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God’s Principles for True Wealth, Prosperity, and Success

Sunday Adelaja

1. Wealth--Religious aspects--Christianity. 2. Money--Religious aspects- -Christianity. 3. Poverty--Religious aspects--Christianity.

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 2016 by Sunday Adelaja  

Congratulations, dear friend, for even picking up this book. Get ready, because your life is about to be drastically transformed!
This book might become one of the major adventures of your life. Money Wont Make You Rich is one man’s journey of poverty, struggles, studies, money, wealth, and wealth creation principles. This book will surely not leave you where it found you.

You’re about to be mightily enriched and empowered!
I came from true abject poverty in Africa. I didn’t even have a pair of shoes to wear until I was twelve years of age. Our family might have lived on less than a dollar a day, and I never even had or saw a toy of any kind as a child!
Instead, my body still carries the scars of injuries and wounds that I acquired while trying to make a living in the jungles of Africa.
Miraculously, less than forty years later, not only did I make my first million in United States dollars, but also I was amazingly able to do this without being involved in any active business. Because I am a full-time pastor and itinerary speaker, I opted for passive earning, which came by adhering to certain laws and principles of wealth creation.
More incredible is the fact that I was able to make my first million dollars in a short span of only nine months!
In two years I was able to prove the efficiency of these wealth creation principles and reproduced more than two hundred people who now have a capital base of more than a million U.S. dollars
each—even though they basically had nothing when I met them. Most of them were those generally referred to as “down-and-outers”—including former drug addicts, petty traders, bandits, and worse.
In the process of taking this journey of wealth creation, both for others and myself, I have come to some critical conclusions I wish to share with you in this book:
1.Becoming a millionaire is not a big deal; it is easy!
2.Everyone who sincerely wants to can become a millionaire.
3.Money won’t make you rich!
4.Our world can overcome world poverty—if we have the heart to do so.
5.Money is only worth making if it is going to be used as an instrument to set others free.
6.God created money for the same reason as all other things—to serve His purposes.
7.Ignorance is the biggest challenge of our age; it is our biggest killer!

It is my hope and prayer that this book will spark a movement that will end the gruesome statistics of poverty and lack in our world today.
Can you believe that 80 percent of people in the world today live on less than ten dollars a day?
Three billion people live on two dollars a day, while one billion live on less than a dollar a day!
Fifty thousand people die daily because of poverty- related causes!
Money wont make you rich, because it is not meant to do so.
To be rich is to understand the meaning of money and wealth and to know the difference between the two. Money is not necessarily wealth, so most people who desire to be rich are not necessarily looking for money. What they are actually looking for is wealth.
Money only comes to people who are already rich or wealthy in spirit and soul, so it’s actually not money that makes you rich—you are rich before money even comes your way. Money only responds when these elements are in place, and until such a time, money won’t move in your direction.
Money won’t make you rich, because a man who is poor in spirit is poor altogether, even when he has a lot of money in his pocket. Money without the wealth of the soul is equaled to a compilation of sorrows and regrets. Only God enriches without adding sorrow to it.
Money doesn’t come to good people—because there are millions of good people who aren’t rich.
Money doesn’t come to educated people—because there are so many educated people living middle-class lives in our world today.
Money doesn’t even come to churchgoers or Christians. 
If that were the case, then our churches would be filled with millionaires!
As a matter of fact, money doesn’t necessarily come to businesspeople, 
as so many are struggling even to make ends meet.
Money only comes to those who are already rich in the knowledge of the laws of money. If you are not already rich in your mind, then money won’t come to you. 
Until you are rich in your mind, you’re not rich at all.

Table of Contents
MONEY DOES NOT MAKE YOU RICH................63
FIVE WAYS TO MAKE MONEY..............167

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Advanced Praise
In a culture where materialism has driven the global village of mankind to the brink of inhumanity, this work is a breath of fresh air and relief to the collective psyche of our generation. Sunday hits a home run again, and in light of the demise of the global economic system built on unbridled greed, this subject is timely and necessary.
—Dr. Myles Munroe
BFM International, Nassau, Bahamas

Pastor Sunday is a humble, prayerful, and powerful apostle who is mightily impacting the world through raising up and releasing spiritual sons and daughters to plant explosive churches that move in the spirit of faith to touch heaven and change Earth.
—Paul Davis
Worldwid e Minister and Author of God vs. Religion

Pastor Sunday Adelaja gives us so much to think about in his new book. It will force you to think in a new way and then take action.
—Pat Williams
Senior Vice Presid ent, Orlando Magic

In his latest book, Money Wont Make You Rich, Pastor Sunday Adelaja skillfully lays a solid foundation addressing the morality of earning, sharing, saving, and spending money like a wise master builder. All the while he places top priority on the advancement of God’s kingdom as the proper place to lay up treasure. Each chapter builds toward a rewarding crescendo, teaching its readers how to systematically reach financial freedom by hard work and wise investing as they use the index of character and spiritual wisdom as the pillars to build on. Pastor Sunday has done a marvelous job of teaching the readers how to realize freedom from serving money or from allowing it to control our lives. The book reaches its climax as it outlines the keys necessary for us to become millionaires in order to serve kingdom purposes and to be a blessing to our families and those less fortunate.
—Marcus D. Lamb
Presid ent/Founder, Daystar Television Network

Money Wont Make You Rich provides 
an incredibly stable foundation upon which to build your financial life. 
There is more wisdom on any one of these pages than in many books 
I have read on the topic of finance and wealth. 
It should be mandatory reading in high schools and colleges and should be taught by every church or organization that desires to lift people out of poverty.
—Michael Q. Pink
Author of Selling Among Wolves and Rainforest Strategy

I have been to Pastor Sunday’s church and witnessed the passion of his persona. This book shows that passion with some excellent principles on economics as it relates to the church, the individual, and the world at large. You cannot help but be impacted, and I highly recommend it.
—Dr. Peter J. Daniels

I am quite impressed by the curriculum and rich content of the book. I suspect it is going to be the next handbook or alternative MBA manual for kingdom businessmen as well as young Christians aspiring to make a success of their lives and ministries. I can hardly wait to get copies for my wife, siblings, and friends. I have been blessed to read this manuscript.
—Ayodele Adeboye
Business Consultant, Nigeria

The principles God has given Pastor Sunday will work anywhere in the world, from his native Nigeria to the economically challenged former USSR, where he now pastors. Whether the national economy is in boom or bust, the Word of God has power. Imagine immigrating to a nation as a despised minority and then being elevated to leading the nation’s largest church and scores of self-made millionaires. This is the testimony and the proof of Pastor Sunday’s ministry.
Money Won’t Make You Rich is a timely word for every Christian.
In this book, Pastor Adelaja explores the causes and dynamics of poverty for an individual’s life, a community, or a nation. Sunday explicitly parts the sea between the truth and deception of how Christians can receive wealth. His doctrine shows us how we can operate within an imbalanced world economy. These are revolutionary words for revolutionary times, which require a new generation of Christian leaders. Pastor Adelaja asserts that we can become channels to pour out God’s resources. Even you can become a millionaire. Are you ready to rumble?
—Bishop Harry R. Jackson Jr.
Senior Pastor,
Hope Christian Church in the Washington DC area
Founder and Presid ent,
High Impact Leadership Coalition

Many people operate under the delusion that smarts or connections are primary tools for success. Sunday pricks these incomplete beliefs and lays out foundational truths—that sound principles, destiny, dedication, and excellence will set every person free from poverty and the slavery of money and facilitate their entry into their personal destiny. May many be consecrated unto God’s purposes through this book.
—David Tay
Kingd om Restorers, Singapore

Wealth creation, the kingdom way, requires an individual’s commitment to be engaged in the Lord with all his heart, his mind, and his soul. Pastor Sunday warned of the fault lines in our world, while appropriately guiding the reader through the principles into kingdom wealth creation processes, recognizing that money is nothing more than just a tool used for the purpose of discovering one’s value and attitude in life toward the fulfillment of the gospel of the kingdom, and his response to that value in the gospel of salvation.
—Dr. Philip Tan
Management Scientist, Alliance DynamiMIcs Group

Throughout Bible history, while God constantly uses messengers to bring a message to His people or the nations, once in a while God chooses to make the messenger the message. Hosea was one of them. In our day and time, God has picked yet another man named Sunday Adelaja and has made the man the message. God has prospered this man from very humble beginnings in Nigeria, Africa. God has His reasons for prospering this man, and my sense is that God is about to give birth to a movement that will result in many of God’s people becoming millionaires so that our millions can be used to solve the many problems out there.
—Apostle George Annadorai
Golden Gate Club 1000 / Shalom Singapore

Finally, a book about the reason wealth creation is biblical. Pastor Sunday has given us an excellent contribution to understanding money and wealth from a biblical perspective that is refreshing. This is not a “get rich” prosperity book, but a balanced treatment of a biblical view of wealth creation and its role in building the kingdom of God. Well done! I recommend it highly.
—Os Hillman
President, Marketplace Leaders; Author, TGIF and The 9 to 5 Window

Sunday Adelaja is a leading figure not only in Ukraine but also in the world. He has a spirit of faith driven by his compassion for people. The word he speaks is one of authority!
—Billy Joe Daugherty
Victory Christian Center, Tulsa, OK

Some are called to churches. Some called to cities. Sunday Adelaja has a fresh word for the nations! His experience with the Lord, his compassion for people, and his commitment to the kingdom
make Sunday Adelaja a world-class leader with a world-class vision to build a world-class army to change the world for Christ. If you desire to have maximum impact in your life, this world-class book is a must for you today. Read and reap benefits for a lifetime.
—Kenneth C. Ulmer, DMin, PhD Presidi ng Bishop,
Macedonia International Bib le Fellowship

Sunday Adelaja is an indisputable success in his family, in his church, and in his nation. This book will help you grow personally and spiritually. Read it and succeed!
—Peter Lowe
Founder and CEO , Get Motivated Seminars

I have heard and read a great deal about Pastor Sunday and about the work he is doing. All those who do great things go through attacks such as Pastor Sunday has endured.
— Bill Clinton
U.S. President

The most successful in contemporary European churches is the Ukraine- based ministry of Sunday Adelaja.
—Philip Jenkins
Distinguished Professor of
History and Religi ous Studi es,
Pennsylvania State University

Thank you for your contribution to our common victory. Your conscious work is a considerable factor in that victory. It was you who protected democracy in Ukraine, standing for its high ideals and not considering your own interests. I am convinced that as long as there are people in Ukraine who have the same civil position, dignity, and spirit as you have, everything will be all right in this country.
—Victor Yushchenko
President of Ukraine

Through Pastor Sunday’s endeavors, we have become bold and fearless people who are able to stand for truth, liberty, and God.
—Leonid Chernovetskiy
Mayor of Kyiv

In today’s fatherless world, where men abdicate their roles and shun responsibility, God must raise up fathers who will accept responsibility for families, communities, and nations. Sunday Adelaja, a fatherless child, has become a father to a nation. This book reveals the Father’s heart and inspires us to act on what is right.
—J. Doug Stringer
Founder and Presid ent, Somebody Cares

Sunday Adelaja is one of those new breed of men who are influencing a nation and modeling a new style of missions. While there are some men who see success in another church or nation and follow their example, Pastor Sunday is that example that men from around the world hear about and follow. He is a cross-cultural missionary who has made a new mold of what missions can do to touch a nation. I consider Pastor Sunday a modern-day hero of the faith.
—Pastor Robert Barriger
Camino De Vida, Lima, Peru

The Embassy of God is the biggest church in Ukraine and well organized with different areas and ministries. Pastor Sunday is a unique man. It makes no difference that he is black or that he is Nigerian or that he is not from Ukraine. This is a big church that keeps growing every day.
—Vasiliy Onopenko
Chairman of the Supreme Court of Ukraine

God has raised up Sunday Adelaja to lead men and women to a deeper understanding of their spiritual destinies. Read this book, and let the journey begin.
—Barry Black
Chaplain, U.S. Senate

Nothing like the Embassy of God has ever been seen before in Ukraine.
—British Broadcasting Network (BBC)

The Embassy of the Blessed Kingdom of God for All Nations church has ballooned from a ministry for society’s troubled into this ex-Soviet republic’s first true megachurch.
—Associated Press (AP)

Pastor Sunday is a man with a mission.
—Wall Street Journal
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