The Microbiome Diet

The Scientifically Proven Way to Restore Your Gut Health and Achieve Permanent Weight Loss

by Raphael Kellman. MD

1. Weight loss—Popular works. 2. Metabolism—Popular works. 3. Human body—Microbiology
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 2014 by Raphael Kellman

Now, Their Betaine HCl is a very reliable source of
hydrochloric acid.
Standard Process, Their product, Zypan, is a
powerful combination of hydrochloric acid and digestive enzymes.
Thorne, Their Betaine HCl is a good source of
hydrochloric acid for replacing stomach acid.
Integrative Therapeutics, Their product,
Similase, soothes the gut and replaces needed enzymes.
Now, They make a very good product called Super
Enzymes, which contain all the enzymes you need.
Microbiome Diet, My own brand of digestive
enzymes, Replace, contains a very broad spectrum of powerful enzymes.
Orthomolecular, Their product, Digestzymes,
contains a good, broad spectrum of digestive enzymes.
Fermented Foods
Bubbies, Sauerkraut, kosher dill relish.
Bao Fermented Food and Drink, Fermented and probiotic foods.
Immunotrion, Organic cultured vegetables of many types.
Pickle Planet, Lacto-fermented foods.
Sunja’s, Kimchee of all types, from mild to spicy.
Wild Brine, All types of fermented foods.
Wise Choice Market, Fermented foods.
GlutenFree Foods
Against the Grain Gourmet,
Bob’s Red Mill,
Gluten Freeda Foods,
Udi’s GlutenFree,
Grass-Fed Organic Meat, Poultry, and Eggs
Applegate Farms,
Organic Valley,
Grow and Behold, For kosher as well as organic,
free-range, and humanely treated animals.
Horizon Organic,
Pete and Gerry’s Organic Eggs,
Stonyfield Farm,
Gut-Healing Products
Designs for Health, Their product, GI Revive, is
a powerful gut-healing compound that contains glutamine and gamma-oryzanol,
which stimulates tissue repair, supports the synthesis of growth hormone, and
may reduce body fat. I use this product frequently.
Metagenics, Their product, Glutagenics, contains a
high dose of glutamine, which helps heal gut walls.
Microbiome Diet, My own product, Repair,
includes a wide range of nutrients to help heal the gut wall.
OrthoMolecular, Their product, Inflammacore,
contains glutamine and other healing compounds to repair the gut wall.
Organic Healthy Foods
EarthBound Farms,
Diamond Organics,
Green for Good,
Organic Planet,
Shop Natural,
Small Planet Foods,
Ecological Formulas, Their product, Cal-Mag
Butyrate, is the one I prescribe to my patients.
Jarrow, A source of inulin with FOS
(fructooligosaccharides) for extra prebiotic support.
Klaire Labs, Their product, Biotagen, is a powerful
combination of inulin and arabinogalactans that I often recommend to my own patients.
Standard Process,
Xymogen, Their product, ProBioMax Plus DF, is a
powerful combination of arabinogalactans and probiotics that I often recommend to my own patients.
Probiotics, A good source for Lactobacillus gasseri,
which has been shown in studies to help with weight loss, as well as other
probiotics. This company sells a probiotic powder that includes this vital bacteria.
Orthomolecular, An excellent source for probiotics.
Microbiome Diet, My own personal line of probiotics.
Supersmart.Com, A good source for Lactobacillus
gasseri, which has been shown in studies to help with weight loss, as well as
other probiotics. This company sells Lactobacillus gasseri as a separate capsule
that you can take with your other probiotics.
Xymogen, An excellent source for probiotics.
Products to Remove Unhealthy Bacteria
Designs for Health, Their product, GI MicrobeX,
is a powerful combination of herbs that will help balance your gut bacteria.
Metagenics, Their product, Candibactin AR, will help
eliminate unhealthy bacteria from your intestinal tract.
Microbiome Diet, My product, Remove, can be
used as part of the Four Rs process. It contains a number of herbs that have a
wide variety of antibacterial effects.
Protein Powder
Designs for Health, This company’s Pea Protein
is a very reliable source of healthy protein.
Orthomolecular, Core Restore is a protein powder
I frequently recommend to my patients. It contains a potato-derived protein that
seems to inhibit appetite.
Swedish Bitters
Standard Process, Their product, Digest, contains
milk thistle, for liver support; dandelion root, a prebiotic; gentian; tangerine; and
Swedish Bitters to stimulate the production of stomach acid.
Weight Loss Supplements
Douglas Labs, Many of my patients have had good
results with their product Metabolic Lean.
Life Extension, I often prescribe their Antiadipocyte
Formula to my patients.
Xango, Their Favao is an effective product.

HEARTFELT CARING FOR me and the Microbiome project. It was her keen
ability to sense new and life-changing ideas that opened the gates for the
publication of this book. Her belief in a down-to-earth, visceral approach to
communication helped transform my approach to the writing of this book and to
writing in general.
I also want to thank Rachel Kranz, without whom this book would never
have come to fruition. Her great writing ability is only surpassed by her uncanny
ability to be able to so swiftly download my ideas and so masterfully encapsulate
them into words that shine. It is such a great privilege to work together with her
on this project and others to come, for she shares my passion to see deeper,
beyond the surface and the status quo, where the dots begin to come together and
a new reality emerges.
I want to thank my marketing team leader Dee Dee DeBartlo. She not only
quickly grasped the diverse ideas and messages of this book and my philosophy
of healing in general and put it into simple words but also so quickly grasped the
feeling and soul from where these ideas come. Working together, she and her
associate, Jillian Sanders, make an insightful, knowledgeable, and powerful team.

I want to thank the brilliant art and website team leader Alexej Steinhardt of
Roundhex and his wonderful studio manager, Tina Rath. As soon as I met them I
just knew that they “get it.”

I am so grateful to Renee Sedliar and the publishing team at Da Capo Press
for publishing The Microbiome Diet. Renee had the foresight to realize that the
microbiome diet represents a critical development in the chain of diet books and
in health generally. Her critical edits brought the book to a new level. I also want
to thank Amber Morris, my project editor at Da Capo, for so capably steering
this book through all the twists and turns of production, and copy editor
Josephine Mariea for her fine editing job. Thanks as well to Kate Burke, the
associate director of publicity at Da Capo, whose efforts helped bring my book
into the public eye. It is a pleasure to work with all of you, and I hope we will
work together on many more books to come.

I want to thank Carole Clark, the chef who worked so hard on this project.
She was so flexible and accommodating—a true team player. Carole made the
microbiome diet approach to eating and cooking accessible to everyone. As you
will see (and taste), she produced one masterpiece after another.
I can’t thank enough my beloved teacher of blessed memory, Rabbi
Brandwein. He taught me the great wisdom of Kabbalah that truly informs and
directs the natural world, and I have come to learn that the knowledge of true
Kabbalah also gives me a bird’s-eye view of science. Just as Newton’s Laws
were influenced by this deep wisdom, my entire approach to medicine and
healing and many of the ideas of this book emerge out of the fabric of the
Kabbalistic worldview.

I want to thank my great friend Eliyahu Alfasi, who was also a student of
Rabbi Brandwein and who has now become my teacher. He and I spent many
hours discussing topics of this book, and he helped me articulate critical ideas.
Who is better suited to be my teacher than the most knowledgeable person in the
world on the Kabbalistic teachings of the greatest Kabbalist, Rabbi Ashlag, a
man who truly lives by these lofty ideas? Who is more suited to be my teacher
than someone who is also fluent in the great ideas of so many of the
philosophers with whom Rabbi Ashlag was in dialogue? Thank you, Eliyahu.
Finally, I want to thank my beautiful wife, Chasya, who gave me the space
and time to write this book. I want to express my deep gratitude to her for being
the person I am not—someone who can oversee and manage big projects and
keep me on track. Janis and Rachel, I am sure, are deeply thankful to her as well!
Chasya all too often did double work in the house and with our children when I
was so busy writing this book. Our life is one together, and therefore, she, in my
mind, is the coauthor of this book.

Table of Contents
Chapter 1: The World Within Your Gut
Chapter 2: Your Fat Is Not Your Fault
Chapter 3: Remove
Chapter 4: Replace
Chapter 5: Reinoculate
Chapter 6: Repair
Chapter 7: Stress Can Make You Fat
Chapter 8: Stress-Free Eating Can Help You Lose Weight
Chapter 9: Creating the Metabolism of a Thin Person
Chapter 10: Toward a Healthy Future
Chapter 11: Your Microbiome Superfoods
Chapter 12: Phase 1: Your Four Rs Meal Plan
Chapter 13: Phase 2: Your Metabolic Boost Meal Plan
Chapter 14: Phase 3: Your Lifetime Tune-Up to Maintain Healthy Weight
for Life
Chapter 15: Your Pantry List, Shopping Lists, and Time-Saving Strategies
Chapter 16: Recipes
Metric Conversions



First Da Capo Press edition 2014
Published by Da Capo Press A Member of the Perseus Books Group
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