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The Citation on All Spirits, The Spirit in the Burning
Bush, "Helmet of Moses and Aaron/'
Healing by Amulets


of Moses and Aaron, and the Old Wise Hebrews, taken from
the Moiaic Books of the Cabala and the Talmud,
for the Good of Mankind


Author of "The Great Book of Magical Art, Hindu Magic and East Indian
Occultism," i( The Famous Book of Death and Hindu Spiritism,'* tl The Mystic
Test Book of The Hindu Occult Chambers, Magic Mirror, Hindu and Egyptian
Crystal Gazing." Author and Publisher of the Jive famous "Text Books"
for "The Congress of Ancient, Divine, Mental and Christian Masters" etc., etc.

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 1910 de LAURENCE, SCOTT & CO 

The first edition of this volume has been commended and criticised by
the public. It was admitted to be a valuable compendium of the curiosi*
ties of literature generally, and especially of that pertaining to magic, but
that it was at the same time calculated to foster superstition, and thereby
promote evil—a repetition of the charge made against the honorable
Horst, the publisher of a magical library.
In our enlightened age, the unprejudiced will observe in the publication
of such a work, only what the author claims, namely, a contribution in reference
to the aforesaid literature and culture of no trifling merit ; but in
regard to the believer also, the issue of a cheap edition will be more
serviceable than the formerly expensive productions on sorcery, which
were only circulated in abstract forms and sold at extortionate rates.
What other practical value the above named edition may possess is not
the question. Let us not, therefore, underrate this branch of populat literature
; the authors wrote in accordance with a system which was, or at
least, seemed clear to them, and illustrious persons, in all ages and climes
have not considered the labor requisite to fathom the mysteries of magic
as labor expended in vain, and although they condemned the form, they
could not deny the possibility or even fact that gifted men, of inherent
worth, could accomplish such wonderful things.
In regard to the present edition it can only be said, that the so-called
Sixth and Seventh Books of Moses, which have for several centuries attracted
the popular faith, is reality in accordance with an old manuscript
(the most legible among many), and given word for word, divested only
of orthographical errors which the best interest of literature demand—
with unerring fidelity. The publisher guarantees that not one syllable
has been added*


by Drunvalo Melebizedeh
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We meet again, together exploring the vastness of who we are, and
again dreaming the same ancient secret that life is a beautiful mystery leading
to wherever we envision.
Volume 2 contains the meditation instructions that were originally
taught to me by the angels for entering the consciousness state called the
Mer-Ka-Ba—in modern terms called the human lightbody. Our lightbody
holds the possibility for the human potential to transcend into a new translation
of the universe we find so familiar. Within a specific state of consciousness,
all things can begin anew and life will change in ways that appear miraculous.

These words speak more of remembrance than of learning or teaching.
You already know what is in these pages because it is written in every cell of
your body, but it is also hidden deep inside your heart and your mind, where
all that is really needed is just a simple nudge.
Out of the love that I have for you and all life everywhere, I offer these
images and this vision to you so that they will be useful; so that they will
bring you closer to the self-realization that Great Spirit is intimately and
lovingly connected to your essence; and with the prayer that these words be
the catalyst that opens the way for you into the higher worlds.
You and I live in a pivotal moment in Earth's history. The world is dramatically
metamorphosing as computers and humans enter into a symbiotic
relationship, giving Mother Earth two ways to see and interpret world
events. She is using this new sight to alter and open the pathways into the
higher worlds of light so that even a child can understand. Our Mother
loves us so much.
We, her children, are now walking between the two worlds, our ordinary
everyday life and a world that surpasses the dreams of even our oldest
ancestors. With our Mother's love and our Father's help, we will find a way
to heal the hearts of the people and transform this world back into unity
consciousness once again.
May you enjoy what you are about to read, and may it truly be a blessing in your life.
In love and service,

Table of Contents
Introduction xi
NINE Spirit and Sacred Geometry 225
The Third Informational System
in the Fruit of Life- 225
The Circles and Squares of Human Consciousness 225
Finding Near-Perfect Phi Ratios 226
The First and Third Levels of Consciousness 227
Locating the Second Level 228
Geometric Lenses to Interpret Reality 229
Superimposing the Fruit of Life 230
Lucie's Genius 230
Lucie's Ladder 231
Side Note: Sacred Geometry Is a Do-It-Yourself Project 233
A Snag in the Ladder 234
The Three Lenses 235
Square Roots and 3-4-5 Triangles 236
Leonardo's and CBS's Eye 237
Vitruvius" 10 by 12 238
10,000 Years to Figure Out 239
Vitruviusand the Great Pyramid 240
The Search for a 14 by 18 241
The Unknown Leonardo 242
A Great Synchronicity 245
Earth-Moon Proportions 246
Earth, Moon and Pyramid Proportions 248
Rooms in the Great Pyramid 248
More Rooms 250
The Initiation Process 250
Light Reflectors and Absorbers above the King's Chamber 251
Comparing the Levels of Consciousness 252
Catching the White Light 252
Proof of the Initiation Chamber 254
Catching the Dark Light 255
The Halls of Amend and the Face of Jesus 256
Summary of the Initiation Process 256
TEN The Left Eye of Horus Mystery School 259
Egyptian Initiations 262
Crocodile Initiation at Kom Ombo 262
The Well under the Great Pyramid 267
The Tunnel beneath the Pyramid 268
TheHathors 278
Dendera 280
An Immaculate Conception 282
The World's Virgin Births 282
Parthenogenesis 283
Conception on a Different Dimension 284
Thoth's Genesis and FamityTree 285
An Earth Lineage Travels into Space 285
The Flower of Life Seen from the Feminine Side 287
Wheels on the Ceiling 292
The Geometry of the Egyptian Wheels 293
ELEVEN Ancient Influences on Our Modern World 297
The Heliacal Rising of Sirius 303
Virgo and Leo, Aquarius and Pisces 304
The Four Comers Implication 304
The Philadelphia Experiment 305
TWELVE The Mer-Ka-Ba, the Human Lightbody 309
The Geometries of the Human Chakra System 310
The Unfolded Egg of Life and the Musical Scale 311
The Human Chakras and the Musical Scale 314
The Wall with a Hidden Doorway 315
Ways to Find the Doorway 317
Chakras on Our Star Tetrahedrons 319
The Egyptian 13-Chakra System 320
Discovering the True Chakra Locations 321
A Body-Surface Chakra Map 322
A Different Movement on the Star Tetrahedron 323
The Five Spiraling Light Channels 324
Let There Be Light 324
Egyptian Sexual Energy and the Orgasm 330
The 64 Sexual/Personality Configurations 332
Instructions for the Orgasm 333
Beyond the Fifth Chakra 334
Through the Final Half Step 335
The Energy Fields around theBody 337
How to See Auras 338
The Rest of the Human Lightbody 340
From My Old Writings—Living as a Child 399
How Life Works When You're Connected with the Higher Self 401
Communicating with Everything Everywhere 403
Foretelling the Future 404
The Lessons of the Seven Angels 406
Testing the Reality of Your Connection with Your Higher Self 407
SEVENTEEN Duality Transcended 411
Judging 411
The Lucifer Experiment: Duality 411
The Bright and Shining One 412
Creating a Dualistic Reality 414
Earth Humans as the Focus of the Experiment 417
Using the Intellect without Love 418
The Third, Integrated Way 419
TheSirian Experiment 419
My Three Days in Space 419
Technology Reconsidered 421
The History of the Sirian Experiment 422
August 7, 1972, and the Successful Aftermath 425
The Return of Free Will and Unexpected Positive Consequences . . . . 426
EIGHTEEN The Dimensional Shift 429
The Great Change 429
An Overview of a Dimensional Shift 429
The First Signs 430
The Phase before the Shift 431
Five to Six Hours before the Shift 432
Synthetic Objects and Lucifer-Reality Thought Forms 433
Planetary Shifts 434
The Experience of an Actual Planetary Shift 435
Six Hours before the Shift 435
The Void—Three Days of Blackness 436
The New Birth 437
Your Thoughts and Survival 438
How to Prepare: The Secret of Everyday Life 440
This Unique Transition 442
NINETEEN The New Children 443
The Current Growth of Knowledge 443
Human Mutations, Historical and Recent 445
DNA Changes in Blood Types 445
The Indigo Children 446
The Children of AIDS 448
The Bible Code and AIDS 449
The Superpsychic Children 450
The Fourth-Dimensional Shift and the Superkids 454
Life Is Great, an Epilogue 455
References 459
Index 463
Template for a Star Tetrahedron (see back of book)


Book editor, Margaret Pinyan

Computer graphics originated by
Tim Stouse and Michael Tyree

by Ken Johnson, Th.D.
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 2012, by Ken Johnson, Th.D. 

The Book of Enoch, 2800-200 BC
If the legends are to be believed, Enoch
passed his book and other books to
Noah, who preserved them in the Ark.
Noah then passed Enoch’s book on to
Shem, who preserved it in the city of
Salem. Eventually it was passed down
to the Israeli tribe of Levi for safe
keeping. Somewhere along the line a
new Hebrew translation renamed some
of the place names of the cities, rivers,
and lands. This was most likely done
around the time of Solomon. It was then
preserved up to the time the Essenes
buried it, along with other ancient texts,
to be found among the Dead Sea Scrolls.

The Ancient Church on Enoch, AD 32-700
The Book of Enoch is quoted by church
fathers and rabbis alike, all the way
back to the first century. By the year AD
700 it was forgotten by the church as a
whole. Here are a few quotes from the
ancient church fathers that let us know
that the Ethiopic version of Enoch
(called 1 Enoch) was considered the
real Book of Enoch and that it contained
real prophecy. It was not, however, to
be added to the canon of Scripture, but
was considered recommend reading by
Scripture much like the Ancient Book of
Jasher. What we know today as 2 Enoch
and 3 Enoch were never considered real
by either the church or the ancient rabbis.
Origen, Of First Principles 4.1.35,
quotes Enoch 41 and 17.
Origen, Against Celsus 5.48,54,
shows that Celsus’ quote of
Enoch’s prophecy of seventy angels
is from 2 Enoch. Origen corrects
him by stating that the books of
Enoch he was using (2 and 3
Enoch) are not received by Jews or Christians.
Irenaeus, Against Heresies 4.16,
summarized the story of Enoch 6-16.
Tertullian, On Idolatry 4, said
Enoch taught that the demons and
spirits of the apostate angels turned
everything pure into idolatry.
Anatolius 5 says the Book of Enoch
clearly shows the Hebrew New
Year begins about the time of the equinox.
Testament of Levi 10 teaches that
the Book of Enoch says the Jews
will be scattered among the heathen
and the temple will be at Jerusalem.
Theodotus 2 quotes Enoch as
saying “I have seen all sorts of matter.”
Tertullian, Apparel of Women 1.2 ,
summarized the errors taught by the
fallen angels in Enoch 6-16.
Tertullian, Apparel of Women 1.3 ,
says the Book of Enoch is genuine.
The Book of Enoch was not
received by some Christians
because it was not part of the
Jewish canon. The Jews
[Pharisees] rejected it, like some
portions of Scripture, because it
testified of Christ. Its quotation
from the epistle of Jude proves it is
to be considered genuine prophecy.
Tertullian, Treatise on the Soul 50,
says Enoch and Elijah will return to
earth (his interpretation of Enoch 90:31).
Tertullian, Idolatry 1.4, 15, quotes
the Book of Enoch.

AD 1768-1948
A man named James Bruce heard that the
only translation known to still exist of
the lost Book of Enoch was preserved
by the Ethiopian Christian Church. In
AD 1768, Bruce travelled to Ethiopia to
find the Book of Enoch. Six years later,
in 1773, he brought three manuscripts
back to London where they lay in the
British Museum untranslated. One
hundred and twenty years later, in 1893,
a man named R. H. Charles translated
the manuscripts from the Ethiopic
language into English.

Enoch was the seventh generation from
Adam, the first man God created
(Genesis 5:1-24). From Scripture we
know Enoch lived for 365 years and then
was translated or raptured without
dying, and that even though he was a
sinner like every other human being, he
pleased God with his lifestyle.

And Enoch lived sixty and five
years, and begat Methuselah: and
Enoch walked with God after he
begat Methuselah three hundred
years, and begat sons and
daughters: and all the days of
Enoch were three hundred sixty and
five years: and Enoch walked with
God: and he was not; for God took him. Genesis 5:21-24

By faith Enoch was translated that
he should not see death; and was
not found, because God had
translated him: for before his
translation he had this testimony,
that he pleased God. But without
faith it is impossible to please Him:
for he that cometh to God must
believe that He is, and that He is a
rewarder of them that diligently seek Him. Hebrews 11:5-6

Enoch named his firstborn son
Methuselah (Genesis 5:22). The name
Methuselah is made up of two Hebrew
words; “meth” meaning “death” and
“selah” meaning “to send.” The way
Genesis 5:22 puts these two words
together is unique. The spelling suggests
the name can be translated as a Hebrew
sentence meaning “when he is dead, it
will be sent.” If we add the years from
creation to the birth of Methuselah as
found in Genesis 5, and then add his age
at death, we find he died the very same
year the Flood came. If we look in the
ancient book of Jasher 5:36, we see
Methuselah died exactly one week
before the Flood occurred. This is the
same day Noah entered the Ark! (Genesis 7:1-4).

The timing clearly shows Enoch knew of
the prophecy of God’s judgment of the
world and, apparently, God gave Enoch
a prophecy that the day his son died
would be the end of the world as he
knew it! This would, indeed, keep Enoch
centered on both his son and the
teachings of God throughout his whole
life, walking very closely with God.
Theologian John Gill (AD 1697-1771)
wrote about the Book of Enoch saying:
“Enoch, the seventh from Adam,
delivered out the prophecy referred
to by the apostle Jude, (verses 14,
15) … the Jews make mention of a
writing of his in their ancient book
of Zohar; and in the Targum of
Jonathan on Genesis 5:24, he is
called the great scribe; and several
of the Christian fathers speak of his
book as authentic, as Tertullian and
others; and the Arabic writers
[Flavius Josephus] tell us of
pyramids and pillars erected by
him, on which he engraved the arts
and the instruments of them; and
some writers ascribe the invention
of letters and writing of books to
hi m” A Dissertation Concerning
the Antiquity of the Hebrew
Language, Letters, Vowel Points,
and Accents, by John Gill, D.D., ch. 2, pg. 36

Table of Contents
The Book of Enoch
End-Time Outline 1-5
The Watchers 6-16
The Seventy Generations
The Dream of the Two Houses
Enoch’s Journeys 17-36
First Parable 38-44
Second Parable 45-57
Third Parable 58-71
The Astronomical Calendar 72-82
End Time Signs
First Dream - The Flood 83-84
Second Dream 85-90
The Seventy Shepherds
Apocalypse of Weeks 91-93
Woe to Sinners 94-105
Prophecy of Noah’s Birth 106-107
Enoch’s Last Word 108
Enoch’s Prophecies
Appendix A The Sons of God (Genesis 6)
Appendix B The History of the Nephilim
Appendix C Book of Giants
Appendix D Genetic Experiments as of 2012
Other Books by Ken Johnson, Th.D.





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THIS book came out in France three years ago.
Since that time science has been making
rapid strides, and in prosecuting my studies I have
found a confirmation of many of my opinions. I
could not therefore allow a translation of my studies
relating to “Chaldean Magic” to appear without
making a new edition of it, subject to various
corrections and additions. To this end I have
carefully revised all the translations of Cuneiform
texts contained in this volume, and in some cases
slight modifications have been necessary to bring
them into harmony with the latest discoveries. I
have added a translation of several interesting
fragments which were not comprised in the French
edition, and entirely rewritten some of the chapters.
The book which I now offer the English public may,
therefore, be regarded as an almost entirely new
work, which alone represents the present state of
my opinions and studies.

of which this present volume is an enlarged
edition, was issued by M. Lenormant in the autumn
of 1874; it was preceded hy Les Premieres Civilisations^
and closely followed in 1875 by La Divination et la
Science des Presages; all these works possessing the
same characteristic feature : the exposition of Assyrian
thought, as evidenced by the language of the
Cuneiform inscriptions themselves, compared with
the traditions and usages of other ‘contemporary and
descended races, both Semitic and Turanian.
The interest excited in the philosophical world by
these treatises was still further increased, by the
publication in England, almost immediately afterwards,
of the late George Smith’s Chaldean Genesis^
in which for the first time since the era of Assurbanipal,
the myths of the ancient Accadians were
read in the light of day. By the additional texts
thus recovered for the use of students, the premises
of M. Lenormant were to a great extent confirmed;
and the interest of Biblical scholars in Assyrian
mythology showing every sign of increasing, it was
deemed advisable to present the general public with
an English edition of La Magie. This task was at
once undertaken by Messrs. Bagster and Sons, and
on the MSS. being sent to the author, he in the
most generous manner offered to recast the earlier
Chapters of the work, and to rewrite some of the
latter. While this was being done, the researches
of Prof. Sayce and other Assyriologists elucidated
new facts, and discovered fresh parallels between the
Accadian and Ugro-Finnic theologies. These discoveries
had all to be considered and incorporated
with the original text of M. Lenormant, and the
result was, in the end, an almost entire remodelling
of the French edition. To the editor was assigned,
with the consent of the author, the office of .adding
references from English authorities to the citations
already given from Continental writers, especially as
La Magie was, in its new form, designed for a larger
circulation than that of scholars alone. The various
texts issued in the Records of the Past, and the
Transactions of the Society of Biblical Archceology
, had to be cited wherever it was possible to do so ; and
further, such various readings noted as had been
adopted by English translators. These numerous
emendations, while they increased the value of the
work, delayed its progress through the press far
longer than was anticipated, and even now, at the
last moment, it has been judged expedient by
M. Lenormant to add an Appendix bearing upon
the ethnographical meaning of the term “Sumirian,”
in reply to a pamphlet by Dr. Oppert, which has
become the centre of a controversy, the waves of
which have begun to reach our shores.
These circumstances will account for one or two
apparent discrepancies in the present translation:
viz., the use of the syllable “ dug” for “ khi,” in the
ideograms composing the name of the god Marduk,
from p. 19 to p. 64, and its subsequent abandonment
by the author in favour of the older reading in
p. 108, et seq. The expansion of the note from
Berosus on p. 157, regarding the deity Oannes into
an Appendix to Chapter XIII. , at p. 201, is another
example of the progressive revision which this
translation has undergone.
These revisions and corrections, both of the
original work and the present translation, as passed
by M. Lenormant, are only such as from the nature
of the theme, and the advancing condition of
Assyrian philology might be expected. Of Assyriology
it may truly be written, “day unto day uttereth
knowledge.” There is probably no section of the
science of comparative mythology of which, till recently,
less has been known, or of which, at present,
more authentic materials remain, than the subject of
“ Chaldean Magic : its Origin and Development.”
W. R. C.
November, 1877.

Table of Contents
Author’s Preface . .
. .
Editor’s Preface ......
Chap. I.—The Magic and Sorcery of the Chaldeans
Chap. II.—The Chaldean Demonology
Chap. III.—Chaldean Amulets and their Uses
Chap. IV.—Chaldean Sorcery and its Dual Nature .
Chap. V.—Comparison of the Egyptian with the Chaldean
Magic ......
Chap. VI.—Contrasts between Egyptian and Chaldean
Magical Systems .....
Chap. VII.—The Magic of the Ritual of the Dead
Chap. VIII.—Contrasts between Accadian and Egyptian
Magic ......
Chap. IX.—The Chaldaio- Babylonian religion and its
doctrines . . . . .
Chap. X.—Development of the Chaldean Mythology
Chap. XI.—The religious System of the Accadian Magic
Books ......
Chap. XII.—The Origin of the Myth of the Zi
Chap. XIII.—The Mythology of the Underworld .
Chap. XIV.—The Religions and the Magic of the Turanian
Nations ......
Chap. XV.—The Early Median Mythology compared with
that of the Chaldeans . . . .
Chap. XVI.—Finno-Tartarian Magical Mythology . . 241
Chap. XVII.—Further Analysis of Finnish Demonology . 253
Chap. XVIII.—The Accadian People and their Language 263
Chap. XIX.—The Accadian Language . . .268
Chap. XX.—Differentiation of the Accadian and its allied
Languages . . . . . .283
Chap. XXL—Altaic affinities of the Accadian Language . 292
Chap. XXII.—Accadian and Altaic affinities . . 299
Chap. XXIII.—Phonology of the Accadian Language . 309
Chap. XXIV.—The origin of the Kushito-Semitic religion . 318
Chap. XXV.—The two Ethnic elements in the Babylonian
nation . . . . • - 33 ^
Chap. XXVL—The Origin of the Chaldaio-Babylonian
Cosmogonies . . . . • 33^
Chap. XXVII.—The Priority of the Accadian Population
of Chaldea ..... 350
Chap. XXVIII.—The Sumirian Influence in Chaldean and
Babylonian Civilization . . . • 35 ^
Chap. XXIX.—The Influence of the Kushite Mythology in
Chaldean Faith . . . . . 367
Chap. XXX.—The Turanians in Chaldea and Ancient Asia 371
Chap. XXXI.—The Archaic Legislation of the Accadians . 378


Page 83, line 2 of note. For Osiris Baris read Osiris Baris.
Page 103, line 14. For Schu read Shu.
Page 133, line 6. For Chaldaic Babylonian read Chaldaio-Babylonian.
Page 134, line 24.
Page 172, line 20. For Silik-mulu-dug read Silik-mulu-khi.
Page 244, line 2 of note. For Asyekoks read Angekoks.

A Precise History Of MAGIC

Its Procedure, Rites And Mysteries

Ancient Manuscripts

Embellished With Engravings Of
Wonderful Charms And Talismans

By Dr. L. W. de Laurence
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Book Details
 474 p
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 File Type
 PDF format
 1918 by de LAURENCE, SCOTT & CO 

Dr. L. W. de Laurence

This Volume is an authentic and an official work, compiled
from Ancient Jtlanuscripts, and gives in full detail many rare and
Secret Mysteries. The same is embellished with several full page
illustrations of Magic Ceremonies; together with nearly one hun
dred and fifty rare old engravings of Ancient Talismans, etc.
There is also, for the first time, given to the student, in this work,
a complete reproduction of the Original Mysteries and Ancient
Manuscripts of the “DIVINE RAPHAEL,” better known as the
“Metropolitan Astrologer” and editor of the Prophetic Almanac,
and other Sidral works.
This book also contains the Mystic Rites, Ceremonies, and
Incantations, used by the Ancient Theurgists and old Philoso
phers to burst asunder the bounds of natural order, and to obtain
an intercourse with the world of spirits; for let it known, to
those whose eyes follow these words, that millions of spiritual
creatures walk the earth unseen, both when we are awake and
when we are asleep. .
The rapid sale, over the world, of my books, and the
unprecedented requests for Catalogues, describing the same,
has caused me to publish this work although I have had these
Ancient Manuscripts in my possession many, many years, hav
ing purchased them at a very great cost; but as my former books
are in such vigorous demand, I have deemed it expedient to
present the philosophical world with this compendious Volume;
wherein is contained Instructions, Secrets and Mysteries that
were known only to the old Masters some four hundred years ago.

The inconsistencies of many authors, and the foolish claims
of book sellers, who are selling works said to have been written
by RAPHAEL, always brings a quiet and sarcastic smile to the face
of those that know that the market today is flooded with false
and spurious editions of this great man’s writings.

This Volume is an authentic one, and the student may depend
upon it, from the first to the last page, as I have carefully
expunged everything not valuable, original, and worthy of the
student’s attention, so that he may, with as little difficulty as
possible, be capable of learning the Astral and Celestial Worlds
in their most essential parts. As to the Magical and Occult Parts
of this work; such as Magic Rites, Charms, and Incantations,
they are most fully explained so as to enable my Students and my
Disciples to complete the full development of their Occult studies.
There are things taught in this Volume which will enable the
student to operate many strange and wonderful things so that
even this part of the work may not be devoid of utility; but may
help the student to invoke powers that will render him great aid.
The student of Spiritual Mysteries and Astral Powers will find
ample herein to gratify his desire; for in the perusal of these
Rare And Ancient Manuscripts, many of which are replete with
those secrets now so much sought after, the student will realize
the great worth of this Volume which will be found acceptable
to the legitimate student of Magic And Celestial Science.

No modern Expositor of Astrology can bear in comparison
with the “DIVINE RAPHAEL,” and among ancient expositors, he
stood the highest in authority, all yielding to his great knowledge.
Hence, no greater name than RAPHAEL’s has ever embellished
the science of Astrology and no Volume such as this one, contain
ing his Original Mysteries, has ever been before published. The
very same deals with Magic, Charms, Talismans, Astral In»
fluences, The Spirit World, Demonology And Witchcraft.
The real manhood of man can only be gained by having a full
and clear knowledge of Occultism and Ancient Magic. This is
the ideal which all earnest Occult students is striving to attain,
and this ideal has plainly been recognized by all intelligent leaders
of human progress. The time has come for men and women
“to put away childish things,” and to relinquish the beliefs and
practices of the priest, the minister and the materialists.

Ancient Magic is a terrible power. It is based upon the pre
scientific world-conception, which in its primitive stage is called
animism, imputing to nature a spiritual life analogous to our own
spirit, and peopling the spirit world with individual personalities.
The Old Magic stands in contrast to material science; it trans
cends human knowledge by supernatural methods and is based
upon the fact of operating many wonderful things by the assist
ance of Invisible Powers and Intelligent Spirits who can be
forced by Magical Invocations into an alliance with the operator.
The real Occult student knows that evil influences, of every
kind, can be averted and warded ofi by Charms or Talismans, and
that the aid of, both good and Evil Spirits, can be procured by
proper Incantations and Conjurations.
The world-conception of true ‘Occultism and Magic is long
lingering, and its influence will not subside instantaneously with
the first frown of material science. The Middle Ages were‘full of
Magic, and the belief in it has not died out to this day, and never will.
Dr. L. W. de Laurence.

The Epigraph


This Book Was Sold By
The de Laurence Company,
Chicago, Ill., U.S. A.

- A New Translation -


Subjects: LCSH: Magic
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 2017 John Michael Greer
 and Mark Anthony Mikituk
 Penguin supports copyright.

JOHN MICHAEL GREER is a widely respected author, translator, and
blogger in the occult field. He is most recently the editor of the new,
substantially revised seventh edition of Israel Regardie’s occult landmark
The Golden Dawn (Llewellyn 2016).

MARK MIKITUK, currently a resident of France, has extensive
experience as a translator and has also taught English to Francophone
students. This is his first book project.

Mark Anthony Mikituk
and therefore, although it is unusual to do so, I would like to take a few
moments of the reader’s time to expound upon my qualifications for, and
my method of, translating it.

John Michael Greer and I met through the magic of the Internet: in one
of his blogs he mentioned his dissatisfaction with A. E. Waite’s
translation, and I had the temerity to offer my services as a professional
translator, in the production of a new, annotated version.
I believe that in John Michael Greer’s mind my main qualifications for
the job, aside from the fact that I am a professional translator, was that I
lacked virtually any other basis upon which to recommend myself: I
belonged to no occult organization; I had very little experience with the
occult beyond an expressed interest in it; I had not, and never did
throughout this translation, read A. E. Waite’s version of the work; and, as
I said to Greer myself, I had “no skin in the game.”
Thus I embarked upon this translation, as the fool would, naively, with
just a bit of courage at hand.

But no fool is entirely naive, even at birth, and from the start I chose a
particular method with regard to my translation, which was then confirmed
by experience: I believed that any great work of the occult—as The
Doctrine and Ritual of High Magic most certainly is—might have some
ulterior, initially indefinable, motive, and that I should stick as closely as I
possibly could to the original form of the work, in order not to make the
mistake of failing to transmit some unknown quantity.
That intuition was quickly, and positively confirmed, by the effect the
translation of Levi’s work had upon me. This was not some vulgar book,
on magic or otherwise; it was written with the intention to act upon the
reader’s mind exactly like an initiatory experience, if that reader is of the
right frame of mind. That is to say, although written as prose, this book is
in fact poetry for the mind and acts as a key that can be used to open it.
In practice, as is the case when one translates poetry, this meant
keeping as close as possible, not only to the sense, but also to the sound,
the form and the rhythm, of the work. And so I have endeavored to keep
the structure and rhythm of Lévi’s work intact. As much as possible, I
have stayed close to Lévi’s words and tone, even if, perhaps, in English
they at times seem a bit highfalutin. This is originally a French work, after all.

Thus to the best of my ability I have attempted to intuit and reproduce
The Doctrine and Ritual of High Magic, as Éliphas Lévi might have
written it, had he done so in English.
Any errors are of course mine, but I would like to thank John Michael
Greer for numerous pieces of advice and wisdom, and my wife, Géraldine,
for her patience.

Table of Contents
Title Page 2
Copyright 3
Contents 4
General Introduction by John Michael Greer 8
Translator’s Note by Mark Anthony Mikituk 24

Introduction to the Doctrine of High Magic 27
Chapter One: The Initiate 46
Chapter Two: The Columns of the Temple 56
Chapter Three: The Triangle of Solomon 64
Chapter Four: The Tetragrammaton 71
Chapter Five: The Pentagram 80
Chapter Six: Magical Equilibrium 88
Chapter Seven: The Flaming Sword 95
Chapter Eight: Realization 100
Chapter Nine: Initiation 107
Chapter Ten: The Cabala 110
Chapter Eleven: The Magical Chain 119
Chapter Twelve: The Great Work 127
Chapter Thirteen: Necromancy 132
Chapter Fourteen: Transmutations 140
Chapter Fifteen: Black Magic 146
Chapter Sixteen: Enchantments 149
Chapter Seventeen: Astrology 157
Chapter Eighteen: Potions and Spells 164
Chapter Nineteen: The Stone of the Philosophers, Elagabalus 173
Chapter Twenty: The Universal Medicine 177
Chapter Twenty-One: Divination 181
Chapter Twenty-Two: Summary and General Key to the Four
Occult Sciences 186

Introduction to the Ritual of High Magic 191
Chapter One: Preparations 206
Chapter Two: Magical Equilibrium 214
Chapter Three: The Triangle of the Pentacles 220
Chapter Four: The Conjuration of the Four 228
Chapter Five: The Flaming Pentagram 240
Chapter Six: The Medium and the Mediator 245
Chapter Seven: The Septenary of Talismans 250
Chapter Eight: A Warning to the Imprudent 263
Chapter Nine: The Ceremony of the Initiates 267
Chapter Ten: The Key of Occultism 272
Chapter Eleven: The Triple Chain 276
Chapter Twelve: The Great Work 280
Chapter Thirteen: Necromancy 286
Chapter Fourteen: Transmutations 297
Chapter Fifteen: The Sabbath of the Sorcerers 303
Chapter Sixteen: Enchantments and Spells 319
Chapter Seventeen: The Writing of the Stars 326
Chapter Eighteen: Potions and Magnetism 338
Chapter Nineteen: The Magistery of the Sun 346
Chapter Twenty: Thaumaturgy 350
Chapter Twenty-One: The Science of the Prophets 357
Chapter Twenty-Two: The Book of Hermes 365

THE NUCTEMERON of Apollonius of Tyana 396
Of Country Magic and the Sorcery of Shepherds 415
Responses to Some Questions and Criticisms 430
The Religious, Philosophical, and Moral Tendencies of Our Books
on Magic 431
Index 443
About the Translators 465


Library of Congress Cataloging-in-Publication Data
Names: Lévi, Eliphas, 1810–1875, author.
Title: The doctrine and ritual of high magic / Eliphas Lévi; translated by Mark Anthony Mikituk;
introduction and notes by John Michael Greer.
Other titles: Dogme et rituel de la haute magie. English
Description: New York: TarcherPerigee, 2017. | Includes index.
Identifiers: LCCN 2016040845 (print) | LCCN 2017002427 (ebook) | 
ISBN 9780143111030 | ISBN 9781101992746
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