionary Possible
Your Mission: Make It Even Better
Limbs: Your Levers Of Love
Cowboys Only! - Hip! Hip! Excitement!
Cowgirls Only! - Don’t Bottom Out
Chapter 6 - Doggystyle
Cowboys Only! - Raise Your Pleasure IQ
Cowgirls Only! - Arch, Angle And Play For Pleasure
Chapter 7 - Ride ’Em Cowgirls!
Cowgirls Only! - Create Your Own Orgasmic Pleasures
Shape Your Pleasure To Your Lover’s Shape
Shape Your Style to His Pleasure, Too
You’re In Charge. Grant Him An Upgrade!
Cowboys Only! Don’t Fall By The Waist-Side
Chapter 8 - Spooning
Why All The Swooning About Spooning?
Spooning 101: Just Stir
Gowgirls Only! - She’s Got Legs—And Knows How To Use ‘Em
Cowboys Only! - Don’t Fall Behind
Chapter 9 - Clitilicious
What (And Where) Is The Clitoris Anyhow?
Two Sensitive Heads—One Super Craving
20 Ways To Supercharge Intercourse
Cowboys Only! - Coming During Intercourse (Not You…Her!)
The Mystery Of The Missionary Orgasm Revealed!
Chapter 10 - The G-spot
What And Where Is The G-spot?
Mastering The G-Spot Magic Touch
Cowboys Only! - Lift Her ‘G’ To Multiple ‘GEEEEEEs!’
Yet Another G-spot Magic Touch
The G-spot Position Decision
Cowgirls Only! - Come Meet Your G-spot
The Surprise Of The Liquid Orgasm
Chapter 11 - Blackdoor Boogaloo
Why The Fascination With Anal?
The 4 Guidelines For Enjoying Anal Sex
Precautions & Preparations For Anal Sex
A Word About…Er…Poop!
Cowgirls Only! - Insider Tips For Smoother Anal
Cowboys Only! - How To Be Her Anal Hero
The Art Of Anal Penetration
The Art Of Anal Loving
Chapter 12 - The HE-Spot
Say Hello To The HE-spot
Cowboys Only! You Shall Overcome
Cowgirls Only! - Ease Up A Butt. Then Take Charge!
Precautions & Preparations For HE-spot Play
Going In For The Thrill
Not Gonna Do It? You’ve Got An Alternative
Chapter 13 - Voluptuous Lovin
Cowgirls Only! - Plus Size Can Be A Plus
Cowgirls & Cowboys! Supersized Sex’s Biggest Secret
Chapter 14 - Pregnant Poses
Cowgirls Only!
Hop On The Hormone Rollercoaster
Play It Safe, For Baby’s Sake!
First Trimester: Sex Takes A Holiday
Second Trimester: Pregnancy’s Honeymoon
Third Trimester: Getting Over The Hump
Positions (And Pillows) With A Purpose
Cowboys Only! - Be Her Superhero—Here’s How
Sex-During-Pregnancy FAQ
Sex In Postpartum Times
Chapter 15 - Outercourse: Good Messy Fun
Exciting! Exhilarating! Safer! Convenient!
Outercourse: A Tit For A Tat
Come Awaken Your Sexual Creativity!
Chapter 16 - Location! Location! Location!
There’s No Place Like Home
Sex In The Great Outdoors
Secluded Sex, Alfresco Style
Exhibitionist Sex, Alfresco Style
Getting Caught, Alfresco Style
Chapter 17 - Vive La Différence
Cowgirls Only! - The Penis Monologues
Your Vagina: A Beautiful Unfolding Story
The Vaginal Variations
Fitting Positions For Every Vaginal Style
Chapter 18 - Sexy Playthings
Position Is Everything
Shake, Rattle & Roll!
Hot-To-Trot Penis Toys
Backdoor Entertainment
Slippery Sensations
Appendix: Safety First-Protect Yourself
Dr. Sadie’s Pleasure Position Index
Special Thanks
About the Author

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This book is intended for educational and entertainment purposes only. Neither the Author, Illustrator, nor Publisher is responsible for the use or misuse of any sexual techniques or devices discussed here, or for any loss, damage, injury or ailment caused by reliance on any information contained in this book. Please use common sense. The illustrations in this book depict couples who are in faithful, monogamous relationships. Readers who are not monogamous, or who have not been tested for STIs, are strongly urged to employ the safer sex practices in the Appendix. If you have any health issues or other concerns, you should consult a qualified healthcare professional or licensed therapist BEFORE trying any techniques or devices. Please read the Appendix for tips on safer sex, and consult a physician or a qualified healthcare professional if you have any further questions. Be sure to read and carefully follow all instructions that come with any sexual aids you decide to use. The mention of any product or service in this book does not constitute an endorsement. Trademarks and service marks used are the property of their respective owners.
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