Brain Hacks

200+ Ways to Boost Your Brain Power

Avon, Massachusetts: Adams Media, 2018

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Boost your brain power with the right food. Eat plant-based
foods and healthy fats. Cut back on animal products and
saturated fats (typically, solid fats like lard and butter),
because saturated fats slow down your cognitive function. The
nutrients found in plants, by contrast, support memory
retention and help lower blood pressure (hypertension affects
your brain as well as your heart). Standout stars? Beans and
green, leafy vegetables.
Ten Foods to Favor 1. Beans and other legumes 2. Coconut oil
3. Fish, especially fatty fish like tuna and salmon 4. Green,
leafy vegetables (e.g., spinach, kale, lettuce, and arugula)
5. Nuts, either raw or dry roasted 6. Olive oil
7. Cruciferous (cabbage family) vegetables (e.g., cauliflower)
8. Lean poultry, such as skinless chicken and ground turkey
9. Whole grains
10. Wine, either white or red (but not too much!) Five Foods to Forget 
1. Butter and margarine 2. Cheese 3. Fried foods
4. Pastries and desserts 5. Red meat, especially high-fat
processed meat like bacon, sausage, and salami According
to research, the more closely you stick to a plant-based
diet, the more positively you will affect your brain health.

It’s time to get the most out of your gray matter!
For centuries people have been looking for ways to keep
their minds healthy and strong, and you can do it too. In fact,
boosting your brain power has never been easier. The brain
hacks in this book will help you focus longer, improve your
memory, stay on your game, and keep your brain as healthy as
it can be no matter your age.
You’ll find more than 200 hacks—all ones you can try right
away—that will help you do everything from building your
memory to rejuvenating and stimulating your mind. From foods
that can protect your brain’s health to activities that will boost
your brain power, the hacks in this book will help your brain
become more fit and function better. You should see an
improvement in your performance in all areas of your life, be it
at work or at home.
You’ll find hacks that describe what you should eat for
optimum brain health, show you what activities to do (and
which to avoid) to keep your brain engaged, and the best
practices, according to current research, for making sure
you’re taking good care of those three pounds of gray matter.
Whether you do one hack or all of them, this book is here to
help you create a happier, healthier brain!

Table of Contents
001. Feed Your Brain
002. Watch the Alcohol
003. Up Your Omega-3s
004. Make a To-Do List
005. Stress Less
006. Combat Cortisol
007. Nosh with Your Peeps
008. Fight Free Radicals
009. Eat Your E
010. Go with the Flow
011. Quit Smoking
012. Stop Strokes
013. Be Happy
014. Avoid Alzheimer’s
015. Have Some Coffee
016. Count Your Breaths
017. Combat Depression
018. Journal It
019. Stop Multitasking
020. Sip Some Green Tea
021. Lend a Hand
022. Tomato It Up
023. Fast-Track Your Metabolism
024. Try the Other Hand
025. Walk It Off
026. Become Anti-Social (Media)
027. Get High on Endorphins
028. Raw Is for Rabbits
029. Pump Iron
030. Try the Spicy Life
031. Laugh!
032. Change Your Job
033. Get Moving
034. Lift a Load
035. Don’t Overdo It
036. Focus on Better, Not Best
037. Walk and Talk
038. Get Gotu Kola
039. Take Marvelous Melatonin
040. Reach for Riboflavin
041. Pile On the Onions
042. Add Some A
043. It’s Gr-ape!
044. Pack In the Protein
045. Safety First
046. Boost Your B12
047. Keep It Cool
048. Break Out the B6
049. Let Someone Needle You
050. This Is Your Brain . . .
051. An Apple a Day . . .
052. Smile a While
053. Go Big on B1
054. Solve Real Puzzles
055. Fill Up on Fiber
056. Fight Inflammation
057. Notch Up the Niacin
058. More Is Better
059. Drink Kola, Not Cola
060. Minimize Mercury
061. Try a New Food
062. Feed Yourself Folic
063. Celebrate Your Streaks
064. Power Up with Vitamin C
065. Be a Social Butterfly
066. Opt for Oolong
067. Take a Dip
068. Yoga for Life
069. Cut Your Commute
070. Nibble on Some Chocolate
071. Go with Your Gut
072. Stay Hydrated!
073. Belly Breathe
074. Leave Your Desk for Lunch
075. Portion It Out
076. Skip the Pesticides
077. Wash Your Hands
078. Beat Anxiety
079. Pump Up the Positivity
080. Go Ginkgo
081. Hug It Out
082. Watch Out for the White Stuff
083. Go Nuts
084. Step Up Your Serotonin
085. Lower the Pressure
086. Use the Placebo Effect
087. Munch on Pumpkin Seeds
088. Tap Into Your Creativity
089. Cut the Fat
090. Stop Snoring
091. Snack Smart
092. It’s All in the Attitude
093. Find the Right Fat
094. Kick Out Cholesterol
095. Herb Yourself Up
096. Take a Trip Down Memory Lane
097. Face Down Your Phobias
098. Try Some Sage Advice
099. Reduce Your Blood Sugar
100. Chew Gum
101. Ditch the Trans Fats
102. Put Some Alfalfa in Your Life
103. Study, Study, Study
104. Kill the Clutter
105. Supplement Your Amino Acids
106. Doodle
107. Get Your Complex Carbs
108. Pack In the (Sweet) Potatoes
109. Become Your Own GPS
110. Avoid Formaldehyde
111. Choose Whole Grains
112. Relax!
113. Go Natural
114. Use the Eight Second Rule
115. Eat the Rainbow
116. Learn a Language
117. Embrace Discomfort
118. Focus on the Present
119. Enjoy the Sound of Music
120. Eat Beta
121. Kick Up Your Magnesium
122. Play Video Games
123. Get Fabulous Phosphorus
124. Learn to Love Labels
125. Sow Your Wild Oats
126. Let It All Hang Out
127. Eat Your (Sea) Veggies
128. Get Away from It All
129. Have an Orgasm
130. Charge Up with Grape Juice
131. Get Some Ginseng
132. Get a Good Rub
133. Play Chess
134. Hypnotize Yourself
135. Knit One, Purl One
136. Load Up on Carotenoids
137. Hang Out with a Smart Person
138. Fixate on Flavonoids
139. Meet SAMe
140. Share Wisdom
141. Say It Loud, Say It Proud
142. Say Yes to Botanicals
143. Stop and Smell the Primrose
144. Talk to Your Doc
145. Supplement Wisely
146. Flush Out with Phytonutrients
147. Take Short Breaks
148. Watch Your Nerves
149. Daydream
150. Turn Down the Noise
151. Flatten Your Belly
152. Pour on the Olive Oil
153. Cut the Fat
154. Get Your Beauty Sleep
155. Get Helmet Head
156. Ponder Your Hunger
157. Get Creative with Creatine
158. Try Shankhpushpi
159. Watch Your Sodium
160. Get Calm with Chamomile
161. Train Your Memory
162. Be a Math Whiz
163. More Soy, Please!
164. Hawthorn for Health
165. Do Dark Chocolate!
166. Relish Some Avocados
167. Commit
168. It’s All about the Moderation
169. Get a Hobby
170. Pursue Some Trivia
171. Lounge in a Lavender Bath
172. Play with a Pet
173. Practice Tai Chi
174. Work Your Brain
175. Combat Migraines
176. Protect with Selenium
177. Play Ping-Pong
178. Read
179. Join a Book Club
180. Watch Your Language
181. Tell a Story about You
182. Seize a Siesta
183. Make Some Cocoa
184. Don’t Be a Worrywart
185. Go Public
186. Take Responsibility
187. Protect Your Hearing
188. Close Your Eyes
189. Think Holistically
190. Open a Window
191. Add Diversity to Your Social Life
192. Pay Attention!
193. Experiment with Essential Oils
194. Flirt
195. Get Out in the Sun
196. Don’t Skip Meals
197. Try a Brain-Healthy Diet
198. Be Grateful
199. Track Down Trace Minerals
200. Get Your Blood Flowing
201. Dance, Dance, Dance
202. Zinc-ify Your DNA
203. Break the Fast
204. Ramp Up Your Amino Acids
205. Sing!
206. Create
207. Dried but Not Forgotten
208. Get Some Incan Gold
209. Repeat after Me
210. Flush the Toxins
211. Try Valerian Instead of Valium
212. Parsley Party
213. Kick Up the Vitamin K
214. Hire a Personal Trainer
215. Fall in Love
216. Bite Some Blueberries
217. Know Your Numbers
218. Tackle Triglycerides
219. Have a Heart
220. Look Out for Lead
221. Pile On the Garlic
222. Get More Potassium
223. Play an Instrument
224. Jog Your Memory
225. Taste the Rainforest
226. Can the Soda
227. Stimulate Your Senses
228. Learn Five New Words
229. Make Art
230. Put Your Brain on Calcium
231. Reconsider Retirement
232. Write Poetry
233. See a Therapist
234. Practice Pilates
235. Light a Candle
236. Hop to It!
237. Go to Lectures
238. Check Out Chicken
239. Review Your Work
240. Color! It’s Not Just for Kids
241. Picture This
242. Take a Nature Break
243. Take a Day Off
244. Tune Out from TV

Brain Hacks- 200+ Ways to Boost Your Brain Power
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