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Ayman Amer Eissa
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 2012 InTech

Engineering and Food for the third millennium that is compliant with the requirements
of globalization and new technologies, is one of the most significant additions to the
Food Preservation Technology Series. This book is the result of a tremendous effort by
the authors, the publisher and editors to put together, as never before, a comprehensive
overview on what is current in food engineering. This is a very well balanced book in
several ways; it covers both fundamentals and applications and features contributions
from food engineers in both the professional and educational domains.
This book conveys many significant messages for the food engineering and allied
professions: the importance of working in multidisciplinary teams, the relevance of
developing food engineering based on well-established principles, the benefits of
developing the field by bringing together experts from industry, academia and
government, and the unparalleled advantage of working as globally as possible in the
understanding, development, and applications of food engineering principles. I am
delighted to welcome this book to the Series and I am convinced colleagues from all
parts of the world will gain great value from it.
The structure and function of food engineering is becoming a well-established
profession all around the world, and this book represents what is arguably one of the
best examples of the vastness, depth, and relevance of this profession. It includes the
work of the most prestigious world experts in food engineering, covering key topics
ranging from characteristics of foods, food borne botulism poisoning, food processing
technology and molecular basis of physiological responses and environmental issues.
We truly hope that this book, with its visionary approach, will be prove to be an
invaluable addition to the food engineering literature and help to promote greater
interest in food engineering research, development, and implementation. Finally, I
consider that each of the Authors who have contributed to this book has provided
their extraordinary competence and leadership in the specific field and that the
Publisher, with its enterprise and expertise, has enabled this project. Thanks to them I
have the honor to be the editor of this book.
Prof. Dr. Ayman Hafiz Amer Eissa
Professor of Food Process Engineering, Department of Agriculture Systems
Engineering, King Faisal University, Saudi Arabia and Minoufiya University,

Table of Contents
Preface IX
Section 1 Characteristics of Foods 1
Chapter 1 Antioxidant, Anticancer Activity, and Other Health
Effects of a Nutritional Supplement (Galaxy®) 3
Gary M. Booth, Tory L. Parker and Christopher M. Lee

Chapter 2 Oxygen Scavengers:
An Approach on Food Preservation 21
Renato Souza Cruz, Geany Peruch Camilloto
and Ana Clarissa dos Santos Pires

Chapter 3 Protein-Based Edible Films:
Characteristics and Improvement of Properties 43
Thawien Wittaya

Chapter 4 Staphylococcus aureus: Characterisation
and Quantitative Growth Description in Milk
and Artisanal Raw Milk Cheese Production 71
Alžbeta Medveďová and Ľubomír Valík

Chapter 5 Rice Starch-Based Biodegradable Films:
Properties Enhancement 103
Thawien Wittaya

Section 2 Foodborne Botulism Poisoning 135
Chapter 6 Botulinum Toxin Complex: A Delivery Vehicle
of Botulinum Neurotoxin Traveling Digestive Tract 137
Yoshimasa Sagane, Ken Inui, Shin-Ichiro Miyashita, Keita Miyata,
Tomonori Suzuki, Koichi Niwa and Toshihiro Watanabe

Chapter 7 Climate Change: Implication
for Food-Borne Diseases (Salmonella and Food
Poisoning Among Humans in R. Macedonia) 151
Vladimir Kendrovski and Dragan Gjorgjev

Chapter 8 Mycotoxin Decontamination Aspects in Food,
Feed and Renewables Using Fermentation Processes 171
Grazina Juodeikiene, Loreta Basinskiene,
Elena Bartkiene and Paulius Matusevicius

Chapter 9 Possible Risks in Caucasians by Consumption
of Isoflavones Extracts Based 205
Maria Graça Campos and Maria Luísa Costa

Section 3 Food Processing Technology 225
Chapter 10 Understanding Color Image Processing
by Machine Vision for Biological Materials 227
Ayman H. Amer Eissa and Ayman A. Abdel Khalik

Chapter 11 Pulsed Electric Fields for Food Processing Technology 275
Maged E.A. Mohamed and Ayman H. Amer Eissa

Chapter 12 Public Health Policies and Functional
Property Claims for Food in Brazil 307
Paulo César Stringueta, Maria da Penha Henriques do Amaral,
Larissa Pereira Brumano, Mônica Cecília Santana Pereira
and Miriam Aparecida de Oliveira Pinto

Section 4 Molecular Basis of Physiological Responses 337
Chapter 13 The Emerging Role of the Yeast Torulaspora delbrueckii
in Bread and Wine Production: Using Genetic Manipulation
to Study Molecular Basis of Physiological Responses 339
Andreia Pacheco, Júlia Santos, Susana Chaves, Judite Almeida,
Cecília Leão and Maria João Sousa

Chapter 14 Nucleic Acid-Based Methods to
Identify, Detect and Type Pathogenic
Bacteria Occurring in Milk and Dairy Products 371
Vincenzina Fusco and Grazia Marina Quero


Publishing Process Manager Oliver Kurelic
Typesetting InTech Prepress, Novi Sad
Cover InTech Design Team

First published August, 2012
Printed in Croatia
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