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Over 300 Delicious Whole Foods Recipes, Including Gluten-Free, Dairy-Free, Soy-Free, and Egg-Free Dishes

Alissa Segersten & Tom Malterre MS, CN

Cover design by Brigid Pearson

Cover copyright © 2014 by Hachette Book Group, Inc.

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 2014 by Whole Life Nutrition

About the Authors
Alissa Segersten received her bachelor of science in nutrition from Bastyr
University in Kenmore, Washington. She is the previous owner of a personal
chef business in Seattle, Washington, that successfully addressed the health and
lifestyle needs of many families with her delicious, healthy cooking. She is
currently a cooking instructor, empowering people with cooking skills and
knowledge of whole foods so that they may reconnect with the pleasure in eating
delicious, nourishing food. Her popular recipe blog,
is filled with healthy, wholesome gluten-free recipes.

Tom Malterre MS, CN holds both a bachelor’s and master’s degree in nutrition
from Bastyr University. Tom is a faculty member of the Autism Research
Institute and a clinical nutritionist for Whole Life Nutrition. He has been invited
to speak at the Washington Association for Naturopathic Physicians, the Ontario
Association for Naturopathic Physicians, the British Columbia Association for
Naturopathic Physicians, the International College of Integrative Medicine, the
National College for Naturopathic Medicine, Boucher Institute for Naturopathic
Medicine, the Southwest College of Naturopathic Medicine, and Bastyr
University. Tom has trained with the Institute for Functional Medicine for over 7
years. Tom specializes in whole body wellness—looking at all factors of a
person’s life to bring about healing. Stress, environmental toxicants, nutritional
deficiencies, and epigenetics all contribute to a decline in health. Whole Life
Nutrition encompasses all aspects of life to get to the root of the health issues.

Let food be thy medicine and medicine be thy food.

The diet and environment that humans have evolved with over the last tens of
thousands of years have changed drastically within the last several decades. With
these changes have come rising rates of obesity, skin disorders, childhood and
adult cancers, heart disease, diabetes, and more. There is overwhelming evidence
now that our food choices drastically affect our state of health. Humans are not
meant to have high cholesterol, high blood pressure, high blood sugar, chronic
pain, or other common health problems. These health conditions are often a
result of dietary, environmental, and lifestyle factors.
Food is powerful medicine. It is energy and information. Every molecule that
exists in our body was created from the food we eat, the water we drink, and the
air we breathe; we quite literally are what we eat! Whole foods, or foods in their
natural unrefined forms, offer us the vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants we
need to prevent and treat most diseases while creating a state of balance and
health within us. Whole grains, beans, nuts, seeds, vegetables, and fruits provide
thousands of important phytochemicals that work with our bodies to maintain
and build optimal health. Eating food is so much more than a way to fill our
bellies. Food affects our quality of life, how we look, how we feel, how much we
weigh, how much energy we have, how we age, and how healthy we are.

As children, we both learned that food is powerful medicine. Healthy eating was
hard-wired in our brains from the time we were very young.
When I was 10 years old, Dr. John McDougall, the renowned physician and
nutrition expert, was my family doctor. I watched and learned as he treated his
patients, including my family, using food as medicine. Seeing people reclaiming
their health with each and every forkful of food shifted my life’s purpose. This
interaction inspired me to learn all I could about nutritional sciences. While I
was attending Bastyr University for my first degree in nutrition, I met Ali. At the
time, I thought health food was reserved for people that had relatively inactive
taste buds. My personal meals were extremely healthy, but they never tasted very
good. I clearly remember my first dinner date over at Ali’s apartment where I got
to assist in preparing food. She taught me how to chop vegetables properly and
how to time the addition of every single ingredient to bring out the best color,
texture, and flavor of the dish. I found the food (and the company) absolutely
stunning! And I knew then that it would be possible for people to find bliss in
eating their way to optimal health. Early in 2004, while working on my master’s
degree in nutritional sciences, I decided to try a raw food cleanse to see if it
would help with my digestive discomforts. Within a week, 90% of my issues had
either subsided or disappeared altogether. Upon the reintroduction of gluten, my
symptoms started to reappear. I began to delve deeply into the science behind
food sensitivities and health in order to help more people like myself. Could
eliminating gluten really be the answer for millions of people dealing with so
many health problems? I found that it did indeed play a very large role. My
studies at Bastyr reaffirmed how powerful nutrition really is and deepened my
awareness of food sensitivities and numerous other topics.
I, Alissa, feel grateful that my mother took the time to research nutrition and
health before I was born. She made the decision to make all of my baby food
from scratch instead of feeding me something that came in a jar. Looking at my
baby book, I noticed that some of my first foods were stewed beef, homemade
plain yogurt, and puréed steamed vegetables. It’s no wonder I’ve never liked
processed foods! My taste buds developed to prefer fresh, home-cooked whole
foods. By the time I was 10 years old I had taken over the kitchen and was
creating recipes using every ingredient imaginable. Some of those early
creations actually tasted good, but I’m sure many did not. When I moved away
and went to college I had to eat the required meal plan food for the first 2 years.
After the first year of eating processed cafeteria meals I petitioned the school to
allow me to stay off the meal plan and prepare my own food in my dorm room.
That’s when I first started shopping at small health food stores. I loved being in
charge of what I put in my body. The more research I did, the more I became
interested in food and nutrition. I decided to pursue a degree in nutrition to
deepen my understanding of everything I had learned thus far. That’s when I met
Tom. He had such a knack for nutritional biochemistry that I thought I better
study with him! He was able to break down hard-to-understand information into
something easy to digest. My studies in nutrition at Bastyr University deepened
my respect for food and its role in either keeping us healthy or making us sick.

Your health is your wealth. It’s like your personal bank account. You can make
deposits or withdrawals to it every day. The more deposits you make, the larger
your account, and hence the greater your health. The more withdrawals you
make—by eating processed foods or not getting enough sleep, for instance—the
smaller your bank account gets, and hence your health slowly begins to deteriorate.
Disease doesn’t happen overnight. Small withdrawals to your health happen
daily, depleting your health reserves over time. A child eating a diet filled with
processed foods may appear vibrant and healthy—they may even avoid seasonal
colds and flus—but what’s happening inside the body is a different story. That
child is slowly being depleted of what she needs to thrive. Health problems
might not occur right away—perhaps not until her mid-twenties—but eventually
things may begin to run amuck in her body: digestive distress, food allergies,
thyroid disorders, unexplained weight gain, or maybe even a cancer diagnosis.
The foods that most people are accustomed to eating are slowly killing them.
Our government—our taxpayer dollars—supports the production of many of
these toxic “foods.” These “food-like” substances that are sold in our grocery
stores and that are on the menus of restaurants nationwide are not compatible
with our human biology. Just walk down any grocery store aisle and pick up a
package. How many ingredients are on there that you can’t pronounce? You may
also see some ingredients you can pronounce, like wheat flour, soybean oil, and
sugar. Those don’t sound so bad, right? Maybe even healthy? What if we told
you that the wheat flour was sprayed with toxic herbicides—ones that damage
your digestive health—causing a leaky gut. Or that the soybean oil was
genetically engineered to withstand massive spraying of these herbicides? It was
then processed using solvents to extract the oil, then bleached and deodorized
with more toxic chemicals. And the sugar? When a label says sugar it most
likely means it came from genetically engineered sugar beets, which are grown
using a chemical soup of pesticides known to kill off honeybee colonies and
damage human health.
Our current food system is not designed for the health and well-being of the
people and the planet. Luckily, there are many healthy options you can choose to
build up your personal health bank account. In this book, we’ll help you do just
that. We want to guide you toward a Whole Life Nutrition lifestyle—a way of
eating that can change your health and life for the better. If you are running on
empty, it might take some time to repair your body, but it can happen!

We are all unique individuals, with different backgrounds, unique genetics (and
epigenetics), particular nutrient deficiencies, and accumulated environmental
toxins. It is of utmost importance to take into consideration this greater whole—
the bigger picture. We can no longer simply look at diet and its impact on health.
Many of the earlier studies in nutritional sciences were geared toward the
elementary thinking that nutrition was about counting calories, determining
optimal ratios of macronutrients like carbohydrates, proteins, and fats, along
with ingesting adequate amounts of vitamins and minerals. While these tasks
have their merits, we also need to consider the potential adverse effects of the
more than 80,000 chemicals that have been introduced into the natural world by industries.
Whole Life Nutrition takes into account everything that is being ingested by
an individual—whether it is coming from the food we eat, the air we breathe, or
the water we drink. After taking into account the body’s toxicity from industry
and nonorganic food, we look at immune function and digestive health—many
of the toxins in our environment cause digestive distress. Intestinal health plays a
key role in most modern diseases, including diabetes, obesity, heart disease,
mental disorders, and autoimmune disorders. When digestion and immune
functions are compromised, food sensitivities can manifest. Whole Life
Nutrition understands that removing food irritants like gluten, dairy, corn, eggs,
and soy provides an opportunity for the intestines to begin the healing process.
There isn’t a perfect diet or one perfect approach to healing. There are just
too many variables. You can let an organic, whole foods diet be your starting
point and then refine it to meet your needs. Each individual is unique, and some
people benefit tremendously from a plant-based diet, while others benefit by
using an animal-based diet for healing. This book is meant to guide you in
choosing what is right for you in this moment and beyond, and provide you with
many delicious, nourishing recipes to assist you on your journey.
We have developed over 300 fabulous-tasting recipes using nutritious whole
foods that promote optimal health. All the recipes in this book are gluten-free.
Most recipes are free of dairy, soy, and eggs as well; however, there are various
options for using these ingredients in some recipes. Many of the recipes in this
book are healthier versions of traditional favorites and some may be very new to
you. If you feel overwhelmed and don’t know where to begin, then simply start
by making a few of the recipes that look familiar to you. As your cooking
repertoire builds, so will your confidence, and soon you will want to try other recipes.

In this book, you will also find useful information about environmental
toxicity and how to protect yourself, how food sensitivities affect your health,
the basics of a whole foods diet, stocking your whole foods pantry, quick
nutritious breakfasts, cooking beans and whole grains, selecting and storing fresh
produce, adding more vegetables to your diet, and nutritious snack ideas!
Lasting dietary change takes time. You don’t need to do it all at once.
Remember that nourishing ourselves is a process and that making small changes
can be enough to begin. The Whole Life Nutrition Cookbook was created under
the premise that food can be both healing and delicious. Food is pleasure and
eating is something we do throughout the day, every day, for our entire lives.
Why not create a daily diet that heals our bodies and is absolutely satisfying to
all of our senses? As we partake in the joy of eating nutritious organic food, we
share this experience with others and together we build a healthier community,
country, and planet.

Table of Contents
Title Page
Part I
Chapter 1: The Whole Diet Story
Chapter 2: The Whole Food Sensitivity Story
Chapter 3: Digestive Health
Chapter 4: The Whole Toxicity Story
Chapter 5: Organics, Your Health, and the Planet
Part II
Chapter 6: The Basics of a Whole Foods Diet
Chapter 7: Making the Change
Chapter 8: Stocking Your Whole Foods Kitchen
Chapter 9: Essential Cooking Equipment
Chapter 10: Definition of Cooking Techniques
Part III
Chapter 11: Get Cultured!
Chapter 12: Smoothies
Chapter 13: Breakfast
Chapter 14: Fresh Breads and Muffins
Chapter 15: Soups
Chapter 16: Fresh Salads and Vegetables
Chapter 17: Whole Grains
Chapter 18: Vegetarian Main Dishes
Chapter 19: Fish, Poultry, and Meat
Chapter 20: Dressings, Dips, and Sauces
Chapter 21: Healthy Snacks
Chapter 22: Nutritious Desserts
Chapter 23: Beverages
About the Authors
Measurement Equivalents


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First ebook edition: April 2014

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Introducting The Witcher

by Andrzej Sapkowski

This book is a work of fiction. Names, characters, places, and incidents are the
product of the author's imagination or are used fictitiously. Any resemblance to
actual events, locales, or persons, living or dead, is coincidental.
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Book Details
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 Original text 1993 by Andrzej Sapkowski
 English translation 2007 by Danusia Stok
 Excerpt from Ores 1999 by Stan Nicholls

Geralt, steadying the carafe's pewter stopper with his
thumb, poured himself some wine, took a sip and
leaned back into his chair.
He was watching the monster with a smile. An exceptionally ugly one.
“Yeeees,” said Nivellen slowly, digging at the corner of his jaws with his
claw. “One has to admit you can answer questions without using many words.
It'll be interesting to see how you manage the next one. Who paid you to deal
with me?”
“No one. I’m here by accident.”
“You're not lying, by any chance?”
“I’m not in the habit of lying.”
“And what are you in the habit of doing? I’ve heard about witchers—they
abduct tiny children whom they feed with magic herbs. The ones who survive
become witchers themselves, sorcerers with inhuman powers. They're taught to
kill, and all human feelings and reactions are trained out of them. They're turned
into monsters in order to kill other monsters. I’ve heard it said it's high time
someone started hunting witchers, as there are fewer and fewer monsters and
more and more witchers. Do have some partridge before it's completely cold.”
Nivellen took the partridge from the dish, put it between his jaws and
crunched it like a piece of toast, bones cracking as they were crushed between
his teeth.
“Why don't you say anything?” he asked indistinctly, swallowing. “How much
of the rumors about you witchers is true?”
“Practically nothing.”
“And what's a lie?”
“That there are fewer and fewer monsters.”

Meet the Author
ANDRZEJ SAPKOWSKI was born in 1948 in Poland. He studied economy and business, but
the success of his fantasy cycle about the sorcerer Geralt de Riv turned him into
a bestselling writer. He is now one of Poland's most famous and successful authors.

Table of Contents


Meet the Author
A preview of "ORCS"

The Last Andrzej Sapkowski
First eBook Edition: May 2008

Hachette Book Group
237 Park Avenue
New York, NY 10017
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How to Control What You Can and Accept What You Can’t So You Can Stop Freaking Out and Get On With Your Life

Sarah Knight

Cover design by Lauren Harms
Cover copyright © 2018 by Hachette Book Group, Inc
Illustrations and hand lettering by Lauren Harms
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Book Details
 231 p
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 File Type
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 2018 by MCSnugz, Inc 

About the Author
Sarah Knight’s first book, The Life-Changing Magic of Not Giving a Fuck, has
been published in more than twenty languages, and her TEDx talk, “The Magic
of Not Giving a Fuck,” has more than four million views. All of the books in her
No Fucks Given Guides series have been international bestsellers, including Get
Your Shit Together, which was on the New York Times bestseller list for sixteen
weeks. Her writing has also appeared in Glamour, Harper’s Bazaar, Marie
Claire, Red, Refinery29, and elsewhere. After quitting her corporate job to
pursue a freelance life, she moved from Brooklyn, New York, to the Dominican
Republic, where she currently resides with her husband, two feral rescue cats,
and a shitload of lizards.
You can learn more and sign up for her newsletter at nofucks, follow Sarah on Twitter and Instagram @MCSnugz, and
follow the books @NoFucksGivenGuides (Facebook and Instagram) and
@NoFucksGiven (Twitter).

A note on the title
This is a book about anxiety—from the white noise of what-ifs to the white-hot
terror of a full-blown crisis. As such, you’d be forgiven for thinking I’m the
world’s biggest asshole for titling it as I have, since everyone knows that the first
entry on a long list of Unhelpful Things to Say to a Person Experiencing Anxiety
Indeed, when I’m upset and somebody tells me to calm down, I want to
murder them in swift and decisive fashion. So I see where you’d be coming from.
But this is also a book about problems—we’ve all got ’em—and calming
down is exactly what you need to do if you want to solve those problems. It is
what it is. So if it keeps you from wanting to murder the messenger, know that in
these pages I’m saying “Calm the fuck down” the same way I said “Get your shit
together” in the <cough> New York Times bestseller of the same name—not to
shame or criticize you, but to offer motivation and encouragement.
I promise that’s all I’m going for. (And that I’m not the world’s biggest
asshole; that honor belongs to whoever invented the vuvuzela.)
We cool? Excellent.
One more thing before we dive into all of that anxiety-reducing, problemsolving
goodness: I understand the difference between anxiety, the mental
illness, and anxiety, the temporary state of mind. I understand it because I
myself happen to possess a diagnosis of Generalized Anxiety and Panic
Disorder. (Write what you know, folks!)
So although a profanity-riddled self-help book is no substitute for
professional medical care, if you picked up Calm the Fuck Down because you’re
perennially, clinically anxious like me, in it you will find plenty of tips, tricks,
and techniques to help you manage that shit, which will allow you to move on to
the business of solving the problems that are feeding your anxiety in the first place.
But maybe you don’t have—or don’t realize you have, or aren’t ready to
admit you have—anxiety, the mental illness. Maybe you just get temporarily
anxious when the situation demands it (see: the white-hot terror of a full-blown
crisis). Never fear! Calm the Fuck Down will provide you with ample
calamity management tools for stressful times.
Plus maybe some tips, tricks, and techniques for dealing with that thing you
don’t realize or aren’t ready to admit you have.
Just sayin’.

I’d like to kick things off with a few questions:
• How many times a day do you ask yourself What if? As in: What if X
happens? What if Y goes wrong? What if Z doesn’t turn out like I
want/need/expect it to?
• How much time do you spend worrying about something that hasn’t
happened yet? Or about something that not only hasn’t happened, but
probably won’t?
• And how many hours have you wasted freaking out about something that
has already happened (or avoiding it, as a quiet panic infests your soul)
instead of just dealing with it?
It’s okay to be honest—I’m not trying to shame you. In fact, I’ll go first!
My answer is: Too many, too much, and a LOT. I assume yours is too,
because if the answer is Never, none, and ZERO, then you have no reason to be
reading this book (nor, I might add, the hard-won qualifications to have written it).
Well, I come bearing good news.
When we’re finished, the next time you come down with a case of the whatifs—
and whether they remain theoretical anxieties or turn into real, live
problems that need solvin’—instead of worrying yourself into a panic attack,
crying the day away, punching a wall, or avoiding things until they get even
worse, you’ll have learned to replace the open-ended nature of that unproductive
question with one that’s much more logical, realistic, and actionable:....

Table of Contents
Title Page
A note on the title
Shit happens
What, me worry?
Feat. The NoWorries Method
I can’t deal with this shit. (Or can I?)
SO YOU’RE FREAKING OUT: Acknowledge the real problem and
rein in your reaction
What seems to be the problem?
Everything is a tarantula
The evolution of a freakout
The Four Faces of Freaking Out
Anxiety, Sadness, Anger, and Avoidance
Mexican Airport Syndrome
Survey says: y’all are a bunch of freaks
Welcome to the Flipside
Feat. Freakout Faces: the Flipsides
Freakout funds
Time, energy, and money
3 ways in which overthinking wastes time, energy, and money
The Fourth Fund
Hot take, coming right up!
Mental decluttering and the One Question to Rule Them All
This is your brain on puppies
Quick reminder
CALM THE FUCK DOWN: Identify what you can control, accept
what you can’t, and let that shit go
Pick a category, any category
Feat. The Sarah Knight Shitstorm Scale
Can I get a downgrade?
Logicats, ho!
The gathering shitstorms: a list
10 what-ifs I may or may not need to worry about
10 what-ifs I may or may not need to worry about: ranked by probability
What’s your status?
Outlying, imminent, and total shitstorms
The more the hairier (a quiz)
Choose it or lose it
Get ur control freak on
Out of your hands
Make a contribution
Under your influence
Complete control
The One Question to Rule Them All, in action
Shit people in my Twitter feed are worried about. Can they control it?
Feat. Soul-sucking day jobs, ugly babies, getting laid off, raccoon bites
If the answer is no, this is how you let it go
Reality check, please!
Let’s be real
Option 1: Just fucking let it go
Option 2: Houdini that shit
Feat. Sleight of mind
How to stop being anxious about something
Give anxiety the finger(s)
Get down with O.P.P.
Tonight You, meet Tomorrow You
Other ways to reduce anxiety that I didn’t invent but that have been
known to work
How to stop being sad about something
Laughter is the best medicine
You’re in for a treat
5 things I have stopped worrying about while eating a king-sized
Snickers bar
How to stop being angry about something
Work it out
Plot your revenge
5 forms of revenge that are fun to think about
How to stop avoiding something
Get alarmed
Propose a trade
Secret Option C
Productive Helpful Effective Worrying (PHEW)
Sending a shitstorm out to sea
Feat. Anniversary gifts and seasickness
Houston, we have an irrational fear
Hi, I’m Sarah and I have a mental illness
The calm before the shitstorm
10 what-ifs I may or may not need to worry about: Can I control them?
I read the news today, oh boy
5 tips for calming the fuck down about the world falling apart
Limit your exposure
Balancing act
Bone up
Take a memo
Do good
Stirring the shit
That was not a chill pill
I love it when a plan comes together
Categorizin’ cousins
Feat. Renée and Julie and the Parking Lot Grudge Match
“How do I calm the fuck down?” flowchart
DEAL WITH IT: Address what you can control
Deal me in
The Full Fix, Salvage Jobs, and Basic Survival
The Three Principles of Dealing With It
Take stock
What-iffing for good instead of evil
Identify your realistic ideal outcome (RIO)
What’s realistic?
What’s ideal?
How do I figure it out?
Feat. Canceled flights, failing grades, big bad storms
Get bent! (a bonus principle)
Whose fault is it anyway?
It’s all in your head
Total shitstorms: a catalogue of terror
Relatively painless shit
Feat. Lost reservations, bad haircuts, trampoline injuries, and faulty printers
5 things you might do accidentally that are still not as bad as failing
to bcc more than 100 people on a work email
Tedious shit
Feat. Back taxes, bad sex, angry friends, and frozen pipes
You snooze, you lose (your car)
Really heavy shit
Feat. Robbery, divorce, French butter shortages, nuclear war,
bedbugs, and DEATH
Over to you, Bob
CHOOSE YOUR OWN ADVENTURE: When shit happens, how will
you calm the fuck down and deal with it?
Discover More
About the Author
Also available
Praise for Sarah Knight

Calm the F-ck Down- How to Control What You Can and Accept What You Can’t So You Can Stop Freaking Out and Get On With Your Life
First Ebook Edition: December 2018
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Activate Your Body's Natural Ability to Burn Fat and Lose Weight Fast

Mark Hyman, MD
Purchase Now !
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Book Details
 550 p
 File Size 
 1,494 KB
 File Type
 PDF format
 2014 by Hyman Enterprises, LLC 

About the Author
Mark Hyman, MD, believes that we all deserve a life of vitality—and that we
have the potential to create it for ourselves. That’s why he is dedicated to
tackling the root causes of chronic disease by harnessing the power of functional
medicine to transform health care. Dr. Hyman and his team work every day to
empower people, organizations, and communities to heal their bodies and minds,
and improve our social and economic resilience.
Dr. Hyman is a practicing family physician, a six-time #1 New York Times
bestselling author, and an internationally recognized leader, speaker, educator,
and advocate in his field. He is also the founder and medical director of the
UltraWellness Center, chairman of the board of the Institute for Functional
Medicine, a medical editor of the Huffington Post, and a regular medical
contributor on Katie Couric’s TV show, Katie.
Dr. Hyman works with individuals and organizations, as well as policy makers
and influencers. He has testified before both the White House Commission on
Complementary and Alternative Medicine and the Senate Working Group on
Health Care Reform on Functional Medicine. He has consulted with the Surgeon
General on diabetes prevention and participated in the 2009 White House Forum
on Prevention and Wellness. Senator Tom Harkin of Iowa nominated Dr. Hyman
for the President’s Advisory Group on Prevention, Health Promotion, and
Integrative and Public Health. In addition, Dr. Hyman has worked with President
Clinton, presenting at the Clinton Foundation’s Health Matters, Achieving
Wellness in Every Generation conference, and the Clinton Global Initiative, as
well as with the World Economic Forum on global health issues.
Dr. Hyman also works with fellow leaders in his field to help people and
communities thrive—with Rick Warren, Dr. Mehmet Oz, and Dr. Daniel Amen,
he created the Daniel Plan, a faith-based initiative that helped the Saddleback
Church collectively lose 250,000 pounds. He has appeared as an advisor on The
Dr. Oz Show and is on the board of Dr. Oz’s HealthCorps, which tackles the
obesity epidemic by educating American students about nutrition. With Dr. Dean
Ornish and Dr. Michael Roizen, Dr. Hyman crafted and helped introduce the
Take Back Your Health Act of 2009 to the United States Senate to provide for
reimbursement of lifestyle treatment of chronic disease.
Join Dr. Hyman on his path to revolutionize the way we think about and take
care of our health and our societies at, on Twitter and
Instagram @markhymanmd, and on Facebook at

Are you ready for a total body revolution?
In my book The Blood Sugar Solution, I shared my proven six-week plan for
preventing, treating, and even reversing diabetes and pre-diabetes. Millions of
people were amazed as they fixed their life-threatening blood sugar problems. At
the same time, the program kicked their metabolism into high gear and they
easily lost stubborn belly fat.

Now, for the first time, I have created a fast-track plan that will enable you to
shed upwards of ten pounds and radically reboot your entire system in just ten
short days. With the right combination of powerful foods and practices, we’re
going to stop your fat-storage hormone in its tracks, cool off the inflammation
that contributes to weight gain, and upgrade your detox pathways. You’ll lose
weight with astonishing speed and ease—and keep it off using these lifelong
tools and strategies for maximum success.

With the 10-Day Detox Diet, we’re going to get rid of more than just
unwanted pounds. This is your chance to heal your body on every level. Yes, you
will drop pounds, but you will also find that your energy, sleep, and mood
improve, that chronic problems including joint pain, digestive problems,
autoimmune disease, headaches, memory problems and brain fog, sinus and
allergy issues, even acne, eczema, and psoriasis will get better or disappear
entirely. Your sexual desire and function may even improve.
Why is that the case? Because what makes you sick also makes you fat, and
what makes you fat makes you sick. Let me explain. Health is a state of
balance, and disease is a state of imbalance. When you begin to put on weight,
especially lethal belly fat, your biology shifts out of balance, veering into the
unstable and unhealthy territory of disease—which in turn makes you fatter.
One point that a growing number of doctors like me agree upon is that the
whole idea of “disease” itself is wrong. We recognize disease only when we
reach a certain level of symptoms or results on our blood tests. For example, if
your blood sugar is 98 mg/dl, it is normal, but if it is 101 mg/dl, you have prediabetes.
If your blood sugar is 124 mg/dl, you have pre-diabetes, but if it is 127
mg/dl, you have type 2 diabetes. This is absurd.

Imbalance occurs along a continuum, and the farther along that continuum you
are, the more problems you have. Many people have whole collections of
symptoms, conditions, and diseases—obesity, diabetes, high blood pressure,
high cholesterol, arthritis, depression, reflux, irritable bowel, autoimmune
disease, asthma, and more.
I call myself a “wholistic” doctor, because I take care of patients with a
“whole list” of symptoms. In treating such patients, I’ve often found that their
health complaints are not really separate problems. They are all related and
driven by a few common root causes: what they eat; how much they move, rest,
connect; and how toxic they are.

What we have found in functional medicine is that everything is connected—
this is called systems medicine. Your body is one integrated, interdependent
system. That is why, when you get to the root cause or causes, so many oftenrelated
symptoms go away without having to be addressed individually. It is
medicine by cause, not by symptom. It is medicine of your whole system, not by
geography or where the symptoms are located in your body. By connecting the
dots, we can find a clear path to health and wellness.

Here’s how this all ties in with weight: The factors that cause your symptoms
are the very same factors that cause weight gain, pre-diabetes, and diabetes.
Those factors include inflammation, hormonal imbalance, toxicity, and more.
But remember, it’s all connected, so your excess weight problems very likely
share many of the same root causes as your other health complaints. As you
follow the program, you’ll come to understand how the ways you eat, move,
relax, live, and think can quickly create either an environment of healing or an
environment of toxicity within your body, and set the stage for weight gain or
weight loss.

It comes down to this: If you’re toxic, it makes you sick and fat. That is why I
want you to take the Toxicity Questionnaire below, both before beginning the
10-Day Detox Diet, and again after you’ve completed the ten days. It will give
you a baseline for your existing symptoms, which are indications of being toxic
and inflamed. But even more, it will help you connect the dots and see the
interconnections in your body, and see for yourself how, after just ten days, you
can enjoy such a dramatic reduction in symptoms and problems.
Those who did the 10-Day Detox Diet experienced a 62 percent reduction in
their symptoms. Think about that: There is no drug on the planet that can reduce
all these symptoms in just ten days! But if you treat your whole system, rather
than individual symptoms, extraordinary healing and weight loss can occur.

How to Use This Book

Let me give you a quick overview of the book.
In Part I, I explain the nature of food addiction and how our biology has been
held hostage by the food industry. I will help you fix your “fat thinking,”
dispelling the myths that keep you fat and sick and helping you find a path to
food freedom.

In Part II, I explain how the program works, including what you’ll do, what
you’ll eat, who you will have on your side, how you will track your results, and
how you can get rid of the bad stuff and add in the good stuff to create effortless
healing and weight loss.

In Part III, I’ll take you through the Prep Phase, during which you will do six
simple things to get ready: detox your kitchen; gather your supplies; taper off
caffeine, alcohol, and sugar; align your mind and intentions; measure yourself;
and connect with the Blood Sugar Solution 10-Day Detox Diet online
community to get the support you need.

In Part IV, I’ll give you a step-by-step, goof-proof plan for each of the ten
days. You will receive your daily schedule and learn about each component of
your daily routine, which, when done synergistically, will generate powerful
healing and weight loss. Each day has a unique focus and a journaling exercise
related to the changes you will be experiencing. These are designed to take you
deeper into the detox process and help you transform lifelong bad habits into
conditions for lifelong success.

In Part V, you will learn how to gently and safely transition into a long-term
plan personalized specifically for your needs.
In Part VI, I’ll explain the power of giving back. You’ll find out how you can
be part of the larger solution to the health and obesity crisis affecting our
families, our communities, our nation, other nations, and even the planet. You’ll
also discover how becoming a part of this new, empowering health revolution
can benefit you directly. Part VI provides very specific starter ideas for us all to
get healthy together.

Part VII contains the meal plan and recipes designed specifically for the 10-
Day Detox Diet. You will find easy and delicious recipes to follow for each
day’s meals. There are two plans to choose from: the Core Plan, which features
simple meals easy enough even for novices in the kitchen, and the Adventure
Plan, for those who have more time to enjoy cooking and want to experiment
with some new flavors and ideas. I’ll also give you my “Cooking the Basics”
tips with ultrasimple yet delicious vegetables and proteins that you can use as
substitutions whenever you are pressed for time.


Praise for
I hope you are having a great day, because I am! My energy level is up and I feel
like I can accomplish anything I set my mind to. I have lost ten pounds in the past ten days!
—Helen Allen 
When I started the detox, I felt hopeless, at my all-time high
weight of 270 pounds. This morning, Day 10, I weigh under 253 pounds!! I feel
so great. I’m sleeping soundly, have less anxiety, feel hopeful, and my knee is
hurting so much less. I’m very excited to keep going. Getting such quick results,
learning how to cook real food, and feeling alert have given me the confidence
I’ve needed to move forward and stay with this style of eating and living.
—Patricia Swanson 
This has completely changed my life! I can’t believe how
much weight I have lost in such a short amount of time. But more importantly, I
feel so much better. I have suffered for years from insomnia… to finally be able
to hit the pillow and go to sleep… priceless!
—Lauren Creekmur
It really did work. I lost eleven pounds, and my blood sugar is down over forty
points. I never even knew it was high. My blood pressure—which I also never
knew was elevated—has returned to normal. I think this was a gift that came at a
time I really needed it, and didn’t quite know how much.
—Martha Broyles
Possibly the best part for me as a former sugar addict: no sugar for twelve days!
I’m now convinced that this and even greater health changes are possible for
anyone when we make the powerful choices that support our body, mind, and
spirit in being well.
—Jodi Briden
I have been struggling with acne for the past year, and amazingly over the last
ten days my skin has almost completely cleared up. I couldn’t be happier with
the way I look and feel.
—Sara Fleischhauer 
Although I knew prior to the start of the program that I had
hypertension, I didn’t get the results of my blood test until Day 4, when I found
out I have type 2 diabetes. My fasting glucose level was 152. Since this diet, my
fasting glucose levels have been between 98 and 110. I’m totally convinced this
diet is going to help me regain my health, energy, and passion for life that I had
felt slipping away.
—David Swan
I am calmer and thinner. I have another thirty-five pounds to lose
and now have the confidence that it can be done. I used to be an above-average
fit person… I was very much in self-loathing about that. Not today. I can’t thank you enough.
—Jim Portz
I am more clear-headed than I have been in a long time. I did lose weight, but I
am more excited about how great I feel.
—Jennifer Lawrence 
A coworker commented on Day 6 that I looked different. I
asked what he meant by “different” and he replied, “You’re glowing.” That’s
just what I needed to hear to know the diet was truly making a difference.
—Fay Switsky
I have been struggling for years with depression. I used to be the one with
boundless energy and a smile on my face, but as time went by, I saw that person
less and less. When I was given the chance to try the 10-Day Detox, I knew this
was my chance. The end result was ten pounds lost, but more importantly, I
began to find the old me. The person with the winning outlook began to reappear
and the fog began to lift. Dr. Hyman used the word “vitality” … that is a great
word to explain what I have been given back through this opportunity.
—Charlene Wynant
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