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F.F. Bosworth

Foreword by R. V. Bosworth
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 1973, 2000 by R. V. Bosworth

When, in the year 1924, we wrote the messages for the first
edition of this book, little did we dream that the truths presented
were to bless such vast numbers in so many parts of the world.
The results, down through the years, have been a demonstration
of the truth of the inspired declaration that God "is able to do
exceeding abundantly above all that we ask or think" (Eph. 3:20).
During the forty-four years that have followed, six more
large editions have been printed and read by thousands of
ministers and laymen who have written to us telling how they
have been enlightened and blessed, soul and body, through
reading and rereading these messages.

In this book we have tried to use the vocabulary common
people understand. A continual stream of testimonies comes to
us from those soundly converted and miraculously healed
through their own faith, which came to them while reading and
meditating on the truths of the Bible, which we have tried to make plain.

We have proved thousands of times, and are continuing to
prove, that by the simple presentation of enough of the written
Word of God to the minds and hearts of the incurably afflicted,
they can be brought to the same state of certainty and assurance
concerning the healing of their body as to the healing of their soul.

We are therefore increasingly thrilled over the privilege of
planting the "incorruptible seed," the Word of God, in the hearts
of those for whom Jesus died. O what a glorious fact that we
have each been "bought with a price" to be the Lord's garden in
which His "imperishable seed," the Word, is to be continually
"planted," "watered," and "cultivated," so that it can produce
present and eternal wonders.

In the "seed" there are possibilities beyond the power of the
human mind to conceive, just as in a little seed there is a
potential tree a million times bigger than the seed. All of God's
wonderful works are potentially in the seed. By keeping God's
garden planted, as the farmer does his fields, a child of God can
accomplish things a thousand times greater than men of the
highest human talents can accomplish, by receiving His promises.

We have found that those who have tuned in the broadcasts
of the National Radio Revival, most of whom we have never
seen, by reading the healing and other literature we have
published, get a much broader understanding than those who
hear only an occasional message in our public meetings. Because
they can be reread and studied, our messages in printed form
produce better results in the souls and bodies of those for whom
we pray than in some who attend our meetings and desire to be
prayed for before they hear enough of the Word of God to produce faith.

This book is sent out with the earnest prayer that many
thousands more may learn to appropriate the many blessings
promised in the Bible. "We desire that every one of you ..... [
followers of them who through faith and patience inherit the
promises" (Heb. 6:11-12).
F. F. Bosworth

by Bob Bosworth
T. B., "galloping" consumption —the prognosis was a death
warrant. The future became bleak. In those days, there was no
cure for this killer disease in its later stages.
Fred Bosworth was on his way to Fitzgerald, Georgia, to say
goodbye to his parents. The doctors had warned that he would
probably not live long enough to make the trip, but God had His
hand on this young man. He arrived in a dying condition, but
still alive.

Healed by God's Power
Bosworth met a Methodist woman, a "Bible woman," who
used to walk the hills of Georgia and the Carolinas selling Bibles
and preaching the Gospel. Mattie Perry looked intently at him
and said, "Fred Bosworth, you are young. You are a Christian,
and if you died today, you would go straight to Heaven. But I
am here to tell you that if you die today, it will be the most
selfish act you have ever committed. God's plan is that we
should live to be at least three score and ten (Ps. 90:10). What
about all the people that God has ordained for you to reach?"
Young F. F. Bosworth said, "Miss Perry, would you pray for
me?" She said, "I wouldn't waste my prayers on someone who is
just going to lay there and die." Fred thought, "If I lay here, I am
going to die. If I get up, I can't do any worse than that." He told
Miss Perry that if she would pray for him, he would get up. She
prayed for him, he got up, and was instantly healed.

A New Future
Fred Bosworth had no way of knowing the long, difficult,
and glorious road ahead of him. He did not know that God
would call him to preach, make him successful, and take him to
other countries of the world. Little did he know that his own
healing was a seed that would bear much fruit.
At the time of his healing, there was little biblical teaching on
God's attitude toward sickness, but there was a lot of theological
tradition that excluded healing in the Atonement. Praying for
sickness with the faith destroying words, "if it be Thy will," left
the sick and suffering without a solid hope.
After God called him into ministry, during personal study
throughout the Old and New Testament, Bosworth received the
revelation that healing was in the Atonement, and, therefore,
part of the Gospel. When he discovered this truth, he vowed to
God that he would never again base his faith and doctrine on
human experience or man's teaching. He would base his faith
only on what God said in His Word. He would pray for the sick
only on that basis; if they dropped dead when he prayed for
them, he would step over the dead body and pray for the next one.

The Sunset Years
Finally, after a rich and successful life and ministry, F. F.
Bosworth began his sunset years. His compassion for those who
were sick and suffering had driven him. Often he would pray for
the sick all day and all night, never sparing himself. In weariness
and deep fatigue he began to feel the effects of an overloaded
ministry schedule through the years—it was as if he had already
lived two lives. During World War II, with gas rationing, he was
very restricted in his ability to travel to meetings. Yet it was
difficult not to be preaching continually.

Restored—The Second Wind
There was a period of frustration. Was his ministry over?
Had he run his course? He did not believe in the worldly
doctrine of retirement. What was he to do? As he prayed and
waited, God raised up a healing revival following the war. Many
evangelists were raised up who needed the experience and
wisdom of a mentor. He again began to teach the truths he knew,
and found great satisfaction. This was just the beginning.

Breaking Free—Overseas Ministry
In 1952, at the age of seventy-five,
F. F. Bosworth went to
South Africa as part of a team of three evangelists. He was part
of the greatest ministry that ever hit that emerging nation. At the
Greyville Race Course in the city of Durban, the team had the
greatest religious gatherings ever held in that country. The
newspapers estimated that there were crowds of 75,000, with
25,000 turned away—there was not enough room to
accommodate the crowds. Thousands of hungry seekers, from
every religious, ethnic, and language grouping, were saved and healed.
This was the first time that Fred Bosworth had ever
experienced the spiritual hunger of what had been termed "the
third world." For almost fifty years he had poured out his life in
North America, a place that had become resistant to the Gospel.
He asked the Lord to not allow him to continue ministering in America.
After the age of seventy-five,
F. F. Bosworth ministered for
five consecutive years in intensive evangelism in different
countries of the world. He again drew on God's "abundant" life
as God renewed his vision and the strength of his youth.

The Ultimate Triumph
In 1958 Fred Bosworth returned from a year of meetings up
and down the mountains of Japan. In January he turned eighty-
one. His family was surprised to see him retire to his bed. When
asked what he was doing, he explained that God had shown him
that he had "finished his course," his ministry was finished, and
it was time to go Home. He said, "I sure don't want to hang
around down here!" All the children came home, for the first
time in sixteen years, and there was a great final reunion.
My father,
F. F. Bosworth, had prayed, asking God to help
him glorify God in his death as he had in his life—to die without
sickness. About three weeks after he took to his bed, we were
around the bed talking, laughing, singing. Suddenly Dad looked
up; he never saw us again. He saw what was invisible to us. He
began to greet people and hug people—he was enraptured.
Every once in a while he would break off and look around
saying, "Oh, it is so beautiful."
He did this for several hours. Finally, with a smile on his
face, he put his head back and slept. We took turns sitting with
him. My wife, Stella, was sitting with him when she suddenly
realized that he had stopped breathing. There had been no
struggle, no pain, no sound, no death rattle. The psalmist had
described it correctly—God had simply removed his breath and
he was home! "O death, where is thy sting? O grave, where is thy
victory?" This is the testimony and ultimate triumph of F. F.
Bosworth and CHRIST, THE HEALER.

Table of Contents
Foreword to the 2000 Edition 7
Foreword to the 1973 Edition 11
Author's Preface 13

Sermon 1 To Those Needing Healing 15
Sermon 2 Did Jesus Redeem Us from Our Diseases When He Atoned for Our Sins? 23
Sermon 3 Is Healing for All? 47
Sermon 4 The Lord's Compassion 67
Sermon 5 How to Appropriate the Redemptive and Covenant Blessing of Bodily Healing 83
Sermon 6 Appropriating Faith 105
Sermon 7 How to Receive Healing from Christ 111
Sermon 8 How to Have Your Prayers Answered 125
Sermon 9 The Faith That Takes 129
Sermon 10 Our Confession 135
Sermon 11 Fullness of God's Life The Secret of Victory 145
Sermon 12 God's Garden 151
Sermon 13 Why Some Fail to Receive Healing from Christ 159
Sermon 14 Paul’s Thorn 183

Thirty-one Questions 199
Testimonies 205
The Ultimate Triumph
by Bob Bosworth 231

Christ the Healer.FFBosworth
Published by Fleming H. Revell
a division of Baker Book House Company
P.O. Box 6287, Grand Rapids, MI 49516-6287

Printed in the United States of America

Bosworth, Fred Francis, 1877-1958.
Christ the healer.

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