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- 101 Lesbian Lovemaking Positions -


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 2006, 2008 by Jude Schell and Hylas Publishing 

About the Author
JUDE SCHELL is also the author of Her Sweet Spot and The Guide to
Lesbian Sex. She divides her time between New York City and Miami.

Lesbian Sex is intended to inspire and entice lovers to broaden their
sexual repertoire. Our bodies have the potential to feel an array of
sensations. When we more fervently explore our sexuality, both alone
and with our lovers, we uncover hidden, uncultivated desires and
discover newfound pleasure possibilities. Indulging in novel, sensual
activities as well as revisiting the tried and true vanilla types of sex
positions will also sharpen lovemaking skills and increase intimacy
between lovers, one delicious experience at a time.

Each lovemaking experience is composed of intimate moments. These
moments are physical, emotional, and intellectual communications and
connections between lovers, and the best sex results happen when these
moments flow. Experiment with different positions to suit your mood
and facilitate the type of connection you’re into pursuing. For example,
Deep Breathing (#25) will arouse your mind as much as it warms your
pussy, as will French Cuff (#50), which explores the sexy intrigue of
dominance and submission. Sometimes we’d rather our minds take a
backseat during lovemaking. For these lustful moments, choose a
position like Anti-gravity Girl (#97), which is pretty much purely
physical. Some positions are sensory specific; Honey Bun (#15) is about
touch and truly feeling your lover’s entire body, Lickety Split (#22) is
about tasting, and Diamond in the Muff (#58) encourages the recipient
to watch while she’s orally pleasured.

As you strive to become a self-assured lover and to experience more
pleasurable and satisfying sex, do what makes you and your lover or
lovers comfortable and happy. As always, practice clean, safe, honest,
responsible, and consensual sex. Buy your toys and lubrication from
reputable vendors who will share with you their sexpertise for proper
use. Play within your abilities and never force yourself into demanding
postures. When you choose and act out a position, the only expectation
going into it should be to have fun and enjoy one another as you share
in some fresh loving.

In addition to providing a sort of Kama Sutra for lesbians, Lesbian Sex
introduces a lexicon inspired by colleagues, friends, and lovers. Double
entendres, code words, cryptic phrases, and nicknames have always been
part and parcel of the LGBT (Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender)
community. These turns of phrases can pass as flirting, convey desires
and preferences, amuse, and trigger fond memories.

Tell her how you’re looking forward to taking a Joyride (#79) with her
later. Invite her to meet at your favorite café for a Tea for Two (#46),
come over to your place for a Garden Party (#63), or join you at the
breakfast bar for a Diamond Lil (#29). I invite you to Untangle Her
Tingle (#91) in 101 ways, from Lilith and Eve (#1) to Gilding the Lily
(#101), and in no particular order.

Table of Contents
Title Page
1 Lilith and Eve
2 The Daily Grind
3 The Full Grind
4 On the Side
5 Over Easy
6 Needle in a Haystack
7 Vanilla
8 Girl Wrap
9 Velvet Rope
10 Welcome Back
11 Wave Pool
12 Toe the Line
13 Rocking Horse
14 Saturn’s Rings
15 Honey Bun
16 Honey Bun 2
17 Penthouse
18 Stair Mistress
19 Tribade Tirade
20 Peek-a-boo
21 Peek-a-boo Brasil
22 Lickety Split
23 Doubleheader
24 Dutch Tulip
25 Deep Breathing
26 Priscilla’s Punchbowl
27 My Baby’s Bliss
28 Lovey Dovey
29 Diamond Lil
30 Tipping the Velvet
31 Amelia and Eleanor
32 Best in Show
33 Cherry Picker
34 Hanky Spanky
35 Tuk-tuk
36 High Art
37 Imperialism
38 Backdoor Imperialism
39 On the Fence
40 Annie Oakley
41 Opening Pandora’s Box
42 Tailgate
43 Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell
44 Sappho’s Smile
45 Secretary
46 Tea for Two
47 Marco Polo
48 A Tail of Two Girlies
49 Rear Admirable
50 French Cuff
51 Whole in One
52 Nip, Tuck
53 Footsie Roll
54 Gertrude and Alice B.
55 Tight Squeeze
56 Patty in the Sky
57 Maryann and Ginger
58 Diamond in the Muff
59 Swan Dive
60 Moulin Rouge
61 Sunday Brunch
62 Soft Tease
63 Garden Party
64 Fur-lined Teacup
65 Peaches and Cream
66 Peach Gobbler
67 The Bush Agenda
68 Mane and Tail
69 Mortise and Tenon
70 Exposed Beams
71 The Juxta-position
72 Pussy Pilates
73 Who’s on Top?
74 Riveting Rosie
75 The Cleopatra
76 Tongue and Groove
77 Stud Muffin
78 Bathroom Stall
79 Joyride
80 The Flying V
81 The Eagle Has Landed
82 Bridge and Tunnel
83 Mariana’s Trench
84 Mount St. Helen
85 (Her Name Here) on the Half Shell
86 Pussy Melt
87 Victoria Square
88 The TriBeca
89 Slow, Easy G
90 Ready-to-Wear
91 Untangle Her Tingle
92 Favorite Handbag
93 Bi-coastal
94 Last Call
95 Strawberries and Cream
96 Hump Cake
97 Anti-gravity Girl
98 Toast Her Oven
99 Anaïs and June
100 Soft Crush
101 Gilding the Lily
About the Author

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Cover design by Colleen Cain
Text design by Gus Yoo
Production by Colleen Cain
Photography by Robert Wright
Author photo on back cover by Allison Macleod
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