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How to Be Invisible From NSA Spying

Henderson Lance

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 2004 Martin Evening   

You want what you want.
Invisibility. Anonymity. Ghost protocol.
You've taken the red pill and have seen
the truth, and you don't like it. I don't
blame you. I didn't like it either. But
what I thought I knew about Tor and
other incognito tools was only a drop in
the ocean next to what's really out there.
Stuff you don't find on many tech forums.
They're whispered in private, of course,
but it's all invisible to you. Until now.
Which brings us to you and I, or rather
what I can do for you. It's amazing what
a guy can learn in a decade when he
rolls his sleeves up and gets his hands
dirty. Private hacker forums. Usenet.
Freenet. I scoured them all for years and
what I've learned isn't anywhere else on Amazon.

Equally amazing is what you can learn
for a few dollars in a weekend's worth
of reading. That's me, and soon to be
you. Where you will be by Monday is
where I am now, only without the years
of mistakes. Mistakes I made using
Freenet, Tails, PGP. You name it, I did
it. And boy did I make BIG ONES.

Mistakes you'll avoid because after you
read this guide, you'll know more than
85% of the Tor users out there, and
know more about anonymity than most
Federal agents. Yes, even the so-called
superhackers at the NSA.

If you don't come away satisfied, return
it for a full refund.

But I know you won't. Because once
you've taken the red pill, there ain't no
going back. You can't unlearn what
you've learned, unsee what you've seen,
and you'll want more. Much, much more.

First off, we're not sticking with the
basics here. If all you want is Tor for
Dummies, look elsewhere. Where we're
going is dangerous territory. It's shark
territory when you get right down to it.
But not to worry. We've got shark
repellant and everything you need to surf
safe. You'll reap benefits you've only
dreamed of and by the time we're done,
you'll have gained NSA-level anonymity
skills with a counter-surveillance
mindset that rivals anything Anonymous
or those goons at the NSA can counter with.
Speaking of which, they won't have a
clue as to how to find you.

Secondly, for a few dollars you will
know every exploit those superhackers
like to wield against Tor users and
more: How to avoid NSA tracking.
Bitcoin anonymity (real anonymity),
Opsec advice and Darknet markets and
Darkcoins and, well, it's a long list
frankly, but by the time you're done
you'll be a Darknet artist when it comes
to marketplaces and buying things incognito.

Third, we'll go over many techniques
used by the CIA and FBI to entrap users.
False confessions. Clickbait. Tor
honeypots. It's all the same. You'll learn
the same techniques used to catch
terrorists, hackers and the group
Anonymous and couriers for Reloaded.
Baits and Lures and how to spot an LEA
agent from a mile away. I break it all
down into simple steps that you can
understand. A few dollars for this info
will save you a LIFETIME of grief. No,
you won't find it on Reddit or Ars
Technica or Wired. If you're mulling this
over, don't. You need this now, not when
you're framed for something you didn't do.

Fourth... reading the dangerous material
herein requires you take ACTION. The
Feds take action. Identity thieves take
action. Hackers take action. Will you?
Make no mistake - This is not a mere
guide. It is a mindset. It's professional
level stuff meant to keep you and your
family safe for a decade out, going far
beyond apps and proxies. And it's all
yours if you do two simple things: You
read, then act. Simple. Because you
know what they say: Knowledge is power.
No, strike that. Knowledge is potential
power. Your power. But only if you act.

Fifth... I update this book every month.
New browser exploit in the wild? I
update it here. New technique for
uncloaking Tor users? You'll read it here
first. We all know how Truecrypt is Not
Safe Anymore, but that's only the beginning.
Besides, freedom isn't free.

Table of Contents
Is Tor Safe in 2015?
Tor Risks
Exit Nodes
Intelligence Agencies
Quantum and FoxAcid System
Tor Step-by-Step Guide
Tor Installation
What Tor Cannot Do
Tor Apps & Anti-Fingerprinting
Text Secure
Red Phone
Google and Tor
Tails Limitations
Flash Control
User Agent Switcher
Deadly Firefox Options
Whonix & Tor
Whonix Bridges
Tor and VPNs
Pay for a VPN Anonymously
Pay for a VPN Using a Credit
Tor Friendly VPNs
Using Bitcoins to Signup
Anonymously to a VPN
Bitcoin Mixers
Bitcoin Wallets
Multibit Windows
Multibit Linux
Paying for a VPN to Use with Tor
Using Your Real Name Outside of
The Desert of the Real
Cyberbullies and Anonymity
Email Anonymity
Guerrilla Mail
Frost & Fuqid
Passwords & Tor
Changing Passwords
Storing Passwords in Tor
Preventing Non-Tor Activity
From Being Linked with Tor Activity
Vampire Signs
Software Keyloggers
Hardware Keyloggers
For The Children
Keylogger Prevention
Darknet Markets
Fraud Prevention
When It Is Okay to FE (Finalize
When It Is NOT Okay
Is It Safe? Is It Secret?
The Long Arm of the Law
How Most Get Caught
Darkcoins for Business
Transaction Processors
Darknet OPSEC
How to Setup a Hidden Service on Tor
Shallot and Scallion
On Running a Hidden Tor Server
(and other Opsec Magic Sauce)
Tor and Your PC
NSA Slides
Situation Awareness
Darknet Personas
Tor Hidden Services - High Risk,
High Reward
The Death of Anonymity

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Lastly... The scene from Jurassic Park
with Dennis Nedry, I believe, is a nice
frightful analogy to what happens if you
don't take your security seriously. We
see poor Dennis try to get his jeep out of
the muck in the middle of a tropical
storm. Lightning unzips the sky and the
rain pours. The thunder rolls. A
dilophisaur bounds upon him, beautiful,
yet painted across his ugly mug is a
deadly curiosity as it sniffs the air and
cocks it's head at Nedry - moments
before spraying his chubby eyes with
poison. Blinded, he staggers back to the
safety of the jeep, wailing and gnashing
teeth, only to discover a visual horror to
his right: he's left the passenger-side
door ajar - wide enough to let Mr.
Curious in for a juicy evening meal -
which it savors with a row of sharp teeth.

The point is this: Don't be Dennis Nedry.
There are far bigger creatures who'd like
nothing better than to split your life (and
family) wide open if for no other reason
than THEY CAN, such is the nature of the elite.

Unless, of course, you tame them...

Not bloody likely.
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