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A Powerful Program to Help you Raise your Self-Esteem, Quiet your Inner Critic, and Overcome your Shame

Beverly Engel

1. Mental health. 2. Self-esteem. 3. Self-care, Health. 4. Psychology, Pathological

Healing your Emotional Self - A Powerful Program to Help you Raise your Self-Esteem, Quiet your Inner Critic, and Overcome your Shame
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 2006 by Beverly Engel

THERE ARE THOUSANDS OF PEOPLE who were emotionally abused,
neglected, or smothered by their parents or other significant caretakers
when they were growing up. Many of these people do not realize
they were abused or neglected, and they continue to suffer from myriad
problems throughout their lives because they are not getting the
help they need. People who internalize the abuse manifest selfdestructiveness,
depression, suicidal thoughts, passivity, withdrawal
(avoidance of social contacts), shyness, and a low degree of communication
with others. They are likely to have low self-esteem and may
suffer from feelings of guilt and remorse, depression, loneliness,
rejection, and resignation. Perceiving themselves as unworthy and the
world as a hostile place in which they are bound to fail, many are
unwilling to try new tasks, develop new skills, or take risks.
People who externalize the abuse may be unpredictable and violent,
their behavior characterized by impulsive action rather than conformity
to social norms. They frequently become anxious, aggressive,
and hostile. They suffer from constant fear and are always on the alert
and ready to hit back. Many end up mistreating others, often in the
same ways they were mistreated.

At the core of all these symptoms and behaviors is an inadequately
developed sense of self and a distorted image of self based on parental
negative messages and treatment. Unless adult survivors address these
fundamental issues, their efforts toward recovery will be thwarted.
If you were a victim of emotional abuse or neglect as a child, this
book will show you exactly what you need to do in order to heal from
the damage done to your self-image and self-esteem. Healing Your
Emotional Self will guide you step by step through a program that is
both innovative and psychologically sound—innovative because it uses
the mirror as a metaphor and a tool for healing, and psychologically
sound because it combines my many years of experience specializing
in treating people who have been emotionally abused with various
respected psychological concepts.

Although the primary audience for this book is survivors of emotional
abuse and neglect, this book is for anyone who suffers from low
self-esteem or body-image issues. People who are preoccupied with
their bodies, or who determine their self-worth by how their bodies
look, will find the book particularly helpful. Many suffer from a distorted
body image and from negative feelings concerning their bodies,
but they do not understand that the cause may be negative parental
messages, emotional abuse, or neglect.
Many of you know me from my other books on emotional abuse,
namely: The Emotionally Abusive Relationship, The Emotionally
Abused Woman, and Encouragements for the Emotionally Abused
Woman. In those books I wrote about the fact that people who are
currently being emotionally abused (or are abusive) are doing so
because they were emotionally abused as children. Now, in Healing
Your Emotional Self, I will help readers take a giant step forward by
offering a powerful program that will help them repair the damage
caused by emotionally abusive parents.

Childhood neglect and emotional abuse cause many of the most
serious problems people suffer from today. This is not a revelation to
most professionals or to many who suffer from its effects, but in spite
of this knowledge, there is insufficient help for the survivors of these
types of abuse. Relatively few books have offered readers a complete
understanding of how this kind of child abuse affects people, ways to
heal from the damage, and how to resolve relationships with parents.
This is the first book to offer a comprehensive healing program specific
to the kinds of messages (mirrors) that emotionally abusive and
neglectful parents give their children and to how this kind of abuse
affects a child’s self-image.

Neglect and emotional abuse are the primary causes of both
borderline personality disorder (BPD) and narcissistic personality
disorder (NPD), which have turned out to be the disorders of our
time. This is true for two major reasons: Children in the past two
decades have grown up with absent, neglectful parents and parents
who continued to pass on the emotional abuse they themselves
sustained. In addition, both the borderline and narcissistic personality
disorders have “come out of the closet” in terms of professionals
telling their patients exactly what their diagnoses are. In the past they
had kept these diagnoses from their clients for fear of traumatizing them.

Those who were emotionally abused or neglected also tend to
suffer from eating disorders. Many overeat as a way of soothing
themselves, while others overeat out of self-loathing. On the other
end of the spectrum, many become anorexic as a way of gaining a
sense of control because they feel overly controlled by their parents.
People recovering from alcohol or drug abuse will also find this
book helpful because many addicts suffer from severe distortions to
their sense of self.

In Healing Your Emotional Self I offer my unique Mirror Therapy
program for healing, which has proven to be highly effective with my
clients and the clients of some of my colleagues. This program is
highly innovative, combining what I have learned from many years of
specializing with adults who were emotionally abused or neglected as
children with concepts from developmental psychology, object relations,
self psychology, body therapies, cognitive behavioral therapy,
and art therapy. Many of the ideas in the book are uniquely my own,
while others are variations on the concepts created by other people,
and together they form a unique program designed specifically for the
emotionally abused or neglected.

For example, according Laurel Mellin M.A., R.D., author of The
Pathway and creator of the Solutions Program, research on childhood
obesity from San Francisco University shows that for the
children studied, most of their extra weight was rooted in the most
basic internal patterns of their functioning—the inner conversations
they had with themselves. Teaching the kids some very basic skills—
self-nurturing (which is like having a responsive internal mother) and
setting effective limits (which is like having a safe, powerful father
within)—brought their minds and bodies into balance and allowed
their drive to overeat to fade. These skills can be taught to people of
any age and are effective for other common excesses such as drinking,
smoking, overspending, and working. The skills find their way into the
thinking brain—our emotional core. I have adapted some of these
skills to help adults who were emotionally abused or deprived to
essentially “grow themselves up” and give themselves the skills their
parents did not give them.

This book will not simply cover old ground. While I will spend
some time defining emotional abuse and describing its effects, I
focus primarily on healing, especially in regard to helping readers
to raise their self-esteem and improve their self-image. (Refer to
my earlier books The Emotionally Abused Woman, Encouragements
for the Emotionally Abused Woman, and The Emotionally Abusive
Relationship for more information on emotional abuse and its effects.)
I have organized this book around several themes, including “The
Seven Types of Emotionally Abusive or Neglectful Parents” and “The
Seven Most Common Parental Mirrors.” I provide specific advice and
strategies for healing for each of the destructive parental mirrors and
specific strategies for dealing with each of the seven types of emotionally
abusive parents—all using my Mirror Therapy concepts and strategies.

There are other unique aspects to Healing Your Emotional Self.
Most of my books on emotional abuse have been focused on the issue
of relationships—how adults who were abused or neglected as children
can avoid losing themselves in their relationships, how they can
avoid being reabused, and how they can avoid passing on the abuse to
a partner or to their children. Healing Your Emotional Self focuses on
the self—how readers can become reunited with the self, how they
can create a positive self separate from their abusive parents’ distorted
picture of them, and how they can raise their self-esteem. In
addition, the book focuses on helping readers to overcome their
tendency toward self-blame, self-hatred, and self-destructiveness.
I also cover a subject that has not been focused on in self-help
books: the effects on adults who experienced parental neglect in
childhood. Many who were neglected will continually search for
someone who will give to them what they missed out on in their childhood.
This naturally sets them up to be used, victimized, or abused by
their partners. Others suffer from a constant feeling of worthlessness,
emptiness, deep loneliness, and confusion, and they are unable to
sustain intimate relationships.
I will also discuss another issue that is seldom if ever covered in
most self-help books—the effects of parental smothering on a child—
which can be just as damaging as neglect.

Many people are preoccupied with their looks and even more are
critical of them. While some depend on diets, exercise regimes, and
cosmetic surgery to help them like what they see in the mirror, others
recognize that they will never be happy with what they see unless they
raise their self-esteem. This book takes raising your self-esteem to an
entirely different level. It teaches a system that can actually help heal
the damage caused by negative parental messages.

Table of Contents
Acknowledgments ix
Introduction 1
Part One
How Your Parents Shape Your Self-Esteem,
Self-Image, and Body Image
1 Our Parents as Mirrors 9
2 The Seven Types of Negative Parental Mirrors 29
3 Your Body as a Mirror 63
4 How Mirror Therapy Works 77
Part Two
Shattering Your Distorted Parental Mirror
5 Rejecting Your Parents’ Negative Reflection 87
6 Emotionally Separating from Your Parents 104
7 Quieting and Countering Your Inner Critic 117
Part Three
Creating a New Mirror
8 Looking Deeper into the Mirror:
Discovering the Real You 139
9 Providing for Yourself What You Missed as a Child 156
10 Learning to Love Your Body 175
Part Four
Specialized Help
11 If You Were Neglected, Rejected, or Abandoned: Healing
the “I Am Unlovable” and “I Am Worthless” Mirrors 187
12 If You Were Overprotected or Emotionally Smothered:
Healing the “I Am Nothing without My Parent” Mirror 204
13 If You Were Overly Controlled or Tyrannized:
Healing the “I Am Powerless” Mirror 212
14 If You Had Overly Critical, Shaming, or Perfectionistic
Parents: Healing the “I Am Bad,” “I Am Unacceptable,”
and “I Am Not Good Enough” Mirrors 220
15 If You Had a Self-Absorbed or Narcissistic Parent:
Healing the “I Don’t Matter” Mirror 229
16 Continuing to Heal 238
Appendix: Recommended Therapies 243
References 249
Recommended Reading 251
Index 255

Healing your Emotional Self - A Powerful Program to Help you Raise your Self-Esteem, Quiet your Inner Critic, and Overcome your Shame
Published by John Wiley & Sons, Inc., Hoboken, New Jersey
Published simultaneously in Canada

Printed in the United States of America

Healing the Body, Transforming Consciousness

Master Yap Soon-Yeong & Chok C. Hiew, Ph.D.

Writers Club Press

San Jose New York Lincoln Shanghai

Energy Medicine in CFQ Healing- Healing the Body, Transforming Consciousness
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 978-1-4697-9605-5 (ebook)
 2002 by Yap Soon Yeong
 and Chok C. Hiew

Master Yap Soon-Yeong
I have been a provider of alternative, indigenous medicine for the past
twelve years. I do not use herbs, exotic remedies, nutrients, acupuncture,
suction cups, moxibustion, massage, bone-setting, laying on of hands,
chanting, prayer, finger-pointing, hand-shining, magnetic therapy,
peculiar instruments and equipment and shamanic practices. Someone
who comes to me for treatment simply lies down comfortably (often
falling asleep) for a half hour while I sit quietly at a distance of three feet
from their head. Then I teach that client and my students a kind of slow
dance-like exercise which, as contrasted with common exercises, does
not require any strength. Students also do a kind of moving meditation
while absorbed in their own vigorous dance.
Ever since I became a full time alternative energy practitioner in early
1989, I have treated, at my Energy Healing Center, 8000 people with
various illnesses and health problems. My work is becoming
increasingly more known. My friend of nine years, Dr. Chok Hiew, a
psychology professor at a Canadian University has taken an exceptional
interest in my healing. Chok, who has had a life-long interest in
meditation, eastern healing arts, and various states of consciousness
found it so promising that he learned my CFQ and has been promoting
this approach to healing and spiritual transformation at numerous
training workshops and conferences in the USA, Canada and South East
Asia. The participants in these groups are mostly therapists, health-care
professionals, and clinicians. Chok also authored two books about it:
“Energy Meditation: Healing the Body, Freeing the Spirit-In
Conversation with Master Yap Soon Yeong,” and, “ Tao of Healing:
The Incredible Golden Light.”
My system makes a break from Western medicine, Oriental medicine,
supplements and herbal remedies, Shamanism and Qigong. For the
Chinese community, there are medicinal halls or stores run by traditional
Chinese physicians that are stocked with imported and local herbs, roots,
insects, reptile and animal parts, and packaged ready-touse herbal
remedies. The ingredients are sometimes brewed in a clay pot of water
for several hours. The taste is frequently awful. It appears, however, that
the number of these medicinal halls is dwindling. Vitamins,
supplements, and herbal remedies became popular in the 1980’s and
90’s, often claimed to have been prepared from ancient secret formulae,
promising cure and prevention of all diseases. However, interest in these
seem to have faded in the last few years. Shamanism too has also been
very much an indigenous part of Asian culture. Consulting and seeking
divine intervention is commonplace. The ethnic Malay community may
seek help from “bomohs”or medicine men reputed to possess
supernatural powers and acknowledged as healers; the Chinese seek out
temple mediums who go into a trance and offer advice and remedies; the
Indians have their Hindu temples where advice on treating disease is
available. Shamans ranging from temple mediums (using Taoist beliefs),
monks (trained in Theravada Buddhism), Malay bomohs, Taoist
exorcists and religious consultants, to name a few, are all available.
Meditative systems of exercise called Qigong became popular in the
late 70’s and early 80’s where under the practitioner developed the
ability to cure diseases with supernatural powers acquired through such
practices. Many forms of Qigong issued from Taiwan and mainland
China. Between 1985 and 1995, large groups of people were seen
practicing energy exercise in the parks every morning and there was an
upsurge of claims of the Qigong masters. In the past three years or so
interest in Qigong had declined, probably because too much was
promised and too little delivered. The recent crackdowns in mainland
China contributed to the awareness of its ineffectiveness.
My system does not employ any of the above methods. I started my
energy healing without claiming any lineage from China and so my
worth as a healer was, at first, in question. However, my CFQ healing
system has steadily gained acceptance and is getting known far and wide.
In writing this book, I make no attempts to cite other books. The
healing strategies reported are all derived from the insights of
“instinctual knowledge” gained in meditative states of wisdom. Prior to
learning deep meditation for finding solutions to healing issues, I read
several hundred books in a hope for developing better skills. But, since
1993, I have found treating disease through meditation more effective so
that I have now become totally reliant on this method. Reading draws in
information that blocks me from picking up intuitive wisdom.
This book narrates an experiential account of my involvement with
CFQ, its development, training methods for promoting self-healing and
healing others, and discoveries related to treating untreatable and
incurable illnesses. I wish to present this book in a direct, clear, and
reader-friendly style. I have entrust Dr. Hiew with this task. The theme
of this book is to relax, be at peace, and allow your vast human
resilience spirit sort out your problems. The techniques presented here
are for you to care for yourself. You can learn to be self reliant in
overcoming all health problems. Our primordial human birthright is to
live a healthy and long life. This book is offered to help you learn how
to lay claim to that privilege.
A Case Example: The dying woman was gasping for breath with
jerky tremors down her legs. Her eyelids were wide opened, the eyes
dull and completely rolled up showing the whites. Her mouth was
gaping with a protruding, folded tongue that was dessicate. She had
been this way since lapsing into coma after a massive stroke several
days earlier. After being hospitalized for five days she was released and
the family made arrangements for the funeral. It was obvious that she
would be gone at any moment. I told the family that although no one
could do anything for her, I could give it a try. They agreed.

After a few minutes tapping and stroking down on her abdomen and
body, I went into a twenty-minute meditation. Nothing obvious
happened other than that her breathing appeared to deepen and her
kicking motions were reduced. I told the family that I would return in
two days if needed. Against all expectations, she continued to survive.
On my next visit, I noticed that her eyes were opened slightly, moving
normally and blinking frequently. Her tongue had receded and was
moist with normal saliva. Fluid had returned to her body, an important
sign of recovery in TCM (Traditional Oriental Medicine). Her body was
supple and she could breathe easily. There was a whitish membrane
over her eyes and tongue. Blisters were evident all over her mouth
(which took two weeks more to clear). She was coming out of her coma.

I continued with twice-weekly treatments. After seven weeks, I reduced
it to once a week. By the fifth session, even though she was unable to
talk or move, her expression showed recognition of visitors. She was
attentive and tears were evident during conversations. Ten sessions
later she could move her neck, sit up to watch TV and show visible
reactions. Her rigid limbs were gradually relaxing and moving.
Throughout this period she was fed with liquid food, without any medication.

By the twentieth session her consciousness, awareness and memory
seemed largely to have returned. Her expressions showed understanding
and she could respond to questions about what she liked and disliked.
She tried to speak by making sounds. She could move all four limbs
slowly, albeit with limited mobility. The amazing part was that her
paralyzed side did not lag very much behind in recovery except for some
visible wasting of muscles. She could by now be seated in a car and be driven around.

Perfect Peace equals
Perfect Boundlessness equals
Compassion-Relaxation-foy equals
Complete freedom and harmony equals
Emptiness of all that conflicts with your Perfection.
Equals the Ultimate Destiny
Ushering in CFQ
The need for treatment of diseases is obvious. Large numbers of people
with health problems are busily seeking remedies. There maybe an
equally large group suffering pain passively. These people are resigned to
the idea that nothing can help them. They have not benefited either from
mainstream medicine or the methods of alternative medicine tried, or
ready-to-use remedies and food supplements. For their sakes it is very
important to discern what went wrong.

The reality is that healing originates from a person’s own system.
Any external help, remedies, or medication can at best only enhance a
person’s bodily functions enabling them to overcome problems from
within. When a person develops an attitude of dependency on other
people or some remedy, that person limits the power of their body’s
natural wisdom. While all problems are real and need genuine attention,
many are intensified by the mind’s fabrications. Looking for people to fix
a problem seems natural. It is apparently justified in the sufferer’s hard
work making money to spend on their cure. They often can not forgive
themselves for failing to get even the most expensive treatment.
However, treatment itself sometimes gives rise to side effects that can
become life threatening.

For a person’s bodily system to function well and thus clear problems
or prevent problems the body must relax and settle down. This initiates
the stilling of the heart, which reduces emotional conflicts and
disturbances, slows down mental anxiety, and loosens the body. All this
activates the self-repair response. This is the self reliant procedure
needed. We simply cannot depend solely upon experts to bring about
desired changes. People must spend time each day to make the right
things happen. Without that their efforts are not good enough.

The development of medical science and health care services
approaches can be seen as natural efforts arising from our need to deal
with the problems of life. They are part of the “methods-of-the-world,”
health-seeking creations inspired by the “ fix it” mentality. Disease
remedies range from conventional, recognized medical approaches to
alternative medical approaches to less reputable approaches. Whatever
your choice, if it solves your problem and if you are not worried about
any future problems, there may be no need to introduce any new
possibilities into your life. If, however, you are interested in out-of-theworld
methods, CFQ training promises a true cure for a variety of
diseases including the eradication of the suffering brought by pain and
discomfort. Nature has given you a body that is energetically functional,
ordered to keeping you alive without any problems for your entire
lifespan. It is hardly in your best interests to tamper with this order by
being negative. A simple willingness to accept your problems will
reduce your pain and suffering by undermining the anxiety and anger that
often arise from negative thoughts and attitudes. Let go, let your body
relax, let your muscles loosen. Disease symptoms will dissipate and
healing can begin its course.

What about CFQ training? Sincerity, justice and honesty are required.
If anyone is not willing to examine the effects of their practice honestly
they waste their time trying the process. Benefits will only be temporary
as they convince themselves that the practice is not effective. The
“ undoing” feature of CFQ is the direct opposite of normal “ doing.”
Undoing can lack excitement and may even seem boring for beginners.
Such boredom, if observed without judgment and allowed to persist over
a period of time, reveals the deeper experiences of peace and joy.
Excitement arouses the body’s systems making a person feel happy and
satisfied but it also fabricates a craving and leaves behind a residue which
eventually leads to ill-health (a high price to pay).The person becomes
compelled by the craving to constantly look for excitement. The absence
of further excitement makes the person feel lost and depressed. Peace and
joy arise from stillness or not-doing. They are profound, lasting and healing.

During practice, the letting-go of negative traits and tendencies from
deep within arouses the mind. Attempts to fight the thoughts will make
them stronger and entangle you deeper. The right way, the way that is in
your best interest, is to detach yourself from the thoughts and allow them
to say whatever they like. In this way, destructive thoughts cannot pick a
fight with you. You loosen their power and grip on you, dissolving and
clearing them out. Proceed with your practice unconditionally. It is not
worth giving anything distracting power, not even your diseases, health
problems, or whether you get well or not. Getting well is natural. Don’t
think of it as impossible. Detach, let go. Just do your practice, everyday,
the same as you eat, work, bathe, sleep, read papers, or watch TV.

With an appreciation of letting-go and freedom from any intention to
fabricate or retain sensations, CFQ practice eventually leads to a state of
the “sensation of no sensations.” During such practice, you feel freedom,
boundlessness, looseness, weightlessness, peace, joyousness and a
of the body. The pleasant sensations continue throughout the rest of the
day. Normal physical activities become effortless. The mind becomes
clear, quiet and alert, and thinking becomes sharp. The spirit becomes
peaceful and centered so that hardly any incident can provoke an
emotional disturbance. In this way the body’s systems are brought
to optimum functioning. Where is pain and suffering then? The
question is irrelevant as diseases do not arise in this state.
Transformation and transcendence are set on course. 
One’s final destiny approaches.

Table of Contents
Early Intimations
Qigong and Energy Medicine
Roots of Disease
Chaoyi Fanhuan Qigong: CFQ
Dynamic Qigong Cleansing:
Meridian-Organ Exercise
Goal of CFQ Energy
Complementary Techniques:
Sit, Walk, Heal
The Heart Sutra: Prajna
Becoming A Healer
CFQ For Children
Psychological Disorders
Healthy Aging and
Healing Paralysis and Injuries
Cerebral Stroke: Treatment
and Prevention
Reviving Comatose Patients
Resilience To Overcome Cancer
Path of Healing & Recovery
Books on CFQ

Energy Medicine in CFQ Healing- Healing the Body, Transforming Consciousness
Printed in the United States of America

Writers Club Press
an imprint of iUniverse, Inc.

For information address:
iUniverse, Inc.
5220 S. 16th St., Suite 200
Lincoln, NE 68512

The Transformational Healing Power of Past-Life Memories

Brian L. Weiss and Amy E. Weiss

1. Reincarnation therapy. 2. Regression (Psychology)

Miracles Happen- The Transformational Healing Power of Past-Life Memories
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 2012 by Brian L. Weiss, Amy E. Weiss

About the Author
BRIAN WEISS, M.D., is America’s leading authority in past-life regression
therapy. A graduate of Columbia University and Yale School of Medicine,
Weiss is the author of multiple books including the New York Times bestseller
Many Lives, Many Masters. Visit him online at

AMY E. WEISS graduated summa cum laude, Phi Beta Kappa, from Columbia
University with a B.A. in psychology. She received a Master of Fine Arts in
fiction writing from Washington University in St. Louis, where she won the
Carrie S. Galt prize for fiction, and a Master of Social Work from Barry
University. A certified hypnotherapist and award-winning nature photographer,
she lives in Miami, Florida.

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HarperCollins authors.

On a beautiful summer afternoon in New York in July 2010, my wife, Carole,
and I were driving up the tree-lined Taconic Parkway toward the Omega
Institute, a rustic retreat center where we teach an intensive course on past-life
regressions. We love teaching this course. Incredible events happen every day,
again and again. Participants not only remember past lives but have amazing
spiritual or healing experiences, find soul mates, receive messages from departed
loved ones, access profound wisdom and knowledge, or encounter some other
mystical and marvelous event. Carole and I have witnessed such lifetransforming
occurrences over the years in these workshops and trainings, and
we feel blessed to be able to facilitate and observe them. Often we do not know
that a particularly powerful experience has just transpired in the workshop. The
person may need time to process it, and we will only hear of it in a later e-mail or letter.

At that moment on the sun-dappled highway, Carole’s BlackBerry buzzed
with an e-mail describing another one of these wonderful workshop healings, a
message relaying such ancient wisdom yet arriving to us through this most
modern technology. The timing was perfect, for we were about to reenter the
very place where we had observed so many similar happenings. We never knew
exactly which amazing events and changes would transpire—only that they
would. Carole turned to me and observed in her wise, understated way:
“Sometimes miracles happen.”
Indeed, sometimes they do. The miracles may be large ones that affect the
entire group. They may be small and silent. No matter their scope, the
transformation is permanent. Relationships are repaired. Souls are nourished.
Lives acquire newer and deeper meaning. Miracles happen.
A miracle happened for me on the day that a patient named Catherine walked
into my office and introduced me to an entire spiritual universe that I had never
believed to exist. My earlier books contain a very detailed account of her
experiences, and they describe how her life was permanently altered for the
better as a result of them. My own life was affected at least as much. Before
uncovering her amazing past-life memories, I had been a left-brained, obsessivecompulsive
academic. I had graduated magna cum laude, Phi Beta Kappa, with a
degree in chemistry from Columbia University. I earned my medical degree
from the Yale University School of Medicine, where I was the chief resident in
psychiatry. Completely skeptical of “unscientific” fields such as parapsychology
and reincarnation, I was the chairman of a prestigious psychiatry department at
Mount Sinai Medical Center in Miami, and I had authored more than forty
scientific articles and book chapters in the fields of psychopharmacology, brain
chemistry, and Alzheimer’s disease. Catherine turned my skepticism—and my
life—upside down.

Although it has been over thirty years since that day, I still remember the
very first time that she crossed the invisible boundary of her current life and
entered the realm of other lifetimes. She was in a deeply relaxed state, her
eyelids lightly shut but her concentration intense.
“There are big waves knocking down trees,” she whispered in a hoarse voice
as she described an ancient scene. “There’s no place to run. It’s cold; the water is
cold. I have to save my baby, but I cannot . . . just have to hold her tight. I
drown; the water chokes me. I can’t breathe, can’t swallow . . . salty water. My
baby is torn out of my arms.” Her body had tensed; her breathing accelerated.
Suddenly, her body and her breathing relaxed completely.
“I see a cloud . . . my baby is with me. And others from my village. I see my brother.”
My skepticism needed more time to erode, but the process had begun.
Catherine’s severe symptoms began to disappear as she remembered more
scenes from this and other prior lifetimes. I knew that imagination could not
dissolve such chronic symptoms; only actual memories could. Catherine would
go on to remember many historical facts and details from her past lives, which
we were sometimes able to confirm. She was also able to relate private truths
from my own life, truths that she had no obvious way of knowing or discovering.
She would tell me these personal facts while she floated in that beautifully
relaxed state in between physical lifetimes.
Those powerful evidential encounters with Catherine began to open my mind
and to erase my doubts. I found other reputable clinicians conducting regressions
and research, and I became further convinced. Ever since Many Lives, Many
Masters, my first book, was published in 1988, I have treated over four thousand
individual patients using past-life regression therapy and many, many more in
large groups during my experiential workshops. Each case validates and
confirms, teaches and expands. Each case reveals more of life’s mystery. In that
time, I have met with past-life pioneers and luminaries from all over the world.
Where there was once disbelief, there is now carefully collected knowledge and
wisdom. The stories in this book will propel you on the very same path and lead
you from doubt to discovery. Just open your own mind and let this miraculous journey begin.

In the workshops that I conduct, approximately two-thirds of the audience
successfully remembers episodes from previous lives. Their memories and
recollections frequently heal emotional and physical maladies. Symptoms
resolve even though the memory may not be absolutely accurate, for an error in
recall does not negate the truth and importance of the memory. As an example,
in a regression you may recall the trauma, chaos, and even the entire emotional
reaction of your mother when you were three years old and ran into the street,
almost getting hit by a black Buick. When you check with your mother, it turns
out that the car was a navy blue Cadillac. Otherwise, everything else in your
recall was accurate. This slight degree of distortion is acceptable. Memory is not
literal time travel. And if, in describing the memory of the near accident, you
used a word that you did not learn until you were twelve, this is also fine. Your
observing and describing mind is your present-day consciousness, not your
three-year-old brain. You never actually stepped into a time machine. Hypnosis
is the tool I use to help people recall such childhood events—and more. Many of
my patients and the people who have attended my workshops are able to
remember events not only from their childhood but also from when they were in
their mothers’ wombs, from that mystical state when they were in between lives,
and from past lives.

Throughout the years, I have encountered people whose preconceived notions
about past-life regression therapy have compelled them to dismiss the concept
entirely. They argue that the memories are distorted or inaccurate, as I have
addressed above, or that its therapeutic effects can be ascribed to wishful
thinking, or that everyone who has a regression erroneously identifies
themselves as a famous historical figure in a past life. Such critics are vocal but
misinformed. This book contains numerous stories of people who have
undergone or performed their own regressions, and together they present a
catalog of an incredible diversity of experiences that definitively challenges such
assumptions. Its pages contain far more recollections of paupers and peasants
than people of prominence. Imagination or fantasy does not cure deeply
entrenched physical or mental conditions, yet this book is brimming with
examples of how remembering our past lifetimes does—and neither the patient
nor the therapist even needs to believe in this concept for the healing to occur,
just as neither Catherine nor I did at first. The stories in this book, like a
microcosm of the entire field of regression therapy, illustrate a widely varying
range of past lives, yet they also point again and again to the fundamental
commonalities in our soul’s journey and evolution. To open your mind to their
truths—that we are immortal and eternal beings who have lived before and will
live again, that we are all one, and that we are all here on Earth to learn lessons
of love and compassion—is, to borrow from that well-known quote, to take one
important step for a man and one giant leap for mankind.

Whenever my patients and workshop participants successfully remember one
of their past lives, a direct avenue to divine wisdom and to physical or emotional
wellness is established. The awareness that we have had multiple lifetimes,
separated by spiritual interludes on the other side, helps to dissolve the fear of
death and to bring more peace and joy into the present moment. Sometimes, just
the remembrance of past-life traumas leads to incredible insights and healings.
This is the rapid route.
Those who have not had a past-life memory can attain understanding and an
enhanced perspective by witnessing or reading about the experiences of others.
An empathic identification can be a powerful transformative stimulus. This is an
alternative route, where the direction of progress is more important than the
speed. We will all eventually reach a state of enlightened awareness.
Reincarnation, the concept that we have all lived past lives, is the door
through which I entered a greater level of understanding. Catherine opened the
door for me, and I have subsequently held it open for many more.
But there are many doors. People have accessed the higher realms through
near-death experiences, through mystical encounters, or through meditation.
Others have had a sudden insight or “aha” moment. All doors lead to the same
place: a transcendent recognition that our true nature is spiritual, not physical.
There often is a simultaneous awareness that we are all interconnected and that
we are somehow manifestations of one energy.
The author Paolo Coelho writes: “Life is the train, not the station.” On our
soul’s journey home to a state of infinite love and wisdom, a journey filled with
mystery and miracles, we rest, recuperate, and reflect at the stations, in between
lifetimes, until it is time to board again: another train, another body. There is
only one home and eventually we will all return there, sooner or later. It is a
place of bliss. This book will help you find its shores.
The treasure of this book lies in the stories carefully nurtured and harvested
by readers and workshop participants over the past twenty-three years. Shared
here, the experiences underlie and honor everything that I have written about and
taught. In a thousand voices, these stories validate not only the phenomena of
past-life regressions but the entire psychospiritual universe. You will read of
souls and soul mates, of the life that is found after death, of present lives being
utterly transformed by encounters with the past. The stories share how mind and
body can be profoundly and permanently healed. They tell how grief can be
changed to comfort and hope, and how the spiritual world interpenetrates and
enriches our physical world at all times. These stories are filled with wisdom,
love, and deep knowledge. They are humorous and serious, brief and extensive,
but always wise and instructive. Gleaned from all over the world, the shared
experiences will help many thousands of souls toiling through their current lives.
Helping others to heal, to understand, and to progress along their spiritual paths
is the soul’s noblest duty.

Reading the stories and reflections in this book is like experiencing a hundred
vicarious regressions. Powerful resonances to the reader’s own latent past-life
memories stimulate the subconscious and elicit a heightened awareness. The
deeper mind discovers new possibilities of physical and emotional healing. A
comprehension of our higher nature—that we are the soul, not the body or the
brain—leads to profound shifts in our core values and aspirations. And then the
most important transformation of all begins. Our consciousness awakens, opens
its divine but dormant eyes, and discerns its spiritual path. The stories that have
been selected to be in this book do not merely describe these gentle wake-up
calls, they provide them. To read them is to be changed in some ineffable yet indelible way.

At that moment of awakening, when we discover our inherent nature as
eternal beings, doubt disappears. As if an ancient alchemist sprinkled his magic
dust on us, fear is permanently transmuted into inner peace, despair into hope,
sadness into joy, hate into love. At the level of the soul, anything can happen.
Words have their own alchemical power. This book is not a collection of
stories; it is a collection of transformative possibilities. By reading about and
empathizing with the regression experiences of others, we gain a deep
connection to their immense wisdom. A link to an incredibly wise and loving
cosmic process is established and gradually strengthened, story by story. Each
one that has been chosen for this book facilitates those empathic connections and
provides accessible insights into the deeper nature of our souls, our purpose on
the earth, and our healing potential. My commentary, I hope, helps to clarify
these themes even more. As you read of others’ mystical encounters, the
likelihood of having one of your own becomes increased. The stories set the
table, and now the special guest can enter. They shine light on an entire
metaphysical philosophy. The concepts of reincarnation and past-life regression
demonstrate the reality and essence of our higher self and our higher purpose.
The techniques and teachings found in the following chapters can be used by all
to improve your lives, to endure along your spiritual path, to experience more
love and happiness right now, and to understand that there is no need to fear, as
we are all immortal. We are all souls.

My daughter, Amy, is a therapist as well as a writer and an editor. She and I
collected hundreds of submissions from people who had a meaningful memory
to share. We carefully read and reread each one, selecting those that we felt
would highlight an important point, provide a platform for teaching, and, most of
all, illuminate our shared life lessons. Their beauty and their insights were
frequent topics of discussion around the family dinner table. Amy and I worked
as a team to write this book. Sometimes, my words give poetry and purpose to
her thoughts; sometimes, her words give form and finish to my thoughts; but at
all times, both flow into each other seamlessly. It has been such a pleasure and a
blessing to be able to work with her on this project. Yet the most important
collaborator by far consists of you, the authors of its stories. Without you to
truthfully, bravely, and eloquently share your experiences, this book would not
exist. Without you, there would be no words. You are the inspiration for its
creation and the conduit for its healings.

This book is not necessarily designed to be read in one sitting, for its stories
are rich and layered with lessons. Wander leisurely in their wisdom. Linger with
them awhile. Feel their emotions and textures. You might find parallels with
your own life experiences, and these are worth taking the time to explore.
Reread the stories as many times as necessary. Each time that I do, I unfailingly
discover new and deeper levels of meaning. You will also quickly notice that
these stories are not just about past lifetimes. As I have mentioned, reincarnation
is a doorway into an expanded consciousness and incredibly rich vistas of
spiritual knowledge and wisdom. What is on the other side of the door is more
important than the door, even though the door itself is fabulous.
The stories that you are about to read are examples of our inexorable progress
toward spiritual perfection. They point the way; they illuminate the steps. They
are like multifaceted jewels that we have collected but that are meant to be
shared. The facets of one seem to reflect all of the others. Although I have
created chapters, the jewels really mirror one another and so could be located
anywhere and everywhere, like holographic gems.
Years ago, I had dreamed about humans as these jewels, and I described the
image in Many Lives, Many Masters:
It is as if a large diamond were to be found inside each person. Picture a
diamond a foot long. The diamond has a thousand facets, but the facets are
covered with dirt and tar. It is the job of the soul to clean each facet until the
surface is brilliant and can reflect a rainbow of colors.

Now, some have cleaned many facets and gleam brightly. Others have only
managed to clean a few; they do not sparkle so. Yet, underneath the dirt, each
person possesses within his or her breast a brilliant diamond with a thousand
gleaming facets. The diamond is perfect, not one flaw. The only differences
among people are the number of facets cleaned. But each diamond is the same,
and each is perfect.
When all the facets are cleaned and shining forth in a spectrum of lights,
the diamond returns to the pure energy that it was originally. The lights
remain. It is as if the process that goes into making the diamond is reversed,
all that pressure released. The pure energy exists in the rainbow of lights, and
the lights possess consciousness and knowledge.
And all of the diamonds are perfect.
Here are more diamonds.

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4 - Freedom from Emotional Pain
5 - Healing Physical Symptoms and Illnesses
6 - Letting Go of Grief
7 - Intuition and Other Psychic Abilities
8 - One of a Kind
9 - Eternal Relationships
10 - Lessons That Animals Teach
11 - Short and Sweet
12 - Spiritual and Mystical Experiences

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