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Carl Preston

The Set of Diet Books


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2015 Carl Preston Edited by: Carl Preston Cover by: Carl Preston
2015 Carl Preston Edited by: Carl Preston Cover by: Carl Preston
2015 Carl Preston Edited by: Carl Preston Cover by: Carl Preston
2015 Carl Preston Edited by: Carl Preston Cover by: Carl Preston

Green Smoothie Recipes: 10 Day Green Smoothie Cleanse
Imagine for a moment you are on your way back home
from work. You are driving, sitting on the train or simply
walking back. You are starting to feel hungry.
You want to give yourself a treat. A healthy one. Is that
possible? You wonder. A few seconds go by after your
craving thoughts.

You fancy something good, something fast, but you also
want it to make feel good. A healthy reward is what you
are after. Then, out of nowhere, your mind starts to
picture what you are really after…

Green Smoothie Diet: Green Smoothie Book: Green
Smoothies for Weight Loss: The Green Smoothie Diet
Then you realize: Of course! A healthy, tasty Green
smoothie is the answer to all your thoughts and cravings.
Easy to make, even easier to serve, and a pure pleasure to have.

So what are you waiting for? The ingredients are easy to
get. The blender? You do not need anything fancy, just a
traditional blender or a mixing machine, don’t you think
you need one of those new expensive Ninja Blenders.
Green Smoothie Detox: Green Smoothie Recipes Book->
The answer to your Cravings
Give yourself a treat. Or even better: give your friends
and your loved ones a treat. With the recipes you will
find in Green Smoothie Recipes you will have success
guaranteed at any party, gathering, reception or social
event you may ever have to hold.
The answer is: Green smoothie Recipes
And now, without any further delay, behold: The Top Green Smoothies.

What is Weight Watchers Simple Plan?
For many people, the term Weight Watchers can be quite off-putting and make
them unsure about looking further into the process. After all, the world of
Weight Watchers Points plus means that you need to worry about so many
different factors in terms of what is included in the food. With Simple Start,
though, these problems are left behind.
It takes out all of the calculating and the counting, and will make sure that you
can indulge yourself from time to time with something a little extra. People
realised long ago that this kind of forceful dieting does not work – forcing
people to stay off everything they like is a fallacy. It very rarely works, and
Simple Start will ensure that you aren’t going through this challenge by feeling
as if you are always depriving yourself.
Instead, it builds a common and easy to follow solution that ensures you’ll get
all the help that you need in getting fit and healthy, feeling confident in your
body and moving forward in the right direction in terms of diet.

Why is this book different from the rest?
A great part of going through this process is the fact that you will learn so much;
by taking in all this deep information and advice, you will naturally make your
battle against weight gain much easier and it will ensure that you are going to be
taken through the process of what to buy and what to eat. By giving you help in
understand what to shop and where to shop, you’ll soon find it much easier to
start buying the right kind of foods.

We’ve also prepared 28 days’ worth of recipes and food ideas that you can use
to inspire yourself and to get yourself on the right track. This will ensure that
you have plenty of ingredients to pick from along the way, as well as making
sure that you have the time and the patience with the food that you are going to
be picking from. This will make sure that you are no longer:
Planning out ahead of time yourself; you’ll have good recipes to follow for
four whole weeks to keep you regimented and happy moving forward.
You won’t need to spend hours in the supermarket trying to find a list of
meals to eat and a selection of ingredients to buy.
You will have a choice on what to eat for every day moving forward, letting
you understand what makes up a classy meal and how the nutritional
breakdown should be working.
You’ll start to lose weight whilst experimenting and eating exciting, fresh new meals.
You’ll no longer watch food be wasted.

What Are Power Foods?
The main thing that you need to realise about eating properly and doing it in a
healthy manner is that, typically, it takes a lot more than just augmenting the
right foods. Below, we’ve created a large listing of foods to follow and each link
gives you everything you need to make that meal. But, what else should you be
buying each week? There are lots of ingredients and items that you should be
buying on a regular basis that make sense in terms of being powerful, effective foods.

The foods we want to list here are known as ‘power foods’ and are some of the
most effective foods on the planet for eating. They’ll give you an incredible level
of nutrition and the like, and also make it ten times easier for you to just relax
and know that what you are eating is, for a change, good for you!
So, what power foods would we recommend that you try and take on?
Beans of various forms
Try and buy all of these on a regular basis and have them loaded out in your
shopping trolley. You would be shocked at the sheer depth and level of quality
that they offer in terms of giving you a way forward, and also in terms of making
sure that you can really find the right way forward in terms of food picking and
So, now that we have the right look and feel across the board, in terms of what
you are eating, why should you be picking these up alongside what you are
buying for the meal plan below?
Many of the options provided above count as snacks that are good for you
and can be used as a fine solution to snacking when you need to.
A lot of the selections above are LOADED with antioxidants and positive
nutrition, which is what our bodies need to thrive and move forward in a
positive, happy manner.
A range of extra selections and choices that will make it a whole lot easier
for you to manage and take your diet in a whole new level is never a bad
thing, is it?
Most of these are very cheap to buy, as well, so you don’t need to break the
bank whilst eating like royalty!

Thank you!
Thank you for purchasing The Anti-Inflammatory Gout Diet!
Do not forget to check all the Recipes Videos including all the recipes of the 4-
week program at the end of the Book.
Now, sit back, enjoy your read, and welcome to the path to becoming Pain Free!

Table of Contents

Thank you!
What is Gout?
Curing Gout through Food
What to Avoid
The Benefits
FOUR-Week Meal Plan
Greek white beans in tomato sauce
Spicy corn & black bean salad
Hummus with veggies
Vegetarian chili
Creamy polenta with ratatouille
Baked oatmeal
Breakfast casserole
Felafel with tahini & tzatziki
Roasted Garlic Cauliflower Soup
Bean Burger
Frittata with low fat cheese
Polenta lasagna
Lentil burger
Lentil meatloaf
Broccoli Souffle
Veggie Terrines
Jamaican Rice and Peas
Pomegranate Smoothie
Watermelon-Pineapple-Ginger Juice
Rice with vermicelli
Warm Eggplant and Goat Cheese Sandwiches
Tomato crostini
Lemon and sage roasted chicken
Orange and Duck Confit Salad
Zucchini Spaghetti
Rosemary roasted potatoes
Vanilla bean pudding
Peaches with berry sauce
Raspberry tarts
Pumpkin pancakes
Cornflakes, Low-Fat Milk and berries
Balsamic chicken
Vegetarian chili
Salsa chicken burritos
Lemon dill salmon
Potato frittata
Honey mustard chicken
Vanilla fruit salad
Beef stew
Useful SOURCES FOR Recipes
Finding Inspiration
What is Weight Watchers Simple Plan?
Why is this book different from the rest?
What Are Power Foods?
Where To Buy
The Recipe Plan Choices and Videos
The Recipes
A pleasure for your taste buds
Imagine for a moment you are on your way back home from work. You are
driving, sitting on the train or simply walking back. You are starting to feel hungry.

You want to give yourself a treat. A healthy one. Is that possible? You wonder.
A few seconds go by after your craving thoughts.

You fancy something good, something fast, but you also want it to make feel
good. A healthy reward is what you are after. Then, out of nowhere, your mind
starts to picture what you are really after.
Day 1
Island Blast
Creamy Green
Tropical Cleanse
Banana-Berry Super Smoothie
Green Strawberry-Kiwi Lemonade
Day 2
Strawberry Cream
La Belle Verte
Tropical Green Smoothie
Chocolate Blueberry Smoothie With Kale
Super Powered Breakfast Smoothie
Day 3
Spinach and Strawberry Smoothie
Holiday Detox Green Apple Smoothie
Berry Green Layered Smoothie
The Green Drink
Ginger and Spinach Green Smoothie
Day 4
Chocolate Chia Smoothie
Post-Workout Protein Green Smoothie
Detox Green Smoothie
The Green Thing Smoothie
Blackberry Green Smoothie
Day 5
Green Apple Smoothie
Hot Green Smoothie
Superfood Power Smoothie
Green Detox Smoothie
Green Warrior Protein Smoothie
Day 6
Mint Chocolate Green Smoothie Recipe
Green Smoothies
Strawberry Refresher
Mint Choco Chip Smoothie
Chocolatey Green Smoothie
Day 7
Collard greens super smoothie
Pumpkin Pie Green Smoothie
Peaches & Green Smoothie
Sunshine Smoothie
Apple Ginger Green Smoothie
Day 8
Ginger Green Smoothie
The Ultimate Super Smoothie
Blushing Brilliance Smoothie
Day 9
Superwoman’s Green Smoothie
Pretty Woman Smoothie
Hearty Smarty Breakfast Smoothie
Green Tea Goddess Shake
Day 10
Super Detox Green Smoothie
Sweet And Spicy Smoothie
Cacao Mint Superfood Smoothie
The Immunity Builder
Banana Ginger Smoothie
Orange Dream Creamsicle
Green Tea, Blueberry, and Banana
Very Berry Breakfast
World's Best Smoothie
Pineapple Passion
Strawberry-Kiwi Smoothie
Banana-Blueberry-Soy Smoothie
Tropical Papaya Perfection
Just Peachy
Apricot-Mango Madness
Watermelon Wonder
Berry Good Workout Smoothie
Sunrise Smoothie
Berry Vanilla Sensation
Tutti-Frutti Smoothie
LeeAnn's Luscious Smoothie
Slim-Down Smoothie
Soy Good Smoothie
Mango Madness
Hearty Fruit and Oat Smoothie
Mango and Yogurt Smoothie
Green Ginger-Peach Smoothie
Tropical Blueberry Smoothie
Oatmeal Smoothie
Strawberry, Mango, and Yogurt Smoothie
Fruit Smoothie
Yogurt-Pistachio Smoothies
Winter Smoothie
Avocado-Pear Smoothie
Very Berry Super Shake
Apple And Great Grains Shake
Chocolate, Peanut Butter, And Banana Shake
Strawberry Banana Shake
Chocolate Cherry Awesomeness Shake
Vanilla Pumpkin Pie Shake
Baked Apple Shake
Tropical Power Shake
Superfood Shake
Dr. Mike’s Power Shake
Double Chocolate Mint Smoothie
Coconut Almond Smoothie
Orange Creamsicle
Strawberry Banana Post-Workout Smoothie
Chocolate Peanut Butter Smoothie
Mocha Breakfast Shake
Blueberry Breakfast Smoothie
Mango Tango Shake
The Green Monster
Summertime Blast


Learn Exactly What To Buy To Make A Living Selling On eBay

Included Books

Thrift Store Champ VS Garage Sale Superstar
Turning Thrift Store Oddities And Rarities Into Cool Cash
Turning Thrift Store Electronics And Gadgets Into Cash Magic
Turning Thrift Store Vintage Toys Into Stacks Of Cash
Reseller Secrets To Dominating A Thrift Store Revealed
Selling Creative DIY Projects Online

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e-books shop
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Book Details
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 2016 by Rick Riley, Kathy Stanton 
This document is geared towards providing exact and reliable information in
regards to the topic and issue covered. The publication is sold with the idea
that the publisher is not required to render accounting, officially permitted, or
otherwise, qualified services. If advice is necessary, legal or professional, a
practiced individual in the profession should be ordered.

I want to thank you and for downloading the book, Thrift Store
Superstar vs. Garage Sale King: 50 Unique and Collectible Items
to Buy at Thrift Stores and Garage Sales to Resell On eBay And
Amazon For Huge Profit .
This book contains proven steps and strategies on how to find
unique and collectable items that are worth big money when resold
online. If you haven ’ t been to a garage sale for a while, you
might wonder what people really do sell. The phrase that one
person ’ s junk is another person ’ s treasure can prove all too true
when looking through the random offerings set before you. Do
you know how to get the best price possible for the item you
want? Does the seller have any idea how much the item is really
worth? By taking a good look at what types of items can be sold
for a great profit and what is merely junk, you will be prepared at
any garage sale.
Garage sales and thrift stores have a plethora of different items that
are simply waiting for the right buyer. However, most people
don ’ t know what items can be resold online for a nice profit. By
taking a look at the items that are most unique and collectable, you
will be able to pick them out amongst the clutter of a garage sale
table or thrift store shelf. So, let ’ s take a look at what to look for
when you step into that garage sale or thrift store! It might amaze
you what you have been missing in the past!
Thanks again for downloading this book, I hope you enjoy it!

Table of Contents

Book 1: Thrift Store Champ VS Garage Sale Superstar
Chapter 1: Which Items are Unique at Garage Sales?
Chapter 2: Which Items are Collectable?
Chapter 3: Other Money Makers
Chapter 4: Tips for Finding Garage Sales
Chapter 5: How to Haggle for the Best Price
Chapter 6: Knowing When to Buy and When to Step Away
Chapter 7: Sealing the Deal and Making Your Profit

Book 2: Turning Thrift Store Oddities And Rarities Into Cool Cash
Chapter 1: Strange Finds You Can Profit From
Chapter 2: Super Strange Items That Bring in Big Money
Chapter 3: All Things Old and Off the Wall Treasures
Chapter 4: Oddities and Wacky Items for Sale
Chapter 5: Thinking Outside the Box
Chapter 6: A Few More Oddities
Chapter 7: A Few More Things to Look Out for

Book 3: Turning Thrift Store Electronics And Gadgets Into Cash Magic
Chapter 1: Why Should I Use Amazon and eBay?
Chapter 2: Best Selling Electronic Items on eBay and Amazon
Chapter 3: How to Find These Items Wherever You Are
Chapter 4: Gadgets that Sell Well on eBay and Amazon
Chapter 5: Knowing How to Price Your Items
Chapter 6: How to Buy These Items in Thrift Stores
Chapter 7: The Secrets to Turning Your Finds into Profits

Book 4: Turning Thrift Store Vintage Toys Into Stacks Of Cash
Chapter 1: Dolls and Other Girls’ Toys
Chapter 2: Flashback to Your Childhood
Chapter 3: Boys’ Toys and Other Fun
Chapter 4: Games and Puzzles
Chapter 5: Other Toys that Can be Worth Money
Chapter 6: Knowing Whether or Not to Buy
Chapter 7: Knowing What to Look for

Book 5: Reseller Secrets To Dominating A Thrift Store Revealed
Chapter 1: How to Buy and Sell Clothing From a Thrift Store
Chapter 2: How to Make Money Buying Shoes at Thrift Stores
Chapter 3: How to Make Money With Home Décor From a Thrift Store
Chapter 4: How to Make Money Selling Arts and Crafts Items From a Thrift Store
Chapter 5: How to Buy Small Appliances at Thrift Stores and Make Money
Chapter 6: Other Items You Can Profit From in a Thrift Store
Chapter 7: A Few Final Tips on Selling

Book 6: Selling Creative DIY Projects Online
Chapter 1: What People are Looking for
Chapter 2: Easy Decorative Pieces
Chapter 3: Soaps and Candles
Chapter 4: Furniture Refurbishing
Chapter 5: Apparel, Jewelry, and Accessories
Chapter 6: Where to Sell Your Do it Yourself Items
Chapter 7: Finding Items to Make that Will Sell

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