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How to:

Get and maintain top 10 rankings on Google, Yahoo, Bing and other major search engines.

Get more visitors, more customers and more sales.

Outperform your competitors.

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 2012 Axandra GmbH   

Welcome to iBusinessPromoter (IBP)
iBusinessPromoter (IBP) is a proven website promotion tool that will help you to get
high search engine rankings, more customers and more sales.
IBP offers everything you need to get top 10 search engine rankings on major
search engine such as Google and Bing/Yahoo. We regularly update IBP to
make sure that it is fully compatible with Google's latest ranking algorithm.
This manual helps you to work as efficiently as possible with IBP. If you want to get
the best results as quickly as possible, we recommend that you read this manual
before you start with IBP.
Otherwise, you might waste your time with things that are not necessary for your
website or you might do the right things in the wrong order.

Our no-worries ranking guarantee
If you use IBP as explained in this manual, you'll benefit from our No Worries
Ranking Guarantee:
We guarantee that your website will be listed in the top 10 results in the search
engine of your choice for a keyword of your choice within a maximum of 90
days after you get a 100% rating from IBP's Top 10 Optimizer.
If your website is not listed in the top 10 results although IBP's Top 10 Optimizer
gave your page at least a 95% score for all ranking factors, you'll get your money back.
· You decide that you want to have a top 10 ranking on for the keyword "
inexpensive mp3 player".
· Use IBP's Top 10 Optimizer to optimize a web page on your website for that
keyword and for
· As soon as you have changed your web pages and links according to the suggestions
of IBP's Top 10 Optimizer (i. e. IBP's Top 10 Optimizer gives the page a 95% rating
(or more) and does not have any additional suggestions) it will take a maximum of
90 days until your website is listed in the top 10 results on Google for "inexpensive
mp3 player". If your website cannot be found in the top 10 results then, you'll get your money back.
This guarantee is valid for one full year after your purchase.
Simple rules: IBP's Top 10 Optimizer gives your web page a rating of 95% or higher
(using all ranking factors and the current top 10 URLs). You must use the latest IBP
version and you must wait at least 90 days to get a top 10 ranking because it takes
some time until search engines show the changes.

SAFE TIME: your step-by-step SEO plan
You will save a lot of time and money if you do the right things in the right order. To
get the best results, do the following things in the following orders:
1. Understand the concept of search engine optimization (SEO)
Read chapter "The basics " to get an idea of how search engine optimization can
help you to increase your sales.
It is important that you understand the basic concepts of search engine
optimization before you start. For example, a single spam element on your website
can destroy all of your other activities. This is important to know.
2. Choose your keywords carefully
Take some time to find the right keywords . This is very important. Many
webmasters think that they don't need to to this because they know for which
keywords they want to be ranked.
The most obvious keywords usually aren't the best keywords for search engine
optimization. It is not important that your website is listed for a popular keyword
that many people search for. It is important that your website has high rankings
for keywords that attract targeted visitors who will buy something on your website.
If you don't take the time to find the best keywords, you'll waste a lot of time and
money when optimizing your web pages.
3. Optimize your web pages
Optimize your web pages for your keywords . Some webmasters believe that it is
enough to submit a website to search engines to get high rankings. Nothing could
be further from the truth.
If you want to get high rankings on Google and other search engines, you must
optimize your web pages for your keywords. It is absolutely pointless to submit
unoptimized web pages.
4. Submit your website
Submit your website to search engines and Internet directories . Submit your
website to search engines, Internet directories and other submission sites after
optimizing your web pages.
5. Get good backlinks
All major search engines heavily rely on links. If more than one web page has been
optimized for a search term, the web page with the best backlinks will get the
highest ranking.
You can only get high rankings on Google if your website has both optimized web
pages and good backlinks. For that reason, it is very important to get good
backlinks to your website.
6. Check your results
When you have done all of the above, you can use IBP's ranking checker to find out
how search engines rank your website. Note that it is not important that your
website has high rankings for all possible keywords. Your website must have high
rankings for the right keywords that lead to sales.
It is not important to get high rankings for a popular keyword if no visitor who
finds your website through that keyword will buy something on your site. Search
engine optimization is about getting more sales. For that reason, it is important
that you focus on targeted skeywords that convert to sales.
If you optimize your website by following the order above, you will get the best
possible results for your website.

Table of Contents
Welcome to iBusinessPromoter (IBP) 6
Our no-worries ranking guarantee 7
SAFE TIME: your step-by-step SEO plan 8
The basics 10
Why do high se.a..r..c.h... .e.n...g.i..n..e.. .r.a..n..k..i.n..g..s.. .i.n..c..r.e..a..s..e.. .y.o..u...r. .s..a.l..e.s..?
Why do you ha.v..e.. .t.o.. .o..p..t.i.m....i.z..e. .y..o..u..r.. .w..e..b.. .p..a..g..e..s..?
How do search. .e..n..g..i.n..e..s.. r..a..n..k.. .w...e..b.. .p..a..g..e.s..?
SAFE TIME: a .s..i.n..g..l.e.. .s..p..a..m... .e..l.e.m....e..n..t. .c..a..n.. .d..e..s.t..r.o..y...e..v..e.r..y..t.h..i.n...g
Black-hat and w...h..i.t..e.-..h..a..t. .S..E...O
Find the best keywords 18
Why keywords. .a..r.e.. .t.h..e.. .m...o..s..t. .i.m....p..o..r.t..a..n..t. .p..a..r..t. .o..f. .S..E..O
Choose the rig.h..t. .k..e..y..w...o..r.d.. .t..y.p...e. .t..o.. g..e..t. .m....o..r.e.. .c..o..n..v..e..r.s..i.o..n..s
Keywords for browsing 
Keywords for comparin.g
Keywords for buying
The best keywords for s.e..a..r..c.h... e..n..g..i.n...e. .o..p...t.i.m...i.z..a..t.i.o..n
Keyword resea.r..c.h... w...i.t..h.. .I.B...P..'.s. .k..e..y..w...o..r.d.. .t..o..o..l.s
Quick overwiew
How to find keywords w..i.t..h.. .I.B...P..'.s. .k..e..y..w...o..r.d.. .t..o..o..l
How to get keywords fr.o..m... .y..o..u..r.. .c.o..m....p..e..t.i.t.o..r..s
How to create long tail .k..e..y.w...o..r..d.. .c..o..m...b..i.n..a..t.i..o..n..s
Powerful keyword tools. .(..m...i.s..s.p...e.l.l..i.n..g..s.,. .c..o..m...b..i..n..a..t.i.o..n..s.. .a..n..d.. .m...u..c..h.. .m....o..r.e..)
What are ad groups and.. .w...h..a..t. .i.s.. .t.h..e.. .a..d.. .g..r.o..u...p.. .f.o..c..u..s. .s..c..o..r.e..?
How to create keywords.. .f.o..r. .G...o..o..g..l.e.. .A..d...W...o..r..d..s
SAFE TIME: w..h..a..t. .c..a..n.. .h..a..p..p..e..n.. .i.f. .y..o..u.. .d..o..n...'t.. .d..o.. .t.h..i.s
Keyword check..l.i.s..t
Optimize your web pages 45
Quick overview
How to optimi.z.e.. .y..o..u..r.. w...e..b.. .p..a..g..e..s. .w...i.t..h.. .I.B...P..'.s. .T..o..p... .1.0.. .O...p..t..i.m...i.z..e..r
How IBP's Top 10 Optim...i..z.e..r.. w...o..r..k..s
Edit your web .p..a..g..e..s. .w...i.t.h.. .I..B..P...'s.. .S..t.a..t.i..c. .W....e..b.. .P..a..g..e.. E...d..i.t.o..r.
How to get hig.h.. .r..a..n..k..i.n..g..s.. f..o..r. .l.o..c..a..l. .k..e..y..w..o..r..d..s.
SAFE TIME: fa..c..t.o..r..s. .t..h..a..t. .c..a..n.. .s.a..b..o..t..a..g.e.. .y..o..u..r.
Do errors in your HTML... c..o..d..e.. .k..e..e..p.. .s.e..a..r..c.h.. .e..n..g..i.n...e. .s..p..i.d..e..r..s. .a..w...a..y..?
Check the status code th...a.t.. .y..o..u..r. .s..e..r.v..e..r. .s..e..n..d..s.. .t.o.. .s.e..a..r..c.h... e..n...g.i..n..e..s.
13 things that you can d..o.. w...h..e..n.. .y..o..u..r.. .w...e.b..s..i.t..e. .i.s.. .n..o..t. .l.i.s..t.e..d
SAFE TIME: w.h..a..t. .c..a..n.. .h..a..p..p..e..n.. .i.f.. .y.o..u... .d..o..n..'.t. .d..o.. .t.h...i.s. .c..o..r.r..e..c.t..l.y..?
Optimization C..h..e..c..k..l.i.s.t
Submit your website 73
Why you shoul.d.. .s..u..b..m....i.t. .y..o..u..r. .w...e..b..s..i.t.e
Quick overwiew
IBP's auto-sub.m...i.t..t.e..r
IBP's semi-aut.o..m...a..t.i..c. .s..u..b..m...i.t..t.e..r
Semi-automatically sub.m....i.t. .t.o.. .s..e..a..r.c..h.. .e..n..g..i.n..e..s
Semi-automatically sub.m...i..t. .t.o.. .s..u..b..m...i.s..s..i.o..n.. .s.i..t.e..s
How to create content
SAFE TIME: w..h..a..t. .c..a..n.. .h..a..p..p..e..n.. .i.f.. y..o..u.. .d...o..n..'.t. .d..o.. .t.h..i.s
Submission ch.e..c..k..l.i.s.t
Link building 86
The link buildi.n..g.. .b..a..s..i.c.s
How links influence the.. .s.u...c.c..e..s.s.. .o..f. .y..o..u..r.. .w..e..b..s..i.t.e
How backlinks influence the success of you..r. .w...e..b..s..i.t.e
How outbound links influence your search .e..n..g..i.n..e
High quality links and l.o..w... .q..u..a..l.i.t.y.. .l.i.n...k..s
High quality inbound links
Low quality inbound links
The effect of co-citation. .o..n... y..o..u..r.. .r.a..n...k..i.n..g..s
One-way links, reciproc..a..l. l..i.n..k..s.. a..n...d.. .t.h..r..e.e..-..w..a..y..-..l.i.n..k..s.
Build links wi.t.h.. .I..B..P..'.s.. .s.e..m....i.-.a..u..t.o..m....a..t.i.c.. .s.u..b..m....i.t.t.e..r
Build links wi.t..h.. .I.B...P..'.s. .l.i.n...k.. .m...a..n..a..g..e..r
Quick overwiew 
How to find websites t.h..a..t.. .c.o..u..l..d.. .l.i.n..k.. .t.o.. .y..o..u..r.. .s.i.t..e
Websites with link suggestion forms
Websites that link to your competitors
Websites that contain particular keywords
Find blogs that could link to you 
Websites that already link to your site
How to import links from other sources
How to select the right.. l.i..n..k.. .p..a..r.t..n..e..r.s
How to contact potent.i.a..l. .l.i.n..k.. .p..a..r..t.n..e..r..s
How to contact link partners with link sug.g..e..s.t.i..o..n.. .f.o..r.m....s
How to contact link partners that don't off.e..r. .a.. .f.o..r..m
How to edit your email accounts 
How to edit the email message templates
Why mass mailing doesn't work
SAFE TIME: how to improve your respons.e.. .r..a..t.e
SAFE TIME: what can happen if you don't. .d..o.. .t..h..i.s. .c..o..r..r.e..c..t.l.y..?
How to quickly create .s..e.a..r..c.h... .e.n...g..i.n..e.. .f.r.i.e..n..d...l.y. .l.i..n..k.. .p..a..g..e.
How to create link pages in your website d.e.s..i.g..n
How to upload your link pages to your serv..e..r
How to upload your updated link pages wi.t.h.. .a.. .s..i.n..g..l.e.. .k..e..y.s..t.r..o..k..e
Tip: how to create link pages that don't loo..k.. .l.i.k..e.. l.i..n..k.. .p..a..g..e.s
Tip: how to make your link pages more att.r..a..c.t..i.v.e
What can happen if you don't do this corre..c..t.l.y..?
How to manage your li.n..k.. .p..a..r..t.n..e..r..s. .w...i.t.h... .I.B..P...'.s. .l.i.n..k.. .m....a..n..a..g..e.r
How to work with the website list
How to categorize your link partners
How to edit the website information of a li.n..k.. .p..a..r.t..n..e..r
How to check if other websites still link to .y..o..u..r.. .s.i.t..e
Tips and trick.s
How to get an overview... .o..v..e..r. .t.h...e. .l.i.n...k..s. .t.o... y..o..u..r.. .s..i.t.e.. .(.l.i.n..k.. .t..e.x..t..s.,. .I..P.. .a..d..d..r..e.s..s..,. .e.t..c..)
What can you do with this list?
How to import backlinks that are not show..n.. .b..y.. .s..e.a..r..c..h.. .e.n...g..i.n..e..s
How to include a direc.t..o..r.y.. .o..f. .t..h..e.. d...i.r.e..c..t.o..r..y. .s..u..b..m....i.t.t.e..r.. i..n.. .y..o..u..r. .l.i.n...k.. .p..a..g.e..s
How to export your lin..k.. .p..a..g.e..s.. .a..s. .X...M...L... .f.i.l.e..s
Should you consider G..o..o..g..l.e.. .P..a..g..e..R...a..n..k..?
Link building. .c..h..e..c.k..l.i.s..t
SAFE TIME: .w...h..a..t. .c..a..n.. .h..a..p..p..e..n.. .i.f.. .y.o..u... d...o..n..'.t. .d..o.. .t.h..i..s. .c..o..r.r..e..c.t..l.y..?
Result checking 203
Quick overvie..w
How to check. .y..o..u..r.. .r.a..n..k..i..n..g..s. .w...i.t.h... I..B..P...'s.. .r..a.n...k..i.n..g.. .c.h...e.c..k..e..r
How to create.. a.. .r..a..n..k..i.n..g.. .r..e.p...o..r.t
What does "n.o.. .l.i.s.t..i.n..g.. .o..r. .n..o..t.. .t.e..s.t..e..d.. .t.o..d..a..y.. .y..e.t..". .m...e..a..n..?
How to edit th..e.. .r..a.n...k..i.n..g.. .r.e..p..o..r..t. .d..a..t.a
Tips and trick..s
Spy on your competitors 225
Additional IBP tools 227
IBP's Keywor.d.. .D...e..n..s..i.t.y.. .A..n...a..l.y..z.e..r
How to calcu.l.a.t..e.. .t.h..e.. .R..O...I.. .(.r.e..t..u..r.n...-.o..n..-..i.n..v..e..s.t.m....e..n..t.).. o..f.. .a.n... .a..d
Check the lin.k..s. .o..n.. .y..o..u..r.. .w...e.b..s..i.t.e
Working with projects 239
The Current P...r.o..j.e..c..t. .p..a..n..e..l
The Edit Proj.e.c..t. .w...i.n..d...o..w
How to custo.m...i.z..e.. .t.h..e.. .r.e..p..o..r..t.s
How to sched.u..l..e. .t..a.s..k..s
Tips for web agencies and SEO services 251
Manage your. c..l.i.e..n..t..s. .w...i.t.h.. .I..B..P
Create custom... .r.e..p..o..r..t.s.. f..o..r. .y..o..u..r.. .c.l.i..e.n...t.s
Remove all re..f.e..r.e..n..c..e..s. .t.o... I..B..P... .f.r.o..m.... .t.h..e.. .r.e..p..o..r..t.s
How to convert visitors into buyers 255
Accelerate yo.u..r.. w...e..b.. .p..a..g..e..s
Create trust 
Use the right. .w..o..r..d..s.. .t.o.. .i.n..c..r.e..a..s..e.. y..o..u..r.. .s..a.l.e..s
Optimize you.r.. .o..r.d..e..r.. .p..a..g.e..s
Tips and tricks 264
Google's sand..b..o..x.. .e.f..f.e..c.t
How to create.. .a.. .b..a..c.k..u..p
Contact information 268
System requirements 269
Version history 270
IBP version 12
Previous vers.i.o..n..s
End user license agreement (EULA) 333
Index 338

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The basics
Before you start to optimize your web pages, you should know some things about
website promotion and search engine optimization.
In this chapter, you'll learn how search engine optimization will help you to get more
customers and more sales. You'll also learn which things you should avoid.

The Definitive Guide to Creating Strategic, Targeted and Measurable Online Campaigns

Ian Dodson

Internet marketing. | Strategic planning. | 

BISAC: BUSINESS & ECONOMICS / Marketing / General.

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 File Type
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 9781119265702 (hardback)
 9781119265719 (ebk)
 9781119265726 (ebk)
 Digital Marketing Institute Ltd 

About the Author
Ian Dodson is Co-founder and Director of the Digital Marketing Institute. The Institute has defined a
set of qualifications for the digital marketing industry that are now the most widely taught global
certifications, available in over 70 countries worldwide.
Ian chairs the Digital Standards Authority, which consists of representatives from major digital
companies and agencies, who contribute to and validate the DMI framework of qualifications. These
qualifications act as an educational and professional pathway for students, educators, and employers.
Passionate about student-centric outcomes and an advocate of education and digital literacy, Ian
believes digital technologies are enabling tools for raising economic and social standards globally.

About The Digital Marketing Institute
The Digital Marketing Institute is the global standard in digital marketing education certification. To
date over 10,000 people in five continents have graduated with a DMI qualification—making it the
most widely taught digital marketing qualification in the world. We have trained more graduates to a
single digital marketing standard than any other certification body. 
The Digital Marketing Institute
works with global digital experts and leaders to define the skills and qualifications required by
today's digital marketing professionals, 
certifying graduates at diploma, postgraduate, and masters levels.

Eighty percent of our postgraduate students now work in digital. That might have something to do
with the fact that our courses are taught by leading, expert practitioners currently working in the
digital marketing field. Your learning will be shaped by their practical experiences and case studies,
so you'll benefit from real industry advice and tips about best practices.
Gain Up-to-Date Industry Knowledge
Our specialist product team works closely with leading industry subject matter experts to craft,
review, and update your course material on a continual basis. Their job is to ensure you gain the upto-
date knowledge needed to thrive in a rapidly growing and ever-changing industry. That's why they
work hard to keep your syllabus content fresh, structured, and brand new.
Benefit from Flexible Study Options
Your course content is available anytime, from anywhere in the world. Whether you are studying at
home or on a tablet on your way to work, you can enjoy 24-hour access to prerecorded lectures,
notes, practical exercises, webinars, and a supportive class network. Never fear missing a class again.
Enjoy an Industry-Validated Syllabus
It's our mission to ensure that you learn the most up-to-date, valuable, and sought-after industry skills.
That's why we bring together the world's leading digital brands and agencies to review and approve
your syllabus content. We work with companies such as Facebook, Twitter, and Google to define a
syllabus that will enhance or kick start your digital career.
Earn an Internationally Recognized Accreditation
Upon completion you'll receive an academically accredited and globally recognized qualification.
Course content is set against the examination, meaning every student, wherever you are, is certified to
the same standard.

Table of Contents
Title Page
Chapter 1: An Introduction to Digital Marketing
What Makes This Book Different?
Start with the Customer and Work Backward
What Are the 3i Principles?
Chapter 2: Search Engine Optimization
An Introduction
Search Engine Result Pages: Positioning
Search Behavior
Stage 1: Goals
Stage 2: On-Page Optimization
Stage 3: Off-Page Optimization
Stage 4: Analyze
So, What Have You Learned in This Chapter?
Chapter 3: Pay Per Click
An Introduction
Stage 1: Goals
Stage 2: Setup
Stage 3: Manage
Stage 4: Analyze
So, What Have You Learned in This Chapter?
Chapter 4: Digital Display Advertising
An Introduction
Display Advertising: An Industry Overview
Stage 1: Define
Stage 2: Format
Stage 3: Configure
Stage 4: Analyze
So, What Have You Learned in This Chapter?
Chapter 5: Email Marketing
An Introduction
Stage 1: Data—Email Marketing Process
Stage 2: Design and Content
Stage 3: Delivery
Stage 4: Discovery
So, What Have You Learned in This Chapter?
Chapter 6: Social Media Marketing (Part 1)
An Introduction
Stage 1: Goals
Stage 2: Channels
So, What Have You Learned in This Chapter?
Chapter 7: Social Media Marketing (Part 2)
An Introduction
Stage 3: Implementation
Stage 4: Analyze
Laws and Guidelines
So, What Have You Learned in This Chapter?
Chapter 8: Mobile Marketing
An Introduction
Stage 1: Opportunity
Stage 2: Optimize
Stage 3: Advertise
Stage 4: Analyze
So, What Have You Learned in This Chapter?
Chapter 9: Analytics
An Introduction
Stage 1: Goals
Stage 2: Setup
Stage 3: Monitor
Stage 4: Analyze
So, What Have You Learned in This Chapter?
Chapter 10: Strategy and Planning
An Introduction
Stage 1: Approach
Stage 2: Audience
Stage 3: Activities
Stage 4: Analysis
So, What Have You Learned in This Chapter?
Additional Resources
About the Digital Marketing Institute
About the Author
End User License Agreement

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At the first-ever lecture given by the DMI in Dublin, Ireland in January 2009, a single phrase was
displayed in large text. It was an attempt to explain the transformation that digital has wrought in our
lives. That phrase was “Start with the customer and work backwards.”
This has been the fundamental change that has directly impacted both people and businesses during
the digital revolution. And the implication of this change is just as important now as it was at when
this revolution began. This change has resulted in the need for a new breed of professionals—people
who recognize the power of the individual and who understand and appreciate how digital works and
how to work with it to implement marketing strategies centered on the customer.
The objective of this book has been to enlighten you about the core concepts of digital marketing, to
provide inspiration, and to provoke you to take those concepts and alchemize them into practical
application. You should feel empowered by the practical skills gained through the exercises, action
plans, and additional resources; and you should feel ready to apply these skills to produce
measureable results.
In recent years we have seen a steady decline in consumers' trust in companies, which has been driven
by a lack of contact, an inability to “talk to someone,” and an emphasis on process over people. There
is a gap in the market—and you are now equipped to fill it. You have the knowledge and skills to
bridge the gap between customer and company. Customers desperately want to be listened to, and we
can do it efficiently, comprehensively, and precisely through the digital channels you have
encountered in the last 10 chapters. As a digital marketing virtuoso, you can talk to your customers
via their cell phones, excite their imagination with digital display masterpieces, delve into their
psyches through SEO research, and intrigue them with email marketing that speaks to their own
particular interests.
The road to a customer's heart has never been so smooth. But as we know, hearts change. This
fluctuation is integral to human nature and we must embrace this fact and use it to our advantage—by
analyzing the market and constantly adapting to the dynamic nature of the customer. Change is at the
core of digital marketing, and undoubtedly one of the most challenging things about digital
marketing is the rate at which tools and platforms adapt. However, with every change comes even
more possibility, and while digital can be one of the most challenging industries to work in, it is also
one of the most exciting. We must embrace this reality and seize every opportunity to be industry
leaders, innovators—and active and informed consumers ourselves.
Of course the new world of digital marketing and the empowered consumer can be intimidating. But
like many things in life, it's all about perspective. Every day we witness consumers on social media
eviscerate a company for shoddy products—but if we use this communication to our advantage by
being responsive through social media or even by predicting consumer attitudes through market
reality insights, we can be the answer to the detached corporations that consumers know and hate.
People constantly ask, “What will the next big thing in digital be?” There are so many possibilities—
it could be an app, a technology, a platform, or a service. But the one thing we know for sure is that it
will be characterized by an increase in consumer clout. Because that's what's important to us. We have
it now. And we are not going to give it up.

Kerry Smith & Dan Hanover

Featuring Case Studies from Event Marketer Magazine

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 by Kerry Smith and Dan Hanover 

About the Authors
In 2002, Kerry Smith and Dan Hanover launched what would become
the largest portfolio of experiential marketing content in the world—a
global network that includes Event Marketer magazine, the Experiential
Marketing Summit, The Ex Awards and the Event Marketing Institute.
They are considered the world’s foremost experts on experiential
marketing—where it came from, how it’s grown, why companies are
using it, and what the future of the marketing mix looks like. They
have trained hundreds of marketing teams across six continents at such
companies as Procter & Gamble, Oracle, Mercedes, Cisco, Intel, Adidas,
BMW, Pepsi, IBM, General Electric, AT&T, Kraft, Microsoft, McDonald’s,
Dell, Anheuser‐Busch, 3M, Best Buy, Toyota, R.J. Reynolds, and many others.

Kerry Smith is a graduate of the S.I. Newhouse School of Public Communications
at Syracuse University. Mr. Smith learned about the evolution
of marketing from the inside out, first as an advertising agency
executive in New York City and then as a media entrepreneur who
launched a dozen marketing magazines and conferences over three
decades. His company, Red 7 Media, was named one of fastest‐growing
privately held publishing companies in the United States by Inc. magazine
in 2007 and 2008.
Dan Hanover is a graduate of the Harrington School of Communication
and Media at the University of Rhode Island. Mr. Hanover has
led award‐winning content teams at some of the most respected media
companies in the world. He is a recognized global authority on the
advertising industry, promotion category, retail sector, licensing arena,
entertainment category, and the experiential marketing industry. He is
the founding editor‐in‐chief of Event Marketer magazine.
Contact them at

What you just read would not have been possible without the brands
that inspired us, the friends who never stopped asking when we’d write
a book, and the thousands of marketers who supported and encouraged
us over the last 15 years.
Many thanks to our literary agent Matt Davis and his team at Wiley
for their insight, enthusiasm, and acceptance of our dialing into conference
calls from such random places as The Canyons in Park City, the
Earl’s Court stop on London’s green line, Club Macanudo in New York
City, and the Chili’s by gate 34 at Tampa International Airport. Also to
Don Pazour and our colleagues at Access Intelligence for their assistance
and continued friendship (and employment), and to author Nick Tasler,
whose advice during a late‐night dash to the Lagos airport in Nigeria
literally put this book in motion.

Special gratitude goes to the past and present editors of Event Marketer
magazine—especially Jessica Heasley, Rachel Kirkpatrick,
Sandra O’Loughlin, and Kait Shea—for lending their voices and reporting
skills to the case studies included throughout the book.
And finally, while we often refer to the experiential marketing industry
as our family, a heartfelt thank you goes to our actual families who
stick with us, put up with us, and love us despite the travel, the deadlines,
and those continued trips to the Olympics, the Academy Awards,
and the Super Bowl that really aren’t as much fun as the photos make
them look—well, maybe they are. XOXOXOX.

Table of Contents

Before We Begin ix
Chapter 1 The Rise of the Experience 1
The Experience R/Evolution 3
Recalibrating the Marketing Mix 7
The New Branding Frontier 14
Reference 15
Chapter 2 The Psychology of Engagement 17
The Science Behind Relationships 19
Learning Drives Understanding 24
References 24
Chapter 3 Developing an Experiential Strategy 25
Connection 26
Control 34
Content 42
Currency 49
Conversion 55
Strategy First 62
Chapter 4 Anatomy of an Experiential Marketing
Campaign 63
Remarkable 63
Shareable 67
Memorable 73
Measurable 75
Relatable 77
Personal 81
Targetable 83
Connectable 85
Flexible 88
Engageable 91
Believable 95
Reference 98
Chapter 5 Digital Plus Live 99
Creating a Wired Experience 100
Connecting Online and Off 115
Chapter 6 Experience Design 117
Creating Living Stories 118
Building an Experience 120
Bringing Brands to Life 131
Chapter 7 Proving Performance and Measurement 133
Metrics That Matter 137
Building Your Performance Plan 141
The Power of Touch 144
Brands Making Headway 147
The Next Phase 149
Practice Measurement Discipline 150
References 153
Chapter 8 The 10 Habits of Highly Experiential
Brands 155
The DNA of Experiences 156
Embracing Experiential 171
Chapter 9 The Vocabulary of Experiences 173
New Marketing Features, Functions, and Terms 174
Chapter 10 Converting to an Experience Brand 187
Step 1. Identify Your Fronts 187
Step 2. Find and Align Partners 188
Step 3. Select the Right Agency 189
Step 4. Fix Your RFP Process 190
Step 5. Beef Up Your Internal Teams 193
Step 6. Create Value 193
Step 7. Improve Lower-Funnel Results 194
Reference 195
Acknowledgments 197
About the Authors 199
Index 201

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Before We Begin
Your latest marketing campaign cost more than the last, yet reached half as many people.
Your celebrity endorsement deal has yet to generate any measurable returns.
Your online marketing campaign yielded no significant web traffic
increase, and your brand’s social media engagements declined.
You’re being out‐marketed by competitors who are spending a fraction
of your budget, yet are capturing a larger share of the market.

What are you going to do?
Before you tell us, we’re going to ask that you forget everything you
know about marketing for a moment. Why you do it, how you were
taught to use it, and what it accomplishes.

And then ask yourself one question: Are you open to a new approach—
a way to break through the noise and connect with your target audience
wherever they are, engage them in a way that generates tangible relationships,
and convert them into customers?
If you are, then this book is for you.

- Build your brand and reach more customers with the power of pictures -


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 2014 by Jason G. Miles 

The world is migrating to smart mobile devices. Are you ready?
These powerful new handheld tools include iPhones, iPads,
Kindles, and similar Internet-enabled products. The worldwide
adoption of these web-enabled tools is revolutionizing the online experience,
including social media marketing.

Chances are, most people you know have a smartphone and several
“i” products, too. How people access your website is shifting radically.
In the fourth quarter of 2011, we saw a simple illustration of this
fact that might surprise you. On September 9, 2012,
reported that Apple’s revenue from iPhone sales alone exceeded all of
Microsoft’s product lines combined. iPhone revenue for the 12 months
prior was $74.3 billion, whereas Microsoft revenue was $73 billion. The
iPhone business, if it were a stand-alone company, would be a Fortune
500 powerhouse. It would appear that the once dominant computer
giant Microsoft and all that it represents is being dwarfed by smartphones,
not to mention tablets such as the iPad and Kindle Fire.

How does Instagram fit into this picture? This book is about leveraging
the first social media site “born mobile” to create your first mobile
marketing campaign. Instagram is your gateway drug to becoming a
hard-core mobile marketer.

In the fall of 2012, Instagram surpassed 100 million users and
shocked marketers into realizing that this massive migration to mobile
is real—and is happening more quickly than we might have expected.
You might be wondering, Why exactly should I learn how to use Instagram
to market my business? It’s a good question and one that you shouldn’t ignore.
You need to decide if migrating to mobile is right for you. We are
all in some form of social media overload, aren’t we? So adding another
social media site, even if it is low maintenance, can seem like a burden.
At my company, Liberty Jane Clothing, we decided it was important
for us to be on Instagram after learning a set of surprising facts. This
book chronicles our journey as well as the journey of other early adopters
who are seeing solid success as a result of their Instagram work.
Wondering what those facts were? Ready for a pop quiz? Let’s see how
well you do answering these questions:
1. How many cell phones exist worldwide?
2. How many of those are smartphones (i.e., capable of Internet browsing)?
3. How fast did the percentage of smartphones grow in 2012?
4. What percentage of U.S. adults owned a tablet or e-reader in 2009,
and what did that number grow to in 2012?
5. By 2013, what is the expected number of tablet users?
6. Does Internet traffic from mobile devices exceed that of desktop
web surfers in any large country?
7. What percentage of overall Internet traffic comes from smartphones?
8. Which is faster, the 4G LTE mobile network or high-speed DSL for your home?
9. On Black Friday 2012, what percentage of shopping occurred on
mobile devices, and what was that number two years prior?
Let’s see how you did answering the quiz and walk through the answers
to these questions together. You might be surprised at the results.
■ Question: How many cell phones exist worldwide?
Answer: According to analyst Mary Meeker, at the end of 2012
there were 5 billion cell phones in use globally. She published
the findings in her annual Global Trends Report. The planet
has 7 billion people, but many of them are children. So while
it is certainly true that not everyone on the planet has a cell
phone, most certainly do. For marketers, this fact is not only
shocking but also instructive.

I first realized how prevalent and powerful mobile phones were in
2008 when I went to the tiny mountain kingdom of Lesotho in southern
Africa. I saw very poor women in extremely rural areas walking in a
single-file line up to the top of a small hilltop. When I asked what they
were doing, I was told they were walking up to the high ground to get a
good cell signal to make a call. I was fascinated. There was no landline
phone service in these areas and no electric utility providers. We were
in the middle of nowhere, and yet cell phone technology had changed
these ladies’ lives.

I decided I had to learn more, so I met with several women who were
HIV/AIDS caregivers in their community. I asked them through a translator
if they used a cell phone, and they all said yes. I asked them if they
had their phones on them, and again they all said yes. Then they reached
into their blouses and pulled their cell phones out. Their practice was to
carry their cell phones in their bras and pull them out as needed. They
had a community system of using car batteries to charge their phones.
It was a system that worked for them and enabled easy communication.
That was more than five years ago now. I can only imagine how things
have changed and how they will change in the next few years.
■ Question: How many of those are smartphones?
Answer: In her report, Mary Meeker went on to state that 1
billion of the phones on the planet are smartphones.
■ Question: How fast did the percentage of smartphones grow in 2012?
Answer: Mary Meeker noted that smartphone adoption grew
in 2012 at a rate of 42 percent and that the trend is predicted
to continue. Imagine how our HIV/AIDS community caregivers
are going to respond when they have smartphones.
Will they be able to afford the data plan? If they could, I can
only imagine Siri on an iPhone trying to answer complicated
questions related to their work.
■ Question: What percentage of U.S. adults owned a tablet or
e-reader in 2009, and what did that number grow to in 2012?
Answer: It’s not just smartphones that are changing the
world. Tablets are a whole new option as well. In 2012,
roughly 29 percent of U.S. adults own a tablet or e-reader,
up from 2 percent less than three years previous (Meeker).
By 2013, the number of U.S. tablet users is expected to reach
99 million, according to That is roughly 33
percent of the population. So what is the conclusion? Bob
Parsons, CEO of, says “It’s a fact that the personal
computer as we know it today is going to go the way of the eight-track tape.”
■ Question: What percentage of overall Internet traffic comes from smartphones?
Answer: In India, mobile Internet traffic surpassed desktop
traffic in May 2012 (Meeker). That trend is occurring in other
countries as well and will continue to become the new normal.
It is not an exaggeration to say that the “current normal”
web surfing experience will soon be a mobile experience.
■ Question: Which is faster, the 4G LTE mobile network or
high-speed DSL for your home?
Answer: According to, in head-to-head
comparisons of which Internet services were the fastest,
the Verizon 4G LTE network performed better than highspeed
DSL. It was not as good as the top-tier cable services,
but price is a significant factor, so the conclusion was that
“there is no question that cable is the faster, if you can afford
the upper tiers . . . For the best deal, we ended up preferring
Verizon LTE for a steady 12–15 Mbps connection speed and smooth video.”
■ Question: What percentage of overall Internet traffic comes from smartphones?
Answer: Although there are conflicting estimates, the
amount of Internet traffic that is mobile based is remarkable
and growing quickly. In May 2012, Chitika, an online advertising
network, reported that roughly 20 percent of U.S. and
Canadian Internet traffic now comes from mobile devices.
Mary Meeker reported similar findings and said that in
December 2009, Internet traffic coming from mobile devices
was reportedly just 1 percent, but that three years later,
that number had grown to 13 percent. So the experts are saying
between 13 and 20 percent of all Internet traffic is mobile traffic.
I didn’t believe those numbers were accurate. They
seemed way too high. So I looked into our company’s website
statistics and found out some startling facts. Our primary
e-commerce site has roughly 500,000 page views
a month with close to 100,000 visitors. It’s not big by corporate
standards, but it’s a large enough data set to get
some good insight into what is happening. I’ll save those
findings for a more complete discussion on this topic in Chapter 18.
■ Question: On Black Friday 2012, what percentage of shopping
occurred on mobile devices, and what was that number two years prior?
Answer: If there is one national sales holiday in the United
States that should give us good insight into this trend toward
mobile devices, it’s Black Friday. Traditionally, the day after
Thanksgiving is a massive selling event. On Black Friday of
2010, 6 percent of online shopping occurred on a mobile device.
On Black Friday of 2012, that number skyrocketed to 24
percent. Within a few years, mobile shopping could be the
primary way in which consumers participate in Black Friday online sales.

Table of Contents
Acknowledgments xiii
Introduction xv
Chapter 1. The Mobile Native 3
The App Revolution 5
Your Tribe Is Sharing Photos 6
What Can You Do with Instagram? 7
Up Close with Liberty Jane Clothing 9
The Instagram Advantage 11
Chapter 2. Get Clicking on Instagram 13
Signing Up for an Instagram Account 13
A Marketer’s View of the Terms of Service 15
Basic App Navigation 16
Added Functionality 26
Chapter 3 Hashtags: Organizing a Chaotic World 27
A Brief History of Hashtags 28
Creating Hashtags 28
Research Trends in Your Niche 29
Find Prospects Using Hashtags 31
Join in the Sharing 31
Cautionary Tales 31
Hashtags Dos and Don’ts 35
Chapter 4 An Instagram Marketing Plan 39
Should I Use Instagram? The 5-10-20 Test 40
How Does Instagram Compare with the Top Social Sites? 41
A Basic Marketing Plan for Instagram 46
Chapter 5 The Social Network Hiding Inside Instagram 51
The Power of an Invitation 52
But Why Should I Help Instagram Grow? 53
Perfect People to Follow 54
Liking Images 57
Leaving Comments 58
Social Goals to Consider 59
Antisocial on Instagram 60
Chapter 6 Catalysts for Growth 61
Catalyst #1 (Positive). A New Service for Existing Customers 63
Catalyst #2 (Positive). Social Action 65
Catalyst #3 (Positive). High-Quality Images 66
Catalyst #4 (Negative). Bad Profile Presentation 68
Catalyst #5 (Negative). Poorly Chosen Images 69
Chapter 7 A Copywriter Walks into the App Store 71
Writing Opportunities on Instagram 72
How to Get Words on Your Pictures 74
Common Myths 76
What Would Joe Sugarman Do? 77
The Copywriter’s Goal 78
The Copywriter’s View of the Basic Tools 79
The Copywriter’s Environment 80
Taking Copywriting to the Next Level 80
Chapter 8 Instant Buying Decisions on Instagram 83
12 Common Buying Triggers Found on Instagram 84
Five Levels of Connection to a Message 87
Why You’re Not Buying It 89
Weaving It All Together 91
Chapter 9 Instagram for Nonprofits and Service Providers 93
Unique Benefits of Being Mobile 94
Capturing the Nonprofit Mission Visually 94
Four Steps to Marketing a Service on Instagram 99
Up Close with Laura Lawson Art 100
The World Needs Your Service 104
Chapter 10 Branding on Instagram 105
Invisible Brand Elements 105
Visible Brand Elements 108
The First-Impression Test 108
Leveraging Instagram to Strengthen Your Brand 109
Visual Brand Strategies in Instagram 110
Indirect Brand Strategies in Instagram 111
Up Close with Dakota Mechanic Studios 111
A New Positioning Goal 114
Chapter 11 Display Ads on Instagram 117
It’s Cool If It’s Cool 119
Display Ad Techniques 119
Prompting Action 123
One Ad, Many Distribution Channels 125
Up Close with Alphabet Bags 126
Chapter 12 Using the Power of Free 129
Free Versus Discounting 130
Strategies for Using Free Items 131
The James Bond Approach 137
Using Instagram to Promote Free Products 138
Up Close with La Petite Magazine 138
Chapter 13 Multistep Campaigns 141
The Origin of the AIDA Model 141
Fred Macey’s Breakthrough in Advertising 142
The AIDA Model Goes Serial 142
The AIDA Model Goes Postal 143
The AIDA Model Goes Virtual 143
Jeff Walker’s Breakthrough Adaptation 144
The AIDA Model on Instagram 144
Up Close with the Little Janes Product Launch 147
An Integrated Visual Product Launch 150
Chapter 14 Integrating Instagram with Your Website 155
The Two-Way Street 155
Getting People from Your Website to Their Phone 156
Two Paths, Two Experiences 157
Ready for a Mobile User Experience? 158
Your Website’s Primary Purpose 158
Your Website’s Primary Method 159
Your Website’s Primary Metric 159
Lessons from Liberty Jane Patterns 159
Think Funnel 161
Traffic Conversion and Analysis 162
Integrating Instagram into Your Site 163
New Methods 165
Chapter 15 Instagram as Part of Your Social Strategy 167
Go Big or Don’t Go 169
Why Instagram Might Be Ideal for You 169
Instagram and Facebook 171
Instagram and Pinterest 172
Instagram and Twitter 174
Migrating Followers 175
A Social Snowball 176
Chapter 16 Local Marketing with Instagram 179
The Migration to Local Marketing 179
The Two Tools Available for Local Marketers 180
Six Ways to Engage Locally with Instagram 180
Restaurants and Instagram 184
Up Close with United Generation Youth Ministry 184
Chapter 17 Complementary Apps and Websites 191
Desktop Viewers 192
iPad Tools 193
From Images to Physical Products 194
Sales Management Platforms 196
Photo Management Utilities 196
Geotag Mapping Utilities 197
Hashtag and Follower Management Utilities 197
Integration Management Utilities 198
Photo Editing Apps 198
Personal Productivity 199
Chapter 18 Analyzing Your Instagram Work 201
A Goal-Oriented Approach 202
Analytics Tools 202
Answering the Basic Questions 208
Reaching Data-Driven Goals 210
Conclusion 215
Index 221

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The Shift in Social Behavior
This is all interesting, and possibly even shocking, but you might be
asking, How does this relate to a book about marketing on Instagram? The
answer is simple. As mentioned at the beginning of this Introduction,
Instagram is the first social media site born mobile. While most social
networks have a mobile app that allows users to access their accounts
effectively, Instagram was conceived and created exclusively for that
purpose. Learn Instagram marketing, and you’ll be well on your way to
learning the whole new world of mobile marketing.
In the upcoming chapters, you’ll learn:
■ How to get up and running on Instagram
■ How to create a marketing plan
■ How to leverage the social networking attributes of Instagram
■ How to use the site effectively for advertising
■ How to launch products
■ How to measure and track all your work
Instagram provides an opportunity for you to bring your company
into the new mobile revolution without complexity or drama. So keep
reading and let’s see how quickly we can get your Instagram marketing
efforts up and running.
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