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- The Complete Guide to Left-Hand Path Sex Magic -

Nikolas & Zeena Schreck

Let's talk about the most mysterious subject of all sex.
Sex is an electromagnetic phenomenon.
William S. Burroughs

Desire is the great force.
–Andre Breton

Das Ewigweibliche zieht uns hinan.
(The Eternal Feminine draws us onwards.)
Dr. Faust, in Goethe's Faust II

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 Nikolas & Zeena Schreck 2002 

About the Authors
Nikolas Schreck is the author of The Satanic Screen in the Creation Cinema
Collection and Flowers From Hell: A Satanic Reader, also published by
Creation Books. He is the director of the documentary film Charles Manson
Superstar. Zeena Schreck is an artist/photographer and has been a leading
authority on the Black Arts for over 20 years. She is currently the High
Priestess of The Storm, an international initiatory religion. The Schrecks have
previously collaborated on the musical project Radio Werewolf. To inquire
about seminars, lectures, and private instruction on initiatory practices of the
left-hand path offered by the authors, 
write to: Postfach 120452, 10594 Berlin, Germany.

About the Cover
Surrealist artist Max Ernst was a ardent connoisseur of desire and feminine
beauty in his private life. His The Robing Of The Bride, painted in
1939/1940, reveals a life-long fascination with the erotic symbolism of
alchemy and Rosicrucianism. In the language of alchemical procedure, the
symbol of the bride represents the philosopher's stone, perceived by
alchemists as a feminine being, much like that other unattainable object of
mystery, the Grail. The bride was first chemically "stripped" and then
"robed" before being "perfected" in the final stage of the operation. This
robing of the bride preceded the alchemical wedding, the mingling of
opposing sexual energies into an androgynous whole, referred to obliquely in
that famous Rosicrucian document, The Chymical Marriage Of Christian Rosencreutz.
Other alchemical symbols in Ernst's image include the grotesque
hermaphroditic homunculus depicted in the lower right side of the painting,
and the miniature head of gold emerging above the bride's breasts. The
phallic spear being directed at the bride's genitals has been interpreted as
everything from the probe once used to identify the Devil's mark on the
bodies of witches, to a simple sign of the potency of the stork/heron that
wields the spear. In The Robing Of The Bride, Max Ernst created a glyph
capturing a genuine sense of sex magic's mystery, demonstrating that the
artist's lunar vision has more to tell the magician 
than many a stale text of traditional occultism.

Table of Contents
Foreplay 4
BOOK ONE: The Sinister Current In The East
I.Vama Marga — Foundations Of The Left-Hand Path 17
II.Awakening The Serpent — Initiation In The Left-Hand Path 59
III.In The Temple Of The Nine Gates — Ecstatic Rites Of The Left-Hand Path 94

BOOK TWO: The Sinister Current In The West
IV.In the Beginning Was The Word — Decoding The Language Of Western Magic 146
V.At The Left Hand Of Christ — The Holy Whore And The Gnostic Magus 168
VI.Eastern Secrets And Satanic Pleasures — The Left-Hand Path And The Modern Magical Revival 206
VII.Sex Sex Sex & 666 — Aleister Crowley: Adept Of The Left-Hand Path? 259
VIII.Cults Of The Scarlet Woman – The Left-Hand Path In The Modern West 299

BOOK THREE: The Sinister Current in Action
IX.Sex-Magical Self-Initiation — A Crash Course For The Kali-Yuga 340
X.Of Orgies Ancient & Modern — Group Sex Magic 396
XI.Pain/Lust – The Rites Of Dominance And Submission 430
About The Cover/About The Authors 476
Select Bibliography 478

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Published 2002 by Creation Books
Copyright © Nikolas & Zeena Schreck 2002
All world rights reserved
All quotations by Aleister Crowley are copyright © Ordo Templi Orientis.
Cover: The Robing Of The Bride by Max Ernst (ADAGP/SPADEM, Paris).
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