Subliminal Psychology 101

How to Stealthily Penetrate, Influence, and Subdue Anyone’s Mind Without Them Suspecting a Thing

By Michael Pace
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Are you curious about how to stealthily infiltrate someone’s
mind and get them to do what you want or think how you want
without letting them know what you are doing? Sure you are.
Subliminal psychology is a fascinating and profound way to gain
power over others. Everyone can benefit from knowing it.
Subliminal psychology is simply the method of influencing
others using subliminal means. Subliminal means that your subject
is not at all aware of what you are doing. He or she does not notice
the images, sounds, or other stimulus you use to condition his or
her mind. However the subconscious mind is aware of these things
and strongly influenced by them. The subconscious mind will then
direct the subject’s thoughts, feelings, and actions, creating a
lasting and significant change in his or her life.
If you have read my previous books Dark Psychology 101 and
Dark Psychology 202, you already understand a bit about how to
influence others. This book will get more in-depth. In addition, this
book will show you how to use subliminal psychology without even
delving into the dark side of psychology. Of course, subliminal
psychology can be used for the darkest of purposes, and we’ll touch
on that a tiny bit. But dark psychology is not the sole application of
subliminal psychology.

Subliminal psychology is actually not as evil as its
connotation suggests. Subliminal psychology is simply the
technique of influencing someone stealthily. You use images,
sounds, and conditioning to get someone to think a certain way or
do something that you desire. You don’t have to directly influence
anyone. You certainly don’t ever have to get caught. But this does
not mean that you have to use subliminal psychology for bad.
While there is certainly a dark side to this, which we spoke about in
more depth in Dark Psychology 101 and Dark Psychology 202,
there can also be a good side.

Say you are a parent and you want to influence your daughter
to stop dating a horrible guy. She won’t listen to you outright. So
you can use subliminal methods to convince her to dump this loser.
Or say you know that your company is careening toward disaster
through a deal but your boss is dead set on it. Use subliminal
psychology to convince him to switch gears and spare the company
some real trouble.

You can use subliminal psychology in a large variety of
settings. When you use subliminal psychology, you can get through
to anyone. You can improve your relationships and get people to
mind you, even people who feel superior to you. This makes
subliminal psychology excellent for relationships with loved ones,
romantic relationships, seduction, and parenting. This book will
show you how to get inside the heads of your loved ones and make
a huge difference in how they act and think about you. No one is
too powerful for subliminal psychology to work on.
This psychology can also save you if you are stuck in an
abusive situation. It can help you soften and sweeten your abuser
so that you can escape the bad situation and protect yourself.
Abusers like to have control, so use subliminal psychology to give
them the illusion that you are submitting to them and then flee
when their guard is down.

Subliminal psychology is also something that you can use on
yourself. What if you are having trouble losing weight and
committing to a healthier lifestyle or shedding bad habits? What if
you can’t seem to end a habit, such as gambling or compulsive
lying? What if you have a bad memory that you want to forget, or
you want to help yourself memorize lists and remember to perform
certain tasks? You have the best intentions in your heart, but you’re
just not achieving what you want despite your best efforts. When
you feel stuck in a version of yourself that you are not happy with,
it is time to use subliminal psychology on yourself. You can reach
into the depths of your mind and train your subconscious mind to
do what you want. Then you will notice very real changes
manifesting in yourself and your life. This works so well because
the subconscious mind is the only part of your mind that has true
power. What goes on in the subconscious mind will manifest in
your conscious thoughts, feelings, and behaviors.

Subliminal psychology is not evil. This book is not going to
teach you how to become some evil mastermind, plotting world
domination in an underground lair as you rub your hands together,
cackling. Instead, it will teach you how to subtly influence others
for the better. People hate being influenced, so you will benefit
more if you can influence them in secret. Also, the power of
subliminal psychology is astounding, so these methods are fail
proof. You will enjoy immense success with them. Just be sure to
use these methods for good because they give you a lot of power
that could go awry if you use them for bad. Learn to control your
urge for world domination and simply use subliminal psychology
to better and further the lives of those you love, as well as yourself.
Of course, if you do use these methods for bad, that is at your own
risk. You will enjoy success no matter how you apply subliminal
psychology to your life and the people that you know.

Well, now you know what subliminal psychology is. Are you
ready to see major changes in yourself and your relationships?
Then read on and become familiar with subliminal psychology

Table of Contents


Chapter 1: The Secrets of Subliminal Psychology

Chapter 2: How to Use Subliminal Psychology

Chapter 3: Subliminal Psychology at Work

Chapter 4: Subliminal Psychology in Relationships

Chapter 5: Subliminal Psychology in Parenting

Chapter 6: Subliminal Psychology in Influence and Persuasion

Chapter 7: Subliminal Psychology for Self-Improvement


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