Healing the Eternal Soul

 Insights from Past life and Spiritual Regression

Andy Tomlinson

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About the Author
Andy Tomlinson is a psychology graduate and registered psychotherapist. He
has also been trained in Ericksonian hypnotherapy and regression therapy, and is
a qualified life between lives therapist from the Michael Newton Institute. Andy
has run an internationally renowned private practice dedicated to regression
therapy since 1996. He is the Director of Training for the Past Life Regression
Academy and a founder member of the Spiritual Regression Therapy
Association, the Earth Association of Regression Therapy and the Society of
Medical Advance and Research with Regression Therapy. He is also the author
of Exploring the Eternal Soul, and editor of Transforming the Eternal Soul both
of which have been seen as making important contributions to the field of life
between lives and regression therapy. He trains, lectures and gives talks
internationally. For further information about Andy or his training see the

I sat thinking about the psychic reading I had been given. This particular
medium had given me information before that had proved to be uncannily
accurate. She started her reading by saying, ‘The spirit that’s coming through has
a tremendous power and a very bright light. It says that you will be going to
Brazil in six months and have two things to do. You will meet a man called
“John of God” in a large room where everyone is dressed in white. You have
also been chosen to find a crystal to use with your healing that is in a cave
beyond where they buried people, and you must focus on an elephant’s eye to
find it. These tasks are very important.’ My immediate question was to ask for
more information. The only answer I got was, ‘Someone will help you and you
will be drawn to what they say. The information about where to go will then be
given to you. The trip to Brazil will be in August and last for at least three weeks
and you will travel by river. As part of your preparations you will need to take an
antidote for snakebite. If you use your intuition during the journey everything
will fall into place.’
The next few months saw me checking out every new person I met to see if
they had an involvement with Brazil. Finally I gave up and got on with my daily
life. Three months later, Dr Art Roffey, a colleague from the United States,
arrived to do a talk on Shamanism. Apprenticed for several years to his Shaman
mentor Don Theo Paredes, 1 Art also takes trips to Peru. He asked me if I was
interested in going to Peru but I replied that my interest was in Brazil. At this
point he told me about Ipupiara Makunaiman,2 commonly called Ipu. He was
born in 1946 into the Ureu-eu-wau-wau (People of the Stars) tribe of the
Brazilian Amazon. At that time the Ureu-eu-wau-wau had numbered 2,400, but
now only 43 have survived. After a long apprenticeship as a healer and Shaman,
tribal elders urged Ipu to be educated outside his traditional ways. Following
their instruction he earned a Ph.D. in Anthropology and Biology, and also
became fluent in English, Spanish, Portuguese and eight indigenous South
American dialects. In addition to maintaining a healing practice as a traditional
Shaman, he co-founded the Native Cultural Alliance dedicated to the
preservation and sharing of native cultures and wisdom. This includes organizing
trips to the Amazon. When I contacted Ipu and was told his next trip was in
August, I intuitively knew that he was the guide I needed for my journey in
Brazil and booked my place.
I discovered a large part of Ipu’s trip was traveling by a boat that served as
both the living and sleeping quarters. Our trip was along the Rio Naigro, a
tributary of the Amazon. The river’s acid water makes it less prone to
mosquitoes than the Amazon, but my preoccupation on joining the trip was more
about getting an antidote for snakebite. I was told that there was only one
poisonous snake in this part of the Amazon, the coral snake. Getting a medical
antidote was not a case of going to a chemist and buying it. A live snake had to
be caught in its habitat under rotten logs and sent to a center that would extract
the poison and prepare the antidote. Although hospitals keep the antidote for
emergencies, they would be many days sailing away. I was reassured that bites
from the snake were very rare.
A Shaman was standing on a landing to meet the boat. After the greetings I
was drawn to walk into a nearby hut where some women were weaving and
another Shaman was waiting. As I walked through the door he presented me
with a jar with two dead coral snakes in preserving fluid. He had been intuitively
drawn to give them to me as I walked into the hut. With the help of an interpreter
I found that I had been given a Shaman’s healing for snakebite. It appeared that
the coral snake carries the antidote in its spinal cord. To treat snakebite the
Shaman applies a tourniquet to the affected limb, and if the snake is caught a
sliver from the dead snake is rubbed on the wound. As the antidote from the
snake’s spine takes effect the red area from the bite starts to change color. In the
event of the snake not being caught one of the preserved snakes is used. A fire is
used to burn off the preserving fluid and the charred snake rubbed onto the
wound. Through knowledge passed down over thousands of years Shamans have
been using this form of healing. The second surprise was at the Shaman
ceremony. When I asked if the Shaman could tell me anything about a crystal I
was looking for, his translated words were, ‘You heal people’s souls’. As a
spiritual and past life regression therapist the work that I do is spiritually
profound but I had never thought of it in quite those words. Here was a Shaman
who had lived in the middle of the jungle all his life, did not speak English and
had never seen me before, but immediately understood the importance of the
work that I did. Continuing he said, ‘The crystal you are searching for is not in a
physical form but in an etheric form. It is an energy source.’
Towards the end of the trip our party visited a small waterfall at Iracema, on
a tributary of the Amazon. To the locals the name Iracema means ‘running tears
from a virgin’s eyes’. This sacred site has caves that have been used for healing
ceremonies for over two thousand years. When I found out that these caves had
also been used for burying the bones and remains of ancestors my interest picked
up. At this point I had consciously convinced myself that I was still looking for a
physical crystal. With a torch in my hand I explored the depths of the caves,
sometimes on my knees. As I pointed the torch into the crevices I discovered
they were full of large bats. Ducking my head to avoid them flying into me
became a regular event as I was determined to fully explore the caves, looking
for anything that resembled an elephant. In some of the crevices, spiders with
legs so long I couldn’t see their bodies edged towards me. Finally I got to the
point when I realized that I was not consciously going to find anything. After
resting for a day, I wandered over to the caves and was drawn to meditate,
resting my hand on a spot on the cave wall. As I visualized an elephant with a
crystal in its eye, a portal was opened and I experienced what can only be
described as a tunnel of light leading to a mass of bright light. I felt healing
coming down onto my hands. However, at this point I still did not fully
understand the meaning of the event.
The final part of the trip was spent at the Casa in Abadiania, which is
situated about two hours’ travel by car from Brasilia. Joao Teixeira de Faria,
called John of God,3 has made this his healing center. Hailed by some as the
most miraculous healer over the last 2,000 years he was reputed to heal more
people in a day than an average hospital does in a month. I must be frank that I
was skeptical about his work before I arrived, and also while watching videos of
him doing the most amazing physical operations. This included pulling out
tumors with his bare hands and scraping away a cataract with a knife without
looking at what he was doing. When I entered the inner healing room of the Casa
I found hundreds of people in meditation linking with the energy from the hill of
quartz that the Casa is built on. Within this amazing energy I was told that the
actual healing is done by spirits of light who focus the energy, in a similar way to
how laser energy can be focused in eye operations in western surgery.
I talked to an Australian called Claire who was diagnosed with motor neuron
disease three years ago and given six months to live by her consultant. At the
first session with John of God her shakes stopped and she threw away her
crutches and walked unaided. She explained that her operation had involved
long-nosed scissors being pushed five inches up her nose and into her brain
without medical anesthetic. As Joao twisted the scissors she felt no pain but was
aware of what he was doing while her mouth filled with sinus fluid and a little
blood. I found out that this type of operation is done by spirits of light Joao calls
‘Entities’, who take over the use of his body. Miraculous physical operations like
this are done before large groups to prove to doubting conscious minds the
existence of spirit. I talked to several other English speakers who all told me
about their personal healing. Although my doubts about his work at this point
had shifted, not everyone who I talked to had been healed. This work, like all
healing, has to be done within the laws of karma. Some people had been given
partial or no physical healing until they had made changes in their daily life, and
were told to come back at a later date for full healing.
There was also a large number of healers who were going into the healing
energy of the Casa and requesting help to develop their intuition or healing
abilities. Sitting in meditation for up to three hours together with those coming
for physical healing is an amazing spiritually uplifting experience. Those staying
for a few weeks in the local hotels catering for Casa visitors can also experience
being in a wonderful community. As predicated by the medium, most people
wore white to show their respect for the work of the center. With up to 500
people a day coming for healing it was hard not to be humbled by the sheer
magnitude of this spiritual venture. Joao has been doing this psychic surgery for
30 years and charges no fee.
Following the trip, I met Art and told him of the journey and the healing
energy source I had found. His immediate intuitive impulse was to pass to me a
sacred healing artifact he had been guarding, saying it needed to go to me.
Carved as a quartz figure by the Chavin people of Peru over 2,000 years ago, its
strong healing energy could be clearly felt. It turned out later that the Shaman
from his tribe had told Ipu after I had left that I would not find a physical crystal
on my trip in Brazil. I would receive it at a later time from someone who
followed the spiritual healing path. Life seemed to have unfolded just as the
medium and the Shaman had predicted, with everyone appearing to be players in
some marvelous unfolding story, and interacting well with one another.

Table of Contents
Chapter 1 Introduction
Imagination, Beyond conventional thinking, The subtle body energy beyond the
physical, Can some memories be past lives, A client’s experience of past life
regression. The focus of regression therapy.
Chapter 2 Past Life and Spiritual Regression Theory
The Ancient Wisdom, A material and spiritual duality, Past
life memories held in our energy field, Karma, Reincarnation, Attracting others
for our spiritual growth, Complexes.
Chapter 3 Starting a Past Life
Hypnosis, Emotional bridge, Verbal bridge, Physical bridge, Bridging from an
energy scan, Visual bridge, Overcoming blockages to enter a past life.
Chapter 4 Exploring a Past Life Embody the
character and establish the scene, Moving in time, Overcoming diversions,
Chapter 5 The Past Life Death
A peaceful death, Unresolved trauma, Earthbound states.
Chapter 6 Transformation in the Spirit Realms
Confronting the past life characters, Transforming frozen
emotions, Help from spirit guides, Reaching forgiveness, Energy scanning
for unfinished business.
Chapter 7 Life Between Lives Spiritual Regression
Preparation, Deepening the hypnosis, Entry to the spirit
realms, Past life review with the spirit guide, Meeting soul groups, Visit to the
Elders; Body selection for the current
life, Departing for reincarnation, Other spiritual activities, Working in the
'eternal now', A complete Spiritual Regression.
Chapter 8 Working with Body Memories Language of the
body; Exploring body memories,
Transforming past life body memories, Transforming
current life body memories, Psychodrama, Dissociation
and fragmentation with deep trauma.
Chapter 9 Intrusive Energy Background,
Detection, Releasing spirit attachments,
Clearing negative intrusive energy, Energy healing and debrief.
Chapter 10 Integration Integrating a
past life regression, Integrating Regression
Therapy, Balancing energy and grounding, Other integration activities.
Chapter 11 Interview Rapport, The
objective and measurable symptoms,
Boundaries and history taking, Complexes to avoid with regression therapy, The
adverse effects of psychotic drugs,
False memories.
Appendix I Notes
Appendix II Structuring a Regression Therapy Session
Appendix III Structuring a Spiritual Regression Session
Appendix IV Working with Intrusive Energy
Further Reading
Regression Therapy Associations
Sources and Footnotes
About the Author

Healing the Eternal Soul- Insights from Past life and Spiritual Regression
Publication by From the Heart Press
First Publication O Books, 2005
Second publication From the Heart Press, 2012
Ebook, 2018

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