Healthy Weight Loss — Without Dieting


George Mateljan

founder of Health Valley Foods

author of the best- selling
The World’s Healthiest Foods: Essential
Guide for the Healthiest Way of Eating
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 2010 by George Mateljan 

About the Author
George Mateljan is a best-selling author and worldrenowned
expert on the Healthiest Way of Eating and
Cooking. He is now celebrating ten years of philanthropy
and his dedication to help making this a healthier world.
His website receives over 1 million visitors per month.

George Mateljan has had a lifelong
interest in food. From the time he was five years old, his favorite room
in the house was the kitchen, where he watched as his mother lovingly
spent hours preparing meals for the family. He still vividly remembers
seeing a bowl full of ingredients transformed into dough that rose as
if by magic. Then, after the dough went into the oven, he was tantalized
by the fragrant aroma of it baking. He loved the wonderful look and
taste of golden loaves of warm bread fresh from the oven.

By watching food being prepared for many years, George learned to
appreciate the way each season brought forth its own special foods,
including fresh fruits and vegetables. In the spring and summer, there
were sweet, juicy strawberries, raspberries, apricots, and many types
of melons. In the fall, there were apples, oranges, and sweet potatoes.
And in the winter, there were hearty root vegetables such as beets,
carrots, and potatoes. George’s favorite times were the holidays
when he helped prepare special festive dishes.

George’s continued passion for food sent him to the ends of the earth
to learn about it. He has spent over 30 years traveling to over 80
countries around the world. He experienced cuisines from many
cultures renowned for their health and longevity and appreciated the
different foods and ways of preparing them that were unique to each.
George's education in biochemistry helped his understanding of
what he learned through observing, tasting and formal training to
create this better and healthier way of cooking. George earned a
certificate studying French cuisine at the renowned La Varenne
cooking school near Paris. He studied Italian cooking at the Guiliano
Bugialli’s cooking school in Florence. He refined his skills at the
Gourmet’s Oxford in England.

George was disappointed that he couldn’t find nutritious, tasty, and
convenient foods for himself and his family, so in 1970 he founded
Health Valley Foods, the first company in the United States to offer
healthful prepared foods. As time went on, Health Valley produced
thousands of convenient, enjoyable products that were packed with
nutrition and flavor yet completely free of the white flour, refined
sugar, hydrogenated fats, excess salt, chemical preservatives, and
artificial colors that are standard in highly processed foods.

George not only focused on the preparation of healthy foods, he also
led the way in using safe, truthful, environmentally friendly packaging
and encouraged and supported organic farming. Health Valley Foods
has since become the gold standard for healthy, tasty, and conveniently
prepared foods.

In 1996, George sold Health Valley Foods. He felt that after 26 years
he had inspired a number of others to establish companies to produce
nutritious, conveniently prepared foods, and it was time to turn his
energies and resources toward the next phase of helping people
enjoy eating healthier. Today, he shares, free of charge, his passion
to help others, and his experiences and knowledge with everyone
who wants to know about the “Healthiest Way of Eating” through
the not-for-profit George Mateljan Foundation.

Over the years, George had come to identify which foods were
among the World’s Healthiest. And he also knew that in order to eat
them on a regular basis the preparation of these foods had to fit the
individual tastes and lifestyles of people in today’s busy world. So,
George worked to create and develop preparation methods and
recipes that allow people to enjoy delicious and exciting flavors in
easy and affordable ways. His Foundation supports an extensive
website and the publication of books to share this information with you.

George has published five books that have been read and used by
millions of people. This includes his latest book, The World's
Healthiest Foods: Essential Guide for the Healthiest Way of Eating,
which is a practical companion to the website and
won 2007 National Best Book Award.

The website was the first project that George’s foundation
spearheaded. It was launched in 2001 is now one of the most
popular on the Internet when it comes to healthy eating. In fact if you
"Google" search "healthiest eating" or "healthiest recipes," the website
comes up #1! has over 10 million visitors per year
and was selected as Best of the Best for Healthy Eating in the latest
edition of The Web's Greatest Hits by Lynie Arden. And all of this
with no advertising as George’s foundation has no association with
commercial companies. That's why Readers have come to trust the
unbiased material George presents because he provides great advice,
which is supported by science. Receipts from the sale of our books
and DVD go toward continuing further research on and education
about the Healthiest Way of Eating.

Thank YOU for walking your talk! Thank YOU for giving back!
YOUR efforts to educate and inspire your fellow humans are appreciated.
Very few people share their insights, wealth and success with
others, so when I see someone like yourself who does, I wanted to
take the time to say THANKS! —Mike

Have you had those extra pounds seemingly creep up on you with
no apparently obvious reason? It’s not as if you feel like you've
been eating more than usual, and certainly not enough to show up
so strikingly on the scale.

Most all of us have experienced this at least once in our lifetime. It
takes us by surprise and leaves us in a slight state of shock because
it doesn't seem as though we have done anything to deserve this
extra poundage.

I am no exception. Like millions of others, I have personally experienced
the rollercoaster ride of losing and regaining a large amount
of weight (50 pounds to be exact). Because it is such a widespread
problem, there doesn't seem to be any area of health in which there
is more time, effort, and money spent than in the area of weight loss.
So even though those of us who are trying to lose weight decrease
food intake and exercise more, long-term weight loss still seems to
elude many of us. The common scenario is to initially lose weight
but soon gain it back. In fact, in about 90% of cases people regain
all the weight they lost, and oftentimes end up heavier than when
they started!

Preventing this weight loss roller coaster and helping you to find a
way to enjoy weight-loss foods that can help you get and stay slim
and healthy is what this book is all about. Very few people can sustain
a starvation-type diet or diets that are nutritionally imbalanced and
deprive the body of the important nutrients it needs to function
optimally. It has been increasingly acknowledged that long-term
weight loss does not result from dieting but through a change in
lifestyle to eating nutrient-rich food, like the World’s Healthiest Foods.
Scientific studies continue to demonstrate that among all lifestyle
factors, no single factor is more important to our health than the
food we eat. Because the concept of practicing a healthier way of
eating is so amazingly simple, healthy eating can easily be overlooked
as a means to resolving our problem of being overweight.
Yet, promoting the intake of nutrient-rich, health-promoting, and
satisfying foods—like the World’s Healthiest Foods--can prove to be
one of the most powerful ways to affect better health and healthy weight loss.

The effective one-two punch toward better health and healthy weight
loss comes from increasing our intake of nutrient-rich foods, such
as the World’s Healthiest Foods, and reducing our intake of nutrientpoor
foods. This is what I focus upon in this book, Healthy Weight
Loss – Without Dieting. In addition to describing why nutrient-rich
World’s Healthiest Food can help you lose weight and gain better
health, I’ve also included a Healthy Weight Loss Eating Plan that
takes the guesswork out of preparing 4 weeks’ worth of meals that
will set you on your way to your weight loss and wellness-fulfilling goals.

In the beginning, when you start on the Plan, you may feel deprived
when you can't eat your favorite refined, nutrient-poor foods. But
after two weeks of eating more nutrient-rich foods, you will find
that your "craving" for refined, nutrient-poor foods will decrease,
as they will begin to taste too sugary, too salty, and too fatty; you
will then begin to enjoy the more delicate flavors of fresh, whole,
nutrient-rich foods, like the crispiness of fresh salads, the delicate
sweetness of blueberries, the robust flavors of high-energy vegetables,
and the creamy richness of almonds.

Increasing awareness of the World’s Healthiest Foods can be our
key to change. As we become increasingly conscious of what is
contained in processed refined, nutrient-poor foods, we can start
looking at them in a different way. We will then be less drawn in by
their image of convenience and fun and stimulation, rather seeing
them for what they really are —foods that are associated with our
epidemic proportions of obesity as well as reduced immune function,
increased risk of heart disease as well as elevated blood sugar levels,
which increases our proclivity for diabetes. Enjoying the World's
Healthiest Foods is a great way to overcome your desire for nutrientpoor foods.

An abundance of nutrient-rich foods is available to us if we choose
to select them while gyms and playgrounds can keep us active and
help burn off of those extra calories. When I realized what nutrientpoor
foods were actually doing to my health and changed to eating
properly prepared nutrient-rich World's Healthiest Foods, my health
improved, I lost 50 pounds without dieting, and I have kept it off for
over ten years. So can you!

Table of Contents
Section 1 Nutrient Richness Is at the Cornerstone of Healthy
Weight Loss
How to Benefit Most From This Book 9
Introduction 10
Chapter 1 Healthy Weight Loss Stories 14
Chapter 2 Why Nutrient-Richness Can Help You Lose Weight 30
Chapter 3 Why Nutrient-Rich World’s Healthiest Foods are 44
the Key to Health and Healthy Weight Loss
Section 2 Why Nutrient-Rich World’s Healthiest Foods
Are Important to Healthy Weight Loss
Chapter 4 World’s Healthiest Foods Help You Manage 55
Adverse Food Reactions
Chapter 5 World’s Healthiest Foods Promote Energy 61
Chapter 6 World’s Healthiest Foods Promote Optimal 63
Chapter 7 World’s Healthiest Foods Promote 65
Digestive Health
Chapter 8 World’s Healthiest Foods Promote Liver Health 68
Chapter 9 World’s Healthiest Foods Balance Blood 70
Sugar Levels
Chapter 10 World’s Healthiest Foods Reduce Inflammation 80
Section 3 The Healthy Weight Loss Eating Plan
Chapter 11 Healthy Weight Loss Eating Plan 91
Healthy Weight Loss — Without Dieting
Chapter 12 Practical Tips for Continued Healthy Weight Loss 119
Chapter 13 The Healthiest Way of Cooking 131
Chapter 14 Recipes 135
Section 4 Healthy Weight Loss Q&As
What is the Role of Calorie Intake in Weight 195
Why Are Organic Foods Important to Healthy 199
Weight Loss?
What Causes Us To Overeat? 201
How is the Healthiest Way of Losing Weight 204
Similar to the Mediterranean Diet?
What Are The Other Qualities That Make a 205
Food One of The World’s Healthiest Foods?
What Is The Difference Between Nutrient-Rich 206
and Energy-Rich Foods?
Is My Attitude Towards Weight Loss Important? 207
Can You Help Me Further Solve the “Mystery” 210
of Weight Gain?
APPENDIX 1 The World’s Healthiest Foods’ Quality 213
Rating System Methodology
APPENDIX 2 Additional Testimonials 216
References 219
Index 223
About the Author 225
The George Mateljan Foundation 228


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