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Originally published as The Ancient Science & Art of Pranic Healing

Choa Kok Sui

1. Healing. 2. Vital force. 3. Yoga, Hatha.
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 1990 Choa Kok Sui

THERE ARE many points of view concerning diseases. According to
Christian belief, disease has been the scourge of humanity ever since Adam
and Eve were driven out of Paradise after they had disobeyed God. Originally,
we were disease-free by nature. Disease, therefore, is seen as a
punishment for sin. This is one theory or point of view.
Western allopathic medicine on the other hand, holds to the view
that disease is caused by such malevolent microscopic creatures as bacteria,
germs or viruses which alter our natural physiological functioning or defense
mechanisms. Disease can also be caused, according to this view, by
emotional stress or psychological problems.

Because disease is believed to be caused either by an infection, an
allergen, or a breakdown in physiological functioning, all one has to do
is to remove or neutralize the invading mechanism or stress-inducing
situation or agent and presto! The patient will be cured. Unfortunately,
not all diseases respond to these methods of treatment, despite the impressive
advances of modern medical science. As a matter of fact, some
medications prescribed by doctors have serious side-effects.
There appears to be a third alternative view, one that has been neglected
by modern medical science. I refer here to the energy body that
we all have and its crucial role in the causation and treatment of diseases.

The existence of the energy body (sometimes called the etheric double, or
vital body) and its intimate interaction with the physical body, are what
gives meaning to and effectiveness of pranic healing as described in this book.
"The recognition of the existence of the vital body," as the book
Unrecognized factors in Medicine^ published by Theosophical Research
Centre in London, pointed out, "provides an explanation for the success
of such general treatments (as pranic healing), since they tend to restore
a ready flow of prana, and the flow of prana, or vital energy, is the chief
determining factor for the bio-electric conditions within a living form."
Modern Kirlian photography has shown that disease appears first in
the energy or vital body before it manifests itself in the physical body.
There is an intimate connection between the two. Therefore, by treating
the vital body, we can often effect a cure in the physical body. And this
is what Pranic Healing by Choa Kok Sui is all about; it is indeed a significant
contribution to alternative healing practices.

What makes the book more valuable is the fact that it has a minimum
of theory and a maximum of practical and specific advice on how to
perform the type of healing advocated by the author. It does not contain
any mumbo-jumbo, nor any elaborate ritual which may offend certain
religious groups. It is as straightforward as any scientific process should
be. It does not intend to supplant orthodox medical treatment, but merely
to complement it. This is a handbook which can be used profitably by
anyone interested in developing natural healing abilities. I am convinced
that this book will be accepted by a wide segment of our society.
Jaime Licauco
President, Philippine Paranormal
Research Society, Inc.

THIS BOOK is a discussion of paranormal healing, not so much on its
speculative aspect, but rather more on how and why. The approach in
this book is simplified and mechanistic. It is at the same time spiritual.
Mechanistic in the sense that all that one has to do is to follow the
instructions step by step, and the predetermined results will follow. Spiritual
in the sense that, by praying or by invoking, one becomes a divine
healing channel. This book teaches, within a week or two, how to heal
simple ailments; and within a month or two how to heal difficult cases.
One does not have to spend ten to twenty years just to learn how to
perform paranormal healing. Nor does one need any special inborn healing
power, nor be a clairvoyant to heal. All that one needs is the willingness
to heal and to follow the instructions given in this book.
At a very young age I became interested in yoga, psychic phenomena,
mysticism, Chinese ki kung (the art of generating internal power) and
other esoteric sciences. Because of this interest, I have spent more than
eighteen years researching and studying esoteric sciences. I have also been
in close association with yogis, healers, clairvoyants, practitioners of
Chinese ki kung, and a few extraordinary persons who are in telepathic
contact with their spiritual gurus. We have spent several years experimenting
to determine the effectiveness and the mechanisms of the healing
techniques commonly known and used by healers and students of esoteric
sciences. Many of the techniques have been revealed in books by other
writers, while some have been rediscovered. Advanced techniques that
were privately taught to me are revealed in this book to help uplift the
suffering of humanity due to diseases. Many of the advanced healing
techniques and concepts were taught to me by my Respected Teacher Mei
Ling. I am not a clairvoyant nor was I born with any healing ability. If I
can learn how to heal effectively, then you can also!
The instructions have been arranged in such a way that an ordinary
person can easily and gradually learn how to perform paranormal healing.
Instructions on how to paranormally diagnose a patient without using
clairvoyance is also given. For easier and faster understanding, you may
want to first scan through the entire book and read the illustrations thoroughly.
The term paranormal healing may not be the proper description. What
is considered paranormal healing today may become quite common and
normal a few decades from now. This is exactly the purpose of this book:
to make paranormal healing quite common in the near future. The appropriate
term should be pranic or ki healing since vital energy or ki is
used to heal, and to give proper recognition to its ancient origin and to
all esoteric students who have greatly contributed to its development.
It is very advantageous for everyone to learn pranic healing, especially
for parents, since it is very fast and effective in healing simple and severe
ailments like headaches, toothaches, fevers, sore throats, bumps, mumps,
gas pain, arthritis, lung infections, heart problems, hearing problems and others.

Table of Contents
Acknowledgments xi
A Preview xv
Foreword xix
Preface xxiii
Introduction xxix
The Basics
1. The Nature of Pranic Healing 3
2. Auras of the Bioplasmic Body 9
Level One: Elementary Pranic Healing
3. Cleansing and Energizing 25
4. Treatments for Simple Cases 57
Level Two: Intermediate Pranic Healing
5. Drawing in Prana 75
6. Eleven Major Chakras 93
7. Treatments for Simple and Serious Cases 117
8. Self-Healing 143
Level Three: Absent Healing
9. Distant Pranic Healing 163
Level Four: Advanced Pranic Healing
10. Color Pranic Healing 171
11. Advanced Treatments 203
Meditation on the Twin Hearts
12. Illumination Technique 237
The Future of Pranic Healing
13. Seedldeas 247
Testimonials 263
Resources 273
Recommended Reading 275
Index 281

List of Plates
Plate 1. The major chakras 99
Plate 2. Basic chakra 100
Plate 3. Sex chakra 101
Plate 4. Navel chakra 102
Plate 5. Meng mein chakra 103
Plate 6. Spleen chakra 104
Plate 7. Solar plexus chakra 105
Plate 8. Front heart chakra 106
Plate 9. Back heart chakra 107
Plate 10. Throat chakra 108
Plate 11. Ajna chakra 109
Plate 12. Forehead chakra 110
Plate 13. Crown chakra Ill
Plate 14. The inner and outer auras of a loving couple 112
Plate 15. The outer aura of a spiritual aspirant practicing
Meditation on the Twin Hearts , 113
Plate 16. Activated crown chakra of a spiritual aspirant practicing
Meditation on the Twin Hearts 114

First published in 1990 by
Samuel Weiser, Inc.
Box 612
York Beach, Maine 03910

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Typeset in 10 point Galliard by NK Graphics
Printed in the United States of America
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