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by Dudley Seth Danoff, MD, FACS

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 2011 by Dudley Seth Danoff, MD, FACS  

About the Author
Dudley Seth Danoff, MD, FACS, is a diplomate of the American Board of
Urology and a fellow of the American College of Surgeons. Born in
Brooklyn, New York, Dr. Danoff is a graduate of Princeton University,
summa cum laude and Phi Beta Kappa. He received his medical degree at
Yale University with honors. He completed his urologic surgical training and
fellowship at Columbia University Presbyterian Medical Center in New York
City. Following his training, he served as a major in the United States Air
Force Medical Corps. For more than a quarter century, Dr. Danoff taught on
the clinical faculty of UCLA School of Medicine. Currently, he is attending
urologic surgeon at Cedars-Sinai Medical Center in Los Angeles. He is the
founder and president of the prestigious Cedars-Sinai Tower Urology
Medical Group, the leading urologic practice serving the Southern California
community for over thirty years. Dr. Danoff and his wife, Israeli singer
Hedva Amrani, are longtime residents of Beverly Hills, California, and have
two children: Aurele Danoff, an attorney, and Doran Danoff, a composer.

Praise for Penis Power
“Finally, an easy and practical approach to male sexuality. Penis Power is
the book that every man (and woman) will go to when questions arise about
the performer and the act of the performance.”
—David Y. Josephson, MD, Program Director, Urologic Oncology and
Robotic Surgery Fellowship, City of Hope National Medical Center
“Dr. Danoff, a world-class urologist, has written a world-class book that
should be read by every man and woman who enjoys sex.”
—Wolfgang Puck, restaurateur and world-famous chef, Spago
“A great book. Penis Power is a must-read for all men and women who love sex!”
—Mancow Muller, host, Mancow Experience, WABC Talk Radio
“Dr. Danoff brings forward his deep knowledge and experience as a
leading urologist in an educational and entertaining book that should address
every question that most men utter only inside the confines of their doctors’
exam rooms. I should tell you that their wives and girlfriends ask me the
same questions, and this book is a great resource for them as well.”
—Sharron L. Mee, MD, Female Urologist
“A must-read for all men who care about their physical and sexual health.”
—Joe Weider, world-famous bodybuilder, fitness guru, and publisher of Men’s Fitness
“A stimulating and educational medical guide that will renew men’s lives
in the bedroom and keep them out of the operating room.”
—Stuart Holden, MD, Medical Director, Prostate Cancer Foundation
“Insightful, educational, and liberating—this book is going to help a lot of people.”
—Bill Paxton
“Simply the most empowering book of the millennium—a mastery of storytelling.”
—Christopher S. Ng, MD, Chief, Division of Urology, Cedars-Sinai Medical Center
“At last it is great to see a volume that produces such a constant flow of
information. The information fills nearly every void on the subject and
finally exposes the long and short of it.”
—Johnny Mathis
“One of the best books I have ever read on male sexual health; extremely
well written, easy to understand, informative, and lighthearted.”
—George DeJohn, host, Train Station Fitness Show, SportsRadio, and
creator, 21 Day Body Makeover
“Where was this book when I was growing up? I could have been
Superman instead of Caspar Milquetoast!”
—Terence Kingsley-Smith, writer
“Penis Power is definitely original. It’s also clever, informative, and entertaining.”
—Ron Clark, playwright
“A book loaded with wisdom and wit, masterfully written by Dr. Dudley
Seth Danoff. I recommend this book highly as a happy Dr. Danoff patient.
For over thirty-five years, he has kept my ‘below the belt’ confidence high and my PSA low.”
—Jerry Mayer, playwright and television writer and producer

Table of Contents
Title Page
Praise for Penis Power
Everything You Need to Know about the Penis
Maximizing Your Penis Power
The Truth about Penis Size
Erection and Ejaculation
Medical Conditions That Affect Penis Power
Prostatic and Other Urologic Diseases
Blue Pills and Other Medical Cures for Erectile Dysfunction
Performance Anxiety: When It’s All in Your Head
Extenuating Circumstances: When Sex Becomes a Chore
As Old as You Feel: The Life Story of the Penis
Sexually Transmitted Diseases
What Women Need to Know
Penis FAQs
Becoming a Superpotent Man
What’s Your Penis Personality?
What Is a Superpotent Man?
How to Become a Superpotent Man
About the Author

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Special thanks to my dear wife, Hedva, without whom none of this would
be possible. I am grateful to my daughter, Aurele Danoff, for her invaluable
perspective and support. Thanks to my son, Doran A. Danoff, for his
editorial assistance and insights in helping to create this book. And an extraspecial
thanks to my longtime friend and professional colleague Dr. Leo
Gordon for his impeccable sense of literacy and for his professorial advice in
helping to edit the final draft of this book.
And dare I forget to thank the women who have influenced my life—both
through my practice and personal endeavors—for their unique perspective
and wisdom. They have allowed me to express my ideas with a passion not otherwise possible.
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