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Unlock Your Creativity-Boost Your Memory-Change Your Life

Tony Buzan with Susanna Abbott, Creative Editor

EPub Edition © AUGUST 2012
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 Tony Buzan 2005 

You are now in possession of the thinking tool which can transform the way you
think for ever.
When you use Mind Maps on a daily basis, you will find that your life becomes
more productive, fulfilled, and successful on every level:
You can achieve what you want to achieve.
You can become an ideas person.
You can become more efficient and more productive.
You can make your dreams a reality.
Like a road map, Mind Maps will help you get from where you are now to where
you want to be.
As we have seen throughout this book, Mind Maps are so effective because they
work with your brain and its natural ways of functioning: they are a physical
realization of the incredible networking and explosive Mind Maps of thought in
your head. In short, they work with the brain’s all-important hunger for
imagination and association. This is why Mind Mapping is a co-operative
venture – and adventure – between what goes on in your head and what you put on paper.
As you now know, there are no limits to the number of thoughts, ideas, and
connections that your brain can make, which means that there are no limits to the
different ways you can use Mind Maps to help you.
I wish you every success and every enjoyment on your Mind Map journey with
the universe of your brain.

Do you want to:
Come up with innovative ideas and creative solutions?
Memorize information and recall it under pressure?
Set goals and achieve them?
Change career or start up your own venture?
Be an excellent time manager?
Run meetings with efficiency and ease?
Budget and plan to perfection?
Deliver excellent presentations with confidence?
Have more time for yourself and your family?
Enjoy success after success in your life?

If you have answered ‘yes’ to any of these questions, then you have the right
book in your hands! Mind Maps are a unique thinking tool that will bring out
your natural genius and enable you to shine in every area of your life. The
Ultimate Book of Mind Maps is the definitive guide to using this remarkable tool.

Chapter One, What is a Mind Map?, introduces you to Mind Maps and how
they work. It explains the basic Mind Map ‘rules’ and takes you step-by-step
through your first Mind Map.
Chapter Two, Know Your Brain, Unlock Your Potential, digs deeper into the
reasons why Mind Maps work and how they actually help your brain learn and
think creatively. The better you understand your brain and how it works, the
easier it is for you to help it perform to its best.
Chapter Three, The Ultimate Success Formula, looks at learning how to
learn. It gives you a foolproof formula for learning and success that you can use
in combination with Mind Maps. With the TEFCAS success formula and Mind
Maps you’ll always succeed!
Chapter Four, Mind Workouts for Mental Success, delves into the world of
creativity and shows you how Mind Maps are the ideal tool for quality creative
thinking. It also looks at how strong creative skills help your ability to remember
things with ease, and gives you important memory principles that you can use
with Mind Maps.
Chapter Five, Physical Fitness for Mental Power, highlights the importance of
physical fitness for mental fitness. It looks at optimal ways of getting the right
balance of exercise, sleep, and quality nutrition, and shows you how Mind Maps
can help you achieve this balance.
Finally, Chapter Six, Mind Maps for Everyday Success, shows you just some
of the infinite ways you can use Mind Maps in the workplace, socially, and in
your general life planning. Use the Mind Map examples in this chapter to inspire
you and your fabulous imagination, and you can be sure you will demonstrate
your brilliance in everything you do.

Mind Maps wonderfully and dramatically changed my life for the better. I know
that they will do the same for you, too.
Be prepared to be amazed – by yourself!

List of Mind Maps
Chapter One
What Is a Mind Map?
Jolly hols
Chapter Two
Know Your Brain, Unlock Your Potential Brain cell
Bee skills
The body of your brain
Synergetic brain
Chapter Three
The Ultimate Success Formula Persistence
Chapter Four
Mind Workouts for Mental Success Creativity game
Creativity tips
Chapter Five
Physical Fitness for Mental Power The body’s major systems
Physical power check map
Daily living
Get fit
Chapter Six
Mind Maps for Everyday Success Running a meeting
Preparing for a job interview
Writing an essay
Starting a new venture
Shopping for gifts
Planning a romantic weekend
Learning a language
The wedding
Planning a garden
Family events
Successful budgeting
Mapping your way through a problem
Life vision and purpose
Your ideal future

Table of Contents
Title Page
List of Mind Maps
Chapter One
What Is a Mind Map?
How Can Mind Maps Help You?
The Great Geniuses and Note-making
Mind Mappers in History
What Do You Need to Make a Mind Map?
Seven Steps to Making a Mind Map
Creating Your First Mind Map
Mind Maps in Action
Chapter Two
Know Your Brain, Unlock Your Potential
How Well Do You Know Your Brain?
Our Evolving Knowledge of Our Evolving Brains
The Brain Principle of Synergy
The Learning Principle of Repetition
Mind Maps: Brain Tool Extraordinaire
Chapter Three
The Ultimate Success Formula
Learning How to Learn
The Success Formula – TEFCAS
The Principle of Success
The Principle of Persistence
Mind Maps and TEFCAS
Chapter Four
Mind Workouts for Mental Success
How Can I Boost My Creativity?
Mind Maps for Creative Thinking
Advanced Creative Mind Mapping
Creativity and Memory
Memorizing Information from a Mind Map
Repetition and Memory
The Importance of Study Breaks
Creativity Is the Key to Mental Success
Chapter Five
Physical Fitness for Mental Power
The New Science of Body and Mind
General Physical Fitness
Feed Your Body, Feed Your Mind
Rest, Sleep, and Your Brain
Mind Map Motivator
Chapter Six
Mind Maps for Everyday Success
Mind Maps for Work
Running a meeting
Job interview
Writing an essay
Starting a new venture
Mind Maps for Your Social Life
Shopping for gifts
A romantic weekend
Learning a foreign language
Your daughter’s wedding
Designing your garden
Mind Maps for Life
Planning family events
Planning a budget
Creative problem solving
Life vision and purpose
Creating your ideal future
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