The Science Of Self-Empowerment

Awakening the New Human Story


Subjects: LCSH: Human beings--Philosophy. | Human beings--Origin. | Spirituality. | 
BISAC: BODY, MIND & SPIRIT / New Thought. |
BODY, MIND & SPIRIT Inspiration & Personal Growth. | SCIENCE Life Sciences / Evolution.
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 2017 by Gregg Braden
 Published in the United States by: Hay House, Inc

Author's Note
In Part II of this book, I use the term wired to indicate that we already have
the biology we need and that we are predisposed to accomplish the extraordinary
potentials described in each chapter.
Wired is a slang term that also has had other meanings in the past.
The original usage can be traced back to the days before telephones, when the
telegraph was the primary mode of communication. At that time it was common
to say that we had “wired” a message to someone, meaning that we had sent a
telegraph message. Later meanings have varied from the jitters caused by
ingesting too much caffeine or certain drugs to the way the neurons in our brains
are connected. It’s for these reasons that I’m clarifying my intent for the word
right up front, before it’s used in the following pages.

Since our earliest ancestors looked with awe into the distant stars of a moonless
night sky, a single question has been asked countless times by countless numbers
of people sharing the same experience through the ages. The question they’ve
asked speaks directly to the core of every challenge that will ever test us in life,
no matter how big or how small. It’s at the heart of every choice we’ll ever face,
and it forms the foundation for every decision we’ll ever make. The question
that’s at the root of all questions asked during the estimated 200,000 years or so
that we’ve been on earth is simply this: Who are we?
In what may be the greatest irony of our lives, following 5,000 years of
recorded history and technological achievements that stagger the imagination,
we have yet to answer this most basic question with certainty.

Table of Contents
Author’s Note
Introduction: Our Origin—Why It Matters

CHAPTER 1: Breaking Darwin’s Spell: 
Evolution Is a Fact—Just Not for Humans
CHAPTER 2: Human by Design: 
The Mystery of Fused DNA
CHAPTER 3: The Brain in the Heart: 
Heart Cells That Think, Feel, and Remember
CHAPTER 4: The New Human Story: Life with a Purpose
CHAPTER 5: We’re “Wired” for Connection: 
Awakening Our Powers of Intuition, Empathy, and Compassion
CHAPTER 6: We’re “Wired” for Healing and Long Life: 
Awakening the Power of Our Immortal Cells
CHAPTER 7: We’re “Wired” for Destiny: 
From Evolution by Chance to Transformation by Choice
CHAPTER 8: Where Do We Go from Here? Living the New Human Story



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1st edition, October 2017

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