The Complete Illustrated Book of Herbs

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1. Herbs. 2. Herb gardening. 3. Herbs--Therapeutic use. 4. Cookery (Herbs).
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Herb directory
The history of herbs, their uses, and methods of cultivation
are fascinating, rewarding topics. This practical guide to
more than 100 herbs, most of which can be grown in a
home garden, tells you how to cultivate, use and store herbs.

Aloe vera Angelica Anise Anise hyssop Arnica Artemisia
Basil Bay Bergamot Borage Box BrahmiBurdock
Calendula Caraway Catnip Celery Chamomile Chervil Chilli
Clove pinks Comfrey Coriander Curry plant
Dandelion Dill
Echinacea Elder Eucalyptus Evening primrose Eyebright
Fennel Feverfew Flax
Galangal Garlic and onions Ginger Ginkgo Ginseng Gotu kola
Heartsease Hops Horseradish and wasabi Horsetail Hyssop
Iris Jasmine Lavender
Lemon balm Lemon grass Lemon verbena Licorice Lime Lovage
Mallow and hollyhock Marjoram and oregano Meadowsweet Mint
Nettle Parsley Passionflower
Peony Perilla Plantain Poppy Primrose and cowslip Purslane
Red clover Rocket or arugula Rose Rosemary
St John’s wort Sage Salad burnet Savory Scented geranium
Sorrel Sweet cicely Sweet myrtle Sweet violet Sweet woodruff
Tansy Tarragon Tea Tea tree Thyme Turmeric
Valerian Vervain Viburnum
Watercress and nasturtium White horehound
Yarrow Trees Berries Spices

Herbs have been used for thousands of years to flavor and preserve food,
treat ailments, ward off pests and diseases, freshen the air, and decorate
and enhance our lives. Over the centuries they have also become
associated with fascinating myths, legends, and folklore.
In general terms, an herb is a plant that is valued for its flavor, aroma,
or medicinal properties, and different parts of an herb — such as the
stalks, flowers, fruits, seeds, roots, or leaves — may have important
applications. From small herbs growing beside our highways to bushy
shrubs in mountain areas to tall trees in lush tropical rain forests, there
are literally thousands of plants all over the world that belong to the herb family.

traditional knowledge and herbal wisdom with up-to-date advice from
gardening experts, herbalists, natural therapists, cleaning specialists, craft
experts, and cooks to show you how to grow herbs successfully and make
the best use of them in your daily life. The comprehensive information
on more than 100 herbs in the A-to-Z directory, together with the
chapters on how to use them, will enable you to improve your health,
save money, and use fewer chemicals in your home.
With gardening know-how, safe herbal remedies, natural beauty
products, innovative craft ideas, herbal cleaning items, and delicious
recipes, this practical reference guide to herbs is packed with information
and illustrated with beautiful photographs. We hope you will find it a
source of inspiration.

Table of Contents
Herb directory
An A-to-Z guide to more than 100 herbs and the various ways to use
them Gardening
Information on growing herbs successfully, from backyard to windowsill
Herbal medicine
Herbal remedies to boost general health and well-being and treat
common ailments Natural beauty
Body and beauty treatments to cleanse and pamper, using herbs and
essential oils Around the home
From kitchens to bathrooms, from clothes to pets…the herbal solutions
that work best Crafts
Contemporary and traditional projects that are easy to do and lovely to
look at Cooking
Delicious, simple recipes that showcase herbs and spices from around the
world Photography credits

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