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To succeed, jump as quickly at opportunities as you do at conclusions.

Benjamin Franklin

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 Andrew Griffiths
 and Wayne Toms 2008 

About the Authors
Andrew Griffiths is an entrepreneur with a passion for small
business. From humble beginnings as an orphan growing up in
Western Australia, Andrew has owned and operated a number
of successful small businesses, with his first enterprise—at
age seven—being a paper round. Since then, he has sold
encyclopaedias door to door, travelled the world as an international
sales manager, worked in the Great Sandy Desert for
a gold exploration company and been a commercial diver.
Clearly this unusual combination of experiences has made him
the remarkable man he is.
Inspired by his constant desire to see others reach their
goals, Andrew has written seven hugely successful books, with
many more on the way. His 101 Ways series offers small
business owners practical, passionate and achievable advice.
The series is sold in over 40 countries worldwide.
Andrew is the founding director of The Oceanic Marketing
Group, one of Australia’s best and most respected strategic
marketing and corporate imaging firms.
Known for his ability to entertain, inspire and deliver key
messages, Andrew is also a powerful keynote presenter, who
brings flamboyant energy and verve to the corporate world.
All of this occurs from his chosen home of Cairns, North
Queensland, Great Barrier Reef, Australia.
To find out more about Andrew Griffiths please visit the
following websites:

Wayne is a successful entrepreneur based in New South Wales,
Australia. Married with three children, he has a background in
management, traditional business and investing. Recognising
the opportunity to leverage and duplicate yourself that network
marketing provides, and to create passive income, Wayne, along
with his wife, Colleen, entered into network marketing in
1991. Since that time they have created a successful network
marketing business and are recognised and also highly regarded
within the industry for their leadership and teaching abilities.
Today their network marketing business provides them
with ongoing passive income and other non-cash rewards. The
income from their network marketing business has provided
them with additional cashflow which has been used to foster
lifestyle and fund wealth creation through investments,
property and the establishment of other business ventures.
They are currently taking time off from actively building
their network marketing business while developing Enhance
Plus, a company they established three years ago, which is
in the stages of being franchised both nationally and internationally.
The principles behind this business venture were
born out of their involvement in network marketing.
For more information on Enhance Plus visit:
For more information on Wayne Toms visit:

In simple terms, network marketing is a network of people
who have access to a range of products and services that are
distributed through that network.
Rather than operating via a shopfront, people can buy these
products and services for personal use or to sell to others.
Further to this, people can assist in expanding the network
by inviting others to join the network, thus extending the
concept to their sphere. Over time, and with more people
introduced, the volume of products and services being distributed
increases. Along the way, a portion of the profits on
those products and services are paid to you and people in your
‘down-line’ (we’ll explain some of this terminology later). In
time, the opportunity to create a regular income from a team
of people using and selling products becomes a reality.
Over the years, network marketing has attracted some
less than favourable perceptions. The industry’s image was
tarnished in its early days of development, when there
were no systems in place to educate those involved to go
about their business in an ethical and professional manner.
Additionally, there were many disreputable companies around
who took the attitude of selling products at any cost, to
anyone, with no long-term strategy; there were also some
illegal pyramid schemes that entered the market disguised as
network marketing companies.
Today there are well over 20 million people around the
globe involved in network marketing, also known as multi-level
marketing (MLM) or direct selling, and this figure is growing.
Manufacturers, many of them Fortune 500 companies, now
see it as a viable and credible alternative for distributing their
products and services. Reaching consumers directly through
traditional retailing methods and/or outlets is not only difficult,
it is extremely costly. Today, almost everything—
including health supplements, cosmetics, cleaning products,
training materials, clothes, cars and travel—can be and is being
sold through network marketing. Some of the most famous
names in the network marketing industry include Avon,
Usana, Melaleuca, Mary Kay, Quixtar, Herbalife, Amway,
Tupperware, Juice Plus, Nu Skin and AIM.
Technology, especially the Internet, has had a dramatic
impact on the industry, and more and more it is seen to be
moving into the marketing mainstream. The industry is
rapidly maturing and those becoming involved in network
marketing are now more often than not 
coming from professional backgrounds.
Network marketing has certainly come of age. It is an
excellent way to get into business, it has a lot of appealing
aspects that cannot be found in mainstream businesses (we
discuss this throughout the book), and many of the 20 million
people involved are making a lot of money, for not a lot of
work. They did the hard yards when they started but now they
enjoy the fruits of their labour with a solid passive income
stream and residual income.
Previously, many people saw network marketing as something
you did on the side to make a little extra cash. This option
is still available today, but for most people now involved in it,
network marketing is an opportunity to establish a business that
is, and will continue to be, their main source of income.
One of the biggest mistakes made by people becoming
involved with network marketing is failing to treat it as a real
business right from the start. Because there is normally a
relatively low start-up cost, and a high degree of flexibility,
some people treat it more as a hobby. That said, this concept
does work for some people. They manage to set up a great little
business which supplements their income and helps them to
acquire the things they want out of life. But for many others,
their lack of conviction ultimately results in the business slowly
fading into the background—materials, books and products are
left to gather dust on a shelf and the words ‘network marketing
simply isn’t for me’ are uttered whenever the concept is raised.
The main purpose of this book is to make you, the reader,
aware of the similarities between building a network marketing
business and building a traditional business. Even though the
way each one works, and the end results, are different, many of
the principles, fundamentals and attitudes behind making each
business a success remain the same. If you can see your network
marketing business as just that, a business, right from the start
and give it the respect and focus required, and at the same time
recognise that many of the principles and challenges are no
different to starting up a pet shop, for example, then you are a
long way towards achieving success.
Numerous network marketing companies are now established
around the world. The way they do business, their
structure and the terminology used varies from company to
company. While our discussion has been kept as generic as
possible, to encompass the industry overall, most observations
are based on experiences with a particular network marketing
company. If the references and examples we use don’t always
seem relevant to the particular network marketing company
you are involved in, you can bet that the principle of treating
it like a real business still applies.

Table of Contents
Acknowledgments xii
Introduction 1
Why network marketing? 3
Reality versus fiction 9
The most important message 13
How to get the most out of this book 14
Section 1 Choosing your network marketing business 16
#1 Finding the right network marketing business for you 17
#2 The good, the bad and the downright ugly 18
#3 Networking versus pyramid schemes 20
#4 Take your time and do your homework 21
#5 Always get your information from a credible source 23
#6 Anyone can succeed in network marketing 25
#7 Many fail, but many succeed in a big way 27
#8 There will always be hurdles to overcome 28
Section 2 It is a business 32
#9 Treat it like a business, not a hobby 33
#10 Make a commitment and your chances of
success will increase 34
#11 Understanding the universal laws of business 36
#12 Network marketing is a numbers game 38
#13 You may not like everything about your business 40
#14 It’s not always convenient 41
#15 Manage your time, and profitability will come to you 42
#16 Having your door open for business 43
#17 Set up a separate bank account 45
#18 Manage your money wisely 46
Section 3 Understanding how your business works 50
#19 Understanding the alphabet soup of your business 51
#20 What is the ‘line of sponsorship’ and why is it important? 52
#21 Compensation plans and bonus scales 53
#22 Rewards and recognition 55
#23 Ethics and conduct 56
#24 Get to know the company representatives 57
Section 4 Using dreams and goal-setting to succeed
at network marketing 60
#25 It all starts with a dream 61
#26 Do you need a little help to define your dream? 62
#27 The power of the written word to help you achieve 64
#28 Surround yourself with the right pictures 67
#29 Let your dreams evolve 68
#30 Go dream-building 69
#31 Review your dreams daily 70
#32 Be wary of the dream-stealers 71
#33 Set your goals 72
#34 Review your goals daily 74
#35 Goals in sand—dreams in concrete 75
Section 5 We all need training and we all need support 78
#36 Plug into the support system 79
#37 Increase your knowledge to increase your income 81
#38 Find yourself a proven coach 82
#39 Become a good student and be open to learning 83
#40 Systemise your business wherever you can 85
#41 Don’t dilute the system 86
#42 Become duplicatable to increase your earning potential 88
#43 Use all the tools available 89
Section 6 Develop yourself 92
#44 Moving out of your comfort zone 94
#45 Overcoming fears (and we all have them) 95
#46 The secret ingredient is motivation 97
#47 Dress for success 99
#48 Building relationships 101
#49 Staying healthy and fit is good business 103
#50 Finding that elusive balance 105
Section 7 It’s a network of people 108
#51 It’s more about people than product 109
#52 Develop your people skills 110
#53 Understanding personalities (they are not all the same) 112
#54 Relating to other people 114
#55 Be the leader you want to be 115
#56 Teamwork makes the dream work 117
#57 Take your eyes off yourself 118
#58 Empowering people 120
#59 Lead by example 121
#60 Don’t expect others to do what you’re not
prepared to do 122
#61 Have some fun 123
#62 People don’t want a ‘job’ 125
Section 8 Products and selling 128
#63 Know your products thoroughly 129
#64 Be a 100% user of your own products 130
#65 Pay for the products you use yourself 131
#66 Selling is part of any business 132
#67 A little multiplied by many equals a lot 133
#68 Using retail profit to help build your business 134
Section 9 Prospecting, contacting and inviting 138
#69 Making a list of prospects 140
#70 Never judge a book by its cover 141
#71 Continually add to your list 142
#72 Meet people, don’t go out and hunt for people 143
#73 Inviting people to look at your business 144
#74 Looking for lookers 145
#75 It’s an invitation, not an explanation 147
#76 Don’t try to convince people 149
Section 10 Presenting your opportunity to others 152
#77 It doesn’t have to be perfect 153
#78 Be sure both partners are present 154
#79 Make a friend 156
#80 Sell the dream, not the business 157
#81 Don’t suffer from detail-itis 158
#82 Make the next appointment 159
#83 Overcoming objections 160
#84 Objections are sometimes questions in disguise 161
#85 Is it an objection or an excuse? 162
#86 Learning to overcome objections 163
#87 Leading people from objections to getting started 164
Section 11 Some of the challenges we all face in
network marketing 170
#88 Coping with rejection 171
#89 The people factor 172
#90 Disappointment is part of the game 173
#91 Politics 174
#92 People’s perceptions 175
#93 Negativity from those closest to you 176
#94 You won’t always hit your goals 177
Section 12 Attitude—it’s only everything 180
#95 If you think you can, you can—if you think
you can’t, you can’t 181
#96 Don’t sweat the small stuff 182
#97 Surround yourself with positive people 183
#98 Read positive, reinforcing books 184
#99 Stay away from negative influences 185
#100 The power of being consistent 186
#101 Never give up 187
Twenty bonus tips for building your network marketing business 190
#102 Never stop learning 192
#103 Be a person of your word 193
#104 Opinions versus facts 194
#105 Don’t become a networking fanatic 195
#106 Criticism means you’re on track 196
#107 What other people think about you is none of your business 197
#108 Status will keep you broke 198
#109 Be organised 199
#110 Don’t let your past hold you back 200
#111 Never, ever, pass negativity on to your team 201
#112 Become a good student so you can become a great teacher 202
#113 Don’t become one of those ‘in everything but
not committed to anything’ people 203
#114 Practise delayed gratification 204
#115 Make money, make a friend and make a difference 205
#116 Be loyal to your organisation 206
#117 Stay up to date on who’s who in your business 207
#118 Structure your business to be profitable 209
#119 Give and you will receive 210
#120 Quitters never win and winners never quit 211
#121 In the end, ‘if it has to be, it’s up to me’ 212
Thirty ongoing checks and balances 216
Final note from the authors 222
Recommended reading 224
About the authors 226

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Why network marketing?
It is important to remember that you are going into business first
and foremost; in this instance, the type of business you are
considering is a network marketing business.
Network marketing businesses each have their own idiosyncrasies
and opportunities. They can be incredibly rewarding
on many levels and as challenging as any mainstream business.
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