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Your Definitive Source of Energy Center Knowledge for Health, Happiness, and Spiritual Evolution

Cyndi Dale


Llewellyn’s Complete Book of Chakras- Your Definitive Source of Energy Center Knowledge for Health, Happiness, and Spiritual Evolution
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 2016 by Cyndi Dale

About the Author
Cyndi Dale (Minneapolis, MN) is an internationally renowned author, speaker,
healer, and business consultant. She is president of Life Systems Services,
through which she has conducted over 50,000 client sessions and presented
training classes throughout Europe, Asia, and the Americas.
Visit her online at

IF THE STARS should appear one night in a thousand
years, how would men believe and adore…

I often think of the chakras as stars that descended to earth and embedded in our
human form. In some ways, the story of chakras is similar to that of the stars. As
Emerson implies, their presence can be overlooked, ignored, or assumed simply
because they are content to exist, seen or unseen, as surely as day follows night.
But to explore the chakras is to investigate one of the truly great tales of the
universe. I have spent years uncovering its many twists and turns, an array of
stories enfolded within the larger tale. I wrote this book to present a
compendium of these stories pulled together into a single source, a definitive
storybook about chakras.

Chakras are energy centers in our bodies that, when perceived by those of us
who are blessed to be able to see them, look like wheels of light spinning in and
around the body—stars in miniature. Chakras are also “subtle” structures,
meaning that, in many ways, they operate under the radar of most people’s
perception, on a psychic or spiritual level. But they are also intricately
intertwined with our physical and emotional capacities. As key parts of a greater
subtle energetic anatomy that you will learn about in this book, they have no less
important a job to do than to manage all levels of our existence.
Chakras have been studied by hundreds of cultures over thousands of years.
These dynamic energy centers are linked with myriad aspects of our being, from
the body’s electrical system—measurable to an extent with diagnostic and other
medical devices—to subtler categories of vibration such as colors, sounds, and
elements. I call this gigantic basket of chakra ideas—and especially the practices
associated with them—“chakra medicine.” This term honors the traditional
meaning of medicine: the sum total of all knowledge, skills, theories, and
practices we can engage in to increase our well-being. Because chakras manage
all aspects of life, they can be seen as the key to health, happiness, and prosperity.
Chakras have been a subject of study by so many diverse peoples and for so
long that writing a book about chakras could take forever—a never-ending
account that starts in the early mists of time and slips over the horizon ahead. I
have dedicated myself to putting two covers on this eternal story, to serve as
markers; hence, I have aimed to make this book a comprehensive compilation of
the knowledge of chakras and chakra medicine as it exists today, drawing from
sources worldwide, beginning with the ancients and adding information of my
own that I have gained through extensive study and my energy healing practice.
But never fear: we will unfold this massive tale in bite-sized pieces. The
information I will share begins at a basic level and grows in complexity. It is,
therefore, an invitation to learn the fundamentals of “all things chakras” and then
go deeper, ever deeper. Eventually, through your own explorations, I hope that
you will add your own chakra discoveries to our shared wisdom base.
As you travel though this book, you’ll discover that I continually return to the
theme I already introduced: that the chakras in our bodies can be compared to
the stars in our galaxy. I enjoy this beautiful metaphor, but as you dive into the
discussions of the nature of energy in later chapters, you will see that this
connection is more than symbolic. Like our feelings about the stars, chakras
operate at all levels, and most practitioners would agree that they are ultimately
spiritual, pointing the way to our souls’ dreams.

I’ll start by covering the most fundamental aspects of the chakras and how they
perform; this will be the subject of chapters 1 through 15. I open part 1 with a
question: what is a chakra? This entire book has been written to fully answer that
question, but I will first answer it in basic terms. I’ll include a thumbnail sketch
of the history of chakra-related ideas, spanning civilizations and eras, as well as
a review of ancient Hindu ideas about energy, as the venerable Hindu system is
one of the best known today. This information will help you set your discovery
of chakras in a chronological context and reveal the mindset upon which all
modern data has been built. Later in the book we’ll explore these Hindu roots in
much greater depth.
Next I’ll outline scientific thought about the nature of energy. After all, as I
mentioned, chakras are essentially energy centers, so it is helpful to get a
refresher on what we have learned about the physics of energy. Again, this will
be a brief backgrounder that I will expand upon later in the book.
As you’ll soon discover, chakras are powerful tools for spiritual transformation.
While they do play physical and psychological roles in our lives, ultimately
chakras encourage spiritual growth. To begin orienting you to this aspect, I’ll
briefly describe an energetic force that awakens the chakras and paves the way
toward enlightenment. This force is called kundalini energy.
A thorough understanding of chakras requires many more and much deeper
layers of understanding, including an exploration of the nature of the energy in
our bodies; the psychological, intuitive, and physiological effects of the chakras;
the imagery and symbolism people have associated with them; and both
traditional and contemporary views of chakras’ aspects that include everything
from spiritual icons to archetypes. We will begin this in-depth journey in Part 2.
Part 2 examines the most familiar chakra model: the Hindu system. We will
travel through the seven in-body chakras in order, from the base of the spine to
the top of the head. Our first goal is to look at how they function in the most
fundamental of ways: physically and psychologically. We also will begin to add
the layers of knowledge needed for a fuller picture: Sanskrit names, purpose,
color, associated gland, and the part of the body that each chakra manages. I’ll
outline practical considerations, including related diseases and psychological
functions, and move into more esoteric topics such as the gods and goddesses
that reign within each bodily star. Symbols, archetypes, intuitive abilities, and
explorations of secondary chakras, as well as other features, 
help round out our chakra profiles.
We then turn the corner to engage in Part 3, Fundamentals of Chakra Medicine.
Here you will learn chakra medicine procedures and techniques. The first
chapter in this part introduces the concept of chakra medicine: practices you can
follow to work with chakras for greater health and well-being. You will learn
various ways chakras can assist you, and I’ll provide a plethora of processes you
can use to do everything from locating your chakras to clearing and balancing
them. Practices are loosely organized into Western and Eastern approaches.
Then it will be time to walk through the next doorway and into Section 2,
Chakras in Depth: Historical, Scientific, and Cross-Cultural Understandings. Up
to this point, you will have spent your time with the book learning and enjoying
all the basics of chakra methodology as if peering through a telescope into the
great night sky. Section 2 is the equivalent of getting into a spaceship and
actually flying to those stars, carrying precise equipment such as spiritual
treatises, finely tuned microscopes, and geographic maps. You will embark upon
a thorough review of the history of chakra concepts, examining Vedic, tantric,
and yogic chakra legends stretching as far back as 12,000 BCE. This history,
which we’ll cover in Part 4, will prepare you for part 5: The Science of Subtle Energy.
Part 5 kicks off with a primer on physical and subtle energy that reviews
relevant classical and quantum physics and all things scientific about the nature
of energy. With a better understanding of the energetic scenery in which chakras
grow, you will be ready to picture chakras within their larger familial structure:
your entire energetic anatomy. To truly work with chakras, you must also place
them within the physical body, which you will examine to better understand the
chakras’ unique structure. Finally, you will devote your time to the scientific
explanation of kundalini, the force that activates the chakras.
Then it’s around the world you go, plunging into a deeply meaningful odyssey
in Parts 6 through 8. Chakras are not exclusively Hindu in origin; they have
appeared in jungles, deserts, mountains, and seasides around the world and
across time. In addition, they are the subject of modern academic, spiritual, and
philosophical disciplines. Dozens of chakra systems are outlined and explained
within the context of their spiritual and cultural surroundings. On this aroundthe-
world tour, you will visit Asia, discover the ancient chakra systems of
Africa, the Middle East, Europe, and the Americas, and investigate modern
Western chakra systems.
Unique and contemporary chakra concepts and systems are the subject of Part
9, Chakras Et Cetera: Natural and Unusual Chakras, coverage of the relationship
between chakras and the earth, animals, and skies, as well as an analaysis of
contemporary and emerging chakra systems. Does the earth itself have chakras?
What about animals? This fascinating review is followed by a one-two-three of
recent and unusual chakras that are just making their way into our common
chakra medicine bag.
As will become clear throughout your pilgrimage, chakras are nothing new—
and they are always new; we never complete our chakra adventure. These points
of light touch every aspect of our lives as embodied reflections of the starry sky
we gaze upon when we count our blessings.

Table of Contents
Color Illustrations
Section 1: Chakra Fundamentals and Basic
Part 1: What Are Chakras? A Pocket Guide to Your
Body’s Points of Light
1 Your Spinning Wheels of Light
2 What Is Kundalini?
Part 2: The Hindu Chakra System
3 Hindu Chakras: The Basic Seven
4 The First Hindu Chakra: Muladhara
5 The Second Hindu Chakra: Svadhisthana
6 The Third Hindu Chakra: Manipura
7 The Fourth Hindu Chakra: Anahata
8 The Fifth Hindu Chakra: Vishuddha
9 The Sixth Hindu Chakra: Ajña
10 The Seventh Hindu Chakra: Sahasrara
Part 3: Fundamentals of Chakra Medicine
11 The Benefits of Chakra Medicine
12 Chakra Medicine Methods I: Preparation and Analysis
13 Chakra Medicine Methods II: Healing
14 Chakra Medicine Practices: Eastern Methods
15 Chakra Techniques: From Mantras to Gemstones and
Everything in Between
Section 2: Chakras in Depth—Historical,
Scientific, and Cross-Cultural Understandings
Part 4: The History of Chakra Knowledge Through the
Lens of Ancient India
16 Ancient Vedic Scripture: The Four Canons
17 Chakras Taking Form: Divining Three Movements from the
Upanishads and Other Early Sacred Texts
18 Following the Light of Tantra and Yoga
Part 5: The Science of Subtle Energy
19 Your Energy Primer: Understanding Physical and Subtle
Energy (And a Few Matters in Between)
20 Chakras as Part of the Subtle Energy Anatomy
21 The Science and Structure of Chakras
22 Kundalini Rises: The Chakra Serpent
Part 6: Chakra Systems of Asia
23 Chakra Systems of India
24 Tibet: Indian Tantra Meets Buddhism
25 Other Asian Chakra Systems
Part 7: Ancient Chakra Systems Across Africa, Europe,
the Middle East, and the Americas
26 The African Continent
27 Chakra Systems of Old Europe
28 The Middle East
29 Chakra Medicine in the Americas
Part 8: Modern Western Chakra Systems
30 Early Western Mystics and Esoteric Orders
31 The Theosophical Society
32 Chakras Come of Age in the West
Part 9: Chakras Et Cetera: Natural and Unusual Chakras
33 Chakras in Nature
34 New and Unusual Chakras and Chakra Systems
CONCLUSION: Your “Great Perhaps”

Exercise: The Two Vital Airs
Exercise: A Grounding Tool for Muladhara
Exercise: Special Muladhara Mudra Through “Knowing Your Nose”
Exercise: Left Nostril Breathing to Activate Water and Moon
Exercise: Increase the Flow of Prana to the Second Chakra
Exercise: Meditating on Svadhisthana
Exercise: Sounding the Universe Through Your Manipura
Exercise: Firing Up Your Manipura
Exercise: Pit Pose for Manipura Chakra
Exercise: Mantra to Create Peace Instead of Fear
Exercise: Wishing Upon the Celestial Tree
Exercise: Resonating the Bija Ham
Exercise: The Khechari Mudra: Opening to the Nectar of the Gods
Exercise: The Five Steps for Grounding
Exercise: Spirit-to-Spirit
Exercise: Finding Chakras with a Pendulum
Exercise: Establishing a Polarity Baseline Using Muscle Testing
Exercise: Establishing Your Sending and Receiving Hands
Exercise: Locating Chakras with Applied Kinesiology
Exercise: Locating Chakras with Hands-On Interaction
Exercise: Locating Chakras Intuitively
Exercise: Testing for Chakra Spin with a Pendulum
Exercise: Assessing with Applied Kinesiology
Exercise: Assessing with Hands-On Interaction
Exercise: Assessing with Intuition—Four Styles
Exercise: Chakra Clearing with Hands-On Interaction
Exercise: Chakra Clearing with Intuitive Meditation
Exercise: Healing Chakra Blocks
Exercise: Relieving Congestion in a Chakra
Exercise: Charging a Chakra
Exercise: Using a Light Wand
Exercise: Aligning Another’s Chakras
Exercise: Aligning Your Own Chakras
Exercise: Working with Beliefs in Seven Steps
Exercise: Ujjayi Pranayama
Exercise: Bhramari Pranayama
Exercise: Bhastrika Pranayama
Exercise: Anulom Vilom (Alternate Nostril Breathing)
Exercise: Udgeeth Pranayama
Exercise: Sukhasana Pose
Exercise: Padmasana Pose
Exercise: Jnana and the Chin Mudras
Exercise: Shambhavi Mudra
Exercise: Ashvini Mudra
Exercise: Navamukhi Mudra
Exercise: Dhyani Mudra (also called Samadhi Mudra)
Exercise: Vitarka Mudra
Exercise: Dharmachakra Mudra
Exercise: Bhumisparsha Mudra
Exercise: Abhaya Mudra
Exercise: Varada Mudra
Exercise: Uttarabodhi Mudra
Exercise: Mudra of Supreme Wisdom
Exercise: Anjali Mudra (also called Namaskara Mudra)
Exercise: Vajrapradama Mudra
Exercise: Karana Mudra
Exercise: Activating the Eyes
Exercise: Trataka
Exercise: Mula Bandha
Exercise: Uddiyana Bandha
Exercise: Jalandhara Bandha
Exercise: Maha Bandha
Exercise: First Chakra Pose: Virabhadrasana I (Warrior I)
Exercise: Second Chakra Pose: Parivrtta Trikonasana (Twisting Triangle Pose)
Exercise: Third Chakra Pose: Ustrasana (Camel Pose)
Exercise: Fourth Chakra Pose: Bhujangasana (Cobra Pose)
Exercise: Fifth Chakra Pose: Dhanurasana (Bow Pose)
Exercise: Sixth Chakra Pose: Adho Mukha Svanasana (Downward Facing Dog)
Exercise: Seventh Chakra Pose: Savasana (Corpse Pose)
Exercise: The Gayatri Mantra
Exercise: Employing a Yantra
Exercise: A Reiki Chakra Practice
Exercise: Archetype Meditation
Exercise: Lotus Meditation
Exercise: Using Gemstones for Chakra Healing
Exercise: A Guided Meditation to Visit the Heart of Brahman
Exercise: A Self-Assessment—Which Siddhis Have You Already Activated?
Exercise: Becoming the Peace of the Ancient Texts
Exercise: Breathing the Kriya Breath
Exercise: Putting Marma Touch Therapy into Practice
Exercise: Meditation on the Shakti Chakra
Exercise: An Experience of Theravada Buddhism
Exercise: Receiving a Tibetan Blessing
Exercise: Meditating on the Vajra Body
Exercise: Clearing Winds Exercise
Exercise: Massaging Away Negative Emotions
Exercise: Chakra Hand and Feet Reflexology
Exercise: Simple Zazen: Being One with Your Breath
Exercise: Strengthening Your Chakras
Exercise: Quick Shiatsu Energy Boost
Exercise: Clearing a Space with Crown Chakra Energy
Exercise: Clearing Your Orishas
Exercise: Entering the Fire Temple
Exercise: Remembrance with the Sufis
Exercise: In Times of Trouble
Exercise: Listening with Your Five Ears
Exercise: Cooling Off with the Kuna Indians
Exercise: Experiencing the Nawis
Exercise: Activating Your Own Chumpis
Exercise: An Incan Chakra Harmony Rite
Exercise: Walking This Good Earth: The Nawis of the Feet
Exercise: Living as a Rosicrucian
Exercise: Rosicrucian Meditation for Chakra Healing and Prayer
Exercise: Healing Techniques Using the Rays
Exercise: Perceiving the Colors in the Astral Body
Exercise: Steiner’s Advice for the Fifth Chakra
Exercise: Meditating the Cayce Way
Exercise: The Seven Catholic Sacraments
Exercise: Strengthening Your Hara Line
Exercise: Is There a Vortex in Your Area?
Exercise: Creating Your Own Songline in Your Environment
Exercise: Steiner’s Planetary Energy in Your Body
Exercise: Disembodying the Pain Body
Exercise: The Etheric Mirror: Seeing the Healing
Exercise: The Book of Life: Transforming the Negative to Positive

Illustration 1—Chakras As Vortexes
Illustration 2—The Location and Basic Functions of the In-Body
Chakras Illustration 3—The Plumed Serpent and an Ouroboros
Illustration 4—Kundalini and the Three Main Nadis (left) and the
Energy Flow of Ida and Pingala (right) Illustration 5—The Three Main Granthis
Illustration 6—The Five Koshas
Illustration 7—The Greek Caduceus and Kundalini Illustration 8—The Endocrine System
Illustration 9—The Seven Hindu Chakras
Illustration 10—The Muladhara and Parts of the Spine Illustration 11 —The Pancreas
Illustration 12—The Celestial Tree Wishing Chakra Illustration 13— The Thyroid and Parathyroid Illustration 14—The Lalana Chakra
Illustration 15—The Three Main Secondary Chakras of the Ajña
Illustration 16—The Location of the Pineal Gland Illustration 17— Sukhasana
Illustration 18—Padmasana
Illustration 19—The Jnana and Chin Mudras Illustration 20— Navamukhi
Illustration 21—Dhyani or Samadhi Mudra Illustration 22—Vitarka Mudra
Illustration 23—Dharmachakra Mudra
Illustration 24—Bhumisparsha Mudra
Illustration 25—Abhaya Mudra
Illustration 26—Varada Mudra
Illustration 27—Uttarabodhi Mudra
Illustration 28—Mudra of Supreme Wisdom Illustration 29—Anjali
or Namaskara Mudra Illustration 30—Vajrapradama Mudra
Illustration 31—Karana Mudra
Illustration 32—First Chakra Pose
Illustration 33—Second Chakra Pose
Illustration 34—Third Chakra Pose
Illustration 35—Fourth Chakra Pose
Illustration 36—Fifth Chakra Pose
Illustration 37—Sixth Chakra Pose
Illustration 38—Seventh Chakra Pose
Illustration 39—The Seven Sacred Geometry Signs of the Chakras
Illustration 40—Reiki Symbols
Illustration 41—Vishnu and the Sudarshana Chakra Illustration 42— 
The Greek Omphalos
Illustration 43—Nadis within the Sushumna Illustration 44—
The Auric Fields
Illustration 45—The Seven Rays
Illustration 46—The External Energy Bodies Illustration 47—
The Dantians
Illustration 48—The Human Spine
Illustration 49—Parts of the Brain
Illustration 50—Close-Up of the Glands Illustration 51—The
Electromagnetic Spectrum Illustration 52—Gap Junctions
Illustration 53—The Torus, Zero-Point Insert, and the Chakra
Illustration 54—Two-Sided Chakra (left) and the Heart’s Field
(right) Illustration 55—The Rising of Charges Illustration 56—
Bodily Areas Where Emotions Appear in Kundalini Situations
Illustration 57—A Thirteen-Chakra System Illustration 58—The Kshetram Points
Illustration 59—The Kshetram and Chakra Points in the Brain
Illustration 60—The Five Elemental Areas of the Body Illustration
61—The Five Koshas in the Body Illustration 62—The Marmani
Related to the Chakras Illustration 63—The Kalachakra Six-
Chakra System Illustration 64—The Four Taoist Forces Illustration
65—The Microcosmic Orbit Illustration 66—The Seven Chakra
Points in the Hand Illustration 67—The Seven Chakra Points on
the Foot Illustration 68—The Korean Dahnjons
Illustration 69—Pranic Healing and the Eleven Major Chakras
Illustration 70—The Kamitic Tree of Life Illustration 71—The Yoruba Cosmology
Illustration 72—The Yoruba Chakra System Illustration 73—The
“Chakra” Worlds of the Norse Illustration 74—The Zarathustrian
Amesha Spentas Illustration 75—Physical Location of the Lataf’a
Illustration 76—The Sephiroth on the Tree of Life Illustration 77—
The Chakras and the Kabbalah Illustration 78—The Taoist I Ching
and the Kabbalistic Tree of Life Illustration 79—The Seven Stones
of the Sioux Illustration 80—The Chumpi Energy Belts Illustration
81—The Hidden Thirteenth Nawi Illustration 82—The Nawis in
the Feminine Quilagos Tradition Illustration 83—
Leonardo da Vinci’s “Vitruvian Man”
Illustration 84—The Rose Cross Lamen
Illustration 85—The Rose Cross with Seven Roses Illustration 86— 
The Power of Ten
Illustration 87—The Rose in the First Chakra Square Illustration 88
—Blavatsky’s Planes Within Planes Illustration 89—The
Theosophical Constitution of the Human Being Illustration 90—
The Shape and Structure of a Chakra Illustration 91—Leadbeater’s
Chakra System Illustration 92—Brennan’s Planes of Reality and
Auric Field Layers Illustration 93—Brennan’s View of the Chakras
Illustration 94—The Twelve-Chakra System Illustration 95—
Transpersonal Chakras Illustration 96—The Hara Line Chakras
Illustration 97—The Antakarana Symbol Illustration 98—Crop
Circles and Chakras Illustration 99—Animal Chakras

Llewellyn’s Complete Book of Chakras- Your Definitive Source of Energy Center Knowledge for Health, Happiness, and Spiritual Evolution
Book design by Rebecca Zins
Cover design by Ellen Lawson
Cover images:© Julia Snegireva,© Fuet, mandala courtesy of Cyndi Dale/Essential
Energy Interior ornamental pattern:© Julia
Snegireva Interior illustrations by Mary Ann Zapalac, Elisabeth Alba, James
Clark, and the Llewellyn Art Department Llewellyn Publications is an imprint of
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