Top 50 Most Delicious Bean Recipes


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.Beans are one of the longest
cultivated vegetables. They
have been used all over the
world for thousands of years,
due to their tasty flavor and
nutritional values. There are
40,000 different types of
beans, from the much used
black beans to the specialized
cannellini beans used in Italian
foods. Depending on type of
beans, these vegetables can be
used fresh, on string, dried,
preserved, mashed and in
many other ways.
Beans are rich in fibers and
also contain a healthy amount
of iron and proteins, which
makes them a great substitute
for meat in vegetarian dishes.
Beans are known to decrease
cholesterol levels, so are
helpful for preventing blood
circulation and heart
Although many people think of
them only as a heavy, Mexican
ingredient, but beans are much
more than that! They can be
used for breakfast, lunch and
dinner, in filling dishes as well
as light dishes. In some recipes
they are even used in desserts
and sweet snacks.
There are hundreds of
interesting and delicious
recipes that include beans, and
the best ones you will find
right here in this recipe book.
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Table of Contents
yBreakfast Recipes
1. Beans Chilaquiles
2. Morning Burrito
3. Beans on Toast and Fries
4. Tofu with Onions and White Beans
5. Egyptian Breakfast
6. Kumara, Bacon and Beans
7. Beans Hashbrowns
8. English Breakfast
9. Eggs and Beans with Tomatoes
10. Spinach and Beans Breakfast
11. Beans and Cheese Muffins
12. Beans and Salami Tartlets
13. Bean Bread, Cream Cheese and
Dill Cocktail Bites
14. Beans Veggie Mini Burgers
15. Crackers with White Beans Dip
16. Wonton Cups with Black Beans and Corn
17. Bell Pepper and Beans Empanadas
18. Beer, Bean and Cheese Triangles
19. Stuffed Pepper Boats
20. Beans and Olive Pops
21. Bean Salad with Asparagus and Pesto
22. Walnuts and Brown Beans Salad
23. Beans and Mushrooms Salad
24. Pecorino and Beans Salad
25. Sweet Tomato and Beans Salad
26. Beans and Chicken Salad
27. Zucchini and Kidney Beans Salad
28. Ham, Beans and Corn Salad
Main Dish
29. Lamb with Mashed Garbanzo Beans
30. Beef with White Beans and Prunes
31. Tagine with Beans and Cinnamon
32. White Beans Chili
33. Italian Pasta and Beans
34. Beef and Beans Soup
35. Florida Beans with Onions and Bacon
36. Hot Beer and Beans Dish
37. Three Beans and Turkey
38. Beans Lasagna
39. Salmon with Beans
40. Stuffed Pork Tenderloin
Sweet Recipes
41. White Beans and Coconut Pudding
42. Black Beans Brownie with
Blueberry Sauce
43. Kidney Beans Cupcakes
44. Peanut Butter and Beans Blondies
45. Cinnamon and Garbanzo Beans
46. Pinto Beans Fudge
47. Oatmeal and Beans Cookies
48. Black Beans and Sea Salt Cookies
49. Apple and Beans Pie
50. Orange Legumes Cake
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