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The Transformational Healing Power of Past-Life Memories

Brian L. Weiss and Amy E. Weiss

1. Reincarnation therapy. 2. Regression (Psychology)

Miracles Happen- The Transformational Healing Power of Past-Life Memories
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 2012 by Brian L. Weiss, Amy E. Weiss

About the Author
BRIAN WEISS, M.D., is America’s leading authority in past-life regression
therapy. A graduate of Columbia University and Yale School of Medicine,
Weiss is the author of multiple books including the New York Times bestseller
Many Lives, Many Masters. Visit him online at

AMY E. WEISS graduated summa cum laude, Phi Beta Kappa, from Columbia
University with a B.A. in psychology. She received a Master of Fine Arts in
fiction writing from Washington University in St. Louis, where she won the
Carrie S. Galt prize for fiction, and a Master of Social Work from Barry
University. A certified hypnotherapist and award-winning nature photographer,
she lives in Miami, Florida.

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On a beautiful summer afternoon in New York in July 2010, my wife, Carole,
and I were driving up the tree-lined Taconic Parkway toward the Omega
Institute, a rustic retreat center where we teach an intensive course on past-life
regressions. We love teaching this course. Incredible events happen every day,
again and again. Participants not only remember past lives but have amazing
spiritual or healing experiences, find soul mates, receive messages from departed
loved ones, access profound wisdom and knowledge, or encounter some other
mystical and marvelous event. Carole and I have witnessed such lifetransforming
occurrences over the years in these workshops and trainings, and
we feel blessed to be able to facilitate and observe them. Often we do not know
that a particularly powerful experience has just transpired in the workshop. The
person may need time to process it, and we will only hear of it in a later e-mail or letter.

At that moment on the sun-dappled highway, Carole’s BlackBerry buzzed
with an e-mail describing another one of these wonderful workshop healings, a
message relaying such ancient wisdom yet arriving to us through this most
modern technology. The timing was perfect, for we were about to reenter the
very place where we had observed so many similar happenings. We never knew
exactly which amazing events and changes would transpire—only that they
would. Carole turned to me and observed in her wise, understated way:
“Sometimes miracles happen.”
Indeed, sometimes they do. The miracles may be large ones that affect the
entire group. They may be small and silent. No matter their scope, the
transformation is permanent. Relationships are repaired. Souls are nourished.
Lives acquire newer and deeper meaning. Miracles happen.
A miracle happened for me on the day that a patient named Catherine walked
into my office and introduced me to an entire spiritual universe that I had never
believed to exist. My earlier books contain a very detailed account of her
experiences, and they describe how her life was permanently altered for the
better as a result of them. My own life was affected at least as much. Before
uncovering her amazing past-life memories, I had been a left-brained, obsessivecompulsive
academic. I had graduated magna cum laude, Phi Beta Kappa, with a
degree in chemistry from Columbia University. I earned my medical degree
from the Yale University School of Medicine, where I was the chief resident in
psychiatry. Completely skeptical of “unscientific” fields such as parapsychology
and reincarnation, I was the chairman of a prestigious psychiatry department at
Mount Sinai Medical Center in Miami, and I had authored more than forty
scientific articles and book chapters in the fields of psychopharmacology, brain
chemistry, and Alzheimer’s disease. Catherine turned my skepticism—and my
life—upside down.

Although it has been over thirty years since that day, I still remember the
very first time that she crossed the invisible boundary of her current life and
entered the realm of other lifetimes. She was in a deeply relaxed state, her
eyelids lightly shut but her concentration intense.
“There are big waves knocking down trees,” she whispered in a hoarse voice
as she described an ancient scene. “There’s no place to run. It’s cold; the water is
cold. I have to save my baby, but I cannot . . . just have to hold her tight. I
drown; the water chokes me. I can’t breathe, can’t swallow . . . salty water. My
baby is torn out of my arms.” Her body had tensed; her breathing accelerated.
Suddenly, her body and her breathing relaxed completely.
“I see a cloud . . . my baby is with me. And others from my village. I see my brother.”
My skepticism needed more time to erode, but the process had begun.
Catherine’s severe symptoms began to disappear as she remembered more
scenes from this and other prior lifetimes. I knew that imagination could not
dissolve such chronic symptoms; only actual memories could. Catherine would
go on to remember many historical facts and details from her past lives, which
we were sometimes able to confirm. She was also able to relate private truths
from my own life, truths that she had no obvious way of knowing or discovering.
She would tell me these personal facts while she floated in that beautifully
relaxed state in between physical lifetimes.
Those powerful evidential encounters with Catherine began to open my mind
and to erase my doubts. I found other reputable clinicians conducting regressions
and research, and I became further convinced. Ever since Many Lives, Many
Masters, my first book, was published in 1988, I have treated over four thousand
individual patients using past-life regression therapy and many, many more in
large groups during my experiential workshops. Each case validates and
confirms, teaches and expands. Each case reveals more of life’s mystery. In that
time, I have met with past-life pioneers and luminaries from all over the world.
Where there was once disbelief, there is now carefully collected knowledge and
wisdom. The stories in this book will propel you on the very same path and lead
you from doubt to discovery. Just open your own mind and let this miraculous journey begin.

In the workshops that I conduct, approximately two-thirds of the audience
successfully remembers episodes from previous lives. Their memories and
recollections frequently heal emotional and physical maladies. Symptoms
resolve even though the memory may not be absolutely accurate, for an error in
recall does not negate the truth and importance of the memory. As an example,
in a regression you may recall the trauma, chaos, and even the entire emotional
reaction of your mother when you were three years old and ran into the street,
almost getting hit by a black Buick. When you check with your mother, it turns
out that the car was a navy blue Cadillac. Otherwise, everything else in your
recall was accurate. This slight degree of distortion is acceptable. Memory is not
literal time travel. And if, in describing the memory of the near accident, you
used a word that you did not learn until you were twelve, this is also fine. Your
observing and describing mind is your present-day consciousness, not your
three-year-old brain. You never actually stepped into a time machine. Hypnosis
is the tool I use to help people recall such childhood events—and more. Many of
my patients and the people who have attended my workshops are able to
remember events not only from their childhood but also from when they were in
their mothers’ wombs, from that mystical state when they were in between lives,
and from past lives.

Throughout the years, I have encountered people whose preconceived notions
about past-life regression therapy have compelled them to dismiss the concept
entirely. They argue that the memories are distorted or inaccurate, as I have
addressed above, or that its therapeutic effects can be ascribed to wishful
thinking, or that everyone who has a regression erroneously identifies
themselves as a famous historical figure in a past life. Such critics are vocal but
misinformed. This book contains numerous stories of people who have
undergone or performed their own regressions, and together they present a
catalog of an incredible diversity of experiences that definitively challenges such
assumptions. Its pages contain far more recollections of paupers and peasants
than people of prominence. Imagination or fantasy does not cure deeply
entrenched physical or mental conditions, yet this book is brimming with
examples of how remembering our past lifetimes does—and neither the patient
nor the therapist even needs to believe in this concept for the healing to occur,
just as neither Catherine nor I did at first. The stories in this book, like a
microcosm of the entire field of regression therapy, illustrate a widely varying
range of past lives, yet they also point again and again to the fundamental
commonalities in our soul’s journey and evolution. To open your mind to their
truths—that we are immortal and eternal beings who have lived before and will
live again, that we are all one, and that we are all here on Earth to learn lessons
of love and compassion—is, to borrow from that well-known quote, to take one
important step for a man and one giant leap for mankind.

Whenever my patients and workshop participants successfully remember one
of their past lives, a direct avenue to divine wisdom and to physical or emotional
wellness is established. The awareness that we have had multiple lifetimes,
separated by spiritual interludes on the other side, helps to dissolve the fear of
death and to bring more peace and joy into the present moment. Sometimes, just
the remembrance of past-life traumas leads to incredible insights and healings.
This is the rapid route.
Those who have not had a past-life memory can attain understanding and an
enhanced perspective by witnessing or reading about the experiences of others.
An empathic identification can be a powerful transformative stimulus. This is an
alternative route, where the direction of progress is more important than the
speed. We will all eventually reach a state of enlightened awareness.
Reincarnation, the concept that we have all lived past lives, is the door
through which I entered a greater level of understanding. Catherine opened the
door for me, and I have subsequently held it open for many more.
But there are many doors. People have accessed the higher realms through
near-death experiences, through mystical encounters, or through meditation.
Others have had a sudden insight or “aha” moment. All doors lead to the same
place: a transcendent recognition that our true nature is spiritual, not physical.
There often is a simultaneous awareness that we are all interconnected and that
we are somehow manifestations of one energy.
The author Paolo Coelho writes: “Life is the train, not the station.” On our
soul’s journey home to a state of infinite love and wisdom, a journey filled with
mystery and miracles, we rest, recuperate, and reflect at the stations, in between
lifetimes, until it is time to board again: another train, another body. There is
only one home and eventually we will all return there, sooner or later. It is a
place of bliss. This book will help you find its shores.
The treasure of this book lies in the stories carefully nurtured and harvested
by readers and workshop participants over the past twenty-three years. Shared
here, the experiences underlie and honor everything that I have written about and
taught. In a thousand voices, these stories validate not only the phenomena of
past-life regressions but the entire psychospiritual universe. You will read of
souls and soul mates, of the life that is found after death, of present lives being
utterly transformed by encounters with the past. The stories share how mind and
body can be profoundly and permanently healed. They tell how grief can be
changed to comfort and hope, and how the spiritual world interpenetrates and
enriches our physical world at all times. These stories are filled with wisdom,
love, and deep knowledge. They are humorous and serious, brief and extensive,
but always wise and instructive. Gleaned from all over the world, the shared
experiences will help many thousands of souls toiling through their current lives.
Helping others to heal, to understand, and to progress along their spiritual paths
is the soul’s noblest duty.

Reading the stories and reflections in this book is like experiencing a hundred
vicarious regressions. Powerful resonances to the reader’s own latent past-life
memories stimulate the subconscious and elicit a heightened awareness. The
deeper mind discovers new possibilities of physical and emotional healing. A
comprehension of our higher nature—that we are the soul, not the body or the
brain—leads to profound shifts in our core values and aspirations. And then the
most important transformation of all begins. Our consciousness awakens, opens
its divine but dormant eyes, and discerns its spiritual path. The stories that have
been selected to be in this book do not merely describe these gentle wake-up
calls, they provide them. To read them is to be changed in some ineffable yet indelible way.

At that moment of awakening, when we discover our inherent nature as
eternal beings, doubt disappears. As if an ancient alchemist sprinkled his magic
dust on us, fear is permanently transmuted into inner peace, despair into hope,
sadness into joy, hate into love. At the level of the soul, anything can happen.
Words have their own alchemical power. This book is not a collection of
stories; it is a collection of transformative possibilities. By reading about and
empathizing with the regression experiences of others, we gain a deep
connection to their immense wisdom. A link to an incredibly wise and loving
cosmic process is established and gradually strengthened, story by story. Each
one that has been chosen for this book facilitates those empathic connections and
provides accessible insights into the deeper nature of our souls, our purpose on
the earth, and our healing potential. My commentary, I hope, helps to clarify
these themes even more. As you read of others’ mystical encounters, the
likelihood of having one of your own becomes increased. The stories set the
table, and now the special guest can enter. They shine light on an entire
metaphysical philosophy. The concepts of reincarnation and past-life regression
demonstrate the reality and essence of our higher self and our higher purpose.
The techniques and teachings found in the following chapters can be used by all
to improve your lives, to endure along your spiritual path, to experience more
love and happiness right now, and to understand that there is no need to fear, as
we are all immortal. We are all souls.

My daughter, Amy, is a therapist as well as a writer and an editor. She and I
collected hundreds of submissions from people who had a meaningful memory
to share. We carefully read and reread each one, selecting those that we felt
would highlight an important point, provide a platform for teaching, and, most of
all, illuminate our shared life lessons. Their beauty and their insights were
frequent topics of discussion around the family dinner table. Amy and I worked
as a team to write this book. Sometimes, my words give poetry and purpose to
her thoughts; sometimes, her words give form and finish to my thoughts; but at
all times, both flow into each other seamlessly. It has been such a pleasure and a
blessing to be able to work with her on this project. Yet the most important
collaborator by far consists of you, the authors of its stories. Without you to
truthfully, bravely, and eloquently share your experiences, this book would not
exist. Without you, there would be no words. You are the inspiration for its
creation and the conduit for its healings.

This book is not necessarily designed to be read in one sitting, for its stories
are rich and layered with lessons. Wander leisurely in their wisdom. Linger with
them awhile. Feel their emotions and textures. You might find parallels with
your own life experiences, and these are worth taking the time to explore.
Reread the stories as many times as necessary. Each time that I do, I unfailingly
discover new and deeper levels of meaning. You will also quickly notice that
these stories are not just about past lifetimes. As I have mentioned, reincarnation
is a doorway into an expanded consciousness and incredibly rich vistas of
spiritual knowledge and wisdom. What is on the other side of the door is more
important than the door, even though the door itself is fabulous.
The stories that you are about to read are examples of our inexorable progress
toward spiritual perfection. They point the way; they illuminate the steps. They
are like multifaceted jewels that we have collected but that are meant to be
shared. The facets of one seem to reflect all of the others. Although I have
created chapters, the jewels really mirror one another and so could be located
anywhere and everywhere, like holographic gems.
Years ago, I had dreamed about humans as these jewels, and I described the
image in Many Lives, Many Masters:
It is as if a large diamond were to be found inside each person. Picture a
diamond a foot long. The diamond has a thousand facets, but the facets are
covered with dirt and tar. It is the job of the soul to clean each facet until the
surface is brilliant and can reflect a rainbow of colors.

Now, some have cleaned many facets and gleam brightly. Others have only
managed to clean a few; they do not sparkle so. Yet, underneath the dirt, each
person possesses within his or her breast a brilliant diamond with a thousand
gleaming facets. The diamond is perfect, not one flaw. The only differences
among people are the number of facets cleaned. But each diamond is the same,
and each is perfect.
When all the facets are cleaned and shining forth in a spectrum of lights,
the diamond returns to the pure energy that it was originally. The lights
remain. It is as if the process that goes into making the diamond is reversed,
all that pressure released. The pure energy exists in the rainbow of lights, and
the lights possess consciousness and knowledge.
And all of the diamonds are perfect.
Here are more diamonds.

Table of Contents
Title Page

1 - We Are All Connected
2 - Validating the Memories
3 - How Understanding Can Heal
4 - Freedom from Emotional Pain
5 - Healing Physical Symptoms and Illnesses
6 - Letting Go of Grief
7 - Intuition and Other Psychic Abilities
8 - One of a Kind
9 - Eternal Relationships
10 - Lessons That Animals Teach
11 - Short and Sweet
12 - Spiritual and Mystical Experiences

About the Authors
About the Publisher

Miracles Happen- The Transformational Healing Power of Past-Life Memories
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RC489.R43W446 2012

Exploring Nonlocal Consciousness and Spiritual Healing

Russell Targ and Jane Katra, Ph.D.

Foreword by Larry Dossey, M.D.

1. Extrasensory perception. 2. Parapsychology. 3. Mind and body. 4. Mental healing. 5. Spiritual healing.

Russell Targ, Jane Katra Miracles of Mind
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 1998, 1999 by Russell Targ
 and Jane Katra, Ph.D.

The Illusion of Separation
There are only two ways to live your life:
One is as though nothing is a miracle.
The other is as if everything is.
I believe in the latter.
Albert Einstein

This book is about connecting to the universe and to each other through the use of our psychic abilities. These abilities, known collectively as psi, from the Greek word for soul, reveal numerous kinds of connections mind to mind, mind to body, mind to the world, and what some would call one-mindedness with God. The idea that our "separation is an illusion" is not new it has been a core premise of wisdom teachings for centuries, even before the time of Buddha, 2,500 years ago. Our ancient ancestors knew that the essence of our nature is consciousness. Extrasensory perception, or ESP, is one way of experiencing the mystery inherent in this consciousness that connects us across space and time.
Spiritual healing reveals the powerful effects that our consciousness can have in the presence of peaceful receptivity, trust, and loving intentions.

It is not necessary to hold any particular beliefs about spirituality or anything else in order to be psychic. No special rituals are necessary. And, contrary to what some writers or misguided friends might tell you, using psychic abilities is not something reserved for a select few talented individuals; it does not make a person go crazy, nor does it require having a near-death experience. Our experience and laboratory data clearly demonstrate that psychic abilities are part of our inherent nature. Psychic research from the past fifty years shows conclusively that our universe is both far more grand and more subtle than our science can presently explain.

The authors of this book have devoted most of their professional lives synthesizing the ideas presented here. Russell Targ was a pioneer in the development of the laser, and he is presently a senior staff scientist at the Lockheed Martin Research & Development Laboratory, pursuing the peaceful applications of lasers for remote sensing of the wind. He was also a co-founder of the Stanford Research Institute (SRI International) remote-viewing ESP program.
Dr. Jane Katra has been a practicing spiritual healer for more than twenty years, using her gift of mind-to-mind connection to heal and alleviate pain in others, both nearby and at a distance. She is also a university instructor with a doctorate degree in health education, who has taught nutrition and mind-body health both in private practice as an "immune-system coach," and at the University of Oregon.
"Remote viewing" refers to our psychic ability to experience and describe activities at distant places that are blocked from ordinary perception, and it reveals quite clearly the connection that exists between our minds and the universe. It is this same connection, which we call the "nonlocal mind," that we believe to be the means through which spiritual healing takes place. Because the SRI remote-viewing experiments provided such dramatic proof of the existence of nonlocal mind, we describe them in the first part of this book. Some of these experiments, which have only recently been declassified, took place as part of a series conducted by Targ and others as "ESPionage" for the CIA during the
Cold War. There are many states of nonlocal consciousness available to humankind, just as there are a variety of states of awareness within ordinary space-time. For example, right and left hemispheric tasks such as the activity of a dancer compared to an accountant, involve quite different mental states, though both are available in "local" sensory consciousness. Dr. Katra experiences kinesthetic, or physical, sensations and direct knowing in connection with her practice of spiritual healing. Her work is also characterized by an experience of serenity that can be described as universal love. Entering into a receptive, nonthinking, nonsensual state of awareness, which could be called a state of meditation or prayer, enables a spiritual healer to become a vehicle carrying healing information to her patients.

Jane Katra's work as a healer was largely responsible for the collaboration that resulted in this book. That partnership actually began in the winter of 1992, when co-author Russell Targ was diagnosed with metastatic cancer. Russell was sickly pale, and he had been losing weight. After two weeks of CAT scans and x-rays that revealed numerous ominous spots on Russell's internal organs, the doctors at his friendly HMO wheeled him out on a gurney cart. They gave him instructions to put his affairs in order, and to begin chemotherapy as soon as possible. Instead, he contacted Jane, whom he had met at Parapsychology Association conferences, and asked her if she would work with him in the dual
roles of spiritual healer and immune system coach.

Acting on her intuition, Jane felt compelled to tell Russell that he was not sick, and that he should not empower that concept by saying he was sick, or that he had cancer. "All we actually know is that there were spots on some film," she said. Russell had received the frightening diagnosis just a few days before Christmas, but the chemotherapy team was fortunately unavailable until after the first of the year. In addition to her spiritual healing, Jane worked with Russell exploring the theory of changing the host so the disease could no longer recognize him. During the ensuing weeks, she wrote out a five-page prescription for Russell's healing treatment, based on research literature and her experiences concerning immune system enhancement. She recommended changes affecting the physical body, as well as changes in attitudes, emotional expression, and social and spiritual connections.

In addition, Jane did many healing meditations with Russell, and taught him to focus his thoughts with self-healing imagery and affirmations. She got him to try many new and unfamiliar behaviors: early morning jogging; expressions of gratitude, such as saying grace at mealtime; and even prayer. Healing experiences that involve union with a universal consciousness do not arise out of any particular beliefs, rituals, or actions, except one: quieting one's mind. These practices were foreign to Russell. Jane also recommended that he get reacquainted with his "community of spirit," which is one of the important aspects of what the health trade calls "social support." Local as well as nonlocal caring connections are important for healing, as well as health.

Russell followed these new behaviors, and he has been well ever since. He never returned to the hospital for medical treatment of cancer and never took any chemotherapy. Ensuing blood tests and x-rays showed no indications of illness.
We will never know if he actually had metastatic cancer, or if it was a misdiagnosis, as some people believe. What we do know is that Jane's interaction with Russell saved him from chemotherapy, which could have killed him, even in the absence of cancer. Jane's part in this spiritual healing can be more fully understood by reading Chapters 7 and 8 about
"The Making of a Healer" and "The Healing Experience."
Physician Larry Dossey has delineated three distinctively different "eras" of medicine, which distinguish the ways we have viewed the relationship of mind and body: physical, psychosomatic, and transpersonal. With our recognition of the nonlocal mind our consciousness that is unconfined by either space or time we have now entered Dossey's third era, which recognizes the importance of mind-to-mind connections for healing. We are just beginning to realize the potential effects of mind both within each person and between people, for information gathering (as in remote viewing), and for information sharing in psychic and spiritual healing. Regarding the effects of our thoughts, physicist
David Bohm says, "A change in meaning is a change in being." 1 In other words, thoughts have effects in the physical world.

Because we still do not fully understand the mechanisms underlying spiritual and psychic healing, many people dismiss the possibility of their effectiveness. However, we believe that different states of nonlocal awareness allow us to access levels of information unavailable through our ordinary senses. We will see this demonstrated by the remote viewing and other psychic data reported later in this book. A mystic might call the healing information "universal love."

The practice of quieting one's mental noise and creating coherence with a patient allows a healer's caring intentions and state of consciousness to become an avenue of this spiritual healing. The healing is available from a distance, whenever a patient is receptive to it. A healer's prayerful state makes available a type of "healing template," which appears to activate a patient's own self-healing capabilities. Thus, we believe a spiritual healer interacts with a distant patient by sending or revealing a healing message, rather than healing "rays." It is actually an information transaction, involving a relationship in which need, helping intentions, and quiet minds are the important elements. Spiritual
healing, when done in the presence of a patient, may also involve the transfer of a little-understood "vital life energy"
from a healer. Such "energy healing'' is postulated to occur during other forms of psychic healing, when the healing practitioner is not distant from the patient.

Psychic and spiritual healing are gaining new credibility in contemporary medical circles as well as governmental agencies. The National Institutes of Health have established an office to investigate alternative medicine, and physicians and hospitals are participating in double-blind clinical trials of spiritual healing. In this book we present the encouraging data from recently published experimental trials with both cardiac and AIDS patients. Such healing research has prompted Larry Dossey, physician, author, and executive editor of the new journal Alternative Therapies
in Health and Medicine, to comment that:
After scrutinizing this body of data for almost two decades, I have come to regard it as one of the best kept secrets in medical science. I'm convinced that the distant, nonlocal effects are real and that healing happens. We begin this book with Russell's autobiographical descriptions of a variety of extrasensory phenomena that point to the existence of mind-to-mind and mind-to-matter connections. We then broaden the evidence by examining the scientific basis provided by some astonishing remote-viewing experiments conducted by Russell at Stanford Research Institute. In these carefully controlled experimental tests spanning two decades, many different subjects sat in a windowless office,
closed their eyes, and explored the world outside. These individuals were consistently able to experience and accurately describe distant scenes and events from coast-to-coast and even continent-to-continent, in both present and future time. The SRI experiments demonstrated unequivocal evidence for extrasensory perception and the existence of the nonlocal mind, outside the brain and body. The ability of human awareness to make remarkable connections
apparently transcends the conventional limitations of time and space.

One of the most astonishing examples of remote viewing that we include in this book is a particular experiment in a series that was covertly funded by the CIA over a period of many years. In this case, a talented subject named Pat Price was given only the latitude and longitude coordinates of what turned out to be a secret Soviet atom bomb laboratory in Semipalatinsk, Siberia. With no other information of any kind to guide him, Price immediately described and sketched the plant with incredible precision. Not only did his drawings show previously unknown external structures that later were confirmed by satellite photography, but he also described, in remarkable detail, a complicated assembly process
being conducted indoors, inside a secure building. The existence of this completely secret process was verified by satellite photography several years later, after Price died, when the structure was moved outside.
This particular example of remote viewing occupies only a few pages in the book, but its importance far transcends the amount of space devoted to it. Price's drawings, which were recently declassified and obtained by Russell under the Freedom of Information Act, have never before appeared in book form. (Although initial support for Russell's work came in 1972 from the CIA; by 1995, a multitude of governmental agencies had joined in, including the Defense Intelligence Agency, the Army, Navy, and NASA, all of whom were stunned and impressed by the results.) Price's amazingly accurate drawings and descriptions, as well as the CIA acceptance of remote viewing as a way of penetrating the Iron Curtain, are a powerful testament to the existence of nonlocal mind.
As further evidence of these capabilities, we describe our personal experiences with high-quality psychic functioning, and Jane's involvement in spiritual healing interactions. We deal with psi inside and outside of the laboratory, as well as healing inside and outside of hospitals, during the past two decades. Physical models for psychic functioning are explored, as are the potential impacts of psychic abilities the mind-to-mind and mind-to-world connections on our society.

Psychic abilities and remote viewing are probes into what Carl Jung called our collective unconscious, and what the authors call our community of spirit. The reason we have a passion for our work with psi is that it allows us, as scientists, to keep one foot firmly in the materialistic twenty-fist century, and at least one toe in the "Divine." The data for our ability to share the feelings and experiences of others who are apparently separated from us show clearly that the Biblical idea of spiritual community can have a contemporary scientific meaning. We believe scientists will not come to a full understanding of the nature of consciousness until they recognize that there is no real separation between the observer and the so-called outside world they think they're observing. It's not an exaggeration, in our
opinion, to say that the reliable laboratory demonstration by worldwide parapsychological researchers of our human connectedness is an accomplishment on a par with the most notable scientific achievements of the twentieth century.

The field of psi research has its critics, of course. Despite irrefutable evidence for the existence of psi, it has been repressed and ridiculed in Western society because its mechanism is not yet understood. Magicians have gained fame and fortune assailing the ostensible spoon bending of Uri Geller. Many scientists who claim to understand nearly all of the phenomena of the physical universe apparently perceive psi to be a threat to their omniscience. Historically, much opposition to psi has been based on fear rather than intellect. Many leaders of organized religions have viewed psi
abilities as a kind of freelance spirituality they could not control.

In this book, we choose not to deal with spoon bending, astrology, or unidentified flying objects. The research we present here has appeared in the world's most prestigious scientific journals: Nature, The Proceedings of the Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers (IEEE), The Proceedings of the American Association for the Advancement of Science (AAAS), and the Psychological Bulletin of the American Psychological Association (APA).

The work we describe has been scrutinized and accepted in the halls of Congress, and by the House Committee on Intelligence Oversight, as described in Chapter 2. Our own view of psi functioning has been strongly influenced by the work of the distinguished physicist David Bohm, whose holographic model of the universe could be summarized by saying that any event that occurs is immediately available anywhere as information. That is, each portion of space contains information about all others. 

We hope this book will help to overcome fear of our mind-to-mind connections, and inspire people to appreciate, use, and enjoy their natural abilities. Although we know that psi, like any other human ability, is not perfectly reliable, the experimental data discussed here show convincingly that it is widely distributed in the general population. ESP should
no longer be considered elusive. It is available and can be used.

Our psychic and spiritual capacities enable us to explore an important part of our true nature. Accepting and learning to use our nonlocal minds is important because it gives us direct access to the wider world in which we reside. It shows us that our consciousness knows no boundaries. We can each personally contact this expansive dimension of life, which evokes in us a greater sense of what our purpose here might be, and inspires us to reach for our highest potential as conscious beings.

We each create the reality that shapes our perceptions and experiences of everyday life. Daily, we are given the opportunity to decide if there will be psi in our lives. Our mental software, however, may need an upgrade in order to create this remarkable future. Otherwise, we will not be able to run the new programs and be part of what we envision as a Psychic Internet: the mind-to-mind connections available to all who wish to log on. If the truth be known, we are
all already hooked up. We just have to decide to pay attention.

One of our objectives is to help you to do this, by giving you the essential tools to expand your own potential. We do not promise that you will become more "psychic," but we can teach you to become more aware of the psychic aspects of your own mental processes. We can show you how to achieve a nonlocal connection with others, unlimited by space and time, acquired through trust, acceptance, and regular practice. Spiritual healing is one of the most important of these connections.

In this book, we include strong evidence for distant healing of both humans and animals, as well as theories and studies of noncontact, ostensible "energy healing" techniques such as Therapeutic Touch. We report studies of people affecting living systems from a distance, of remote mental-influence research in the former Soviet Union, and provocative accounts of remote diagnosis. All are further demonstrations of the range of our versatile human capabilities. Discussions of the roles of love, prayer, and surrender in spiritual healing; mental techniques used in studies of distant influence; and the differences between psychic and spiritual healing are also included.

In addition, we address the idea of precognition and the nature of time, and ask, "What does it mean to look into the future?" We explore the question of whether psychic abilities are sacred, or a secular expansion of our sensory awareness. Finally, we describe how a single-pointed focus of attention can be applied to helping others through healing. The basis of this spiritual healing resides in an attitude of openness and attunement to a greater universal mind, working through a person with helping intentions, in an environment of trust and surrender of personal ego.

We describe the many ways the magic of mind transcends our ordinary understanding of the space and time we live in. We hope to share our wonder, gratitude, and our experiences with you, and we invite you to join with us in the adventure of examining the relationship between what a physicist might describe as our "holographic quantum interconnectedness," and what a healer calls "God and our mutual community of spirit." Our goal is to open a door to all the riches of experience available in the world of mind-to-mind connections, and provide the tools to enable you to walk through that door.

His Holiness the Dalai Lama, the Tibetan spiritual and political leader in exile, has written that our strongest tool for achieving peace among nations is education of our shared awareness. He has called upon scientists to assist in educating people of the world concerning our interconnected nature, and the interdependence of life. 4 We hope that this book will further that endeavor. It is partly through learning to quiet our minds that we become peaceful world citizens, and it is also through silencing our thoughts, memories, imagination, and sensations that we become aware of our mind-to-mind connections.

Sir Arthur Eddington (1882 1944) has been described as the most distinguished astrophysicist of his time. His view of the significance of these connections is one with which both the physicist and the healer can agree:
If I were to try to put into words the essential truth revealed by the mystic experience, it would be that our minds are not apart from the world: and the feelings that we have of gladness and melancholy and our other deeper feelings are not of ourselves alone, but are glimpses of reality transcending the narrow limits of our particular consciousness. . .

Table of Contents
by Larry Dossey, M.D. xiii
Acknowledgments xvii
Introduction 1

Chapter One · The Illusion of Separation: 
A Physicist's Description of His Psi Experiences 11
Chapter Two · Our Astonishing Nonlocal Mind: 
CIA Spying at SRI Yields Unequivocal Proof of ESP 27
Chapter Three · What We Have Learned about Remote Viewing: 
How You Can Learn to Do It Yourself 63
Chapter Four · The Masters of the Universe and the Mystery of Psi: 
The Golden Experiments in Psi from This Century 83
Chapter Five · Precognition: Time and Time Again: 
What Does It Mean to Look into the Future 113
Chapter Six · Are Psychic Abilities Sacred?: 
Using Psychic Abilities in the World, Including Spiritual Healing 133
Chapter Seven · The Making of a Healer: Becoming a Healer, 
Cosmic Consciousness, Mystical Experiences 145
Chapter Eight · The Healing Experience:
Mind-to-Mind Connections: Jane's Healing Experiences 171
Chapter Nine · Minding the Body: 
Significant Mind-Body Experiments and Distant Influence 197
Chapter Ten · Ways of Healing: 
Spiritual and Energy Healing, Therapeutic Touch, Diseases 223
Chapter Eleven · Prayer and the Healing Connection: 
Healing Prayer, Love and Surrender, How to Do Spiritual Healing 255
Chapter Twelve · The Physics of Miracles and the Magic of Mind: A Theory of Unity Consciousness and Hope for the Future 273
Chapter Notes 289
Bibliography 307
Index 321

Russell Targ, Jane Katra Miracles of Mind
Cover design by Big Fish
Cover photograph by Photonica
Text layout and design by Aaron Kenedi

First paperback printing, May 1999
ISBN 1-57731-097-7
Printed in Canada on acid-free, recycled paper
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Six Steps to Enlightenment


Cover design: Ted Angel Editing and interior design: Tanya Brockett, The Miracle/Joe Vitale.—1st ed.

The Miracle Six Steps to Enlightenment
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 2016 by Joe Vitale

About the Author
Dr. Joe Vitale—once homeless but now a motivating inspirator known to his
millions of fans as “Mr. Fire!”—is the world renown author of numerous
bestselling books, such as The Attractor Factor, Zero Limits, Life’s Missing
Instruction Manual, The Secret Prayer, Attract Money Now (free at, and The Awakened Millionaire.
He is a star in the blockbuster movie The Secret, as well as a dozen other
films. He has recorded many bestselling audio programs, from The Missing
Secret to The Zero Point. He’s also the world’s first self-help singer-songwriter,
with fifteen albums out and many of his songs nominated for the Posi Award
(considered the GRAMMYs of positive music).
He created Miracles Coaching®, The Awakening Course, The Secret Mirror,
Hypnotic Writing, and many more life transforming products. He lives outside of
Austin, Texas with his wife, Nerissa, and their pets.
His main website is Join the Awakened Millionaire
Movement Follow Dr. Joe Vitale:
Twitter: Facebook:

Author’s Introduction
am so grateful that you have joined me here for The Miracle: Six Steps to
Enlightenment. I believe that this book contains the best that I have to offer to
date. It is the culmination of decades of learning, application, sharing, and
teaching that I have done. It is a very important work that will allow you to not
only determine what it is you want to create, but it will also help you to clear the
path for that creation and the reception of that manifestation. The steps you take
in this book will help you to open up the channels for making real everything
you have been wanting for so long.
You know, since my appearance in The Secret, I have been asked on a
regular basis, “How is it that you are able to make so many things happen? You
manifest cars, you manifest wealth, you manifest books, movies, and music CDs.
How is it that you are able to manifest all of those things when I can’t even get
my monthly rent paid?”
The answer is found on these pages. The answer is found in opening yourself
up and clearing your channels to receive everything that you are looking to gain.
If you have ever asked, “what are those things that I need to do so I can be clear
to receive like you do?” Those answers are the Six Steps to Enlightenment.
Through all of the exercises that I provide, and all the meditations that I guide
you through, you will be able to make The Miracle real in your own life, on a
continuous basis.
So it is my expectation that this book is going to take you places you’ve
never been before. This book is going to help you to do more than you ever have
before. It is going to help you to clear more out of your life—more baggage,
more deadweight, more negativity—than you’ve ever cleared before, so you can
be open to receive, be open to connect with the Divine, and be open to take those
Six Steps to Enlightenment and expect a true awakening in your own life.
Expect miracles.

Table of Contents

Author's Introduction

STEP ONE: The Missing Secret
STEP TWO: The RAS Intention
STEP THREE: Counterintention Clearing
STEP FOUR: Einstein’s Secret
STEP FIVE: Expect Miracles
STEP SIX: The Awakening

Bonus Material: Inner Child Meditation
About the Author
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The Miracle Six Steps to Enlightenment
For more information, please contact, or write: Hypnotic Marketing, Inc.
PO Box 2924
Wimberley, TX 78676

Previously published as The Healing Miracles of Coconut Oil


1. Coconut oil—Health aspects. 2. Coconut oil—Therapeutic use. 3. Fatty acids in human nutrition.
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 1999, 2000, 2002, 2004
 by Bruce Fife

About the Author
Dr. Bruce Fife, C.N., N.D., is an author, speaker, certified nutritionist, and
naturopath. He has written 18 books, including Eat Fat, Look Thin, and Coconut
Lover’s Cookbook. He is the director of the southern Colorado chapter of the
Weston A. Price Foundation, a nonprofit organization dedicated to nutritional
education. He is the publisher and editor of the Healthy Ways Newsletter. He
serves as the president of the Coconut Research Center, an organization whose
purpose is to educate the public about the health and nutritional aspects of coconut.

He was the first to gather together the medical research on the
health benefits of coconut oil and present it in an understandable and readable
format for the general public. Because of this, he is recognized as one of the
leading authorities on the health benefits of coconut oil. For this reason he is
often referred to as the “Coconut Guru,” and many respectfully call him “Dr. Coconut.”

Some years ago when I was in a meeting with a group of nutritionists, one of the
members of the group made the statement “Coconut oil is good for you.” We all
gasped in disbelief. Coconut oil healthy? Preposterous, we thought. Everywhere
we go we’re told how bad coconut oil is because it is a source of “arteryclogging”
saturated fat. How could coconut oil be good?
She knew we would doubt her statement and explained,
“Coconut oil has been unjustly criticized and is really one of the good fats.” She
cited several studies proving to us that it wasn’t the evil villain it was made out
to be and that it actually provided many valuable health benefits. I learned that
for several decades it has been used in hospital IV solutions to feed critically ill
patients and that it is a major component of baby formula because it provides
many of the same nutrients as human breast milk. I learned that coconut oil
could be used to treat a number of common illnesses and is considered by the
Food and Drug Administration (FDA) to be a safe, natural food. (It’s on the
FDA’s exclusive GRAS list, which means it is “generally regarded as safe.”)

After the meeting I was intrigued. I had learned a lot, but it
brought up many questions that troubled me. For instance, if coconut oil was
good, why is it so often portrayed as being unhealthy? If the health benefits are
for real, why haven’t we heard of them before? Why don’t we hear about the use
of coconut oil in hospitals, baby formula, and elsewhere? If it’s good for the sick
and the very young, why wouldn’t it be good for us as well? Why would the
government include it on its list of safe foods if it were dangerous or unhealthy?
Why aren’t the studies on coconut oil better publicized? Why have we been
misled…or have we? Perhaps coconut oil is bad, and hospital patients and
parents of formula-fed babies are being deceived. These and many more
questions filled my mind. I had to find the answers.

I began a search to find out anything and everything I could
about coconut oil. The first thing I discovered was that very little has been
written about coconut oil in magazines and books. Even my nutritional textbooks
were relatively silent on the subject. No one seemed to know much about it.
Almost everything I came across in the “popular” health literature was critical,
stating that coconut oil is bad because it is high in saturated fat. Each author
seemed to parrot the others, giving no further explanation. It was almost like a
royal decree had been sent out to all authors stating that they must say the exact
same thing about coconut oil in order to be politically correct (but not
necessarily accurate). Saying anything different was against the rules, and that
was that. I did find a few—a very few—authors who stood up to this rhetoric
and stated bluntly that coconut oil wasn’t bad, but they didn’t give much detail
either. It seemed that nobody really knew anything about it.

The only place I could find cold, hard facts was in oftenignored
research journals. Here I found a gold mine of information, and the
answers to all my questions. This was the best place for me to search, because
these journals report the actual results of studies and are not simply people’s
opinions, as is most of the material in popular magazines and books. There were
literally hundreds of studies published in dozens of the most respected scientific
and medical journals. What I learned was absolutely amazing. I found out that
coconut oil is one of the most remarkable health foods available. I felt as if I had
rediscovered an ancient health food that the world had almost forgotten about. I
also learned why coconut oil has been maligned and misunderstood (I will get to
that later, and the answer may shock and even anger you).

I started using coconut oil myself and began recommending it
to my clients (I am a certified nutritionist and naturopathic physician). I’ve seen
it get rid of chronic psoriasis, eliminate dandruff, remove precancerous skin
lesions, speed recovery from the flu, stop bladder infections, overcome chronic
fatigue, and relieve hemorrhoids, among other things. In addition to this, the
scientific literature reports its possible use in treating dental caries (cavities),
peptic ulcers, benign prostatic hyperplasia (enlarged prostate), epilepsy, genital
herpes, hepatitis C, and HIV/ AIDS. Yes, as incredible as it sounds, I learned that
coconut oil can be used to fight AIDS—a dreadful disease that has been
considered incurable! Many AIDS patients have already benefited. Another
remarkable benefit of coconut oil is its ability to prevent heart disease. Yes, I
said prevent heart disease. While for years we’ve been led to believe that
coconut oil promotes this condition, recent research proves otherwise. In fact, in
the near future it may gain wide acceptance as a powerful aid in the fight against
heart and other cardiovascular diseases.

I’ve continued to research coconut and other oils. I’ve been so
impressed with the potential health benefits available from coconut oil that I felt
an obligation to share what I’ve learned with the rest of the world. That’s why
I’ve written this book. Before I go any further, let me state right here that I do
not sell coconut oil or have any financial interest in the coconut industry. My
purpose in writing this book is to dispel myths and misconceptions and reveal to
you some of the many healing miracles of coconut oil. What you will learn in
this book may sound incredible, at times maybe even too incredible, but I didn’t
make this stuff up. Every statement I make in this book is verified by published
scientific studies, historical records, and personal experience. If you want to
check them out, references and additional resources are listed in the back of this book.

Whenever I talk about coconut oil, the first thing people think
is “Isn’t that bad for you?” This may have been your reaction when you first saw
this book. Stop and think about it for a minute. All you need to do is use a little
common sense, and you will see how ridiculous it is to think of coconut oil as
being harmful. Coconuts (and coconut oil) have been used as a major source of
food for thousands of years by millions of people in Asia, the Pacific Islands,
Africa, and Central America. Traditionally these people have had much better
health than those in North America and Europe who don’t eat coconut. Before
the introduction of modern foods, many of these people depended almost
entirely on coconut to sustain life. They didn’t suffer from heart disease, cancer,
arthritis, diabetes, and other modern degenerative diseases, at least not until they
abandoned their traditional coconut-based diet and began eating modern foods. It
should be, or soon will become, obvious to you that coconut oil isn’t the evil
villain it has been generally considered to be.

Table of Contents



About the Author

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