Maori Tattoo Tarot

- An Illustrated Companion -

By Victor Paul, PhD
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It is an entirely practical guide for modern divination with the contemporary Maori Tattoo Tarot deck. You have not to believe in cards interpretations at a superficial level and accept reading results as a sentence of higher authority, but consider Tarot as a roadmap of the life path with signs indicating potential pitfalls and problems. You can do Tarot reading with a working deck, applying an operational technique to choose your life path wisely. Maori Tarot deck works, and the reading technique’s description in this guide is concise but telling.
Nowadays, Tarot attracts millions of followers from around the world. People who are interested in self-development, energy healing and spiritual enlightenment use Tarot for life coaching and divinatory purposes. More and more people are interested in Tarot. The Tarot world is quickly expanding, funnelling new themes, ideas, spiritual systems, and doctrines. There are about 2,500 Tarot decks created by contemporary artists who produce new cards under the influence of many cultural traditions, including Celtic, Mayan, Egyptian, Native American, Gipsy, and so on. Until recently, the spiritually abundant Maori culture was unjustly forgotten, so Maori Tattoo Tarot was created.
It was discovered in XX century that irrationality take place not only in religion, symbolism not only in arts, and the principle of casualty is a simplification of reality. Einstein’s theory of relativity provides humanity with the concept of non-linear time. The synchronicity principle introduced by Swiss psychologist Carl Jung was the most ‘scientific’ foundation of the divination systems including Tarot. [2] The NLP theory explains how rituals could create a new dimension of a human behavioural model. The principle of the holographic universe proposed by Michael Talbot gave us an idea how all knowledge of the world is packed within the quantum wave, in the same way as a laser hologram carry three-dimension images of reality. [9]
In XXI century the best Tarotists use scientific approaches to develop a modern divination system and separate themselves from vulgar fortune-telling, phoney psychic reading, and the old occult. Looking for answers to the eternal question, “How Tarot Works?” they found answers. Paul O’Brien’s ( techniques and practices of the Visionary Decision Making system changed our understanding of the divination process dramatically. [6] A real Tarot reader, according to the brilliant Mary K. Greer’s metaphor, is a ‘midwife of the soul’, and the process of reading, combining logical and intuitive approaches, guides a querent to make decisions for the greater good. [3] Developing new methods of divination, we have not forgotten about ancient wisdom that was coded in authentic Tarot cards. Thomas Saunders works hard to decode this knowledge and use Tarot as a key for spiritual development. [7]
Ask yourself the following questions:
- Do you find yourself in a fog, choosing a ‘right’ new deck?
- Do you perceive cards not only as interesting pictures but also as a real divination tool?
- Do you believe that Tarot contains a symbolically coded ancient secret knowledge?
- Do you want to expand your understanding of ancient wisdom?
If so, this eBook is written primarily for you to explain how to choose a new deck is associated with civilisation, having high esoteric culture and spiritual past. Where art itself works esoterically as a channel between the spiritual and material worlds, and where authentic Tarot symbolism naturally put on an appropriate cultural background. You can find here how a modern way of divination allows predicting the future events, but without full predetermination, as it was suggested by old-fashioned fortune-telling. Realising that the future depends on the decisions that are to be adopted increases your awareness to make wiser decisions and thus to avoid some undesirable outcomes.
The eBook is intended for you:
- Followers of New Age, Theosophy, modern paganism, and other contemporary esoteric movements to discover a stairway to ancient Maori occult knowledge and spirituality.
- Professional and amateur Tarot readers who can find here 78 vivid full-size images of cards with Maori symbolism, meanings of all cards including reversals and the Hanged Man spread with examples of real Tarot reading sessions.
- Life coaches, counsellors, and psychotherapists, opening this thought-provoking eBook, open a full spectrum of teaching/healing possibilities.
- Tarot researchers, developers, and artists can empower their creativity.
Even tattoo connoisseurs can find an abyss of blueprints in the Maori Tattoo cards.
Tap into Maori Tattoo Tarot to explore new horizons.

Table of Contents
Chapter 1 Divination as Art and Science ......... 7
Chapter 2 Destiny and Free Will ............. 9
Chapter 3 Symbolism in Maori Tattoo Tarot .... 11
Chapter 4 Major Arcana ........ 13
Chapter 5 Minor Arcana ............... 37
Gourds (Cups)........... 38
Disks .............. 52
Wands .............. 67
Swords ...................... 82
Chapter 6 Reading with Maori Tattoo Tarot ........... 97
Chapter 7 The Love Story .......... 100
Chapter 8 The Business Affair ............... 102
Chapter 9 The Family Problem ............. 104
Chapter 10 Self-development ............. 106
Chapter 11 Parenting .............. 108
Chapter 12 The Health Problem ............ 110
Chapter 13 The Career problem ........ 112
Bibliography .......... 114


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