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- more than 132 delicious, adaptable salads, dressings and dips -

By Gabrielle Raiz

Gabrielle's fuss-free healthy veg recipes with easy-to-find ingredients

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This is a book with many recipes. I love creating great meals for my family
and friends. I wrote this book so I could share my hints, tips, recipes and
creations so that you too can incorporate more fruit, vegetables, nuts, seeds and
especially leafy green vegetables into your life. Who knows what kind of magic
will happen in your life as a result of mindful nutrition?

This book makes no warranties, guarantees or promises to heal any illness nor
does it promise that it will keep you young, make you look better, feel better,
cure diseases, prevent diseases or stop the symptoms or signs of conditions or illnesses.

If you have questions about your own state of health it is always a good idea
to consult people whom you trust, medicos, other health professionals or even a
nutritional consultant. Perhaps you need to be reminded to ‘consult your physician’.

Enjoy your discovery into introducing (more) salads into your eating plans.
Make it your way of life and it’s extremely likely that you will be rewarded!
And… if you’ve enjoyed even just some of the salads and dressings and dips
in this book, then I would greatly appreciate a positive review!

Introduction: No More Boring Salads!
Salads are under-rated by many. Many people treat them as the ‘thing on the
side that you should eat’ and they eat a hot meal as their main nutrition. I know
because that used to be me! But salads can be the most amazing main part of
your meal and I want to show you how!

This book was written especially for the uninspired and salad-bored majority
who are tired of the same old lettuce, tomato, onion concoction with a few
embellishments. Maybe you have a store-bought dressing or 2 in your fridge that
you use for every vegetable combination. No wonder the salad pizzazz has gone.
Or maybe it was never there.

Well! Worry no more. There is a way out from the tedium. You can make
incredible salads with less than a handful of ingredients in total, that will knock
your proverbial socks off! And you can make sophisticated salads that will
delight your taste buds too.

Your satisfaction is only limited by your willingness to experiment and
appreciate the many ideas and guidelines in this book.

But making salads is just half the story! What you dress your salad with can
revitalize your palate and revolutionize your meals. When you use interesting,
scrumptious dressings, they can transform just about ANY vegetable into the
taste sensation you have been craving.

In this book you’ll find a range of salads. From the simple to the sophisticated
in terms of numbers of ingredients and complexity and types of inclusions. What
will really get your appetite going is when you discover the world of dressings
(including salsas and dips) and how to pair them with your salads.
This is why you’ll find more dressings and dips in this book than the actual salad recipes.

I hope you are inspired to know that you can eat a salad with just about any
vegetable in it. You can choose your ingredients based on creating deliciously
nutritious blends. But rest assured, that even if you find yourself with little more
than the humble lettuce, onion and tomato in your fridge one day, that you’ll find
a cornucopia of amazing things to dress them with – and be excited about it.

What about my salad-phobic children?
What children are served when they are very young really can pave the way to
the tastes that they develop (naturally). Because of the cultural leanings and fast
food availability (which have become cultural habits) many children are saladresistant
and don’t eat nearly enough raw vegetables and fruit and green leafy vegetables.

Your journey with your children in mind, will involve finding innovative ways
to tempt them. You may find simple vegetable sticks with crazy, delicious and
interesting dips and thicker dressings could be the key.

The other wonderful way is to front load them with green smoothies. These
are pretty much salads in a glass that are extremely kid-friendly (aka peoplefriendly)
that provide the nutrition along with the sweetness of fruit. I have
found with my own family that using green smoothies has made our daughter
way more interested in experimenting with salads. My goal of providing her
with the best nutrition I can is made so much easier.

If you need a quick, easy and delicious stepping stone to incredible nutrition,
then please also take a look at my other book called “Green Smoothie Magic”.
It’s a bestseller that has been delighting thousands around the world.

This series of cooking and food preparation books is something that I am in
the throes of creating, that combines my love of great food, simplicity and ease.
It’s important to me that the recipes are highly adaptable to you and your needs
and that you can find just about any of the ingredients within these pages at your
supermarket and your local farmers’ market.
So, let’s take a look at sensational salads...

Table of Contents

Making Super Salads
Add a salad
How to vary your salads and tempt your senses
Here’s what you can put in your salads
A note on garnishes
Adding meat, fish, tofu, eggs and dairy to your salads
Tofu and Tempeh
Marinating tofu or tempeh
A great trick with ginger
Adding Cooked Components
The art of keeping your leafy greens crunchy and fresh (and not soggy)
How To Use The Salads Ingredients Lists
The Lists
Oils and Vinegars and Condiments
Let’s Look At Some Spectacular Salads
A word on quantities
1. Simply Zucchini
2. Radish, Asparagus and Mushroom Salad
3. Fenn-tacular Salad
A note about grated vegetables
A note about SPIRAL-grated vegetables
4a. Carrot Salad
4b. Carrot Salad Variations
5. Thai Green Papaya Salad
6. Indian Kachumber Salad
7. Pineapple Curry Salad
8a. Tomato Salad
8b. Summer Tomato Salad
8c. Tomato Salad Variations
9. Waldorf Salad
10. It’s Rocket Science
11. Sweet & Sour Cucumber Salad
12. Sweet and Sour Cucumber Salad Mark II
13a. Glass Noodle Salad
13b. Kelp Noodle Salad
14. Coleslaw
15. Sweet Slaw
16. Kaleslaw
17. Crunchy Slaw
18. Nuts Over Broccoli
19. Mushroom Salad
20. Mushroom, Citrus and Spinach Salad
21. Kale Salad
22. Watermelon and Red Onion Salad
23. Steamed Salads
24. Super Salad
25. Pesky Peach & Pecan
26. Zesty Chickpea Salad
27. Fennel Salad
28. Cucumber Tomato Dill Salad
29. Zucchini Pasta Salad
30. Wild Herb Salad
31. Breakfast Fruit Salad
32. Minty Grape Salad
33. Potato Salad
34. Peppery Pear & Walnut Salad
35. Celeriac Salad
36. Avocado Grapefruit Salad
37. Minty Orange Salad
38. Greek Salad
39. Tabouli Tabbouleh Tabbouli
40. Asian Spiced Green Papaya Salad
41. Ripe Papaya Salad
42. Green Bean Salad
43. Chickpea Salad
44. Crunchy Jicama Salad
45. Seaweed Salad
46. Bountiful Seaweed Salad
47. Rainbow Salad
Sixteen Different Salad Ideas
48. Roast Pumpkin And White Bean Salad
49. Pear, Watercress, Hazelnut, Beetroot, Dried Fig
50. Carrot, Orange, and Ginger Salad
51. Simple Avocado Salad
Guacamole Rules!
Where to start, what to add
Chilli peppers
Adding tomatoes
Storing guacamole
Sour cream
52. Simple Guacamole
53. Smoky Guacamole
54. Tomato Guacamole
55. Corny Cumin Guacamole
56. Lazy Salsa Guacamole
57. Kinda Sorta Sour Crème
58. Grapefruit Guacamole Salsa
59. Bruschetta Salsa
60. Fresh Salsa
61. Ginger Chipotle Salsa
62. Limey Tomango Salsa
63. Coconut Papaya Salsa (or Mango)
64. Tomato Mint Salsa
Dressings, vinaigrettes, sauces, dips, hummus, dollop creams
Taste-testing and taking taste dilution into account
Taste-test to take produce variations into account
The art of taste-testing
65a. Easy & Delicious Dressing
65b. ‘Easy & Delicious’ with a Punch
65c. Endless ‘Easy & Delicious’ Varieties
66a. Basic Vinaigrette
66b. Basil Basic
67. Sweet & Sour Sesame Asian Dressing
68. Thai Satay Dressing
69. Mango Avocado Dressing
70a. That Tahina Dressing
70b. Greenified Tahina Dressing
71. Blond Lemon Dressing
72. Tomango Dressing
73. Sweet Ginger Sauce
74. Nuts About This Dressing
75. Coriander Chipotle Dressing
76a. Lemon Cashew Dressing 1
76b. Lemon Cashew Dressing 2
77. Sweet Mustard Sauce
78. Mustard-Almond Aioli
79. Moroccan Dressing
80. Lemon Ginger Sesame Sauce
81. Raspberry Vinaigrette
82. Balsamic Vinaigrette
83a. Black Olive Dressing
83b. Rich Tomato Dressing
84. Minted Pear Silk
85. Sweet & Spicy Tomato Pasta Sauce
86. Sesame Vinaigrette Dressing
87. Mangorient Dressing
88. Lemon-Ginger Vinaigrette
89. Smooth Green Caesar Dressing
90. Classic Caesar Dressing
91. Robert’s Favorite Dressing
92. Raw Mayonnaise
93. Cut Me Some Flax Dressing
94. Orange Ginger Vinaigrette
95. Fragrant Tomato Vinaigrette
96. White Wine Dressing
97. Chipotle and Orange Dressing
98. Siam Sesame Dressing
99. Honey Spice Vinaigrette
100a. Mang-nificence Dressing
100b. Cumin-Scented Mang-nificence
101. Dijon & Tarragon Dressing
102. Spiced Apricot Vinaigrette
103. Creamy Garlicky Sauce
Kinda Sorta Sour Crème Reprise
104. Creamy Dressing Base
105. Red Cream Dressing
Hummus Recipes
106. Regular Hummus
107. Sprouted hummus
108. Raw Nut Hummus using Macadamias and or Cashews
109. Sundried Tomato Hummus
110. Raw Zucchini Hummus
111. Roasted Red Pepper Hummus
112. Beet This Hummus
113. Cilantro White Bean Hummus
114. Sunflower Herb Pâté
115. Simply Sunflower Pâté
116. Sundried Tomato Sunflower Pâté
117. Sunflower Macadamia Dip
118. Pesto – With or Without Cheese
119. Olive and Tomato Pesto
120. Pistachio Pesto
Hey Pesto: Ten Delicious Pesto Ideas
121. Rawquefort (Blue Uncheese) Dressing
122. Baba Ghanouj
123. Red Hot Chilli Dip
124. Dollop Sweet Cream (and 7 sweet and savory variations)
Basic Dollop Sweet Cream Recipe
124a. Variation 1 - Coconut Dollop Cream
124b. Variation 2 - Gingered Dollop Cream
124c. Variation 3 - Sweetly Spiced Dollop Cream
124d. Variation 4 - Peppered Spicy Dollop Cream
124e. Variation 5 - Spiced Apricot Dollop Cream
124f. Variation 6 – Vanilla Dollop Cream
124g. Variation 7 – Black Pepper Vanilla
125. Pâtés for Nori or Sushi Rolls or Any Kind of Wrap
126a. Mineral Sprinkles
126b. Mineral Sesame Sprinkles
127. Tomato Chips & Tomato Powder
128. Homemade Semi-Dried Tomatoes
129. Simple Tomato Snack
130. Open Cucumber Sandwiches
Toppings for your salads
131. Superbly Spiced Sprinkles
132. Surprise Me Cheesy Sprinkles
Chia Seeds
The Lists Of Salad Ingredients
Tree fruit
Citrus fruit
Tropical and exotic
Vegetables – Common Varieties Including Fruit That Are Considered As
Fruit Vegetables
Herbs are part of the vegetable family. Here’s a short list
Leafy and other types of vegetables
Bulb, Root and Tuber Vegetables
Nuts and Seeds
Oils and Vinegars and Condiments
Here are the oils that I use
Vinegars and Amino Sauces
Thank you!
Here is my promise to you
A friendly request!


Thank you!
I truly hope you have enjoyed discovering or rediscovering the joy of salads,
dressings, dips. Oh, and salsas, guacamoles, garnishes and creams.

Here is my promise to you
If there’s any stone unturned I will turn it for you. Any typos, I will fix them.
Any ideas to improve, I will implement them! … either in this or in my future or
other recipe books.
It’s important to me to make high quality products. Seems incredible but
because of technology I have the opportunity to instantly fix the e-book and even
the print book within a few days. So this means, if you find something I have
overlooked then I want to hear about it.
So remember, send me feedback, suggestions and things to fix. I promise to
take every word seriously.
Your email will come directly to ME, not some go-between or gatekeeper.
Here’s my email address:
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