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About the Author
I became a vegetarian in my early 30s and started following a path to enhance my life,
which consisted of meditation, personal growth workshops, and practicing mindfulness. I
have spent decades researching and practicing natural health to balance mind, body, and spirit.
At the age of 70, I won the title of Sexiest Vegetarian Over 50 in a nationwide contest
conducted by PETA, People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals. I’m the best-selling
author of Live Raw: Raw Food Recipes for Good Health and Timeless Beauty and Live
Raw Around the World. I’m a certified raw food chef, international speaker, coach, and
consultant; and I have a series of YouTube videos demonstrating plant-based food
preparation. I was born in 1938, and being healthy at the age of 76 has allowed me to keep
up with my rigorous schedule. I do not feel old.

Many people my age not only feel elderly but need daily assistance because of poor
health. My good health is not a product of my family’s health history, which is not so
great. Two of my sisters had cancer and one of them had additional thyroid issues, kidney
disease, and diabetes. Another sister died of a heart attack at the age of 55. My brother
died from leukemia at the age of 29, and my father had diabetes and Parkinson’s disease
with complications from these illnesses. He died in his mid-60s. My mother lived long but
had heart problems, strokes, arthritis, high blood pressure, and high cholesterol. This is
just a portion of my family’s health issues. I knew early on that I didn’t want to follow in
my family’s footsteps in regard to health, so that is what put me on the path to researching
and finding out what options I had. I would not say that I possess good genes, but because
I work on keeping myself healthy, I have so far defeated the health issues that have appeared.

Juicing is a passion of mine. I started juicing in the early 1970s, way before juicing was
cool. In the early days, juicers were difficult to clean. After several months of juicing, I
would stop juicing daily and only pull out the juicer when my body felt like it needed a
little boost. After a few months off from juicing, I would remember how good I felt when
I was juicing, so I would start back up again and stay with it for long periods of time. But
still, I was not as diligent as I could have been.

I was in my 60s when my doctor told me that my blood pressure and cholesterol level
were elevated. I also started feeling arthritic pains in my joints. My doctor said they were
just “age-related diseases.” I got serious about juicing again, and now, many years later, I
can attest that juicing has reversed my health issues. Six months after my doctor handed
me the (unfilled) prescription, my blood pressure was back to normal and so was my
cholesterol. I’ve not had an arthritic pain since. All my ailments are gone! Juicing makes
me feel healthier and look younger. Juicing changed my life, and I believe it can and has
changed many other lives. It works!

Even if you have no interest in changing your standard diet, juicing can improve your
health. I have helped many clients begin a healthy lifestyle by encouraging them to change
just one thing, and that one thing is adding green juice to their daily diet. Juicing helped
them feel better and helped remedy their many illnesses. Encouraged, many of these
individuals then took the next step and stopped eating many of the bad foods that had been
making them sick and tired.

Juicing has been a wonderful healthy journey for me and my loved ones. I hope this
book will be an introduction to healthier habits for you and your loved ones too.
Enjoying a balanced life includes juicing, a healthy diet, meditation, sleep, exercise,
being in nature, and love—including self-love.

You can see more information about me on my website,
—Mimi Kirk, January, 2015

Don’t ignore your health in search of wealth.
Sure we all love our venti, no sugar, chocolate mocha, 2 percent, double-shot morning
habit, but believe it or not we currently live in a juice generation, and one day juice bars
will outnumber chain coffee shops like Starbucks. Celebrities and health conscious people
have a secret weapon, and it’s moving faster than the speed of light. Can you say, 16-
ounce apple lemon spinach double ginger with turmeric?
If you don’t know much about juicing, let’s get you up to speed on its benefits. The
food we put in our mouth determines the health of every cell and organ in our body. Food
can either help us or do us harm. Juicing is the best way to get the full amount of nutrients
and vitamins we need on a daily basis to keep us healthy. Freshly pressed organic
vegetable and fruit juice is what we are talking about, not store-bought bottled juices—
including orange and apple—or the processed varieties you find on supermarket shelves or
in the cooler section.
Juicing is not new to this decade; it has been around for a long time. But juicing trends
are showing up in major cities and fashionable hip neighborhoods around the country.
Guess who is up to speed on juicing? Bill Clinton, Jennifer Aniston, Gwyneth Paltrow,
Owen Wilson, Jake Gyllenhaal, Nicole Richie, Blake Lively, Edward Norton, Selma
Hayek, Kim Cattrall, Colin Farrell, Alicia Silverstone, Russell Simmons, January Jones,
Woody Harrelson, Megan Fox, Norma Kamali, Ryan Seacrest, Bethenny Frankel, Jessica
Szohr, Elisabeth Hasselbeck, Olivia Wilde, Kim Kardashian, factory workers,
supermodels, millionaires, homemakers, and a host of passionate health, diet, and
nutrition-concerned consumers. Take a walk in trend-setting Los Angeles or Manhattan,
and it appears that almost everyone you see is gripping a bottle or cup of the green stuff.
Why are all these people juicing? Because they need energy to keep up with their busy
lifestyles, and they have discovered that these nutrient-packed libations supply them with
mental clarity, physical energy, and exceptional overall health.
According to recent studies, including some from Johns Hopkins’ researchers, only 11
percent of the 24,000 people surveyed eat the bare minimum of two or more servings of
fruit and three or more servings of vegetables daily. The USDA recommends 2–4 servings
of fruit and 3–5 servings of vegetables daily. The USDA also notes that consumption of
these recommended amounts may be low and may not totally meet the daily required
nutrients that an individual needs. A study from Dietary Guidelines for Americans says 5–
13 servings of combined fruits and vegetables each day are necessary. This is equivalent to
about 6½–8 cups, combined, of fruits and vegetables daily.
Canadian studies show that the largest portion of our daily consumption should come
from vegetables and fruits. Processed foods do not supply us with the nutritional benefits
of fresh, plant-based foods. Processed foods are low in nutrients and high in calories. The
best way to get our daily-required nutrients is from consuming the juice of a variety of raw
vegetables and fruits. Just a 16-ounce glass of juice daily will help you reach your
recommended daily intake. It would take a lot of chewing, and considerable time, to
consume the amount of produce that goes into one 16-ounce glass of juice.
approximately 3 percent. We absorb even less when we eat a cooked carrot. When juicing
that same carrot we get 100 percent of the beta-carotene, because the juice is extracted
from the carrot and the nutrients are not trapped in the fiber. As a result, the concentrated
nutrients in the juice enter the bloodstream and assimilate quickly. Why is this important?
One reason is because drinking juice gives our body’s digestive system a needed rest. Our
bodies can instead use this energy to help boost our immune system. This is one reason
why juice fasting is so good for antiaging.

Should Juicing Become Your New Main Squeeze?
You might still be asking yourself, what is juicing all about? You might have tried
juicing or know someone who has, but you’ve never really understood if juicing was right
for you. You might feel you don’t have a half hour a day to make a healthy juice. But the
simple truth is, you can make the time to juice. Undoubtedly, you know that you need 7–8
hours of sleep a night to regenerate. This leaves you with 15–16 hours every day. How
will you spend that time? Work might take up many of those precious hours, as might your
family and household responsibilities. But somewhere in those 15–16 hours you can (and
actually must) carve out a bit of time for your health. The little amount of time it takes you
to juice daily can add many good years to your life. If you take the time now, then you
may not need to spend time later attending frequent doctor visits or hooked up to a
machine on a weekly basis.
There are many sound reasons why juicing just might be what you’ve been looking for
to improve your energy, vitality, and overall health. Most every health expert tells us that
vegetables and fruits are necessary to maintain a healthy body. Fresh vegetables and fruits
hold amazing power to revitalize our health at any age. Health enthusiasts have turned to
juicing in order to consume enough fruit and vegetable nutrients. Some critics claim that
juicing is a “craze,” and other naysayers think that juicing means refined commercial
juice, which is processed and loaded with sugars. Still other skeptics say juicing is junk
food and maintain that we should only eat whole fruits and vegetables.
These critics might not have seen or heard of the many testimonies from people of all
ages around the world who have credited juicing with improving their overall health and
well being, reversing diseases, and remedying a host of illnesses. Juicing plant-based
foods has allowed millions of people to reach a healthy weight. Juicing has helped people
manage and even reverse chronic diseases like type 2 diabetes.
Although success stories are ahead of the available research (there has not been much
done that proves juicing to be healthier than eating the whole fruits and vegetables), it is
indisputable that juicing helps us to regularly consume high volumes of fruits and
vegetables that we might not have the time or interest in eating. Juicing is not about
replacing a balanced diet, it’s about adding to it.
Raw fruits and vegetables contain more vitamins and minerals than cooked vegetables.
Vegetables in their raw state help prevent disease, because they can nourish every cell in
the body. Drinking juiced vegetables flushes the system of waste, and by detoxifying the
body, juicing can have a considerable positive impact on many illnesses. Juicing helps the
body to absorb all the nutrients the fruit or vegetables have to offer. These highly
concentrated vitamins and nutrients, which directly enter our bloodstream and are
assimilated quickly, help to keep our bodies healthy. Juice is also hydrating and can assist
with weight loss and inflammation.
Dark leafy greens are a major component of juicing and blending. Greens contain
essential minerals, vitamins, and amino acids that humans need for optimal health. Some
people who are not accustomed to eating greens and are more of the meat and potatoes
type might not at first care for the taste of green juices. However, when greens are mixed
with sweeter vegetables or fruits, the greens take on whole new qualities because sweeter
vegetables and fruits camouflage the flavor of the greens and make the juice tasty.
Although green juicing might be an acquired taste, it’s worth the trip. And once greens get
into your system and you become accustomed to the taste, you will actually start to crave them.

There are thousands of toxins in our environment. Juicing not only helps the body to
dispose of these toxins but also provides it with necessary enzymes. To aid in the removal
of toxins, organic ingredients are highly recommended. And this is where juicing comes in.
Enzymes may be the key in preventing chronic diseases and extending our lifespan. As
we age, we produce fewer enzymes necessary for healthy digestion. Without these
enzymes it is impossible for our bodies to properly break down food. One of the main
reasons to drink fresh juice is to get the enzymes that come from raw vegetables, leafy
greens, and fruits. Just about everyone eats a diet primarily comprised of cooked foods.
Enzymes are destroyed or removed when a food is cooked, microwaved, canned,
pasteurized, processed, packaged, or genetically engineered. It is 100 percent guaranteed
that enzymes are destroyed in any food heated over 115 degrees.
Enzymes are required for every chemical action that takes place in our body. All of our
cells, organs, muscles, bones, and tissues function because of enzymes. Everything
depends on enzymes, including our immune and digestive system, our bloodstream,
spleen, pancreas, kidneys, and liver. No vitamin, mineral, or hormone can do any work
without enzymes. Even our ability to feel, think, and breathe are dependent on enzymes.
Our ability to utilize vitamins and minerals is run by enzymes. We need enzymes for
proper digestion health, antiaging, and cell repair. Undigested food that passes into the
colon can cause bloating, cramping, gas, and diarrhea. If you feel bloated or gassy, have
rashes, weak nails, thinning hair, dull skin, constipation, diarrhea, insomnia, mood swings,
or fatigue, it is likely you are not properly digesting your food.
This need for enzymes is not a new concept. More than 70 years ago, scientists
recognized the importance of enzymes contained in raw foods. More recent research has
shown that people with chronic diseases or low energy levels may have lower enzyme
content in their blood. Some people may think we have naturally occurring enzymes in our
body, meaning that we don’t need to go out of our way to replace them. It is true we do
have naturally occurring enzymes; however, there is scientific proof that indicates our
natural enzymes diminish slowly as we age. In practical terms, it can mean we might start
noticing little changes such as loss of vitality and stamina, don’t recover from injuries as
rapidly, or can’t seem to digest our food properly and appear to be aging quickly. Many
researchers claim the process of aging is nothing more than decreasing levels of enzymes.
Bad dietary and lifestyle habits, including the consumption of sugars, fats, white flour,
cooked and processed food; too much stress; and being exposed to environmental
pollution might all contribute to enzyme deficiency. All these factors certainly diminish
our health and ability to live a long healthy life.

Table of Contents




Helps with chronic illnesses Strengthens the immune system
Favors anti-aging Decreases allergies Increases strength
Promotes better sleep Aids digestion
Keeps the body hydrated Removes toxins Promotes circulation
Boosts immunity Supports weight loss
Strengthens bones Helps organs repair
Aids in consumption of required daily amounts of vegetables and fruits
Strengthens hair and nails Helps remove toxins from the body
Leads to transition into healthier eating habits Increases mental clarity
Improves emotional balance Increases energy
Diminishes the need for medication Decreases depression
Helps reduce or eliminate a plethora of diseases Makes you feel good all over
Green juices that include dark leafy greens are power-packed with chlorophyll,
which oxygenates the body and enables it to release stored toxins.
A green juice will cleanse the lungs, liver, and digestive system. The magnesium in
green juices helps to support the utilization of calcium.
What do all plants have in common? Plants are the only type of organism that take
light energy from the sun and convert it into sugar. This process, called
photosynthesis, allows plants to make their own food and store energy.
All other living things eat plants, or eat things that eat plants, in order to get their
energy. It’s not a stretch to say that drinking juice is like drinking pure energy!
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