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by Dr. Ava Cadell

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 2014 by Penguin Group (USA) Inc 

If you’re looking to add more sizzle to your sex life, Idiot’s Guides: Kama Sutra is the book you’ve been waiting for. Within these pages, you will learn the basics of this ancient love manual and the way to incorporate its sensual lessons into the modern art of love, romance, intimacy, and sex.

This book offers a variety of valuable insights into how you can enhance the quality of your love life,
starting with the love you have for yourself. By learning to love and accept yourself mentally, physically, and sexually, you will become a more mindful lover. Not only will you know how to reach your own sexual peak, you will also create a stronger, more intimate connection with your partner as you help each other achieve your sensual greatness.

Beyond being just a collection of erotic sexual positions, Idiot’s Guides: Kama Sutra takes an insightful
look at the various pieces of the sexual puzzle. It’s one thing to know how to turn on your lover’s body, but when you discover how to turn on your partner’s mind, that’s when your relationship goes from average to supercharged. Creating deep intimacy outside of the bedroom helps guarantee that the experience between the sheets is as intense as possible.

I’ve used this ancient text as a launching point and incorporated modern knowledge with the latest tools
and techniques that people now have regarding sexual experiences. These include the following:
r The way the brain processes attraction
r The differences between male and female desire
r How the senses can enhance pleasure
r Exercises and techniques that create stronger orgasms for both men and women
r The shift that is taking place as women become more sexually empowered
Detailed and instructive, with just the right amount of juicy humor, I’m sure you will have an eye-opening experience as you move through this book. Welcome to your sexual awakening. 
Welcome to a sexier you.

How to Use This Book
This book is put together in such a way that you can open to any page and find useful information. It is not necessary to read from beginning to end, but it is intended to inspire you to find a chapter on your favorite topics. The following are the seven parts and what they’re dedicated to:
Part 1, Warm Up with a Little Background, introduces you to the fascinating history of the Kama Sutra. Here, you learn how the Kama Sutra is much more than simply an ancient sex manual and are introduced to the truth behind the famous (but often misunderstood) 64 Arts. Additionally, this part includes a glossary of the various terms and definitions you will come across throughout the book.
Part 2, Turn On the Tools at Play, begins the sensual exploration of elements to enhance sexual pleasure. Understanding the differences in the ways most men and women approach sex mentally and physically can go a long way to ensuring intense mutual satisfaction. Additionally, you discover how to create a full sensory experience by incorporating the gifts of sight, sound, smell, taste, and touch into your lovemaking. Expanding your horizons even further, you are also introduced to the power of incorporating Tantra and chakras to heighten your sexual pleasure.
Part 3, Spice Up Your Sex Life, shows you how to add more “play” to your foreplay. The various Kama Sutra techniques for touching, scratching, biting, patting, and giving oral sex are outlined. You also learn a multitude of new ways to increase sexual excitement by exploring boundaries and taboos with sex toys, anal play, and role-playing.
Part 4, Take Your Position, is where you can find many varied Kama Sutra positions. Each one has a brief introductory description, as well as detailed instructions for how to perform them. The positions have difficulty ratings from 1 to 5 lotus flowers, with 5 being the most difficult. The movement descriptions, such as mild to wild or slow and intense, indicate whether the position is about an intimate connection or a more carnal experience. The “spicing up” portions let you heighten the intensity of action by giving you additional options for taking it to an even more exciting level of erotic pleasure. Finally, the hotness for her and hotness for him outline what women and men find most exciting about the position.
Part 5, Afterplay, shows you how reaching climax doesn’t have to mean reaching the end of the sexual
experience. You learn how to maintain intimacy through the recovery period so that you might relight the sexual fires for another round of fireworks with your partner.
Part 6, The Life Fire, takes the Kama Sutra out of the bedroom and into your daily life. Here, you see
how to utilize the same tools you use to enhance your sexual experience to create even fuller and more passionate relationships.
Part 7, For Further Pleasure, offers up an excellent collection of resources for further sexual exploration.

Table of Contents
Part 1: Warm Up with a Little Background..3
The History, Philosophies, and Intentions of the Kama Sutra......4
What Are the 64 Arts?...10
Glossary of Kama Sutra and Other Sensual Terms.....14

Part 2: Turn On the Tools at Play....19
The Brain: The Body’s Most Important Sex Organ...20
Communication Is Key.....22
The Sexiness of Trust........24
Having Sex vs. Making Love...26
How Men and Women Approach Love and Sex Differently....28
The Yin and Yang Energies...30
Sexual Compatibility....32
The Sensuality of the Senses....34
Seductive Snacks (Aphrodisiacs and Sensual Foods).......36
Erotic Massage....40
Erotic Talk...46
The Scent of Seduction...48
Understanding the Male Body and Orgasm....50
The Power of the Prostate....54
Understanding the Female Body and Orgasm....56
Exploring the Female Hot Spots.....60
Multiple Orgasms.....62
What Are Erogenous Zones?.
An Introduction to Chakras......70
What Is Tantra?....74
Solo Kama Sutra.....78

Part 3: Spice Up Your Sex Life.....83
Attitude Is Everything.....84
Set the Scene...86
What Is Intimacy?......88
How to Touch....94
Ways to Embrace....96
Lustful Scratches......98
Love Bites......100
Passion Pats...102
Oral Pleasures.......104
Honoring the Yoni.....106
Honoring the Lingam......110
Mutual Honoring......114
Exploring Boundaries and Taboos.....116
Anal Play.....118
A Toy Box for Grown-Ups (Sex Toys)......122
Games for Grown-Ups (Fantasies and Role-Playing)......124

Part 4: Take Your Position.....129
The Good Strokes.......136
Samputa (The Clasping Supine)....140
Tila-Tandulaka (The Sesame Seed with Rice).....142
Pidita (The Sweet Press).......144
Veshtita (The Twining Embrace)...146
Utphallaka (The Flower in Bloom)...148
Bhugnaka (The Rising).....152
Piditaka (The Full Squeeze)...154
Ardhapiditaka (The Half Squeeze).......156
Karkata (The Crab)...158
Samdamsha (The Pair of Tongs).......160
Kshiraniraka (The Milk and Water)......162
Sthita (The Supported Stand).....164
Gardabha (The Donkey).......166
Svanaka (The Dog)......168
Aibha (The Elephant).....170
Harina (The Deer)....172
Varaha (The Boar)....174
Ashva (The Horse).....176
Vadavaka (The Mare)...178
Vyaghra (The Tiger).....180
Majara (The Cat)...182
Venudaritaka (Splitting Bamboo)..........184
Prenkholita (The Swing)..186
Shulachita (Fixing a Nail)....188
Aja (The Goat)...190
Avalambitaka (Standing Suspended)..192
Dhenuka (The Cow)....194
Indranika (Position of Indrani).......196
Utpiditaka (The High Squeeze)...198
Bhramara (The Queen Bee).....200
Paravrittaka (The Turning Position)......202
Padmasana (The Lotus)....206

Part 5: Afterplay.....209
The Afterplay Challenge....210
Immediately Afterward....212
The Second Fire....214
Relighting His Wick....216
Relighting Her Fire.....218

Part 6: The Life Fire......221
Kama Sutra as a Life Lesson........222
Rekindling Romance...224
Good Sex While Growing Older.......228
Everyday Sensuality.........230
Commitment Is Everything.......234

Part 7: For Further Pleasure........237
Books for Better Sex....238
Websites for Stimulating Sex....241
Video Guides for Great Sex........242

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Many thanks to Mike Sanders for recommending me to write this book and to Brook Farling for believing that I could do it at warp speed. My appreciation also goes to Shadley Grei, who worked tirelessly with me as a brilliant coordinator and writer; I could not have finished this book without you. Finally, to Kayla Dugger, whose editing and guidance were truly superlative.
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