Anatomy of the Spirit

The Seven Stages of Power and Healing

Caroline Myss
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 1996 by Caroline Myss

About us
Anatomy of the Spirit is the boldest presentation
to date ofenerg) medicine h\ one ot its premier
practitioners, mternationalh acclaimed medical
intuitive and motivationaJ speaker C aroline
M\ss. Through her workshops, hooks, videos,
And audiotapes. Dr. M\ss who is ahle to diagnose
illness h\ intuitive means has motivated
people to examine their souls and improve l heir health.

This breakthrough vie* ot mind, body, and
spirit, baaed on Fifteen seats ot research into
eneig) medicine, presents a unique program tor
promoting spontaneous physical, emotional,
and spiritual healing. \niit<>tn\ of the Spirit
shows the Imks between emotional And spiritual
stresses Mid specific illnesses in the context ot
the analoim ot the human energy System I )i
Mvss'l s\stem ot eneigj medic me will tcac h \ou
the specific emotional, psychological, anil ph\s
leal taetors lie at the root ot illness lor
example, tears regarding finaix ial matters .din t
the health ot the lower hack, barriers
to experiencing love undermine the health ot
the heart, a strong need to control others or
\our environment influences the health ot the
BCnial areas ot the hod\
tnSSSSSSn <>] the Spirit also presents l)r \t\ss s
long-awaited model ot the hod\ s seven centers
ot spiritual and physical power, m whieh she
s\nthesi/es the ancient wisdom ot three spiritual
traditions— the Hindu ehakras. the C hristian
sacraments, and the Kabbalah's I ree ot
Life. With this model. Dr. \I\ss shows how \ou
can develop your own latent powers ot intuition
as you simultaneously de\elop your personal
power and spiritual maturity . As you begin to
understand the anatomy ot your spirit, you will
discover the spiritual causes ot illness, as well as
how to sense and correct an energ\ imbalance
. before it expresses itself as physical illness, and
how to recover emotionally and physically from
an illness you may already have. By learning to
sour body and spirit in a new way that draws
on old truths, you can begin to develop a spiritual
maturity and authority that will change
your life.

Introduction : A Brief Personal History
As I say to people attending my workshops and my lectures: I am
taking you into the world that exists "behind my eyes." But if I first
tell you about the series of wake^up calls that led to my own perspective,
if I first introduce you to the many different people and
events that over the years directed me toward becoming a medical
intuitive, you may become more aware of the inner guidance at work
in your own life.
1 urnin^ Points
rLverything that has professional, personal, and spiritual value for
me, I have learned through my work as a medical intuitive. As a college
student, however, I was headed in a very different direction.
Overloaded with ambition, I studied journalism, and in my junior
year I decided that I would win the Pulitzer prize before I turned
thirty. The problem with this plan, I discovered while working at my
first newspaper job, was that I lacked the talent required for successful
newspaper reporting.
I quit the paper, but I could not accept that my only dream
career—being a writer—would not come true. Having no backup
dream, I descended into a poisonous, gluey depression, a classic
"dark night of the soul." During the worst months I would sleep late
into the morning, then sit on the Boor ol my home office staring at
half-written magazine articles.
One morning, just as I was coming out oi a deep sleep, still in that
state between wakefulness and sleep. 1 was overwhelmed with the
sensation that 1 had died anil was on!) remembering this lifetime. I
felt grateful that in) lif£_wasjQver W hen I Snail) opened my eyes and
realized I was still verj much alive, nausea overtook me and I spent
the morning vomiting m\ disappointment Exhausted, I returned to
bed to tr\ to evaluate where I had miscalculated m planning my life.
\t that point a memor) ot a homework assignment in a journalism
class exploded into m\ mind.

Table of Contents
Foreword \ry C. Norman Sbeafy, M.D., Ph.D. xi
Preface: Becoming Medically Intuitive I
Introduction: A Brief Personal History 13
Turning Points 13
An Intuitive Apprenticeship 20
From Hobby to Profession 2 5
The Final Turn in the Road 26
Part I: A New Lan£ua£e oi the Spirit 31
1.Energy Medicine and Intuition 3 3
The Human Energy Field 33
The First Principle: Biography Becomes Biology 40
The Second Principle: Personal Power Is Necessary for Health 43
The Third Principle: You Alone Can Help YourselfHeal 41
Learning Symbolic Sight 51
2. Made in the Image of God 63
The Symbolic Power ofthe Seven Chakras 68
The Symbolic Power ofthe Christian Sacraments 10
The Symbolic Power ofthe Ten Sefirot 12
How the Chakras, Sacraments, and Sefirot Work Together 16
The Seven Sacred Truths 80
Part 11: 1 he Seven Sacred Iruths 93
1. The First Chakra: Tribal Power 103
Tribal Culture 105
The Energy Consequences ofBeliefPatterns 109
Challenging Toxic Tribal Power 113
Questionsfor Self-Examination 121
2. The Second Chakra: The Power of Relationships 1 2^
The Power of Choice 1 12
Choice and Relationships 1 14
The Challenge ofManaging Creative Energy 1 15
The Challenge ofManaging Sexual Energy 142
The Energy ofMoney I S2
Ethical Energy I 56
The Personal Power of the Second Chakra 160
Questions for Self-Examination 1 6 5
3. The Third Chakra: Personal Power 167
Developing Self-Esteem 169
Enhancing Inner Power 173
Self-Esteem and Intuition 1 79
The Toiii I Personal Power I \ J
Challenges oftheJourney 192
Questions for Sclf-1'.xammution 1 94
4. The Fourth Chakra: Emotional Power 197
Learning the Power ofLotx 1 99
mg Oneselfas the Path to the Divine 202
. \wakening the Conscious Self 205
Moving Beyond the Language of Hounds 20S
The Path to the Empowered Heart 214
Questions for Self- Txamination 2 1 7
5. The Fifth Chakra: The Power of Will 219
The Consequences cfFear 221
Faith 224
Between the Head and the Heart 229
Questions for Self-Examination 235
6. The Sixth Chakra: The Power of the Mind 237
Applying Detachment 239
Consciousness and Its Connection to Healing 244
Consciousness and Death 246
Developing the Impersonal Mind and Symbolic Sight 252
Becoming Conscious 251
Questions for Self-Exomination 26 >
7. The Seventh Chakra: Our Spiritual Connector 265
Spiritual Awakening 268
Spiritual Crisis and the Seed for Devotion 213
Enduring the "Dark Night" 218
Questions for Self-Exammation 283
Afterword: A Guide for the Contemporary Mystic 285
Guidance for the Contemporary Mystic 286
A Daily Meditation 288
Acknowledgments 291
Selected Bibliography 295
Index 299

Anatomy of the Spirit- The Seven Stages of Power and Healing
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to reprint "Seven Power Centers <>r ( of the Kundalini System"
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1 1974 bj Princeton I
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