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Warren Buffett's 26 Secrets to Success in the Business of Life

Andy and Amy Heyward

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Secret Millionaires Club-  Warren Buffett's 26 Secrets to Success in the Business of Life
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 2013 by A Squared Entertainment, Inc

About A Squared Entertainment
A Squared Entertainment is an entertainment company dedicated to producing
“content with a purpose” for kids. In today’s digital age, entertainment for kids is
no longer a passive activity. Kids interact with media and A2 creates purposeful
content that is as entertaining as it is enriching and engaging. In partnership with
one of the greatest, and wisest, “value investors” of all time, A2 created Secret
Millionaires Club to help kids better understand the world around them. The
goal was not to teach kids to read a balance sheet, but rather explain how
business functions, with situations they can relate to. And, impart some valuable
life lessons along the way that will serve them a lifetime.
We are eternally grateful to Mr. Buffett, who was instrumental in creating the
original “curriculum” that served as the foundation for the TV series and this
book, a collection of valuable and easy-to-understand life lessons to help guide
kids to develop healthy habits from a young age. Lessons like: “The best
investment is an investment you make in yourself.”
“The more you learn, the more you’ll earn.”
“It takes a lifetime to build your reputation, and five minutes to ruin it.”
“Find something you like to do, and you’ll never work a day in your life.”
“Risk comes from not knowing what you’re doing.”
It’s never too early to develop good habits that will last a lifetime, and we hope
that Secret Millionaires Club will help kids discover that they already have the
power to live the life that they dream of.

The Secret’s Out ...!
Hi kids! My name is WARREN BUFFETT, a local investor around these parts.
I want to tell you about a very a special club where four 14-year-olds and a
robot help other kids—and adults—answer questions and solve problems about
money and business, as well as offering some really good advice that will serve
you for a lifetime!

The club is extra special, not only because we help solve money problems for
people all over the world, but also because it’s a secret.
And that’s why we call it Secret Millionaires Club!
Besides me, the club members are: RADLEY HEMMING, an African-
American computer whiz; STARTY, a very cool robot that Radley built; ELENA
RAMIREZ, a warmhearted teenager who dreams of working for the United
Nations; JONES a freewheeling sports-guy who goes everywhere on his
skateboard; and LISA, a Chinese exchange student who wants to be a fashion designer.

The kids might all have different dreams, but everyone in Secret Millionaires
Club has one thing in common: an interest in learning about business and how it
can teach valuable lessons that they can use as they embark on life’s amazing journey.
Our meetings are held in a cool underground, high-tech conference room
where we maintain our website, connect to the world, and stream the latest social
networks on a giant video screen.

Speaking of video screen, we also have “D.E.B.”, which stands for DEMAND
EDUCATIONAL BASE—an online anthropomorphic encyclopedia that gives us
access to all the knowledge that is out there by way of our laptops, digital
tablets, smartphones, and other devices.
You might be wondering, how did Secret Millionaires Club form and what was
the very first secret the kids learned?
Well, I’m glad you asked. . .

Table of Contents
The Secret’s Out ...!
Secret #1: Don’t Be Afraid to Make Mistakes
Secret #2: Don’t Borrow Money
Secret #3: Love What You Do
Secret #4: Make Time for Both Work and Play
Secret #5: Listen to What Others Can Teach You
Secret #6: Always Think of New Ideas
Secret #7: Always Have a Plan
Secret #8: If You Fail, Try Again
Secret #9: Protect Your Reputation
Secret #10: The Customer Comes First
Secret #11: Open Minds Let In Better Ideas!
Secret #12: Always Promote Yourself
Secret #13: Location Is Very Important
Secret #14: Don’t Be Fooled
Secret #15: Don’t Judge Others
Secret #16: Be Willing to Change Your Ideas
Secret #17: Your Image Is Important
Secret #18: Be Thoughtful of Others
Secret #19: Pay Attention to Details
Secret #20: How to Present Yourself
Secret #21: Your Decisions Affect Your Future
Secret #22: Save for the Future
Secret #23: Be Someone in Demand
Secret #24: Confidence Comes with Understanding
Secret #25: A Lifetime of Learning
Secret #26: Partners Make it Easier
About A Squared Entertainment

Secret Millionaires Club-  Warren Buffett's 26 Secrets to Success in the Business of Life
Cover art: © 2013 A Squared Entertainment LLC
Cover design: Paul McCarthy

Published by John Wiley & Sons, Inc., Hoboken, New Jersey.
Published simultaneously in Canada.

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Mastering the Inner Game of Wealth

T. Harv Eker

Think Rich to Get Rich!

Secrets of the Millionaire Mind- Mastering the Inner Game of Wealth
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 2005 by Harv Eker

About the Author
Using the principles he teaches, T. HARV EKER Went from
zero to millionaire in only two and a half years. Eker is
president of Peak Potentials Training, one of the fastest
growing success training companies in North America. With
his unique brand of “street smarts with heart,” Eker’s
humorous, “cut-to the-chase” style keeps his audience
spellbound. People come from all over the world to attend his
sold-out seminars, where crowds often exceed 2,000 people
for a weekend program. So far, Eker’s teachings have touched
the lives of more than a quarter million people. Now, for the
first time, he shares his proven secrets of success in this
revolutionary book. Read it and grow rich!

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“Who the Heck Is
T.Harv Eker, and Why Should
I Read This Book?”
People are shocked, at the beginning of my seminars, when
one of the first things I tell them is “Don’t believe a word I
say.” Why would I suggest that? Because I can only speak
from my own experience. None of the concepts and insights I
share are inherently true or false, right or wrong. They simply
reflect my own results, and the amazing results I’ve seen in the
lives of thousands and thousands of my students. Having said
that, however, I believe that if you use the principles you learn
in this book, you will totally transform your life. Don’t just
read this book. Study it as if your life depended on it. Then try
the principles out for yourself. Whatever works, keep doing.
Whatever doesn’t, you’re welcome to throw away.
I know I may be biased, but when it comes to money, this
may be the most important book you have ever read. I understand
that’s a bold statement, but the fact is, this book
provides the missing link between your desire for success
2 - Secrets of the Millionaire Mind
and your achievement of success. As you’ve probably found
out by now, those are two different worlds.
No doubt you’ve read other books, listened to tapes or
CDs, gone to courses, and learned about numerous get-rich
systems be they in real estate, stocks, or business. But what
happened? For most people, not much! They get a short blast
of energy, and then it’s back to the status quo.
Finally, there’s an answer. It’s simple, it’s law, and you’re
not going to circumvent it. It all comes down to this: if your
subconscious “financial blueprint” is not “set” for success,
nothing you learn, nothing you know, and nothing you do will
make much of a difference.
In the pages of this book, we will demystify for you why
some people are destined to be rich and others are destined for
a life of struggle. You will understand the root causes of
success, mediocrity, or financial failure and begin changing
your financial future for the better. You will understand how
childhood influences shape our financial blueprint and how
these influences can lead to self-defeating thoughts and habits.
You will experience powerful declarations that will help you
replace your nonsupportive ways of thinking with mental
“wealth files” so that you think—and succeed—just as rich
people do. You will also learn practical, step-by-step strategies
for increasing your income and building wealth.
In Part I of this book, we will explain how each of us is
conditioned to think and act when it comes to money, and
outline four key strategies for revising our mental money
blueprint. In Part II, we examine the differences between how
rich, middle-class, and poor people think, and provide
seventeen attitudes and actions to take that will lead to permanent
changes in your financial life. Throughout the book
“Who the Heck Is T. Harv Eker, and Why Should I Read This Book?” - 3
we also share just a few examples of the thousands of letters
and e-mails I’ve received from students who have attended the
Millionaire Mind Intensive Seminar and achieved powerful
results in their lives.
So what is my experience? Where am I coming from? Was I
always successful? I wish!
Like many of you, I supposedly had a lot of “potential” but
had little to show for it. I read all the books, listened to all the
tapes, and went to all the seminars. I really, really, really
wanted to be successful. I don’t know whether it was for the
money, the freedom, the sense of achievement, or just to
prove I was good enough in my parents’ eyes, but I was almost
obsessed with becoming a “success.” During my twenties, I
started several different businesses, each with the dream of
making my fortune, but my results went from dismal to worse.
I worked my butt off but kept coming up short. I had
“Loch Ness monster disease”: I had heard of this thing called
profit, I just never saw any of it. I kept thinking, “If I just get
into the right business, get on the right horse, I’ll make it.” But
I was wrong. Nothing was least for me. And it was
the last part of that sentence that finally struck me. How come
others were succeeding in the exact same business I was in and
I was still broke? What happened to “Mr. Potential”?
So I began doing some serious soul-searching. I examined
my true beliefs and saw that even though I said I really wanted
to be rich, I had some deep-rooted worries about it. Mostly I
was afraid. Afraid that I might fail, or worse, succeed and then
somehow lose it all. Then I’d really be a schmuck. Worse, I
would blow the one thing I had going for
4 - Secrets of the Millionaire Mind
me: my “story” that I had all this “potential.” What if I found
out I didn’t have what it took and I was destined to a life of struggle?
Then, as luck would have it, I got some advice from an
extremely rich friend of my father’s. He was at my parents’
house playing cards with the “boys” and, in passing, noticed
me. This was the third time I’d moved back home, and I was
living in the “lower-level suite,” otherwise known as the
basement. I suppose my dad had complained to him of my
woeful existence because when he saw me, he had the sympathy
in his eyes usually reserved for the bereaved at a funeral.
He said, “Harv, I started in the same way as you, a complete
disaster.” Great, I thought, this was making me feel a lot
better. I should let him know that I was the
paint peel off the wall.
He kept going: “But then I got some advice that changed
my life, and I’d like to pass it on to you.” Oh, no, here comes
the father-son lecture, and he’s not even my father! Finally he
came out with it: “Harv, if you’re not doing as well as you’d
like, all that means is there’s something you don’t know.”
Being a brash young man at the time, I thought I knew pretty
well everything, but alas, my bank account said something
different. So I finally began to listen. He continued, “Did you
know that most rich people think in very similar ways?”
I said, “No, I never really considered that.” To which he
replied, “It’s not an exact science, but for the most part, rich
people think a certain way and poor people think a completely
different way, and those ways of thinking determine their
actions and therefore determine their results.” He went on, “If
you thought the way rich people do and did what
“Who the Heck Is T. Harv Eker, and Why Should I Read This Book?” - 5
rich people do, do you believe you could become rich too?” I
remember answering with all the confidence of a mush ball, “I
think so.” “Then,” he replied, “all you have to do is copy how
rich people think.”
Being the skeptic I was at the time, I said, “So what are you
thinking right now?” To which he replied, “I’m thinking that
rich people keep their commitments and mine is to your dad
right now. The guys are waiting for me, see ya.” Although he
walked out, what he said sank in.
Nothing else was working in my life, so I figured what the
heck and threw myself wholeheartedly into studying rich
people and how they think. I learned everything I could about
the inner workings of the mind, but concentrated primarily on
the psychology of money and success. I discovered that it was
true: rich people really do think differently from poor and even
middle-class people. Eventually, I became aware of how my
own thoughts were holding me back from wealth. More
important, I learned several powerful techniques and strategies
to actually recondition my mind so that I would think in the
same ways rich people do.
Finally, I said, “Enough yakking about it, let’s put it to the
test.” I decided to attempt yet another business. Because I was
really into health and exercise, I opened one of the first retail
fitness stores in North America. I didn’t have any money, so I
had to borrow $2,000 on my Visa card to get the business
started. I began using what I’d learned by modeling rich
people, both in terms of their business strategies and their
thinking strategies. The first thing I did was commit to my
success and playing to win. I swore I would focus and not
even consider leaving this business until I was a millionaire or
more. this was radically different from my previous efforts,
where, because I always thought short-term, I would
6 - Secrets of the Millionaire Mind
constantly get sidetracked by either good opportunities or
when things got tough.
I also began challenging my mental approach whenever I
began thinking in financially negative or counterproductive
ways. In the past, I believed that what my mind said was truth.
I learned that in many ways, my mind was my biggest obstacle
to success. I chose not to entertain thoughts that did not
empower me toward my vision of wealth. I used every one of
the principles you are going to learn in this book. Did it work?
Boy, did it work!
The business was so successful that I opened ten stores in
only two and a half years. I then sold half the company shares
to a Fortune 500 company for $1.6 million.
After that, I moved to sunny San Diego. I took a couple of
years off to refine my strategies and began doing one-on-one
business consulting. I presume it was quite effective for people
because they kept bringing friends, partners, and associates to
our sessions. Soon I was coaching ten and sometimes twenty
people at a time.
One of my clients suggested that I might as well open up a
school. I thought that was a great idea, so I did. I founded the
Street Smart Business School and taught thousands of people
all across North America “street-smart” business strategies for
“high-speed” success.
As I traveled across the continent giving my seminars, I
noticed something strange: You could have two people sitting
side by side in exactly the same room, learning exactly the
same principles and strategies. One person would take these
tools and skyrocket to success. But what do you think might
happen to the person sitting right next to him or her? The
answer is, not much!
That’s when it became obvious that you can have the
“Who the Heck Is T. Harv Eker, and Why Should I Read This Book?” - 7
greatest “tools” in the world, but if you’ve got a tiny leak in
your “toolbox” (I’m pointing to my head right now), you’ve
got a problem. So I designed a program called the Millionaire
Mind Intensive based on the inner game of money and
success. When I combined the inner game (the toolbox) with
the outer game (the tools), virtually everybody’s results went
through the roof! So that’s what you’re going to learn in this
book: how to master the inner game of money to win the
game of money—how to think rich to get rich!
People often ask me whether my success was a “one-shot
deal” or whether it has continued. Let me put it this way:
Using the exact principles I teach, I have now earned millions
and millions of dollars and am a multimultimillionaire several
times over. Virtually all my investments and business ventures
seem to skyrocket! Some people tell me I have the “Midas
touch,” where everything I get involved in turns to gold.
They’re right, but what they may not realize is that having a
Midas touch is simply another way of saying, having a
“financial blueprint” set for success, which is exactly what you
will have once you learn these principles and do this work.
Early on during our Millionaire Mind Intensive Seminar, I
generally ask the audience, “How many of you came here to
learn?” It’s a bit of a trick question because as author Josh
Billings said, “It’s not what we don’t know that prevents us
from succeeding; it’s what we know that just ain’t so that is our
greatest obstacle.” This book is not as much about learning as
it is about “unlearning”! It is essential you recognize how your
old ways of thinking and acting have gotten you exactly where
you are right now.
If you’re really rich and really happy, fine. But if you’re not,
I invite you to consider some possibilities that may not
8 - Secrets of the Millionaire Mind
fit into your “box” of what you currently think is right or even
appropriate for you.
Even though I suggest that you “don’t believe a word I say”
and want you to test these concepts out in your own life, I’m
going to ask you to trust the ideas you are reading. Not
because you know me personally, but because thousands and
thousands of people have already changed their lives as a result
of the principles in this book.
Speaking of trust, it reminds me of one of my favorite stories.
It’s about a man who is walking along a cliff and all of a
sudden loses his balance, slips, and falls off. Fortunately, he
has the presence of mind to grab on to the ledge, and he’s
hanging there for dear life. He hangs and hangs and finally
yells out, “Is there anybody up there who can help me?”
There’s no answer. He keeps calling and calling, “Is there
anybody up there who can help me?” Finally this big bellowing
voice calls back, “This is God. I can help you. Just let go and
trust.” Next thing you hear: “Is there anybody else up there
who can help me?”
The lesson is simple. If you want to move to a higher level
of life, you have to be willing to let go of some of your old
ways of thinking and being and adopt new ones. The results
will eventually speak for themselves.

Table of Contents
“Who the Heck Is T. Harv Eker, and
Why Should I Read This Book?”

Your Money Blueprint

The Wealth Files
Seventeen Ways Rich People Think and
Act Differently from Poor and Middle-Class People

“So What the Heck Do I Do Now?”

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