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- With an Introduction to Dream Psychology -

Eric Ackroyd

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 1993 Eric Ackroyd 

Every image that comes up in a dream means something, but the same
image may mean different things for different people or for the same
person at different times in his or her life. The purpose of this
dictionary is, therefore, to present the various possible meanings of the
images that may occur in your dreams; it is up to you to select the one
that seems to apply to your particular situation.

In this Introduction we look at how to work out which of the
meanings given for a particular dream image - person, object, scene,
spoken or written words, etc. - applies to your own external situation
or inner state of mind. For the present, be assured that interpreting
your dreams is not the formidable task it may at first seem; it is certainly
not a job that must be handed over to some expensive specialist
consultant. It is something you can do for yourself, so long as you have
at least a respectfijl attitude towards your dreams, with a belief that they
may have something valuable to say to you, and a determination to be
open and honest with yourself. More often than not, the people, places,
objects and events in your dreams represent parts of yourself: feelings,
fears, desires, attitudes and so on. You may not be consciously aware of
these, and one of the main ftmctions of dreams is to make you aware of
these hidden parts and to ask you to give them your attention. You
therefore need to be willing to accept that there may be aspects of your
personalit}' that you do not know about or, more important, have not
acknowledged. This is where honesty comes in: being honest with
youftelf means acknowledging those parts of you that, for whatever
reason, you have so far preferred to ignore.

Table of Contents

Introduction 1

How to Interpret Your Dreams 1

The Unconscious 5

Which Meaning? 8

Freud on Dreams 11

Jung on Dreams 31

Gestalt Psychology 56

In Conclusion 59

Dream Symbols A-Z 61
Bibliography 316

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How to Interpret Your Dreams
First, here are a few simple tips for anyone embarking on the great
adventure of interpreting dreams.
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