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Chakras Auras Healing Energy of the Body

Rosalyn L. Bruyere

edited by Jeanne Fanens

1. Chakras. 2. Aura. 3. Medicine, Magic, mystic, and spagyric.

Rosalyn Bruyere - Wheels of Light - Chakras Auras Healing Energy of the Body
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 1989, 1991, 1994
 by Rosalyn L. Bruyere

There are many whose talents, efforts, and generosity
have contributed to the creation of this
book. From its inception to its completion, I
have been fortunate to be assisted by the kind and dedicated
support of those many who gave so graciously and lovingly.
I am grateful to Dr. Valerie Hunt for her inspiration, for
providing me with the first opportunity to have my personal
experience of the chakras tested and corroborated scientifically,
and for her kind permission to include results of that research in
the text and Appendix of this volume; Lyle Brady for his critical
evaluation and valuable suggestions; and Terry Oleson for his
support. I wish to thank Gloria Orenstein and Karen Segal for
their astute observations and critiques and for sharing their scholarship
with me; Orville McKinley, M.D. for contributing his
knowledge of Navaho ceremony and teachings; Maria Bauer Hall
for sharing her convictions and the insights of work that has
spanned nearly half a century; Grace Fogg at ARE, Michael King
at the Theosophical Publishing House, and Rebecca Lang at the
Liverpool Museum for their kind and prompt assistance; and
Jaime Dunaway for his critical eye and enthusiastic encouragement.

I also gratefully acknowledge Charlotte Kaiser for her drawings,
and Debbie West and Paulette Kelly for their willingness
to do whatever was needed to prepare this manuscript for publication.
I am grateful to my researchers, Stephanie Roth, Shelby
Hammit, and Jeanne Farrens, for their long hours and excellent
abilities; to Kristen McCall, who cheerfully and tirelessly transcribed
over three thousand pages of lecture material; and to Ken
Weintrub for generously assisting me to hear my words as others
will when they read this book. I wish to further express my
gratitude to Robert E. Williams for his time and beautiful photographic
contributions; my deep appreciation to Susan Rothschild,
who can work miracles with light and a camera; and
grateful acknowledgment to Karen Haskin for her generosity, her
remarkable talent, and her exquisite illustrations. I am profoundly
grateful to Margie M. Smith for her computer drawings,
for her technical assistance, and, most especially, for having traveled
the path before me and for possessing the expertise to have
brought this book to publication.
I extend heartfelt appreciation to my editorial staff, Maria
Bartolotta, Susan Brown, and Jeanne Farrens for their dedication,
talents, and generosity, and sincerest gratitude to them for their
continued support, affection, and friendship. I would like especially
to acknowledge Jeanne Farrens, for her love of both language
and healing; her encouragement and commitment, more
than that of any other, assisted me in completing this work.
Finally, to those who lovingly supported me throughout this project,
and to all who patiently waited for this book, thank you.

The Ancient and Modern Mystery
In my twenty years as a healer and teacher, the one
question I can count on every new student to ask
is "What's a aura?" From antiquity there has been
a myriad of literary and pictorial descriptions of the aura. Sometimes
it has been depicted as a luminous radiation surrounding
the body. Frequently, it has been pictured as a kind of light around
the head—which some religious traditions call a halo. Most of
us are familiar with paintings of haloed Christian saints. In earlier
Chinese and Japanese art, a single and sometimes a triple halo
surrounds the head of images of the bodhisattva or Buddha. In
ancient Egyptian culture, the aura was often depicted as wings
enfolding the body. In Native American tradition, the radiant
aura of the buffalo has given rise to the legend of the white buffalo.
When Matthew (17:2) describes the transfiguration of Christ, he
says that Jesus's face "did shine as the sun," and "his raiment
was white as the light." Luke (9:29) adds that Jesus's raiment
was "glistering." This is a Biblical description of Christ's aura,
which the Apostles Peter, James, and John were able to see when
they were taken by their Master to a mountain just prior to his
People who are able to see auras have often reported seeing
a kind of luminous radiation surrounding an individual, usually
consisting of one or sometimes several colors. We now know that
the aura, or auric field, relates to the electromagnetic field, which
emanates from all matter. This field of energy, which usually
extends five or six inches around the body, is outside the range
of normal vision and in what is sometimes termed the realm of
psychic sight. But even those who can't see the aura can still
have an experience of it. The aura is what keeps us from bumping
our shopping carts into one another in the supermarket. It's what
allows us to sense another's presence in a darkened room, and
it's what makes someone turn to look at us across a crowded

Table of Contents
I Wheels of Light
One: The Ancient and Modern Mystery 17
The "Mysteries" of the Chakras 28
Two: Wheels of Power 33
Legend of the Rainbow Warrior 33
Wheels of Power 39
Chakras and Their Traditional Components 40
Wheels of Light 40
Secondary Chakras 41
The Seven Chakra Bodies 44
The Body as a Microcosm 47
Animal and Elemental Nature of the Chakras
Religious Perspectives of the Chakras 56
Historical Perspectives 57
History of Chakras in the West: Theosophists'
Theory 57
The Two Worlds of the Chakras 58
Three: What Is an Aura$ 59
Auric Field: Field of Life 59
Vibration, Color, and Harmonics of the Aura 61
Energy: The Basic Component of the Body 65
Identical Nature of the Chakras 67
Location of the Chakras 68
The Flow of Energy Up the Chakras 69
Direction of Spin of the Chakras 73
Changing Frequencies: Interaction Between Chakras
Relationships Between the Chakras 77
Intake and Output 77
Color Opposites, Color Therapy, and Empowering
with Opposites 79
The Male, Female, Androgyny, and Exogeny in the
Chakras 82
Sustaining a Balanced Energy Field 84
Maintaining Constancy 84
Avoiding Chakra Displacement 85
Alignmen t Exercis e 88
Four: The Chakras and Healing 91
Scanning the Body and Transmitting or Channeling
Energy 91
Exercise: Feeling Energy 96
Resistance to Being Healed 99
Karma and Healing 100
Definition of Health 100
Meditation on the Chakras 101
II The• •F•i•rs•t• •C hakra
Five: Being Alive 107
The First Chakra: Our Life Force 107
Kundalini Energy: Keeping Us Alive 108
Traditional Aspects of the First Chakra 108
Astrological Sign, Physical Element, and
Gemstone 108
The Bee, the Dragon, the Horse, and the
Serpent 111
Snake Mythology: The Goddess Religion and the
Power of the Undulate 118
Ida and Pengali: Dual Male and Female Aspects of
the First Chakra 128
Initiation and the First Chakra 133
Kundalini Initiation and the Siddhi Powers 133
Greece: Initiation in the Tholoi 136
Egypt: Initiation in the Pyramids 138
The Eleusinian Mystery 139
Modern Initiation 141
Six: Kundalini: Seat of the Physical Body 143
The Root Chakra 143
Breath, Prana, and Mind 144
Kundalini and the Nervous System 145
The Kundalini Awakening 147
Breathing and Exercises for the Kundalini 151
Kundalini and the Mysteries 153
Kundalini Energy: Working on Two Channels
Simultaneously 154
Kundalini, Nervous Breakdowns, and Meditation 155
First Chakra Energy in the American Culture 156
Suppression of the Life Force 156
Addictions and the First Chakra 157
Release of Suppressed Energies and Fixations 158
Limitations of Too Little Kundalini 159
Seven: Fire Power 161
Power and the Kundalini 161
Dual Qualities of the First Chakra: Powers of Spirit and
Matter, Life and Death 163
Kundalini Power in the Ancient and Modern World:
Charisma and Humility 164
Yin and Yang Principle: Withholding and Reclaiming
Power 165
Using Power Appropriately 167
The Need for Power in Service 169
Kundalini and Prosperity 169
Eight: Sexuality, Kundalini, and Karma 171
Sexuality: Exchange 171
Orgasm: Empowerment and Mergence 172
Orgasm: A Trance State 174
Sexuality and the Spiritual: Mergence with Deity 175
Sexuality and Service 176
The Kundalini Center and Karma 178
Nine: Science and the Chakras 179
The Rolf Study 179
Red on the Oscilloscope 182
Red in Rolfing and Healing 183
The DC Shift 184
Traumas and DC Shifts: Access to the Subconscious 187
Ten: Disease and Dysfunction 189
Sickle-Cell Anemia and Cancer: A Question of
Power 189
The Cancer Cell 193 ,
Cancer Treatment 194
Arthritis, Colitis, and Alzheimer's Disease 197
Inflammatory Disease: Anger, Fear, and Pain 199
Hypertension and Heart Disease 201
Genetic Disease 203
Bacterial and Viral Infections, Broken Bones, and Scar
Tissue: Healing with Red Frequency 204
Treating Overdoses 205
Gynecological Problems and the Effects of the
Hysterectomy 205
Opportunistic Viruses and Infections: Treating Sexually
Transmitted Diseases 207
Listening to the Kundalini 216
Appendix I: The Rolf Study 219
Appendix II: The Essence of Hopi Prophecy 234
Appendix III: Electromagnetic Radiation and Its
Spectrum 241
Appendix IV: Electricity and Magnetism 249
Glossary 253
Notes 262
Photograph and Illustration Credits 274
Index 278

Wheels of Light
Rockefeller Center
1230 Avenue of the Americas
New York, New York 10020

Wheels of Light reflects the views and personal
experience of the author. This book is not intended
as a guide to independent self-healing or diagnosis.
No medical claim is made as to the effect or
outcome of the exercises described in this volume.

The author has made every effort to contact the
proper copyright holders of certain material
included in this volume, but has not in all cases
been successful. If you believe that you are one of
the copyright holders, please contact the author in
c/o Simon & Schuster.

How to Charge Your Energy Field with Light and Spiritual Radiance

David Christopher Lewis

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Book Details
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 File Type
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 978-0-9818863-3-6 (eBook) 
 2013 Meru Press® and
 David Christopher Lewis

You’ve most likely picked up this book because you’re intrigued with the
nonphysical world and with learning more about developing your spiritual
abilities, perhaps even the ability to see “beyond the veil” into the invisible. Vast
dimensions of light and vibrant color, miraculous natural skyscapes and
numberless beings of amazing beauty and grace await you. Glimpsing more of
the world beyond the physical and the eternal realms with their angel choirs and
cosmic beings has brought amazing blessings to mystics who have been chosen
to receive a higher form of vision.
Although not a seer in the typical sense, I’ve been gifted with an ability to
perceive beyond what most of humanity has accepted as “reality” and thus am
able to share insights with you that can uplift and support your spiritual journey
of Self-discovery and union with your own perfect inner being. My hope is that
this book will provide an impetus for greater progress and a rediscovery of the
Divine within yourself and all of life.

This is not a book that will explain ways of developing psychic powers to
control the aura through intense mental or emotional processes or exercises.
That’s not the real goal of spiritual progress. In fact, I most often see auras when
I am not trying, when I’m simply “in presence,” when I am in a state of joy and
serenity, feeling great love for and oneness with all life. Heaven provides this
gift to me with the caveat that I use it to accentuate the good in all. Many true
seers observe both the bright and beautiful and the dark and less radiant. It takes
a conscious choice to behold the real within others and to then draw it from
within them with kind and compassionate communications, with loving and
considerate words.

By developing your aura and inner sight, you can expand the good within
yourself and others as well as protect yourself from unseen negative influences
and forces. As you learn the techniques I’ll share in this book to seal and expand
your aura, you will be able to safeguard loved ones, those entrusted to your care,
your assets and even your very life. Developing intuition is often a key in
meeting our long-term goals. Finding the truth and detecting the motives behind
others’ words and deeds can make the difference between success and failure in
your projects and your service to others.

I’ve been interested in spiritual experiences and the aura for as long as I can
remember. At eight years of age, having been raised Catholic, I was intrigued by
the stories of the amazing visionary experiences of those who could see and
converse with Mary or Jesus or various saints or angels. I would cry with joy
when watching movies on the lives of Saint Bernadette Soubirous of Lourdes,
France, or the children at Fatima, Portugal (Lucia, Jacinta and Francisco), or
Juan Diego of Guadalupe, Mexico. They all witnessed the glory and beauty of
Our Lady or Jesus, and I desired to purify myself so that I could, too.
In my early teens when I came upon the term third eye in a book by Lobsang
Rampa, my interest was again piqued. How could I develop higher vision to gain
insight into other realms, other dimensions? During the 1960s and 70s many
people were experimenting with extrasensory perception, sometimes using drugs
as a door to the unseen worlds. I felt there was a pure path to attaining certain
spiritual gifts and desired to wait until I knew that clear and true way.
My search for the truth was destined to take me beyond my traditional roots
and the churches available in the town where I grew up. I found, through my
mother, a book about the life of Edgar Cayce, the “Sleeping Prophet.” For the
first time, I saw in his biography the term aura and I began to research more
about this subject, reading all the books on it I could find. Edgar Cayce saw the
aura, or energy field, around every living thing; and in his “readings” he was
able to diagnose the causes and cures of hundreds of ailments.

I began reading about all manner of mystics, seers and saints who could
“read hearts” or “read minds” or had great intuition, among them Padre Pio,
Paramahansa Yogananda and Ramakrishna. These superconscious individuals
gained a higher level of awareness through various spiritual disciplines, such as
silent meditation and contemplation, devotional prayer and singing, and attuning
to the Creator through inner stillness. It seemed that they had become sensitized
to the subtle world and were then cognizant of what was playing out in others’
lives as revealed by their auric field. I began to understand that the aura was an
ovoid of frequencies, visual colors and vibrations that are constantly changing,
based on our consciousness, thoughts, feelings and actions.

Many of us “see” the auras of others through our gut feelings— our
intuition. We have this first sense about people we meet. We have a reaction at
the soul level to who they are and what they’re made of. We get a feeling of their
integrity or lack thereof. Many animals, especially horses, dogs, cats and other
domesticated pets, have this knack of reading people. Animals often react to the
sinister in individuals. These individuals can’t hide their unresolved angst from
the sensitive among us. In reality, this intuitive gift is something that each of us
has and can develop more fully. As you learn to focus on your Higher Self
through techniques such as those you’ll read about in this book, you will gently
and safely manifest even greater gifts of the Spirit as heaven sees fit to offer
them to you.

Part one shares the teachings of the Ascended Master El Morya, a great way
shower who for centuries has been at the forefront in the releases of higher truth
to mankind through various spiritual movements, including the Theosophical
Society, Anthroposophy, the Agni Yoga Society, the I AM Movement, the Bridge
to Freedom, The Summit Lighthouse and The Hearts Center. He offers his
advanced studies on the human aura for the new era into which we are moving.
These studies are for students advancing into higher consciousness, developing
their soul senses and beginning to see beyond the human veil into solar worlds of
joy, beauty and oneness. Perhaps you, too, have felt the shift. We are evolving
beyond dualistic thought with all of its divisions and isms and all that separates
us rather than unites us.

El Morya’s teaching is about developing solar awareness. He instructs us
how to increase the light within our auras so that we can be shining, Godconscious
beings. He shares how we can find our true nature—knowing our
oneness with God—and develop a beautiful and radiant halo as we become a sun
of love and light to all. In this new Selfhood, our aura changes from human to divine.

In the second part of this book, I share insights drawn from my journey of
self-discovery—my path as a Catholic youth through my thirty-plus years as an
ardent student of Elizabeth Clare Prophet 1 to the mystical experiences that have
resulted in my ability to commune with El Morya and receive his telepathic
“HeartStreams,” including these advanced teachings. You’ll learn in part two
how to use your own aura to do greater spiritual work by blessing life and
bringing about a new harmonic field of purity, wholeness and unity around the world.

These advanced studies on the human aura are for today. Our cultures and
our communities require them now. It is our time to shine and to fulfill our
greater mission, each of us messengers of light and love.
Thank you for reading and sharing this message of hope and joy.

Table of Contents

by El Morya
A Note from ElMorya
1 The Creation of the Cosmos: Genesis Revisited
2 The Creation of Man: God’s Divine Givingness
3 The Aura of the Great Central Sun: The Hub of Life
4 The Aura of the Earth: Our Pristine World
5 The Aura of Helios and Vesta: Our Sun Parents
6 Sun Spots, Solar Flares and Cosmic Emissions
7 Consciousness: The Reality of Beingness
8 Ideation, Conceptualization and Imagination
9 Embryonic Intelligence and Solar Genius
10 The Sacred Flowfield: Creating an Aura of Light
11 Electromagnetic Faithfields: Charging Your Aura
12 Cosmic Fusion and Cosmic Fission: The Tai Chi Dance of Creative Forces
13 Magnetism and Mesmerism: The Dynamics of Attraction and Repulsion
14 The Sacred Filter of the Christ Mind: Safeguarding the Aura from Intrusive Forces
15 The Morphic Field and the Tree of Life: The Effects of Cosmic Forces and Intuition
16 Rhythms, Music and the Aura: The Heartbeat of the Aura
17 The Fragrance of the Aura: The Mysticism of Divine Aromas
18 Desire, Devachan and Demonic Possession: Dealing with Unwanted Astral Forces
19 Seeding the Aura with Light Engrams: The Power of Symbols within the Aura
20 Heartstreams and Other Divine Transfusions: Spiritual Food to Enhance the Aura’s Brillance
21 The Magnification of Light: Increasing Your Auric Emanations
22 Violet Laser Light Optics: Seventh Ray Transmutation
23 The Dance and Pulse of Photons: Microcosmic Light Packets
24 String Theory versus the Antahkarana Matrix: A Viewbeyond Current Physics
25 Time and Space Travel: Impossibilities Realized
26 Interstellar and Intracellular Communication: 
The Transfer of Ideations through the Auric Grid
27 Fiat, Fohat and Cosmic Energy Fields: Empowering Your Aura
28 The Merlin Effect: The Magic of a Mystical Master
29 The Aura of Enlightenment: Buddhic Mindfulness
30 The Aura of the Transfiguration: Sacred Field of PureLight
31 The Aura of the Initiates, Arhats and Adepts: 
A Leap beyond Human Conditioning
32 The Triumphant Aura: Conquering Self as Key to Claiming Your Victory
33 The Aura of the Ascension: The Humble Inherit the Highest Spiritual Gift

by David Christopher Lewis
Clothed with the Sun
34 Clearing and Building the Auric Field
35 A Near-Death Experience: Mastering Our Emotions and Expanding Our
Solar Reality
36 Sensing Is Seeing: The Study of Solar Light and the Aura of a Mystic
37 The Solar System, the Aura of Earth and Your Aura
38 The Breathing of the Aura
39 A Diet for the Auras of Aspiring Adepts
40 A Clairvoyant’s Assistance in Transmuting an Ancient Lemurian Record
41 Exercising the Aura and Developing Emotional Intelligence
42 The Music of the Aura
43 Joy Increases the Light in the Aura
44 The Chakras as Foci of God Consciousness
45 The Web of Life and the Tree of Life
46 Restoring Our Original Blueprint through Divine Thought
Mindful Meditations

Into the Light: Visionary Art for Meditation
by Mario Duguay
Following page 140:
Becoming Light
Call to the Light
Come to the Light
Divine Sun
Gift of Life
Return to My Splendor
Source of Life
Towards the Light
True Nature

Advanced Studies of the Human Aura- How to Charge Your Energy Field with Light and Spiritual Radiance
For information, contact: Meru Press®
PO Box 277
Livingston, Montana 59047 USA
Library of Congress Control Number: 2013942344

Cover design by Nita Ybarra Picture Credits: We offer our grateful
acknowledgment for permission to reproduce the following material:
Illustrations by Mario Duguay: Awakening, Becoming Light, Call to the Light,
Come to the Light, Divine Sun, Elevation, Gift of Life, Health, Now,
Receptiveness, Return to My Splendor, Source of Life, Towards the Light, True
Nature, Union, Unity; used by permission.

The Hearts Center trademarked terms: HeartStreams™ and heartstreaming™
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