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Compiled and edited by
Kathryn A.Bard

with the editing assistance of
Steven Blake Shubert

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 1999 Routledge

How to use this Encyclopedia
The Encyclopedia opens with a map of the region and a chronology which provides a
context for the material which follows.
The first section of the Encyclopedia comprises fourteen overview essays. The first
offers a general introduction and the remaining essays are guides to developments in the
archaeology of the region in specific historical periods.
These are followed by more than 300 entries in alphabetical order. 
These entries discuss:
a important sites
b thematics on aspects of society or culture
c archaeological practices
d biographies of famous Egyptologists
e buildings
f geographical features
See also references at the end of each entry will lead you to related topics.
There is also a list of further reading following each entry, which includes foreignlanguage
sources as well as references available in English.

Stylistic features
The following stylistic features have been employed in the Encyclopedia:
a metric measurements, such as km, m, cm and so on.
b BC/AD not BCE/ACE.
c Entries are listed by their most familiar place name. Sometimes this is the Greek name
for the town, e.g. Hierakonpolis; sometimes it is the modern Arabic name for the
(nearby) town, e.g. Nagada. Please use the index for guidance on alternative names.
d transliteration of Egyptian words, for example, .

Chronology of Ancient Egypt
Lower Paleolithic, circa 700/500,000–200,000 BP
Middle Paleolithic, circa 200,000–45,000 BP
Upper Paleolithic, circa 35,000–21,000 BP
Late Paleolithic, circa 21,000–12,000 BP
Epi-paleolithic, circa 12,000–8,000 BP

Neolithic, northern Egypt: begins circa 5200 BC

Predynastic period:
Ma’adi culture, northern Egypt,
circa 4000–3300/3200 BC
Badarian culture, Middle Egypt,
circa 4500–3800 BC
Nagada culture, southern Egypt:
Nagada I, circa 4000–3600 BC
Nagada II, circa 3600–3200 BC
Nagada III/Dynasty 0, circa 3200–3050 BC

Table of Contents

List of illustrations x
Map xix
How to use this Encyclopedia xxiv
Acknowledgments xxvi
List of abbreviations xxviii
List of contributors xxx
Chronology of Ancient Egypt xliii
Overview essays:
Introduction 1
Paleolithic cultures 6
Epi-paleolithic cultures 16
Neolithic cultures 18
Predynastic period 24
Early Dynastic period 32
Old Kingdom 38
First Intermediate Period 45
Middle Kingdom 50
Second Intermediate Period 57
New Kingdom 60
Third Intermediate Period 65
Late and Ptolemaic periods 70
Roman period 77
Entries A-Z 83
Glossary 1092
Index 1096


First published 1999 by Routledge 11 New Fetter Lane, London EC4P 4EE
This edition published in the Taylor & Francis e-Library, 2005.
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