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Combat Cancer, Boost Brain Power, Gain Energy, Eliminate Disease, Upgrade Your Life

Sarah Price

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Table of Contents
Your Greatest Treasure
It Is Time To Choose – Choose HEALTH
The Current Disease Epidemic – Reaching Crisis Point
The Bigger Picture
The Truth Is… You Are Out Of Balance
Beware of The Cultural Hypnosis
Slaughter of The Innocent – The Medical Drug Conspiracy
How the Chemical Companies Came To Control The Media And People
Everything You Know About Health Is Wrong
Drug Companies Bribing Doctors
An Epidemic Caused By Pharmaceutical Drugs
The One True Cause Of Disease
The Germ Theory – The false foundations of modern medicine
The New Biology – Cellular Health
The Quality Of Our Lives Depends On The Quality Of Our Cells
Our Cells Need
IV-Positive, Directed Thinking
V-An Alkalized Inner Terrain
a. Dr. Young & The Ph Miracle™
b. The Importance Of Your Ph Balance
c. How Do We Create Acid In Our Body?
d. How To Get Back Into Balance – Cleansing & Alkalizing The Cancer
Breakthrough Solution
The Truth About Cholesterol
The Cholesterol Breakthrough Solution
The Diabetes Breakthrough Solution
The MS Breakthrough Solution
Next Steps
Overview & Conclusions
Final Thoughts
Appendix I – About The Author
Appendix II – Live Blood Test
Appendix III – The Power of Wheatgrass
Appendix IV – The Alkaline Food Chart


Stop and think for a second about how magnificent the workings of your body
truly are…
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