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I’m happy that you’ve joined me in making healthy and tasty smoothies. As you
continue, you may find yourself getting more creative and making your own
favorite combinations. In the end, you will reap the nutritious benefits of
blending fresh fruits and vegetables. Each glass of these superfood smoothies
will bring you one step (maybe even several steps) closer to your goal to stay
healthy, lose weight and finish strong.

Now, you can enjoy a great collection of flavorful smoothie recipes for
your smoothie maker or blender. From breakfast smoothies to high energy
smoothies, this book offers lots of fresh ways to love smoothies any time of day.
For a quick energy boost, try any of the smoothies that are mixed with fruits and
green vegetables. For speedy weight loss, try the weight loss smoothies or any
other water based smoothies. Remember that the goal is to have fun blending up
your favorite smoothie elixir while also improving your health.

All in all, this book is an essential smoothie maker companion with creative
and satisfying smoothie making ideas. Like me, you’ll be beaming with energy
as you experience restored health, stimulated cleansing and targeted weight loss.
Enjoy the boost of wholefoods into every glass of smoothie.

Thanks again for choosing my Smoothie Maker Recipe Book. If you have
found it to be beneficial, I would appreciate if you would share your experience
with other readers. Let’s finish strong—the healthy way!
From my glass to yours,
Kathleen Boyd

I can’t tell you that smoothies were my first love—because they weren’t. Pulling
out a smoothie maker and stocking up on all sorts of fruits and veggies just
wasn’t my thing. Instead, I had a sweet tooth. So, whether I was having coffee or
donuts, I always wanted some extra sugar. I craved sugar! From my car to my
handbags, sugary snacks could be easily found everywhere for my own
convenience. I was like a sugar smuggler but that would change sooner than I realized.

Not surprisingly, my sugar addiction led to serious weight gain, migraine
headaches and low energy levels. It wasn’t encouraging to say the least. My
energy levels were literally down to zero. I felt like I was running on empty. On
a typical day, I would drag myself out of bed, drag myself to work, drag myself
around the office then drag myself back home. Life became a literal drag for me.
Furthermore, no matter how much I slept, I always woke up feeling tired and sleepy.

Admittedly, I got tired of feeling tired. I wasn’t happy with how I felt or
how I looked. Quite frankly, I was in a ‘sweet’ mess. As I desperately searched
for a way out of my ‘sugar’ dilemma, a friend of mine convinced me to join her
on a 10-day smoothie challenge. At first, I wasn’t excited about it. I was
skeptical about being able to stick with the challenge and I was also worried
about being sugar deprived for 10 days. Anyhow, I still decided to give it a try. I
was desperate for change! Besides, I thought, if I could change my life in just 10
days, then it’s well worth a try.

The first three days of the challenge were most difficult. I felt as though I
couldn’t make it through without succumbing to my usual sugar cravings. I had
to agonizingly refuse sugary treats at work and everywhere else. I felt so
tortured. This was one of the hardest things that I ever had to do in a long time.

Despite all the odds, however, I survived without cheating. Surprisingly, by day
five, I had lost 5 pounds! Amazing isn’t it? By this time, I felt really encouraged.
At the end of 10 days, I had lost a whopping 11 pounds, my headaches had
disappeared and my energy was greatly improved. Interestingly, I’m now two
years free from my sugar addiction and loving it. Drinking these smoothies has
pleasantly become a daily part of my life. I am now totally convinced that
drinking smoothies is one of the easiest ways to lose weight, increase vitality and
restore health. If I did this, so can you!

Essentially, if you want to supercharge your health by making delectably
healthy smoothies, then this smoothie recipe book is your solution. Whether
you’re a first-timer at smoothie making, an avid smoothie maker or you’re just
looking for fresh new ways to use your smoothie maker, you'll find exactly what
you want. With a unique mix of different liquid bases, fruits, vegetables, nuts,
seeds and spices, this book contains a healthy collection of nutritious and
delicious recipes. You are assured that you’ll be drinking a healthy smoothie in
every glass!

Table of Contents

Blueberry Avocado Smash
Flax Strawberry Strip
Creamy Kiwi Cooler
Creamy Acai Mango
Banana Mixed Berry
Apple Blackberry Spin
Spiced Banana Flex
Peacho Cabana
Blueberry Kale Goodness
Strawberry Kiwi Jiggle
Mixed Chia Berry
Raspberry Red Fusion
Pomegranate Merry Berry
Spiced Mango Vanilla
Raspy Strawberry Tang
Tropical Papanilla
Fruity Almond Sip
Banana Spiced Oatmeal
Vanilla Berry Surprise
Slimming Citrus Swirl
Rich Tropicana Pine
Watermelon Fruit Fiddle
Citrus Carrot Flakes
Beet Breeze Trim
Cherry Tomato Surprise
Spinach Apple Burner
Fruity Kale Splash
Creamy Apple & Blueberry
Mixed Apple Energy
Strawberry Pear Sherbet
Blueberry Pineapple Custard
Papaya & Kale Sunset
Cool Green Garden
Mixed Fruit Spinach
Zesty Avocado Mango
Spinach Berry Refresh
Mixed Greens Pineapple
Kale Banana Mist
Kiwi Pear Crush
Mint Mango Summer
Celery Wonder Punch
Pineapple Spinach Splash
Mixed Apple Jubilee
Green Ginger Candy
Apple Vanilla Crunch
Nutty Spiced Banana
Cherry Blueberry Jiggle
Citrus Banana Zest
Gingery Papaya Power
Mango Nilla Fudge
Chocolaty Almond Banza
Strawberry Chocolate Medal
Pistachio Mango Cream
Blueberry Chia Delight
Kiwi Peach Sorbet
Dandelion Greens Shimmer
Strawberry Pixie
Apple Almond Pearl
Cranapple Green Pie
Papaya Green Sauce
Spinach Cherry Blossom
Cantaloupe Swizzle
Gingery Peach Boogie
Blackberry Almond Cobbler
Peachy Plum Ripple
Banana Spinach Blast
Nutty Pumpkin Latte
Cranberry Coco Swoosh
Creamy Mango Butter
Raspberry Beet Cluster
Fruity Kale Cabana
Mixed Fruit Critters
Creamy Orange Nirvana
Minty Kiwi Gelato
Zesty Peach Paradise
Peachy Pistachio Treat
Chocolaty Banana Swirl
Strawberry Banana Twist
Spinach Banana Milano
Peachy Butter Berry
Vanilla Almond Truffle
Pineapple Cherry Craze
Mixed Fruit Ripple
Vanilla Grape Jiggles
Apple Pecan Pie


With The Smoothie Maker Recipe Book you can use your smoothie maker
or blender to make daily, weekly or periodic smoothies to help you maintain
good health. So, whether you want to lose weight or just simple want to energize
your body, there is a smoothie in this book just for you. I’ve always believed that
there is no need to kick-off a new year with healthy habits. Instead, I believe that
we all deserve a healthy start every day. So, join me and let’s do this. Choose a
recipe, gather your ingredients and start drinking some super healthy smoothies.
Let’s now hit the body reset button with these smoothies!
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