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The Healing Power of the Life You Planned Before You Were Born


1. Spiritual healing. 2. Reincarnation therapy. 3. Pre-existence --Case studies. 4. Mind and body. 5. Spiritual life. 6. Life change events. 7. Soul.
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 2012 by Robert Schwartz 

A Note to Readers
THERE ARE MANY PEOPLE WHO truly cannot afford to buy books. My
mission is to make the healing information in this book available to as many
people as possible, including those who cannot afford to purchase it. Please ask
your local library to carry this book, or after you finish reading it, please
consider donating your copy to your library. This simple act of kindness will
touch many lives.
Thank you for helping me to bring a healing awareness of prebirth planning to the world.

With gratitude,
Robert Schwartz

Would You Like to Know
Your Life Plan?
ROBERT SCHWARTZ IS A TRAINED hypnotherapist who offers both past life
and between-lives regressions. In a past life regression, you can experience the
previous life or lives that best help you to understand your current lifetime. In a
between-lives regression, you may experience your pre-birth planning session,
thus discovering specifically what you planned before you were born and why.
These sessions are invaluable in assisting you to know the deeper purpose of
your life: what your experiences mean; why certain patterns reoccur; why certain
people are in your life and what you sought prior to birth to learn from those
relationships. Physical and emotional healing, forgiveness, greater peace and
happiness, and a profound knowing of who you are and why you are here can
come from these sessions.
If you prefer not to experience hypnosis, Robert also offers general spiritual
guidance sessions in which he draws upon his knowledge of pre-birth planning
to help you understand the deeper meaning of your life. Often, these sessions
make use of the Divine Virtues Exercise, a powerful tool developed by Robert to
help you understand the qualities or Divine Virtues you sought to cultivate and
express in this lifetime. Prior to birth, most people plan to develop several
specific qualities, and life challenges play an important role in this process.
Through the Divine Virtues Exercise, you gain an understanding of what those
qualities are; that is, you acquire an expanded awareness of your life purpose and plan.

For more information please visit Robert’s website at
or write to him directly at

Soul-inspired Jewelry
To view a line of soul-inspired jewelry that will help you and those you love to
focus on and express the Divine Virtues you are cultivating in this lifetime,
please visit the Online Store at These beautiful gifts
serve as heartfelt reminders of what your life is truly about.

IN THIS BOOK I OFFER to you a perspective that has been immeasurably
helpful and healing for me. My hope is the same for you. You will know if this
perspective is part of your spiritual path if the words on the pages ahead resonate
with you. Resonance may be thought of as a feeling of intuitive rightness. But,
what is it and where does it come from?

It comes from your soul. Your soul is aware of every thought you think, every
word you speak, every action you take. Certain thoughts, words, and actions feel
good; others do not. These feelings, these intuitive promptings, are
communications direct from your soul. It is right there, peering over your
shoulder, saying “Yes, this is the way” or “No, this path is not for you.” Trust
these feelings. Notice when a feeling of resonance is present and when it is not.
If it is not present as you read this book, then gently lay the book aside. But if it
is present, I ask you to consider the possibility that your soul has guided you to
this book. And I ask you to keep reading, even if your logical mind has difficulty
with the notion that certain experiences, or perhaps any experiences, are planned
before birth.
A Course in Miracles teaches that “perception requires the right instrument.”
To read—that is, to perceive—this book with your mind is like trying to perceive
weight with a thermometer or temperature with a bathroom scale: it’s the wrong
instrument. What is the right instrument? Quite simply, the heart. The heart has a
higher form of knowing than the mind. It may not make logical sense, but it will
feel right. Trust that feeling.

You will read stories of people who—like you—planned their lives before
they were born. I talked with these individuals at length about a particular life
experience, then researched their pre-birth plans with the assistance of four
exceptionally gifted mediums and channels. In most instances I provided them
with the person’s full name and birthdate, the names of the family members and
relevant others whom we wished to discuss, and a brief description of the life
experience on which I wanted to focus. This information was necessary so the
medium or channel (and the channeled consciousness) could access the relevant
portion of the Akashic Record, a complete nonphysical record of everything that
transpires on or is related to the Earth plane, including our pre-birth planning.
The Akashic Record is not static like a physical library on Earth; it is a living,
dynamic tapestry that, when queried, responds to the specific needs and
intentions of the questioner as well as the specific circumstances under which the
questions are posed. Too, mediums and channels are unique in their gifts and in
the ways in which they access information from Spirit; consequently, different
mediums and channels will access different elements of the same person’s prebirth
planning. It is for this reason that most interviewees had sessions with more
than one medium or channel. In this way we were able to bring forth a fuller,
richer picture of why a particular experience was planned before birth.

In the sessions with the mediums and channels, I typically began by asking
Spirit this central question: “Was this experience planned before birth, and if so,
why?” Further discussion and inquiry evolved organically from the response.
Often during these sessions, the interviewees permitted me to ask most or all the
questions. Both the individual interviews and the sessions with the mediums and
channels are presented in dialogue format. I begin a new paragraph each time the
interviewee or channeled consciousness starts to speak about a new subject. In
keeping with convention, the preceding paragraph does not end with quotation
marks, thus indicating that we are still listening to the same speaker.
Both in the discussions with Spirit and in other sections of the book, I use
terms such as higher and lower, good and bad, and positive and negative. These
terms are used to reflect and discuss our human perspective, but they are not
intended to indicate judgment on the part of our souls. Our souls do not judge,
rank, or view the Universe in hierarchical terms; rather, they are acutely aware
that all is One.

From the moment we are born, we have free will and are therefore able to
deviate from our pre-birth plan whenever we like and as much as we like. All of
us do so, and in doing so we create— we vibrationally attract—experiences that
were seen as unlikely before we were born. As you read the stories, you will be
tempted to ask if you planned a particular experience in your own life. A more
helpful question to ask is, “If I planned this experience before I was born, why
would I have done that?” Asking this question empowers you to extract from the
experience all the learning and expansion of consciousness you sought if you
did, in fact, plan the experience. This growth is more important than knowing
whether the experience was indeed planned.

To understand the stories in the pages ahead—and, indeed, to understand life
—it is helpful to know that everything in the Universe is energy vibrating at a
certain frequency. Every person, animal, plant, object, word, thought, feeling,
belief (whether conscious or subconscious), and action has its own unique
vibration. The food you eat and the clothing you wear vibrate at specific
frequencies. The car you drive has its particular vibration. If you were to paint
your car a different color, it would then have a different vibration. In a Universe
based on vibration, like attracts like; that is, the vibration of your words,
thoughts, feelings, beliefs, and actions magnetically draws to you experiences
that are the same vibration. Colloquialisms like “Everything’s coming up roses”
and “When it rains, it pours” reflect an intuitive understanding of this principle.
When you are happy or unhappy, you draw to yourself experiences of equal
vibration that perpetuate your happiness or unhappiness. Vibration plays an
important role in both pre-birth planning and healing, and we will explore its
role in the pages ahead.

You may be inclined to proceed immediately to the chapters that appear to be
directly relevant to your life. Yet, because the stories build on each other, you
will gain the fullest, richest understanding if you read them in order. Moreover,
very different sorts of life experiences are often planned for the same or similar
underlying reasons; therefore, you may gain greater insight into the deeper
meaning of your experiences by reading the story of someone whose life is—on
the surface—completely different from yours.

Some experiences in this book are highly traumatic. If you have had any of
these experiences, please have social support around you when you read about
them. The stories are offered to you in loving support of your soul’s journey, but
there is no substitute for the loving, in-person support of one who cares for you.
Before we are born we choose with great wisdom and care those we will love
and who will love us. We intend for our lives to be a shared voyage. I encourage
you to extend your hand to a loved one and ask to walk this path hand-in-hand with you.
That, too, may be part of your pre-birth plan.

Your Guides
In deciding to read this book, you have embarked on a journey that will shine
light on, and therefore bring deeper meaning to, your life. As you begin this
journey, you may naturally wonder who your guides are. The following are the
wise and loving mediums, channels, and spirit beings with whom I was honored
to collaborate and from whom I have learned so very much. It was through them
that I discovered what the people in this book planned before they were born—
and why. Because this book focuses primarily on the pre-birth planning of life
challenges, I asked the mediums and the beings they channel to speak openly
and honestly of their own challenges.

Table of Contents
Chapter 1 • Healing
Chapter 2 • Spiritual Awakening
Chapter 3 • Miscarriage
Chapter 4 • Caregiving
Chapter 5 • Pets
Chapter 6 • Abusive Relationships
Chapter 7 • Sexuality
Chapter 8 • Incest
Chapter 9 • Adoption
Chapter 10 • Poverty
Chapter 11 • Suicide
Chapter 12 • Rape
Chapter 13 • Mental Illness
A: Interviewees
B: Mediums and Channels

Your Soul's Gift- The Healing Power of the Life You Planned Before You Were Born
Printed and bound in the U. S. A.

This book contains an excerpt adapted from Your Soul’s Plan: Discovering the
Real Meaning of the Life You Planned Before You Were Born by Robert
Schwartz, published by Frog Books/North Atlantic Books, copyright © 2009 by
Robert Schwartz. Used with permission of publisher.

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