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iBookstore Special Interactive Edition designed by: Cristian Velecico

Infographs designed by : Elina Diaz and Roberto Nunez

Produced and distributed by : Mango Media Inc.
Images and videos provided by : FranklinCovey Co.

First Things First - The Interactive Edition by Stephen R. Covey (Author) , A. Roger Merill, Rebecca R. Merlll

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If working harder, smarter, and faster won’t solve it, what will?

IF you were to pause and think seriously about the “first things” in your life—the three or
four things that matter most—what would they be?

Are these things receiving the care, emphasis, and time you really want to give them?

Through our work at the Covey Leadership Center, we’ve come in contact with many
people from around the world, and we’re constantly impressed with what they represent.
They’re active, hardworking, competent, caring people dedicated to making a difference.
Yet, these people consistently tell us of the tremendous struggles they face daily while
trying to put first things first in their lives. The fact that you picked up this book indicates
that you can probably identify with what they’re feeling.

Basing our happiness on our ability to control everything is futile. While we do control
our choice of action, we cannot control the consequences of our choices. Universal laws or
principles do. Thus, we are not in control of our lives; principles are. We suggest that this
idea provides key insight into the frustration people have had with the traditional “time
management” approach to life.

In this book, we present a dramatically different approach to time management. This is a
principle centered approach. It transcends the traditional prescriptions of faster, harder,
smarter, and more. Rather than offering you another clock, this approach provides you
with a compass—because more important than how fast you’re going, is where you’re headed.

In one sense, this approach is new; in another, it’s very old. It’s deeply rooted in classic,
timeless principles that represent a distinct contrast to the quick-fix, wealth without work
approach to life promoted by so much of the current time management and “success”
literature. We live in a modern society that loves shortcut techniques. Yet quality of life
cannot be achieved by taking the right shortcut.

There is no shortcut. But there is a path. The path is based on principles revered
throughout history. If there is one message to glean from this wisdom, it is that a
meaningful life is not a matter of speed or efficiency. It’s much more a matter of what you
do and why you do it, than how fast you get it done.

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