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Edited by Rob Michaels

Introduction by Richard R. Howard II, Dr. P.H.

1. Health. 2. Sexual fitness. 3. Penis enlargement. 4. Self improvement. 5. Penis health.

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Author’s Note
In your hands is a gateway to knowledge that will keep your penis healthy for life. This
knowledge doesn’t come from just one man—it comes from an entire community. Hundreds of
thousands of men ranging from doctors to regular guys have exercised their penis in an effort to make
it bigger and harder. These men reside in Internet communities, such as Thunder’s Place and The PE
Gym, to share their stories and experiences. Without these men, particularly ThunderSS and the many
men that make up his place, this book would not be as detailed and precise as it is.
Throughout this book, you will find quotes of these men. Unless otherwise noted, an online alias is used. To the men of the penis enlargement community: Thank you for sharing your stories. Thank
you for your experiences. Most importantly, thank you for your advice.
Rob Michaels

This book contains insights that may be considered by some, unusual, to others a welcome
breakthrough of a subject that many men are keenly interested—improving their penis.
For the individual to achieve wholeness, all aspects of humanity must be presented with a
frank and open dialogue that shed light on ideas for self-improvement. Let’s start with mythological
stories a millennia ago where the concept of physical perfection has its roots. For example, Hercules,
in Roman mythology, was noted for his courage and great strength. He symbolized physical
perfection. This general stream of consciousness over time ranging from the early Roman Olympics to
the present day Olympics gave rise to an evolution of concepts of physical fitness and the attainment
of ideal muscularity and athleticism. Particularly over the last century, related areas gained
prominence such as body building and aerobic sports leading to the major present day “industry” of
physical fitness and health.

Penis Exercises inadvertently asks the question: At what point does the scientific community
assert themselves? The classic scientific community seeks strict controlled experimentation with
statistically significant results for the validation of a concept. I have found that the historical
evolution of a health-related concept often progress along the following time line. Concept
development first starts with empirical observation. For example, the sport of bodybuilding came into
prominence in the late nineteenth century if not earlier. Men (and women) began lifting crude
hand-held weights and soon found that it caused their muscles to grow. As time progressed, there were
many pioneers of this field that started to systematize through their publications weight lifting
methods and bodybuilding.

The use of weights to stimulate muscle growth became empirically undeniable long before
the scientific community subjected it to vigorous experimentation. Yet, now the principle of fitness
proliferates enormously, in which every major hospital, city, and town have multiple sports fitness
facilities. The long overdue scientific approval on the benefits of health and exercise show how the
scientific community can be a lagging participant in inquiry and revelation. It could be said that the
same is true for the growth of the supplement industry, which had its humble beginnings in your local
pharmacy. Today it has evolved into a billion dollar mega industry including major “health food”
chains and supplement outlets. Here too scientific inquiry and “proof” lagged.

Similar to the humble beginning of weightlifting and supplements, the concept of penis health
and enlargement has blossomed in recent time. There has historically been a predisposition to
suppress the full appreciation of human sexuality and its importance as segments of society have been
disinclined to accept human nature. The advent of erectile dysfunction drugs, such as Viagra and
others, have catalyzed sexuality awareness and thawed outdated suppression. The billions of dollars in
erection drug sales make an irrefutable statement and 
mandate that sexuality counts and counts in a big way.

Now that sexuality is expressed openly, the time to formulate hypotheses of penis health,
strength, and enlargement as additional compelling concepts to the “complete” physical fitness
aesthetics paradigm has arrived. The courageous pioneering work in this book seeks to do just that.
He has tirelessly acquired a substantial volume of information on this subject and presented it in a
logical, sequential way. The book’s organization enables you to effectively study and apply point by
point these principles, leading to increased health, 
strength, and size of your most prized organ—the penis.
Richard R. Howard II, Dr. P.H., MS, MPH
(Tulane University Graduate)
Lead Trainer at

Table of Contents
Part I The Truth Revealed
Chapter 1: MYTH: Penis Enlargement is Impossible
Chapter 2: Other Common Penis Myths
Chapter 3: What's Average?
Chapter 4: Does Size Matter?
Part I Review
Part II The ABCs of Penis Exercising
Chapter 5: Where Do You Stand?
Chapter 6: Where Do You Want to Be? Choosing a Goal
Chapter 7: The Building Blocks of Penis Exercising
Chapter 8: The Basic Principles of Penis Exercising
Chapter 9: Principle 1: Obtain Adequate Rest
Chapter 10: Principle 2: Gradually Increase the Intensity
Chapter 11: Principle 3: Your “Body Clues”
Chapter 12: Side Effects are Possible
Chapter 13: Look Bigger, Feel Bigger
Chapter 14: Pornography and Penis Exercising
Part II Review
Part III The Fundamental Penis Exercises
Chapter 15: The Importance of the Kegel
Chapter 16: Kegel Exercises
Chapter 17: Kegel Pitfalls
Chapter 18: The Importance of Warming Up
Chapter 19: Warming Up, It's that Easy
Chapter 20: On the Safe Side
Chapter 21: Jelqing
Chapter 22: Your Erection Level
Chapter 23: Jelqing: Step-by-Step
Chapter 24: Stretching
Chapter 25: Basic Stretching: Step-by-Step
Chapter 26: The JAI Stretch: Quick & Easy
Part III Review
Part IV The First 5 Weeks
Chapter 27: Basic Beginner's Routine
Chapter 28: Alternative Beginning Routines
Chapter 29: Your Unique Goals
Chapter 30: Your Unique Penis
Chapter 31: Putting the Circle of Gains into Practice
Chapter 32: Maximizing Gains
Chapter 33: Overcoming Side Effects & Setbacks
Chapter 34: The End of the First 5 Weeks
Part IV Review
Part V After the First 5 Weeks
Chapter 35: Advancing
Chapter 36: Advanced Exercises
Chapter 37: Increasing Intensity of Your Exercises
Chapter 38: Basic Advancing Routine
Chapter 39: Alternative Advancing Routines
Chapter 40: Plateaus and Breaks
Chapter 41: Cementing Your Goal
Part V Review
Appendix A: 11 Questions Men Ask
Appendix B: The Penis Anatomy
Appendix C: Exercise Guide & Advanced Exercises
Appendix D: Penis Exercising Resources
Appendix E: Penis Exercising Success Stories
Appendix F: Survey: Ejaculating After Penis Exercise
Appendix G: Glossary
Reference Notes

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Praise for Penis Exercises
“Whether you are a beginner that has just found out about natural penis enlargement or an experienced
veteran like myself, you are sure to enjoy and learn something from Penis Exercises . . . My advice:
Get the book. I highly recommend it!"
-A.J. "Big Al" Alfaro, penile coach and author of For Men Only
"I gained over two inches in length and one inch in girth. My girlfriend is amazed and doesn't know
what is going on but loves it. She comes all the time now because I can reach places I couldn't before.
I only wish I knew about penis enlargement years ago. I thought it wasn't possible without surgery. Now I believe.”
-Chris, a 47-year-old reader
"I just read Penis Exercises. My suggestion would be: Get the book. Make it your bible. Follow
religiously. Measure today. Measure in 365 days. Don't even consider penis enlargement surgery. A
moderately large unit is better than failed surgery."
-A surgeon from Germany
“These exercises changed my life. I don't feel insecure while having sex anymore, and I feel like I
have total control of my life. In a little over two months, I gained two centimeters (0.8 inches) in
length and also two centimeters in girth. I am amazed. If I can do it, anyone can!”
-Martin, a 23-year-old reader
"You can tell the editors of took the time to cultivate one for the bookshelf. If you're
serious about penis enlargement, you NEED this book!"
-David Owen, a reader from Florida
"There's so much more to life and to sex than the size of your penis. . . But, the health of the penis can
make or break relationships. This book offers an excellent introduction both to the health and to the
enlargement of the penis. It's also interesting that enlargement of the clitoris (the female version of
the penis) is a known side effect of some medicines, but doctors seem to be in the dark about the fact
that the penis can be enlarged."
-Charles Runels, M.D., Author of Anytime...for as Long as You Want
"For men who hope to have sexual relations with their partners into their 70s, 80s and longer, or for
men who wish they weren’t already relying on a little blue pill to assure their sexual abilities, Penis
Exercises has the information you need to transform and revitalize your sex life. With clear and useful
instructions, this book will literally put the future of your sex life in your own hands. Thou-sands of
men have practiced these exercises to restore and retain – and even improve – their sexual vitality. Now you can, too."
-Carl Anderson, Dr. P.H.
"Having a thorough understanding of the penis exercising basics is a must for anyone looking to walk
the proper path towards a healthier, stronger and yes...bigger penis. I got Penis Exercises about a year
into my journey towards a bigger and healthier penis. Although I was far from a beginner, Penis
Exercises' combination of thorough explanations with their accompanying pictures did a great job at
correcting some flaws in my technique and routine. Ever since then, my PE journey has soared to ever
increasing heights. Thanks,!"
-J.R.N., a reader from New York
“If you are interested in this subject, Penis Exercises will guide you, save you much the time, expense
and frustration that you might otherwise expend researching the various methods. I found myself at an
impasse as to how to advance. Luckily, I happened upon Penis Exercises, which brought clarity to the
subject. Now I am back on path!”
-Thomas Seay, a reader from Palo Alto
"I gained 1.5 inches in length and nearly an inch in girth in roughly a year—putting me at the
statistical average. To me, penis exercising is like working out for your body, only for your penis. I
feel good when I lift weights and run, and I feel good when I exercise my penis. It is just one facet on
my road of self improvement. "
-Gary, a 32-year-old reader from Pennsylvania
"This book is very insightful, clear and concise. It could have been called The Idiot's Guide to a
Bigger and Healthier Penis, because that is essentially what this book is. It took me every bit of two
days to read front to back. I tabbed pages of special importance as well as exercises that are currently
in my routine. GREAT READ and GREAT BUY."
-A reader from Texas
"What I like best about the book is . . . the whole damn book! It is easy-to- read, easy on the eyes and
the tutorial pictures are clear. Instructions are precise and not quirky."
-A reader from New York
"Finally, another step towards bringing penile exercising to the masses in a positive manner. Major
kudos to the editors of!"
-Ben, a reader from Alabama
"To all who have not gotten this book: I highly recommend it! I have now finished reading up to Part
4, and I can’t wait to read the rest after I actually finish my first five weeks. The main points I like
most about the book are: it is very simple-to-read, very detailed in exercises and routines, and it pretty
much has everything that you need in an arms-length to get started."
-A reader from Washington
"Penile exercising has given me a larger, healthier penis. My new penis allows my wife to have harder
and stronger climaxes than she ever had before . . . and my erections stay harder and last longer than ever."
-Chuck, a 65-year-old reader from New York
"This book rocks! It is heads above any penis exercising book I have ever seen. Take the best
information on all the "penis enlargement" web-sites, add great illustrations, photos, graphs and
charts. Organize it into logical chapters and sections, make it super easy-to-understand for beginners
and advanced guys alike, and presto . . . you have this book!”
-Alex Lam, a reader from Nebraska
“Due to diabetes, I was only 36 years old when I started experiencing severe erectile dysfunction.
Exercising my penis changed all of that. Within months, I was able to consistently obtain healthy,
rock-hard erections. I also added over an inch in girth and nearly two inches in length.” 
-Fredrick Poleking, a reader from California
"The myth-busting facts are in: exercising the penis properly will make your penis bigger, harder and
healthier, and the editors of spell it all out with maturity and a dash of appropriate
humor. Whether you are an experienced penis exerciser or just beginning, I believe this book is an absolute must!"
-Jason Anderson, a reader from Illinois
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