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Discover Delicious Japanese Cooking with Easy Japanese Recipes

By BookSumo Press

BookSumo Press, a DBA of Saxonberg Associates

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About the Author
BookSumo Press is a publisher of unique, easy, and healthy cookbooks.
Our cookbooks span all topics and all subjects. If you want a deep dive into the
possibilities of cooking with any type of ingredient. Then BookSumo Press is
your go to place for robust yet simple and delicious cookbooks and recipes.
Whether you are looking for great tasting pressure cooker recipes or authentic
ethic and cultural food. BookSumo Press has a delicious and easy cookbook for you.

With simple ingredients, and even simpler step-by-step instructions BookSumo
cookbooks get everyone in the kitchen chefing delicious meals.
BookSumo is an independent publisher of books operating in the beautiful
Garden State (NJ) and our team of chefs and kitchen experts are here to teach,
eat, and be merry!

Welcome to The Effortless Chef Series! Thank you for taking the time to
purchase this cookbook.
Come take a journey into the delights of easy cooking. The point of this
cookbook and all BookSumo Press cookbooks is to exemplify the effortless
nature of cooking simply.

In this book we focus on Japanese. You will find that even though the recipes are
simple, the taste of the dishes are quite amazing.

So will you take an adventure in simple cooking? If the answer is yes please
consult the table of contents to find the dishes you are most interested in.
Once you are ready, jump right in and start cooking.
— BookSumo Press

Table of Contents

About the Author.
Table of Contents
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Chapter 1: Easy Japanese Recipes
4-Ingredient Ramen
Nori Noodles Soup
Ramen Sesame Soup
Japanese Hot Shiso Guacamole
Ramen Lasagna
Japanese Dashi Omelet
Lemongrass Ramen with Duck and Ginger
Japanese Mirin Chicken Soup
Fermented Sichuan Noodles
Japanese Teriyaki Zoodles Stir Fry
Lunch Box Noodles
Vanilla Crusted Shrimp
Hawaiian Ramen Skillet
Japanese Chicken Snow Soup
Sweet Ramen with Tofu
Japanese Hot Devil's Eggs
Ginger Beef Ramen
Japanese Miso Soup
Ramen Roulade
Japanese Potato with Homemade Curry
Louisiana x Japan Ramen
Glazed Japanese Chicken Wings
Sunflower Ramen with Vinaigrette
Wasabi Japanese Tortillas
Cream of Ramen and Mushroom Soup
Japanese Jasmine Nori Bites
Saucy Serrano Ramen Salad
Japanese Sesame Wings
American Ground Beef Ramen
Savory and Sweet Omelet
Kimchee Noodles
Tipsy Japanese Crumbled Beef
Faux Pepperoni Ramen Pizza
Japanese Ricy Ketchup Omelet
Roasted Miso Noodles
Japanese Tofu and Beef Burgers
Mock Ramen Pot Pie
Japanese Grilled Portobello Caps
Salad from Vietnam
Japanese Sweet and Chili Cucumber Salad
Creamy Nuts and Noodles Salad
Crusted Japanese Chicken Breasts
Tropical Curry Ramen
Japanese Sesame Fried Chicken Bites
Fried Ramen Rings
Japanese Condensed Beef Steak Stir Fry
Thai Ramen Beef Satay
Japanese Barbecue Bacon Pancakes
Golden Cheddar Ramen Soup
Japanese Sweet Chicken Stir Fry
Alternative Egg Drop Soup
Japanese Sesame Egg Sushi
Hot Shot of Ramen
Jalapenos Frittata
Minty Noodles Cookies
Japanese Tuna Pyramids Bites
Sesame and Chicken Soup
Japanese Grilled Tuna Salad
$3 Dollar Dinner
Noodles Curry Soup
Sweet and Spicy Ramen Stir Fry
Japanese Bonito Tofu Soup
Parmesan Tuna Ramen
Japanese Beef Roast Barbecue
Ramen Steak Skillet
Japanese Octopus Bites
Teriyaki Ramen Bowls
Japanese Spring Stir Fry
Chili Coconut Ramen
Japanese Steakhouse Dressing
Mandarin Ramen Salad
Japanese Fruity Chicken Curry
Ramen Green Bean Stir Fry
Japanese Crock Stew
Shoyu Ramen
Japanese Juicy Burgers
Baby Ramen Soup
Japanese Crusted Potato Bites
Broccoli and Oyster Ramen
Crunchy Japanese Ramen
Sambal Ramen Salad
Japanese Crusted Pork Chops
Ramen Toscano
Japanese Russet Curry
Ramen Seoul
Japanese Bell Rice Omelet
Ramen Omelet
Japanese Baked Sweet Potato
Marinated Eggs for Ramen
Japanese Chicken Thighs Skillet
Chili Ramen Casserole
Warm Japanese Mirin Eggplants Salad
Apple Ramen Salad
Japanese Green Beans Salad
Sweet Ramen Skillet
Japanese Shrimp Stew
How to Make Miso Ramen
Japanese Chicken Drumsticks with Barbecued Beans and Hot Slaw
French Ramen Pan
Japanese Chicken Soup
Mung Bang Noodles Skillet
Cucumber Salad in Japan
( キュウリのサラダ)



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