Llewellyn's 2016 Herbal Almanac

Herbs for Growing & Gathering, Cooking & Crafts, Health & Beauty, History, Myth & Lore

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Introduction to
Llewellyn’s Herbal Almanac
More and more people are using herbs, growing and gath-ering them and
studying them for their enlivening and healing properties. Whether in the
form of a refreshing herbal tonic, a critter-friendly garden, or a new favorite
recipe, herbs can clearly enhance your life.
In the 2016 edition of the Herbal Almanac, we once again feature innovative
and original thinkers and writers on herbs. We tap into the practical, historical,
and enjoyable aspects of herbal knowledge—using herbs to help you reconnect
with the earth, enhance your culinary creations, and heal your body and mind.
The thirty articles in this almanac will teach you everything from making your
own love charms to using flower and vibrational essences to improve your
health. You’ll also learn how to identify poisonous and non-poisonous
mushrooms, create your own shade garden, and serve up a culinary concoction
that’ll wow the crowds. Enjoy!

By Jill Henderson
A kitchen without herbs is like a carnival without rides—boring! Cooking with
freshly picked or dehydrated herbs turns plain, everyday food into exciting
gourmet fare. And you just can’t beat the price! In fact, growing your own
kitchen herbs is one of the easiest and most rewarding pastimes you will ever
engage in—and it’s terribly addictive, too.
If you are already familiar with growing flowers and vegetables, adding herbs
to your repertoire should be a breeze. For those new to gardening or growing
herbs, the following guidelines will go a long way to help you grow your own
flavorful and healthful herbs and spices. You will no doubt enjoy the experience,
and everyone who sits at your table will thank you for it!....

Table of Contents
Introduction to Llewellyn’s Herbal Almanac
Growing and Gathering Herbs
Grow Your Own Herbs and Spices: Ten Easy Steps to Success by Jill Henderson
Barley: An Ancient Grain for Modern Healthy Lifestyles by James Kambos
Herbal Healing for the Land: Permaculture and the Herb Garden by Clea
Danaan Fenugreek by Estha McNevin Misunderstood Mint by Charlie
Rainbow Wolf Wildcrafting “Weeds” by Dallas Jennifer Cobb The World
Beneath Our Feet: Microorganisms in the Garden by JD Hortwort Shade
Gardens by Emyme Culinary Herbs
A Salute to Spuds by Alice DeVille Go a-Blackberrying by Natalie Zaman
Tarragon Is More Than Just a Name; It’s a Flavor by Anne Sala Boletes:
Friendly Fungi for the Foraging Herbalist by Cliff Seruntine Pickling for
Beginners by Deborah Castellano Herbs for Health and Beauty
What the Bee Knows: The Happy Herbs by Tiffany Lazic Quell Your Anxiety
with Plant Spirit Energy by Stephanie Rose Bird Herbal Help for Chronic
Diseases and Conditions by Sally Cragin Herbs for Mental Clarity and Peace
by Darcey Blue French Cream of the Crop: Herbal Balms and Salves by
Elizabeth Barrette Herb Crafts
Herbal Perfumes by Suzanne Ress Deep Sleep Using Nature’s Medicine Cabinet
by Stephanie Rose Bird Natural Insect Repellents Made from Essential Oils by
Peg Aloi What Dreams Are Made Of: Your Very Own Dream Garden by
Monica Crosson The Herb Cupboard: Taking an Inventory by Doreen
Shababy Herb History, Myth, and Lore
Georgia O’Keeffe’s Garden by Thea Fiore-Bloom Stalking the Wild Oregano by
Jill Henderson Roots of Gold: Turmeric by Diana Rajchel Vibrational and
Flower Essences by Danu Forest Hollies I Have Known by Linda Raedisch
Herbs and Trees of the Northwest Coniferous Forest by Susan Pesznecker
Herbal Love Charms: A Little Look at the Folklore by Laurel Reufner Moon
Signs, Phases, and Tables
The Quarters and Signs of the Moon
January Moon Table
February Moon Table
March Moon Table
April Moon Table
May Moon Table
June Moon Table
July Moon Table
August Moon Table
September Moon Table
October Moon Table
November Moon Table
December Moon Table
Dates to Destroy Weeds and Pests

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