Eat Real to Heal

Using Food As Medicine to Reverse Chronic Diseases from Diabetes, Arthritis, Cancer and More

Nicolette Richer

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 2018 Nicolette Riche 

Nicolette Richer is an Orthomolecular Health Educator, Gerson
Therapy Home Set-Up Trainer, and Psycho-Kinaesthetic Facilitator.
Her education includes a MA in Environmental Education and
Communication, a BA in Interdisciplinary Studies, and a certificate in
Sustainable Community Development. She’s currently working on
her Doctor of Social Sciences degree at Royal Roads University.
She’s a former environmental and sustainability consultant who
spent many years studying the connection between toxicity in the
soil, air, and water and chronic diseases.
Today, she runs several businesses—a collection of 100 percent
organic cafes called the Green Moustache, with eight locations
across Canada as of today. She’s been running Richer Health
Consulting for over a decade, where she offers one-on-one
consulting, workshops, speaking, online courses, and events.
Recently, she launched the Richer Heath Retreat Center, a sanctuary
in British Columbia offering transformational retreats for people
battling cancer, diabetes, heart disease, fatigue, depression, and
many other conditions. She’s also the founder of Sea to Sky Thrivers
Society, an NGO that works with youth and indigenous communities
to remember the art and science of traditional whole foods as medicine.

Nicolette’s mission is to empower people to take their health into
their own hands, to demonstrate how food can be used as healing
medicine, and to show people that leading a healthy lifestyle doesn’t
have to be boring—it can be colorful, inspiring, and fun.
You can find Nicolette’s projects online at:

Come eat with us!
Visit the Green Moustache Organic Café and juice bar at one of our eight locations.
We’d love to show you that eating real food can be incredibly
satisfying and delicious. One meal, and you’ll be hooked.
Green Moustache Organic Café Locations
1. Whistler Village, BC
2. Function Junction, Whistler, BC
3. Squamish, BC
4. Edgemont Village, West Vancouver, BC
5. Lower Lonsdale, North Vancouver, BC
6. Port Moody, BC
7. Revelstoke, BC
8. Edmonton, BC

How Do You Want to Feel?
Really think about this question.

Do you want to feel awake, alive, and strong? Do you want to feel
active and fit? Do you want to feel clear-minded and focused? Do
you want to feel so energized that you can do and accomplish
anything you want? Do you want to feel like you’re taking excellent
care of your body—the one and only body you’ve got?
Do you want to live long enough to see your kids and grandkids get
married? Do you want to feel deep joy and make memories—
cycling, skiing, hiking, laughing with friends, traveling and having
adventures? Do you want to feel vibrant, with plenty of energy for
everything you want to do?
If you want to feel like that, it all starts with the food you put into your body.
It’s time, right now, to decide how you want to feel.
And then, let’s make a series of changes so you can feel that way.
This book is exactly the right place to start.

Is This for You?
Eat Real to Heal is the right book for you if…
• You’ve been diagnosed with an illness, like an autoimmune
disorder, infertility, heart disease, diabetes, depression, obesity,
anxiety, or cancer—and you want to power up your immune
system, restore your metabolism, regenerate your tissues and
organs, and give your body every possible advantage in the healing process.
• You have other non-life-threatening (but annoying) diseases like
rosacea, eczema, psoriasis, or acne, and you want to see improvements.
• You are living with chronic pain, like arthritis, back pain,
headaches, migraines, gut discomfort, restless legs, and you
want to have this pain disappear for good.
• You’ve been relying on medication to manage your symptoms,
and you’d love to kick the meds and never have to take them
again. (No more pills, and no more unwanted side effects!)
• You’ve had cancer in the past and you’re in remission, but your
body has been weakened by chemo, radiation, or surgery. You
want to fuel yourself with the best possible food so you can heal faster.
• You’ve witnessed your loved ones suffering—arthritis, dementia,
Alzheimer’s, obesity, all kinds of health issues—and you want to
take preventive action. You want to protect yourself from
developing those same diseases now, or further down the road.
• You haven’t been diagnosed with any specific illness, but you
just don’t feel great. You feel tired, lethargic, bloated, just not
your best. You’d like to feel much better.
• You already lead a fairly healthy lifestyle, but you’re ready for an
upgrade. You want to feel even better. You’re aiming for
optimum health, not just pretty good health.
• You see people on social media and TV sipping colorful veggie
juices, hiking in nature, and doing yoga poses, smiling, glowing
with radiant health, and you think, “I want that life!”
If you fall into any of those categories, then this book is for you.
PS: If you are feeling blue or depressed, suffer from pre-or postpartum
depression, are taking sleeping pills, or are thinking about
taking your own life, then this book is definitely for you. Before
reading further, contact our office, and one of our team members
will give you the time and information you need so you can start
experiencing mental clarity within as little as a few days.

What You’ll Learn
In this book, I’ll teach you how to:
• Revamp your eating habits and your lifestyle.
• Flood your body with nutrients and detoxify your system.
• Boost your immune system and turn your body into a diseasefighting machine.
• Build a health-promoting and disease-reversing kitchen and get
rid of your disease-promoting kitchen.
Our goal is to get you feeling vibrant, strong, and energized, and
give you the best possible chance at preventing and beating all
kinds of chronic diseases—from acne to diabetes to cancer.
As you may have noticed, this book isn’t about helping you manage
your disease and live with your symptoms. It’s about teaching you
what you need to do to eliminate them for good.

What You’ll Need
To follow the principles in this book, you will need:
• A water filtration system, like a water distiller or Berkey filter,
because we don’t want you drinking contaminated water.
• A juicer that’s sturdy and easy to clean. I love my Norwalk juicer,
but if that’s too pricey for your budget, there are lots of other
options. I have several recommendations on page 108 of this book.
• A strong, easy-to-clean blender like the Vitamix or Blendtec.
• Stainless-steel pots and pans with water/airtight lids
• Food mill (for soup)
• Citrus reamer
• Sharp kitchen knives
• Several pounds of organic, free-trade, coarsely-ground coffee,
light to medium roast.
• A coffee enema kit, including a stainless-steel (the better option)
or the traditional plastic bucket, silicone tubing, a silicone enema
bulb, and a set of washable tips. Google “Gerson Therapy coffee
enema kit” to find one. You can get the entire kit on or for less than thirty dollars, or from Richer Health.
• A couple of old towels and blankets and a comfy pillow.
• A yoga mat, or some other space in your home where you can
do some gentle stretching, exercise, meditation, and breathwork.
• Fresh lemon juice, organic white vinegar, and microfiber cotton
cloths, which are non-toxic options for cleaning your home.
• And, most importantly, a kitchen that’s stocked with organic
fruits, vegetables, healthy grains, and oils. You’ll definitely want:
potatoes, tomatoes, onions, collard greens, leafy greens,
squashes, apples, carrots, bananas, lemons, organic oats, maple
syrup (or honey or molasses), apple cider vinegar, flax oil, and
fresh herbs like parsley, cilantro, and basil, for starters. I
encourage my clients to eat thirty different types of fruits and
veggies every week. We want abundance and diversity! See the
lists of foods to eat in abundance, foods to eat in moderation,
and foods to avoid on page 188.
• There are a couple of other gadgets that you can invest in later,
if you like, but don’t worry about those right now. Stick to the
items listed above, and you’re ready to go!

Table of Contents
How Do You Want to Feel?
Is This for You?
What You’ll Learn
What You’ll Need
Five Things to Know
Legal Disclaimer
Part One: Understanding—and Beating—Disease
What Is a Chronic Disease?
Why Do Chronic Diseases Happen?
Myths about Cancer and Other Chronic Diseases
What Is the Gerson Therapy?
Why Hasn’t the Gerson Therapy Been FDA-Approved?
The History of the Gerson Therapy
From Death’s Door…Back to Life
The Six Components of Gerson Therapy
Frequently Asked Questions about Food and Disease
Part Two: Your New Lifestyle Begins
Ready to Reverse Disease and Feel Amazing?
The Best Time to Change Your Lifestyle Was Yesterday.
Eating Real
Eating Real: A Sample Meal Plan
The Power of Eating Real
Cooking Techniques
My Favorite Recipes
Time-Saving Tips
But I Already Eat Really Healthy!
But What about Protein?
But What about Salt?
And What about Alcohol?
Healing Reactions
A Few Tips for Parents
Mindful Eating
From Miscarriage To Miracle
All about Juicing
Nutrient Absorption
Measuring Your Progress
After the Five-Week Mark
Part Three: Your Whole Health Plan
Creating Your Whole Health Plan
Managing Stress
Unlimited Energy
Detoxifying the Home
Connecting with Nature
Become a Tree-Hugger
Connecting with Your Breath
Simple Breathing Exercises
Hydration and Water Contamination
Goals and Your Subconscious Mind
Becoming a Savvy Patient
Ask the Right Questions
The Facts about Medical Error
Build Your Whole Health Team
Write Your Own Prescription
Closing Words
Example Daily Food Guide
Nicolette Richer
About the Green Moustache

Praise for Eat Real to Heal
“Nicolette is like an encouraging best friend who takes you by the
hand and leads you into a new way of eating and living. She’s not
preaching a gimmicky weight loss diet or a ‘miracle’ powder or pill.
She’s preaching about real, unprocessed food that’s packed with
nutrients—food that makes your body say, ‘Thank you. This feels so
good!’ Keep this book in your kitchen and it will serve as a daily
reminder to take excellent care of your body—after all, it’s the only one you’ve got!”
—Alexandra Franzen, author of You’re Going to Survive
What a wonderful read! Nicolette describes in detail the specific
protocols for implementing the Gerson Therapy, but she also offers
us a plethora of tools in setting ourselves up for optimum health success.”
—Nancy Kremer, writer/producer, Dr. Max Gerson: Healing the
Hopeless feature film
“This is the real deal to heal. Richer smoothly guides us through an
attainable step by step healing process. She alleviates the daunting
and overwhelming fears around overcoming illness with a simple
and necessary tool to heal, giving those traumatized with a negative
diagnosis a real chance at living again.”
—Erica Nasby, Personal Development Coach and Speaker, Exit
Reality Corp.
“Nicolette Richer not only makes the science of healing and longterm
health easy to understand, she breaks it down into very
consumable chunks (no pun intended). I have known her for many
years and I trust her advice completely. Every bit of what she
recommends has been thoroughly researched and tested on herself
and her family. This is not a fad diet. This is for real! And it works.
Her mission to help you heal your body is sincere and from the
heart. I recommend this book to anyone who wants to live a long
and healthful life.”
—Sylvia Dolson, author, aspiring centenarian, and animal welfare
“I met Nicolette when I was traveling through Canada. We instantly
hit it off, having a mutual passion for food, health, and … a billion
other things. Working alongside her and watching this project, and
the beautiful ‘PS I Love You’ campaign, come to life was nothing
short of incredible. So many people reach out to her for help. In
writing this book she will be able to reach all of them, creating a
ripple effect that will touch many lives forever.”
—Stephie Hennekam, Certified Dietitian, plant-based yogi and
Richer Health team player
“Eat real food. Be healthy. Nicolette shares a simple, powerful idea
with us all in this wonderful book. Her heartfelt message is backed
up by years of experience, and a solid plan on how to live and eat
well. Told in her own passionate voice, this book has transformed
my life! This book condenses Nicolette’s wonderful advice into a
convenient package to keep at home. You can hear her voice in
every page, full of enthusiasm and joy at sharing the simple,
beautiful idea of eating real to heal. Try it. Feel it. Believe it.”
—Selene Moore, teacher, artist, mom and Eat Real to Heal convert
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