Smoothie Recipes for Optimum Health


edited by Kevin Gianni

164+Recipes Contributed by the World’s Leading Natural Health Experts!

1. Blenders (Cookery) 2. Smoothies (Beverages)
3. Nutrition. 4. Raw foods.
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Kevin Gianni Says…
The best way to start is to begin by making simple–or very basic– smoothies. Pick a recipe from the book that has only one or two ingredients. Just make it and enjoy! If you do like it, keep making that smoothie until you’re ready for something else. Once you get the hang of making basic smoothies, then you can move on to blending up more complex recipes.

I’d definitely recommend starting with fruits (unless you have a health issue that requires low sugar), then moving on to green smoothies, and finally progressing on to the elixirs for special occasions. This is by no means what you have to do; it’s just a recommendation. If you want chocolate and you want it now, head on over to the elixir section. You’ll be happy you did!

What Inspired the Creation of This Book?
During one of the talks for the first Raw Food Summit, a two-week long online conference on optimal health (, I made a passing reference to a chocolate smoothie I was drinking a lot of at the time. I didn’t think much of it until the next day when I checked my email and found that nearly 50 people had asked me for the recipe!

I was a little shocked and a little embarrassed, too. Since it wasn’t a recipe made by an expert chef, I was hesitant to put it out to the public. Regardless, I posted to my blog, “Here’s the smoothie recipe that I make. Do you have any?”

In just a few days I had 30 to 40 posts and emails from our great readers who wanted more of my smoothie recipes. As I was reading them, I said to myself, “Man, I only have a few.” And, the ones I did have didn’t really taste very good.

So, I knew that there was an interest in great smoothie recipes and that I could help people by providing more smoothie recipes. I searched around to see if there were any other books that had 100% dairy-free, 100% gluten-free, and 99.9% raw smoothies and I simply couldn’t find any. No wonder everyone was itching for new ones!

Now, I’m kind of a curious guy at heart, and I always want to know what other people are up to and what they’re doing for their own health. So I thought it would be a great idea to actually ask health and fitness experts what they drink for their smoothies. People like raw food and health experts Victoria Boutenko, Dr. Doug Graham, David Wolfe, Nomi Shannon, Mike Adams, and others. Not many people can pick up the phone and call them and ask, “What kind of smoothie are you drinking?”

So I did just that. I got on the line with dozens of health experts and asked them if they wanted to contribute to this book. As a result, this book you’re about to read is not just smoothie recipes. It’s smoothie recipes that health experts are using in their daily lifestyle. I think there’s something very appealing about that.

Table of Contents
How Smoothies Can Help You Reach Optimum Health

Chapter 1
Fruit Smoothies for Energy, Vitality, and Strength

Chapter 2
Green Smoothies for Optimum Health, Healing, and Calm

Chapter 3
Elixir Smoothies for Detox, Clarity, and Superhuman Powers
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