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Pranic Healing Energy Remedies to Boost Vitality and Speed Recovery from Common Health Problems



1. Healing. 2. Vital force. 3. Mental healing.
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 2002 by Master Stephen Co,
 Eric B. Robins, M.D., and John Merryman

About the Pranic Healing
What if one of the most effective tools you have to
restore your health is not surgery or medication.-, but
your own hands? Incredibly, your hands can heal
you—with the "energy medicine" of Pranic Healing.
A powerful svstem that is rapidlv increasing in popularity.
Pranic Healing works with your own natural,
vital energy—which is also called prana—to accelerate
your body's innate sell-healing ability.
Amazinglv easv to learn and applv. Pranic- Healing
u>e> a >ene> of powerful hut >imple methods to
generate energy, including non-touch hand movements:
energetic hygiene, the practice ol keeping
your persona] energy tank clean and full: breathing:
and brief meditation-. I >ing these unique tec hoiques,
you can identify, clear, and purilv unhealthv.
imbalanced energy and replace it with fresh energy
that helps your body heal it.-elf from a wide ran»<- of
physical, psychological, and emotional symptoms and
disorders. A self-healing guide for 24 ailments,
including physical and -port- mjune>. chronic arthritis,
irritable bowel syndrome, insomnia, hypertension,
headaches, backaches, congestion and colds, menstrual
cramps, even depre»ion and stress-related disorders, is included.
\^ ith step-by-step instructions, line drawings, and
numerous real-life medical stories, Your Hands Can
Heal }i>u demonstrates and explains a revolutionary
program that anyone can use to harness the energy of
body, mind, and breath to produce health and facilitate
repair. Personally trained by Grand Master Choa
Kok Sui. who developed Pranic Healing, the authors.
Master Co and Dr. Robins, provide the -ame detailed
guidance in Your Hands Can Heal You as in the popular
Pranic Healing workshops.
Additionally, they present, for the first time in any
book, the Grandmaster's special modifications to the
breathing practices that can dramatically n
your power and energy and rejuvenate and 1
your physical, emotional, mental, and spiritus

"In one of my darkest hours, I discovered that Stephen Co is a masterful and loving healing agent!
What he taught me to do with my hands was a gift. What he reminded me that 1 had the power to do
was a blessing!"
—lyanla Vanzant, Author of One Day My Soul Just Opened Up
"Your Hands Can Heal You is a fascinating and practical study of an ancient and natural healing system. I found it captivating."
—Francis Ford Coppola, Academy Award Winning Director of The Godfather Trilogy
"Master Stephen Co is an extraordinary, gentle man whose work expands one's understanding of the
mysterious workings of the human body. In a seemingly egoless way, he shares his phenomenal
knowledge and talent so that others can benefit from all he has discovered. I admire him very much."
—Mary Steenburgen, Actress, Producer, Writer
"This book not only offers a practical, enjoyable guide to working with your own health and transformation, it is a doorway to the world of subtle energy."
—Rudolph Ballentine, M.D., Author 0/ Radical Healing
"Your Hands Can Heal You offers an elegantly simple guide to using your own natural spiritual
resources to enhance your flow of vibrant energy."
—Gay Hendricks, Ph.D., Author 0/ Conscious Loving and Achieving Vibrance
"Eighty-five percent of illnesses are not optimally treatable with drugs or surgery. For those individuals,
Your Hands Can Heal You offers one of the best self-healing approaches I have seen."
—C. Norman Shealy, M.D. , Ph.D. , President, Holistic Institutes of Health
"Pranic Healing techniques, especially the Meditation on Twin Hearts, help me to be more present
in daily life and have had a powerful, positive effect on my wife and me. After a Pranic Healing
treatment, Julie says that my voice sounds as if I had received a full body massage. To me it's an internal massage. I sleep better and my emotional clarity is more grounded. I still feel life's ups and downs but with Pranic Healing and meditation, I feel that I don't have to stay in those negative states of
emotion for a long time. I have the freedom to let go of unhelpful emotions."
—Tom Skerritt, Actor, Producer, Writer
"Master Co is one of the most interesting, intriguing healers that I have ever had the honor of being
touched by. With this book he shows us how to access the power to heal that has always been and
will always be within us. I adore him."
—Melanie Griffith, Actress, Producer, Writer
"I used to drive three hours to spend time with Master Co. Thank God he's written this book. His
brilliance and generosity have given us all the gift of self-healing. Plus the commute is much easier."
—Ted Danson, Emmy Award and Golden Globe Award Winning Actor and Producer
"As a television reporter, I have hundreds of healing techniques and so-called miracle cures cross my
desk. The energy remedies you are about to read in Your Hands Can Heal You are the real deal. After we aired a news story on Master Stephen Co, Dr. Eric Robins, and Pranic Healing, my mailbox overflowed with thank-you letters from viewers who learned and were helped by the technique. Their book contains so much valuable information."
—Jennifer Sabih, CBS News
"Your Hands Can Heal You is a wonderful, exciting new approach to healing. A self-help guide to
healing thyself by combining and synthesizing basic approaches to many healing modalities, with the
unique experiential techniques of Pranic Healing. A must read for every person interested in the art of healing."
—Barry Hirsch J .D . , Premiere Entertainment Industry Attorney
"Through his personal sessions, classes, and now through his writings, Master Cos paradigm-shifting
model goes right to the heart of healing: we are our healing practitioners working directly in the laboratory of consciousness with prana, the Divine Life Force that maintains our very existence. More
personally, Master Co is a man of integrity, wisdom, and power."
—Rev. Michael Beckwith, Founder and Spiritual Director
of The Agape International Spiritual Center
"After a Pranic Healing, your mind feels clearer, a sense of peacefulness, being in oneness with the world. Renewed enthusiasm and confidence."
—Marilyn Ghigliotti, Actress

Today more than ever, we all have a tremendous need for rapid, effective methods of
balancing the material and spiritual aspects of our life. At the same time, we are
experiencing a mass awakening of consciousness, which has created in many people
a need to seek spiritual solutions to everyday life situations, such as stress, relationships, success,
failure, and perhaps most of all, health.

I believe this book will greatly help to meet these needs.
It presents a simple, effective way to increase your health and personal energy through
working at deeper emotional and energetic levels of reality, where you can increase, control, and
direct your personal supply of prana, the universal life force that your body uses for healing.
When you gain control over your personal health, you increase your ability to live a full
life and experience all this world has to offer. But learning how to heal your aches, pains,
and illnesses is really just the beginning of your healing journey, for as you enter this path,
your consciousness will be stirred to recognize greater truths. The most important of these is
that we are all parts of a larger whole, a bioenergetic system that represents the sum total of
the energy o{ each of us. As a result, we are interdependent upon one another for energy
and for life. This interdependence means that the choices we make in our lives have an
effect—physically and energetically—on everyone around us. When we take steps to heal
ourselves, we contribute positive emotions and energy to that system; we heal the world.
That is the ultimate goal of Pranic Healing.
So as you begin your study of these simple, effective healing techniques, I offer my love,
blessings, and hopes that you achieve all your personal self-healing goals. But I also hope
that you become aware of the important role you play in increasing the health and energy of
the world in which we live and work, and that you use the teachings in this book to that end
as well.
With love and blessings, Grandmaster Choa Kok Sui

Table of Contents
FOREWORD by Grandmaster Choa Kok Sui xiii
INTRODUCTION by Eric B. Robins, M.D. 1
Note on Nomenclature 6

CHAPTER 1 : You're Wired for Healing—Your Energetic Anatomy 9
CHAPTER 2: The True Nature of Your Mind—How It Protects You and Hurts You 3

STEP 1 : Clearing Negative Emotions and Limiting Beliefs

CHAPTER 3: All Clear!—Removing Emotionally Based Energetic Blockages 45
STEP 2: Pranic Breathing

CHAPTER 4: Take a Deep Breath—Pranic Breathing 62
STEP 3: Energy Manipulation

CHAPTER 5: Hands Up! Scanning—Hand Sensitivity
and General Scanning 82

CHAPTER 6: Hands Up! More Scanning—Specific Scanning and Interpreting Results 97
CHAPTER 7: Out With the Old—Sweeping Away Congested Energy,
Cleaning Your Aura 111
CHAPTER 8: Pump It Up—Energizing Areas of Depletion 142
CHAPTER 9: Rainbow Power—Using Colors 155
STEP 4: Energetic Hygiene
CHAPTER 10: Keep It Clean—The Importance of Energetic Hygiene 177
STEPS: Meditation
CHAPTER 11: Easy Ways to Put Your Mind at Ease—Meditations
for Peace and Stillness 199
STEP 6: Energy-Generation Exercises
CHAPTER 12: Plugging In, Charging Up—Two Powerful Energy-Generation Exercises 220

CHAPTER 13: A Self-Healing Guide—Energetic Solutions to 24 Common
Health Problems 245
CHAPTER 14: Prescription for Greater Energy and Better Health
—The Your Hands Can Heal You Daily Routine 262

CHAPTER 15: You've Got Soul—Physical Health, Spiritual Development, and Beyond . . . 267
For Further Reference 285
Index 293


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