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Essential A-Z Quick Reference to over 5,500 Medical Terms

The British Medical Association
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Dr D.A.Burns: 374bcl, 469tr; Professor Terry Hamblin, The Royal Bournemouth
Hospital Medical Illustration Department: 456cr; Dr N. R. Patel: 185cr; Science
Photo Library: 600bcr; Biophoto Associates 506bl; CNRI 129cr, 250bl; Dr P. Marazzi
67bl, 218br; Eye of Science 284bcr; John Radcliffe Hospital 293tr; National Institute
of Health 444br; Professor P. Motta/Department of Anatomy/University "La Sapienza",
Rome 423br; National Meningitis Trust: 252cl; St John's Institute of Dermatology:
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For further information see:
Evi Antoniou, Joanna Cameron, Mick Gillah, Tony Graham, Mark Iley,
Deborah Maizels, Patrick Mulrey, Peter Ruane, Richard Tibbitts,
Halli Verrinder, Philip Wilson, Deborah Woodward,
Andy Crawford, Steve Gorton, Gary Ombler, Tim Ridley,
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The only full-colour illustrated dictionary that
provides authoritative yet accessible definitions
of every important medical term
A–Z quick-reference guide to over
5,500 medical terms
Approximately 400 full-colour images
Comprehensive coverage, including anatomical terms,
disorders, tests, treatments and drugs
Expanded definitions for fuller understanding
Extensive cross-referencing for fast access
to related topics
Illustrations labelled to show key features
coronary Any structure that encircles like
a crown. The term usually refers to the
coronary arteries encircling the heart. It is
also sometimes used as a nonmedical
term for a heart attack (see myocardial infarction).
coronary artery Either of the 2 main
arteries that supply the tissues of the
heart with oxygen-rich blood. These
arteries, known as the left and right main
coronary arteries, arise directly from the
aorta. The term coronary artery is also
applied to any of the arteries that branch
off from the main coronary arteries, such
as the left circumflex artery and the left
anterior descending artery. Blockage of a
coronary artery as a result of atherosclerosis
can lead to myocardial infarction.
(See also coronary artery disease.)


The British
Medical Association
A Dorling Kindersley Book
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