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Six Steps to Enlightenment


Cover design: Ted Angel Editing and interior design: Tanya Brockett, The Miracle/Joe Vitale.—1st ed.

The Miracle Six Steps to Enlightenment
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 2016 by Joe Vitale

About the Author
Dr. Joe Vitale—once homeless but now a motivating inspirator known to his
millions of fans as “Mr. Fire!”—is the world renown author of numerous
bestselling books, such as The Attractor Factor, Zero Limits, Life’s Missing
Instruction Manual, The Secret Prayer, Attract Money Now (free at, and The Awakened Millionaire.
He is a star in the blockbuster movie The Secret, as well as a dozen other
films. He has recorded many bestselling audio programs, from The Missing
Secret to The Zero Point. He’s also the world’s first self-help singer-songwriter,
with fifteen albums out and many of his songs nominated for the Posi Award
(considered the GRAMMYs of positive music).
He created Miracles Coaching®, The Awakening Course, The Secret Mirror,
Hypnotic Writing, and many more life transforming products. He lives outside of
Austin, Texas with his wife, Nerissa, and their pets.
His main website is Join the Awakened Millionaire
Movement Follow Dr. Joe Vitale:
Twitter: Facebook:

Author’s Introduction
am so grateful that you have joined me here for The Miracle: Six Steps to
Enlightenment. I believe that this book contains the best that I have to offer to
date. It is the culmination of decades of learning, application, sharing, and
teaching that I have done. It is a very important work that will allow you to not
only determine what it is you want to create, but it will also help you to clear the
path for that creation and the reception of that manifestation. The steps you take
in this book will help you to open up the channels for making real everything
you have been wanting for so long.
You know, since my appearance in The Secret, I have been asked on a
regular basis, “How is it that you are able to make so many things happen? You
manifest cars, you manifest wealth, you manifest books, movies, and music CDs.
How is it that you are able to manifest all of those things when I can’t even get
my monthly rent paid?”
The answer is found on these pages. The answer is found in opening yourself
up and clearing your channels to receive everything that you are looking to gain.
If you have ever asked, “what are those things that I need to do so I can be clear
to receive like you do?” Those answers are the Six Steps to Enlightenment.
Through all of the exercises that I provide, and all the meditations that I guide
you through, you will be able to make The Miracle real in your own life, on a
continuous basis.
So it is my expectation that this book is going to take you places you’ve
never been before. This book is going to help you to do more than you ever have
before. It is going to help you to clear more out of your life—more baggage,
more deadweight, more negativity—than you’ve ever cleared before, so you can
be open to receive, be open to connect with the Divine, and be open to take those
Six Steps to Enlightenment and expect a true awakening in your own life.
Expect miracles.

Table of Contents

Author's Introduction

STEP ONE: The Missing Secret
STEP TWO: The RAS Intention
STEP THREE: Counterintention Clearing
STEP FOUR: Einstein’s Secret
STEP FIVE: Expect Miracles
STEP SIX: The Awakening

Bonus Material: Inner Child Meditation
About the Author
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The Miracle Six Steps to Enlightenment
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