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[the coming fanatical dictator and his ten-nation coalition]

Perry Stone
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About the Author
Evangelist Perry Stone, Jr. is founder and president of the Voice of Evangelism ministry in Cleveland; TN. He has produced an extensive library of books, audio and video tapes, and hosts Manna Feu, a weekly television program airing on hundreds of Christian stations nationwide. The Voice of Evangelism has a monthly tape club, Partner Stri ke Force, and a bimonthly magazine, which is mailed out across the nation.
Voice of Evangelism P.O. BOX 3595 Cleveland, TN 37320 
Phone (423)478-3456-Fax (423)478-1392 
Cover Design: Michael Dutton •
Islamic nations will initiate a future peace plan. After forty-two months, a radical Islamic leader will
unite a coalition and terrorize the world with weapons of mass destruction. His hit list will include Jews and those who accept Jesus Christ as their Messiah.
Perry Stone researched Biblical prophetic scriptures to write Unleashing the Beast. He reveals how
Islamic fanatics will help bring to power the Antichrist, a man identified in the prophecies as the final world dictator. Muslims all over the world are anticipating the arrival of the Mahdi, an Islamic Messiah who they believe will convert the world to Islam. Learn more about Islam and how the Mahdi will become the final world dictator of Biblical prophecy.
Jerusalem and Israel will be the center of conflict, and Iraq, the land of ancient Babylon, will be a major player in this prophetic struggle. Unleashing the Beast also includes fascinating information on cosmic signs, as well as insights about past and future terrorist attacks. 
Biblical prophecies will come alive in this thought-provoking book!

The Priceless Page
Have you been born again?
Have you accepted Jesus Christ as your personal Savior and Lord?
If you have been out of fellowship with God, or have never experienced a
personal relationship with Christ, then pray this prayer aloud—from your heart:
Dear Jesus, I believe you are the Son of God. I believe that you died for my
sins and that you were buried and rose again from the dead. I believe that today,
you are seated in heaven with the Heavenly Father and you are hearing my prayer.
Lord Jesus, forgive me of my sins. Cleanse my spirit and mind by your precious blood. l repent and turn
away from my sins and from my past, and l will begin a new life today as your child! 1 receive Christ as my Savior. Thank you, Lord. Amen.
If you have accepted Christ, then write to us and let us know. In order to
effectively follow Christ, you must learn more of God's Word and spend time
with other believers who can help you grow. There are many good churches and
pastors who can help teach you the Word of God and nurture you in the Lord.
If we do not meet in this life, then by the Grace of God, we will meet in heaven.
—Evangelist Perry Stone

Iraq, Osama bin Laden, terroristic threats, weapons of mass destruction,
coalitions of nations—what do these things mean to us today?
In the light of Scripture, how do Christians interpret the cataclysmic and
apocalyptic incidents of the past few years on the global scene? These events
have changed the thinking of people everywhere, and have shaped the future of
the world in such a way that even to the world, the events prophesied in the
Book of Revelation seem not only possible, but inevitable.
No voice on the horizon today speaks with as much clarity, understanding and
Scriptural basis as does the voice of Evangelist Perry F. Stone, Jr. God uses him
in ministry on nearly every continent. He preaches and teaches daily by way of
his books and magazine, his personal appearances and especially, through the
electronic media.
As you read this landmark volume on current events clarified through the
lenses of God's prophetic Word, you will grow spiritually and will have a greater
appreciation of our conquering Lord Jesus who still controls the trends and
movements of history.
An evangelist with an impeccable testimony of God's anointing and power,
Perry Stone is indeed God's man for this hour! His writing is as powerful as his
preaching. You cannot read this book without a change of mind about many
things; and, hopefully, without a change of heart.
Marcus V. Hand Editor at large, Pathway Press

Table of Contents
1 - The Beast Known as the Antichrist
2 - The Kingdom of the Beast
3 - Identifying the Beast
4 - Revelations in the Arabian Desert
5 - The Mahdi, Islam's Messiah
6 - Clues from the Biblical Prophets
7 - Temple Mount, the World's Hot Spot
8 - Megiddo: Battle at the Gates
9 - When Islam Rules the World
10 - Future Headquarters of the Beast, Iraq
11 - Who Controls the Gold and the Oil?
12 - The Manifesto of the Antichrist
13 - Cosmic Signs and Last Days Prophecy
14 - More Signs in the Heavens
15 - The Handwriting on America's Wall
16 - So What Can America Do?
What Really Matters Most

Unleashing the Beast [the coming fanatical dictator and his ten-nation coalition]

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